Movie Trailers - January 1956

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1956

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The Benny Goodman Story Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

The Benny Goodman Story is a biographical film starring Steve Allen and Donna Reed, directed by Valentine Davies and released by Universal Studios in 1956.

Helen of Troy Trailer (1956)

26 January 1956

Prince Paris of Troy, shipwrecked on a mission to the king of Sparta, meets and falls for Queen Helen before he knows who she is.

1984 Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

1984 is the first feature film based on George Orwell’s novel 1984.

Dance With Me, Henry Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Bud and Lou are the owners of the amusement park Kiddieland. Bud, a compulsive gambler, gets in trouble with the mob, and Lou finds himself struggling to keep his adopted children.

Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island Trailer (1956)

03 January 1956

A humble and simple Takezo abandons his life as a knight errant. He's sought as a teacher and vassal by Shogun, Japan's most powerful clan leader.

The Eddy Duchin Story Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

The life story of the famous pianist and band-leader of the 1930s and 1940s.

Jubal Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Jubal Troop is a cowboy who is found in a weakened condition, without a horse. He is given shelter at Shep Horgan's large ranch, where he quickly makes an enemy in foreman Pinky, a cattleman who accuses Jubal of carrying the smell of sheep.

Flame of the Islands Trailer (1956)

06 January 1956

Directed by Edward Ludwig. Flame of the islands tells the story of a café singer who buys a gambling casino and the men who fall in love with her.

7th Cavalry Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

An officer accused of cowardice volunteers to bring back General Custers's body after Little Big Horn.

The Sword and the Dragon Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Ilya is a cripple without the use of his legs. When he aids some weary travellers, they surprise him by giving him a potion that restores his legs.

Up in the World Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Norman is a window cleaner who has to clean a manor house with hundreds of windows. He is distracted by the son of the house who persuades him to go into town.

The Forty-First Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

An unexpected romance occurs for a female Red Army sniper and a White Army officer.

Ransom! Trailer (1956)

24 January 1956

A rich man (Glenn Ford) stuns his wife (Donna Reed) and town with a televised threat to his son's kidnapper.

The Burmese Harp Trailer (1956)

21 January 1956

In the War's closing days, when a conscience-driven Japanese soldier fails to get his countrymen to surrender to overwhelming force, he adopts the lifestyle of a Buddhist monk.

The Teahouse of the August Moon Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Comedy satirizing the U.S. occupation of Japan following the end of World War II.

Battle on Shangganling Mountain Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

(From Wikipedia)- "Battle on Shangganling Mountain follows a group of Chinese People's Volunteer Army soldiers who are holding Triangle Hill for several days against US forces.

The Twelve Months Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

The Killers Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

The Killers is a short student film based on the short story "The Killers" by Ernest Hemingway.

Buxom Beautease Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Using the frame of an evening of vaudeville, eleven women perform striptease dances. Interspersed are four routines of comedians Joe Young and Gene Doyle.

Early Spring Trailer (1956)

29 January 1956

A young salary man and his wife struggle within the confines of their passionless relationship while he has an extramarital affair.

Charleys Tante Trailer (1956)

19 January 1956

No overview found.

Lost Trailer (1956)

31 January 1956

An 18 month old baby dissapears in London. Detective Inspector Craig tries to find the child but there aren't many clues.

Princess Mary Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Экранизация одноименной главы романа М. Ю. Лермонтова «Герой нашего времени».

Courts métrages de Jacques Rozier Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

La Banda degli Onesti Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Three Bad Sisters Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Following the death of a wealthy man, his three daughters squabble about who should be the principal heiress.

Hot Cars Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Story of a salesman lured into the "hot car" racket.

The Case of the Mukkinese Battle-Horn Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Supposedly filmed in 'Schizophrenoscope', it concerns Inspector Quilt of Scotland Yard's attempts to retrieve a 'Mukkinese Battlehorn' stolen from a London museum.

The Stork Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

No overview found.

Inside Detroit Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Gus Linden, former racketeer head of a Detroit local of the United Automobile Workers of America, A.F.

Runaway Daughters Trailer (1956)

20 January 1956

Three runaways head for Los Angeles ...

The Flying Sorceress Trailer (1956)

27 January 1956

After Tom's mistress orders him to clean up the mess he made while chasing Jerry, Tom spies an ad for a cat needed as companion to an old lady.

Jaguar Trailer (1956)

19 January 1956

Oil explorers suspect a South American jungle boy (Sabu) of murder.

