Movie Trailers - January 1926

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1926

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The Blackbird Trailer (1926)

11 January 1926

Two thieves, the Blackbird and West End Bertie, fall in love with the same girl, a French nightclub performer named Fifi.

By the Law Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

A five-person team of gold prospectors in the Yukon has just begun to enjoy great success when one of the members snaps, and suddenly kills two of the others.

Camille Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

A home movie version of the Dumas play: a young woman becomes a courtesan and tragedy befalls her.

Spartakus Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Directed by Muhsin Ertugrul.

Alice's Balloon Race Trailer (1926)

15 January 1926

Alice and Julius, as a team, are one of four entrants in a $10,000 balloon race. The bad guy takes out one balloon quickly.

Saturday Afternoon Trailer (1926)

31 January 1926

Harry and his friend have planned to go out for an afternoon of fun. But first, Harry must figure out how to slip away from his domineering wife with some money to spend.

Anemic Cinema Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Short film about a spiral design spins dizzily. It's replaced by a spinning disk. These two continue in perfect alternation until the end: a spiral design, a disk.

Ménilmontant Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

The film follows a pair of sisters who leave the country for the city after their parents are slaughtered in a mysterious axe murder.

Carmen Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Feyder's scenario very closely follows Don José's own account of his story and his fatal relation with the gypsy Carmen in the third chapter of Mérimée's short novel.

Nothing But Time Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

The life of a great city (Paris) from dawn until dusk, including the beautiful and the ragged, the rich and the poor, with little or no comment from the director, Cavalcanti.

Khanuma Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Prince bon-vivant Levan Phantiashvili finds himself in a difficult financial situation. To make his life better he agrees to marry the merchant Adam Varakhidze’s daughter, Elo.

Riku no ningyo Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Directed by Yutaka Abe (as Jack Abe).

The Mother Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Somewhere in Russia, 1905: a dissolute peasant father is persuaded by Tsarist agents to provoke strikers at a factory – including his own son, Pavel.

Alice the Fire Fighter Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

When the local hotel is found to be on fire, the firemen (all of them Julius the cat lookalikes), led by Fire Chief Alice, are called in.

Typist Girl Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Indian silent film starring Ruby Mayer (Sulochana), released in 1926.

Vagabonding On The Pacific Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

No Overview

My Stars Trailer (1926)

17 January 1926

Johnny tries hard to impress his girl, but she seems to be much more interested in movie stars.

What's the World Coming To? Trailer (1926)

16 January 1926

Poor little short comedy which posits that in a hundred years men's styles will revert to Regency garb, and that there will be a complete role reversal, with Clyde Cook staying home alone while wife Katherine Grant goes tomcatting -- if that's the word -- around town.

Soft Pedal Trailer (1926)

31 January 1926

Umbrella Salesman helps a musician and his daughter

The Wife's Crusade Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Directed by Martin Berger.

Titi premier, roi des gosses Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

The story is told through the eyes of Titi, a very young boy who recently lost his mother and was left stranded in the slums of Montmartre.

Karl Hau Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

No movie overview available.

The Boy Friend Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

A young man uses tips from an absurd book to woo a woman he fancies.

Kare wo meguru gonin no onna Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Directed by Yutaka Abe.

Umaji Naik Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

No movie overview available.

Alice's Orphan Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Julius the cat is skating on a pond when he espies a young lady break through the ice. He saves her, only to realize she's not particularly attractive, and so throws her back.

Josef Kajetán Tyl Trailer (1926)

29 January 1926

A biographical story about significant Czech dramatist, writer and actor Josef Kajetán Tyl.

Nell Gwyn Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

An actress becomes the king's mistress and persuades him to convert the palace to a serviceman's home.

The Sea Beast Trailer (1926)

15 January 1926

Based on Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick."

Haunted Range Trailer (1926)

11 January 1926

The hero must solve the murder of his benefactor within six months in order to inherit a valuable ranch.

Der Geiger von Florenz Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Girl dressed up as a boy falls in love with a painter.

