Movie Trailers - January 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1930

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The Bishop Murder Case Trailer (1930)

03 January 1930

The murders start with the body of Robin. He is found with a arrow through the heart, but Vance deduces that the body was placed and not found where he was killed.

Beauty Prize Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

Lucienne, typist and gorgeous bathing beauty, decides to enter the 'Miss Europe' pageant sponsored by the French newspaper she works for.

The Bat Whispers Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

A master criminal terrorizes the occupants of an isolated country mansion.

They Learned About Women Trailer (1930)

30 January 1930

When Jack and Jerry are not playing professional baseball with the Blue Sox, they are packing them in on the Vaudeville circuit.

Shivering Shakespeare Trailer (1930)

25 January 1930

The gang is participating in a program sponsored by the Golden Age Dramatic League. They present their own fractured version of Quo Vadis.

Throw of the Dice Trailer (1930)

04 January 1930

Applause Trailer (1930)

04 January 1930

This early example of the "backstage" musical genre tells the story of Kitty Darling, a fading burlesque star who tries to save her convent-educated daughter April from following in Mom's footsteps.

The Song Writers' Revue Trailer (1930)

05 January 1930

This short showcases composers and lyricists of songs that are now considered standards of American popular music.

Tiembla y Titubea Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

This film was simultaneously produced in English and Spanish language versions. The English language version was Below Zero.

Any Evening After Work Trailer (1930)

31 January 1930

A man contracts a sexually transmitted disease, but is reluctant to seek medical help - until a no-nonsense lecture about the risks he is taking forces him to change his mind.

La Place est Bonne! Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

A maid applies to a good position at the Dutilleul's, but she wouldn't know how good it was to be until people starts taking her for the lady of the house.

Second Choice Trailer (1930)

04 January 1930

Dolores Costello (as Vallery Grove) is in love with Chester Morris (as Don Warren) but her mother opposes the match because he is poor and has no social standing.

Experimental Treatment of a Hemorrhage in a Dog Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

Jean Painleve short about an experimental canine surgery.

Deep 'C' Melodies Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

Seven Days' Leave Trailer (1930)

24 January 1930

Seven Day's Leave was actually Gary Cooper's first all talking film, but Adolph Zukor at Paramount decided to hold up the release of it until after The Virginian was on the big screen.

Pleasure Trips Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

The beach and the bathers, poses and gestures. A series of sketches and portraits, little touches that build up into a wry, affectionate portrait of a Sunday at the beach.

General Crack Trailer (1930)

25 January 1930

The film takes place in the 18th century Austria and revolves around Prince Christian, commonly known as General Crack.

Scarlet Runner & Co Trailer (1930)

02 January 1930

Part of BFI collection "Secrets of Nature."

Behind the Make-Up Trailer (1930)

10 January 1930

Gardoni, a down-on-his-luck vaudeville performer, is taken in by a fellow performer, a clown who has a bicycle riding act.

Skulls and Sculls Trailer (1930)

31 January 1930

Felix the Cat is walking along when he is abruptly blindfolded and subjected to an elaborate ordeal which turns out to be (as the title hints) a fraternal initiation.

The Adventures of Elias Mabrouk Trailer (1930)

02 January 1930

The first film made in Lebanon.

Playing Around Trailer (1930)

19 January 1930

New York girl has a dull boyfriend and seems destined for a dull marriage when she meets a rich playboy who has money to burn and places to go.

April Maze Trailer (1930)

31 January 1930

Felix goes on a picnic.

Mr. and Mrs. Swordplay Trailer (1930)

21 January 1930

Silent comedic short by Mikio Naruse

Buba Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

This documentary film is about one of Georgia's regions - Racha. The title of the film is taken from the name of one of Racha's high mountain villages.

The Head Guy Trailer (1930)

11 January 1930

Harry is made the temporary stationmaster in a small town.

Amorira Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

Christian mission propaganda film about 'a slice of heathen life, with the bamboo bush people of Borado-Likowali'.

Noche De Duendes Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

Spanish version of The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case and Berth Marks.

The White Devil Trailer (1930)

28 January 1930

Ivan Mozzhukhin ["Michel Strogoff" and "Casanova"] and Lil Dagover star in an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's "Hajji Murad" [his own account as a soldier during the Russian-Caucasian War].

The Rampant Age Trailer (1930)

16 January 1930

Wealthy playboy Sandy Benton falls for pretty but decidedly less wealthy neighbor Doris Lawrence. She rebuffs his attentions, but scheming golddigger Estelle has her own plans for Sandy.

Night Owls Trailer (1930)

04 January 1930

Policeman Edgar Kennedy is told by his chief he better stop a string of burglaries that have been happening on his watch or else he will get the sack.

Kalabaka (Die Geheimnisse des unbekannten Europas) Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

A reporter travelling in the Balkans is trying to gain a deeper understanding of the region, which is a melting pot of cultures, languages and religions.