Blithe Spirit Trailer (1956)

14 January 1956

Adaptation of the Noel Coward play.

The Phantom Cat Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Horror film directed by Masamitsu Igayama.

Pacific Destiny Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Life is strange and worrying for a cadet who arrives in the Pacific in the colonial service. And the testy resident commissioner, who had been expecting an experienced man, soon shows his disapproval.

Vous pigez? Trailer (1956)

18 January 1956

Children Who Draw Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Children Who Draw explores the delicate chemistry of school children interacting in an art class through a constant juxtaposition of observational black-and-white portraits of the young children with lyrical passages shot in vivid color exploring their imaginative and expressive paintings.

Glory Trailer (1956)

11 January 1956

A lovesick girl (Margaret O'Brien) and her grandfather (Walter Brennan) groom their filly for the Kentucky Derby.

Cursed Money Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

On the Eve of WW2, the royal government of Yugoslavia hid the national money inside the cave around village of Ozrinići in Montenegro.

Sudden Rain Trailer (1956)

14 January 1956

Setsuko Hara plays Fumiko, whose unsuccessful marriage has made her become more and more cynical. When her niece, Ayako visits and complains about her own marriage, she is unsurprised.

Diane Trailer (1956)

12 January 1956

Asked by Francis I (Pedro Armendáriz) to tutor his son (Roger Moore), Diane de Poitiers (Lana Turner) becomes the future King Henry II's mistress in 1500s France.

The Bold and the Brave Trailer (1956)

04 January 1956

The film traces the destinies of three American soldiers stationed in Italy during World War II. Fairchild (Corey) is an idealist who doesn't believe in killing.

The Kreutzer Sonata Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

La Sonata à Kreutzer is a 16mm film based on a Tolstoy story and was written and directed by Eric Rohmer and produced by Jean-Luc Godard.

Le coup du berger Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Claire (Virginie Vitry) is a chic young Parisian woman married to a somewhat older husband, Claude (Jean-Claude Brialy).

The Railroad Man Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Pietro Germi directs and stars in this masterpiece example of late Italian neo-realism. The stark tale centers on unfulfilled railroad worker Andrea (Germi).

Suspenso en comunismo Trailer (1956)

23 January 1956

The story of two students in a school of terrorism installed in the south of France and considered a "sanctuary" and not by the Virgin of Lourdes, sent to Spain to fulfill a dark mission that failed dismally when mistaken for a priest with his link.

Dark Waters Trailer (1956)

02 January 1956

The Baby Carriage Trailer (1956)

21 January 1956

The fourth and final Japanese entry in the 1957 Venice Film Festival, Ubagaruma is also known as The Baby Carriage.

¡Aquí hay petróleo! Trailer (1956)

12 January 1956

All the World's Memory Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Toute la mémoire du monde is a documentary about the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. It presents the building, with its processes of cataloguing and preserving all sorts of printed material, as both a monument of cultural memory and as a monstrous, alien being.

The Raiders' Hideout Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

The Raiders' Hideout

Totò, lascia o raddoppia? Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

The penniless Duke decides to participate in "Lascia o raddoppia", a TV quiz show, in order to win five million lira.

If Paris Were Told to Us Trailer (1956)

27 January 1956

Historical film directed and written by Sacha Guitry follows the the history of Paris from its founding through the significant events in the city's history.

A Short Vision Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

"Wild creatures flee in terror as a strange missile flies overhead. As it passes over the sleeping city, the world's leaders and wise men look upwards.

A Woman's Youth Trailer (1956)

09 January 1956

A young man from the country arrives in Cairo to finish his education. His landlady, a widow and successful businesswoman in the quarter of the Citadel, seduces him.

90 Day Wondering Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Ralph Phillips is overjoyed when he runs out of Fort Itude, because he's a civilian again. Things, however, don't go well for him when he gets home, and two pixies named Pete and Re-Pete convince him to stay in civilian life or go back to the army.

Amara Deepam Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Amara Deepam is a Tamil film is directed by T. Prakash Rao released in 1956. A educated unemployed person Ashok (Sivaji Ganesan) falls in love with athe daughter Aruna (Savitri) of an wealthy Industrialist.

Das Bad auf der Tenne Trailer (1956)

20 January 1956

A comedy directed by Paul Martin.

Hvad vil De ha'? Trailer (1956)

23 January 1956

Danish Black & White Movie from 1956 starring 32 of the most popular danish actors...