Movie Trailers - January 1939

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1939

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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

Naive and idealistic Jefferson Smith, leader of the Boy Rangers, is appointed on a lark by the spineless governor of his state.

Son of Frankenstein Trailer (1939)

13 January 1939

Wolf Frankenstein, son of Henry Frankenstein, returns with his wife, to his fathers estate to claim his inheritance.

Gunga Din Trailer (1939)

24 January 1939

Based loosely on the poem by Rudyard Kipling, this takes place in British India during the Thuggee uprising.

Only Angels Have Wings Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

Geoff Carter (Cary Grant) is the head of a crumbling air freight service in desperate need of a replacement pilot.

The Women Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

Wealthy Mary Haines is unaware her husband is having an affair with shopgirl Crystal Allen. Sylvia Fowler and Edith Potter discover this from a manicurist and arrange for Mary to hear the gossip.

Jesse James Trailer (1939)

14 January 1939

After railroad agents forcibly evict the James family from their family farm, Jesse and Frank turn to banditry for revenge.

Mr. Moto's Last Warning Trailer (1939)

20 January 1939

A Japanese man claiming to be Mr. Moto, of the International Police, is abducted and murdered soon after disembarking from a ship at Port Said in Egypt.

Paris Honeymoon Trailer (1939)

27 January 1939

A Texas millionaire travels to Europe to meet his girlfriend, a European countess. He stops in a rustic mountain village and meets a beautiful peasant girl.

Another Thin Man Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

An explosives manufacturer suspects a young man is out to kill him. He calls in Nick and Nora (with new baby) to sort things out.

Idiot's Delight Trailer (1939)

27 January 1939

A group of disparate travelers are caught are thrown together in a posh Alpine hotel when the borders are closed at the start of WWII.

They Made Me a Criminal Trailer (1939)

28 January 1939

A boxer flees, believing he has committed a murder while he was drunk.

La China Hilaria Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

Hilaria's engaged to be married, but her fiance may never come back from Texas. Meanwhile, two local guys are interested in her.

The Lion Has Wings Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

This early, influential propaganda film blends documentary and studio footage to show the valiant efforts of the Royal Air Force to defend the British people against the Nazis.

Donald's Lucky Day Trailer (1939)

13 January 1939

Donald Duck, delivery boy, is hired to deliver a mysterious package on Friday the Thirteenth. He is hindered by a bothersome black cat -- and by the fact that the package contains a live bomb.

The Mysterious Miss X Trailer (1939)

10 January 1939

After being mistaken for Scotland Yard detectives, two vaudevillians (Michael Whalen, Chick Chandler) try to solve a murder in a Midwestern town.

János Vitéz Trailer (1939)

26 January 1939

1939 screen adaptation of the 1904 musical version of the classic Hungarian fairy tale poem by Sándor Petőfi.

Always Kickin' Trailer (1939)

25 January 1939

Hunky is teaching her son Spunky how to kick properly. She has him practice with a mattress propped against a tree.

The Great Man Votes Trailer (1939)

13 January 1939

In 1923, Gregory Vance, a widower with two children, is a former scholar who has turned from book-to-bottle.

The Phantom Creeps Trailer (1939)

07 January 1939

A mad scientist attempts to rule the world by creating various elaborate inventions.

Four Girls in White Trailer (1939)

27 January 1939

Four Girls in White is a 1939 Drama directed by S. Sylvan Simon, starring Florence Rice and Una Merkel.

Closed Door Trailer (1939)

10 January 1939

Venice Film Festival 1941

Friends Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

The Soviet classic based on the biography of one of the main October Revolution leaders - Sergey Kirov.

There's That Woman Again Trailer (1939)

06 January 1939

Life's for Living: Aadmi Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

A love tragedy featuring a policeman, Moti (Modak) and a prostitute, Kesar (Hublikar).

The Last Warning Trailer (1939)

06 January 1939

In their third and last teaming, Bill Crane and Doc Williams visit a country estate to investigate threatening letters from the mysterious 'Eye.

Fighting Thoroughbreds Trailer (1939)

06 January 1939

A prize-winning stallion breeds off-guard with a mare owned by his rival. The colt is trained to race from birth, eventually running in the Kentucky Derby against another horse owned by its sire.

Off the Record Trailer (1939)

21 January 1939

A crime reporter adopts a young delinquent.

King of the Underworld Trailer (1939)

14 January 1939

Niles and Carol Niles are married doctors who save one of ganglord Gurney's men. Gurney exploits them, then kills Niles leaving Carol to take the fall.

Boy Trouble Trailer (1939)

27 January 1939

A fussy shopkeeper's life drastically changes when his wife takes in two homeless boys.

Peace on Earth Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

Two baby squirrels ask grandpa to explain what "men" are when he comes in singing "peace on earth, goodwill to men".

The Girl in Blue Trailer (1939)

26 January 1939

A painting of a girl from another time comes to life for it's buyer in this costume comedy.