The Woman Racket Trailer (1930)

24 January 1930

During a raid on a speakeasy, a cop finds himself attracted to a pretty female employee. Instead of arresting her and taking her to jail, he not only helps her escape but takes her out to dinner.

Night Ride Trailer (1930)

12 January 1930

Just after newsman Rooker and Ruth Kearns are married he covers a double murder during a bank robbery.

Na Sybir Trailer (1930)

31 January 1930

The story takes place in 1905 and shows us a glimpse of an earlier Russian occupied Poland. After the assignation of the Governor-General, the Russian authorities in Warsaw are bent on finding the conspirators.

Chilly Con Carmen Trailer (1930)

14 January 1930

Set in Spain, Oswald is featured as a guitarist who ends up in a bullring as a toreador.

The Rounder Trailer (1930)

18 January 1930

A drunkard climbs a ladder into a bedroom in the wrong house and gets romantically involved with the woman who lives there.

Bedelia Trailer (1930)

02 January 1930

In this one, someone is wooing the title character who is seen sleeping in bed with her bare feet showing on screen in near close-up.

The Village Festival Trailer (1930)

31 January 1930

A Japanese equivalent of a Hollywood Screen Song.

How the Berlin Worker Lives Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

This documentary shows how the Berliner workers lived in 1930. The director Slatan Dudow shows through images: a) the workers leaving the factory; b) the raise of the rents; c) the "unpleasant" guest, meaning the justice officer that brings the eviction notice; d) the fight of classes of the houses of capitalists and working classes; e) the parks of the working class; f) the houses of the working class, origin of the tuberculosis and the victims; g) the playground of the working class; h) the swimming pool for the working class, ironically called the "Baltic Sea" of the working class; i) the effects of humidity of basement where a family lives, with one member deaf; j) one working class family having dinner while the capitalist baths his dog; k) the eviction notice received from an unemployed family and their eviction.

Autour de la fin du monde Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

An 18-minute silent documentary on the making of the 1931 Abel Gance directed film, "La Fin Du Monde".

Harmony at Home Trailer (1930)

12 January 1930

Harmony at Home

Tomatos Another Day Trailer (1930)

31 January 1930

A spoof of the early talkies and their supposedly wooden line readings.

Pancéřové auto Trailer (1930)

30 January 1930

An unknown gang has again broken into a van containing money from the European bank. Banker Sam Hamilton decides to use an armoured car for the next money transport.

Ten Minute Mozart Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

Drei Tage Mittelarrest Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

Military comedy.

The Kibitzer Trailer (1930)

11 January 1930

In this comedy, a Yiddish fellow cannot keep from kibitzing into other people's lives. Trouble ensues when he is mistakenly given a huge fortune in stocks that he can spend any way he pleases.

It's a Bird Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

Charlie, working on a junkjard, always trying to help people in the most impossible ways with junk from his work place, hears from a German professor, that there is a bird, a Belgish Kongo, that eats metal.

Summer Trailer (1930)

16 January 1930

In the logical sequel to Springtime, a new set of insects (mostly) dances to a new set of tunes, while doing summer activities.

Under the Roofs of Paris Trailer (1930)

02 January 1930

Albert is smitten for Pola but ends up wrongly committed in jail, in the meantime her affections are sought after by his friend, and on his release both love and friendship must be tested.

Zuiderzeewerken Trailer (1930)

02 January 1930

Directed by Joris Ivens.

Aimless Walk Trailer (1930)

31 January 1930

This first true Czech avant-garde film turns away from a purely celebratory approach to the city. The camera follows a detached protagonist on his wanderings, as his highly subjective journey becomes a fragmented visualization of urban landscapes.

Abi and Rabi Trailer (1930)

02 January 1930

Directed by Ovanes Ohanian.

The Limejuice Mystery or Who Spat in Grandfather's Porridge Trailer (1930)

31 January 1930

In this parody of Sherlock Holmes, the Great Detective goes to an opium den of inequity in the dangerous London district of London and challenges Tong assassins in order to rescue a woman.

In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree Trailer (1930)

15 January 1930

The clock and whistle above a factory door sound for lunch, and the workers run out. A bear tries to eat his sandwich, but it opens like a big mouth, when he opens.

Der Greifer Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

Peacock Alley Trailer (1930)

10 January 1930

Claire Tree is a singer/dancer who goes after what she wants in a straight-forward, no-nonsense manner, so when she finds herself in the New York City hotel-suite, in fashionable Peacock Alley, of Stoddard Channing, she wastes no time.

I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark Trailer (1930)

29 January 1930

A humanized dog comes from a bar and fights with his shadow in the dark just before a bouncing ball comes on and the singer warbles "I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark".

Ecaterina Teodoroiu Trailer (1930)

01 January 1930

A romantically embellished biopic of Ecaterina Teodoroiu, a Romanian woman who fought and died in World War I.

The Ship from Shanghai Trailer (1930)

31 January 1930

On a yacht sailing from Shanghai to the United States, the sailors, led by the megalomaniac steward, revolt and take control.