The Open Road Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

In the summer of 1924 Claude Friese-Greene, a pioneer of colour cinematography, set out from Cornwall with the aim of recording life on the road between Land’s End and John O’Groats.

Superfluous People Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Directed by Aleksandr Razumnyj.

Moana Trailer (1926)

07 January 1926

Robert J. Flaherty's South Seas follow-up to Nanook of the North is a Gauguin idyll moved by "pride of beauty.

Miljonär för en dag Trailer (1926)

23 January 1926

Millionaire for a Day was filmed during the summer of 1925 in Skåne, the southernmost province of Sweden.

Vasya, the Reformer Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Lost film directed by Aleksandr Dovzhenko and Faust Lopatinsky.

Good Cheer Trailer (1926)

09 January 1926

On Christmas Eve, the Gang copes with hardships, helps capture a gang of thieves, and learns that Santa Claus really exists for those who wish fervently enough.

The Flying Ace Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

A veteran World War I fighter pilot returns home a war hero and immediately regains his former job as a railroad company detective.

Bleak House Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Actor Bransby Williams appears as the miser in an excerpt of Dickens' novel Bleak House.

Charley My Boy Trailer (1926)

24 January 1926

A daughter's rich father wants to marry her off to a rich but older man. The daughter has other ideas however and sets out to find a nice young man she can fall in love with.

The Grey Vulture Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Fired from his job for shirking his duties, the 'Knight of the Plains' Bart Miller stumbles across a would-be stagecoach robbery and he rescues damsel in distress Betty Taylor.

Alice's Little Parade Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Julius is riding through the town declaring war and the villagers promptly arm and ready themselves. While Alice inspects the troops, the opposing army (made up of mice) fires its cannons.

Hands Up! Trailer (1926)

11 January 1926

A southern spy during the Civil War, he must try to capture a shipment of gold. His task is complicated by the two sisters, the Indians and a firing squad.

Den nye lensmannen Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Directed by Leif Sinding.

Kaminingyo haru no sasayaki Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi.

Bell Boy 13 Trailer (1926)

19 January 1926

Harry Elrod takes a job as a bellboy when he is disinherited by his uncle and fails in his efforts to elope with actress Kitty Clyde.

Svejk na fronte Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Directed by Carl Lamac.

The Telephone Girl Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Sulochana is a telephone operator, a job she used to do in real life, who becomes the love object of a leading lawyer (Sandow).

Alice's Mysterious Mystery Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

A mouse and his boss pose as dogcatchers and grab a schoolhouse full of dogs; they use several other ruses to round up dogs for, as we discover, a sausage factory.

Koko the Convict Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Directed by Dave Fleischer.

The First Year Trailer (1926)

24 January 1926

One of the films that Borzage shot under contract for Fox before he began his run of box-office hits.

Made for Love Trailer (1926)

26 January 1926

A young woman visits her boyfriend, an archaeologist, at the site in Egypt where he is digging up ancient artifacts.

Bobby's Day Out Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Bobby just wants to take his new beau out on a date but when the girl's wacky, practical joke loving, family invites themselves along, things get "interesting".

Dances by Ilmington Teams in the Grounds of Peter De Montfort's House 1220 AD. Fiddler Sam Bennett Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

British documentary.

Das Geheimnis von St. Pauli Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

No overview found.

A Story of West Coast Lumber Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Schafer Bros., one of the largest lumber businesses in the Northwest at its peak in the 1920s, commissioned several movies on their operations.

Bulbule Paristan Trailer (1926)

02 January 1926

Probably the first Indian film directed by a woman. It was a big-budget fantasy abounding with special effects set in a Parastan or fairyland.

All for a Smile Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

A "Kaladont" toothpaste commercial.

The Silent Flyer Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

This movie was billed as a thriller with ice boats, dynamite, and a dog that saves the day. The original movie has been lost.

Poor Mrs. Jones Trailer (1926)

28 January 1926

Tired of her grueling and unglamorous day-to-day life as a rural housewife, Jane Jones takes a vacation to the city where she stays with her sister Hattie, and her ideals of the city are dispelled.