Customers Wanted Trailer (1939)

26 January 1939

Popeye and Bluto are running competing penny arcades, trying to bring in customer Wimpy. Of course, he would gladly pay Tuesday for a penny today.

Aldeia da Roupa Branca Trailer (1939)

02 January 1939

Gracinda, a young laundry washer, lives with her godfather, "Uncle" Jacinto, and together they run a family business, doing the laundry for residents of Lisbon in their small village in the outskirts of that city (Canecas).

Adolf i eld och lågor Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

Swedish comedy from 1939. Adolf Berglund is a reporter at the newspaper Morgonbladet and is sent on one action-packed mission after the other.

Feud of the Range Trailer (1939)

15 January 1939

In an attempt to drive out settlers of the Los Trancos valley, through which the railroad proposes to run a line, railroad representative Clyde Barton conspires with Dirk to cause a range war between the two largest ranchers, Tom Gray and Harvey Allen.

The Shanghai Drama Trailer (1939)

27 January 1939

A Russian emigrant sings in a Shanghai nightclub under the assumed name of Kay Murphy. All she dreams of is a peaceful life with her daughter Vera.

Dog Gone Modern Trailer (1939)

13 January 1939

The Two Curious Puppies visit a model home with a panoply of modern inventions, including an annoying robot that sweeps up anything that touches the floor.

Stolen Life Trailer (1939)

18 January 1939

Adapted from the best-selling novel by K. J. Benes, A Stolen Life serves as a tour de force for German actress Elizabeth Bergner, whose husband Paul Czinner directed the film.

Three Little Sew And Sews Trailer (1939)

06 January 1939

The stooges are sailors working in a ships' tailor shop. When they can't get passes to go ashore, they steal officers uniforms and go to a party with Curly passing himself off as Admiral Taylor and Moe and Larry as his aides.

Earth Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

Kanji is a poor peasant widower who struggles to earn a living for his daughter and himself and to pay off his father-in-law's debts.

Stand Up and Fight Trailer (1939)

06 January 1939

A southern aristocrat clashes with a driver transporting stolen slaves to freedom.

Seal Skinners Trailer (1939)

27 January 1939

A trained seal has escaped from the Jingling Brothers circus; there's a $100,000 reward. Both the Captain and John Silver hear this news, as does the seal.

Ride 'em, Cowgirl Trailer (1939)

20 January 1939

Sandy Doyle, gambler and political chief of a small border town, seeks to gain control of the Bar-X Ranch, owned by Rufe Rickson, to further some undercover activities of his own.

Birthright Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

A black Harvard graduate confronts racism.

All Living Things Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

A dog saves the life of a vivisectionist's son.

Rajat Jayanti Trailer (1939)

31 January 1939

The simple-minded Rajat (Barua) loves neighbour Jayanti (Menaka Devi). He is advised on how to court her by his streetsmart cousin Bishwanath (Sanyal) and Bishwanath's friend Samir (Bannerjee).

Convict's Code Trailer (1939)

18 January 1939

On parole after three years in prison, a football player (Robert Kent) encounters the man (Sidney Blackmer) who framed him.

Man from the Unknown Trailer (1939)

10 January 1939

Venice Film Festival 1940

Mud and Soldiers Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

A group of Japanese soldiers land in Chinese territory. They advance on a village ; one soldier, Norimoto, is killed in the attack, but the village is captured.

Men Without Honour Trailer (1939)

09 January 1939

A lawyer, who has been accused of being dishonest, works with the police to expose two share pushers who have employed him, saving the investors from ruin.

Look for the Woman Trailer (1939)

02 January 1939

Directed by Ahmed Galal.

L'entraîneuse Trailer (1939)

02 January 1939

The young Suzy is a nightclub hostess in a cabaret in which Frehel is the star. Because one night she gets propositions from a rich widower who would like to have her as his girlfriend, Suzy wishes to leave this place, where she has no future, for a better one.

Breakdowns of 1939 Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

Flubs and bloopers that occurred ont the set of some of the major Warner Bros. pictures of 1939.

Arrest Bulldog Drummond Trailer (1939)

11 January 1939

The invention of a machine that can cause remote explosions brings the attention of Scotland Yard and Bulldog Drummond.

The Oppenheim Family Trailer (1939)

02 January 1939

Directed by Grigori Roshal.

Excuse Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

An English lady decides to buy a gypsy boy but she is deceived and receives a stolen child with dyed skin.

Fisherman's Fire Trailer (1939)

01 January 1939

Fisherman Choon-sam (Yoon Buk-yang) is suffering financially because of a prolonged scarcity of fish.

Pukar Trailer (1939)

31 January 1939

A love affair and two feuding families who play out a Romeo and Juliet type drama in 17th century India, under the Emperor Jehangir.

Carmen and the Reds Trailer (1939)

02 January 1939

Directed by Edgar Neville.

A Midsummer Day's Work Trailer (1939)

02 January 1939

The laying of underground telephone cables.