Movie Trailers - July 1920

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1920

Total trailers found: 13

The Jack-knife man Trailer (1920)

31 July 1920

A dying mother left his child with an old man, but the village people want to take the child away from him because he is too old.

The Clown's Little Brother Trailer (1920)

05 July 1920

Koko the Clown's little brother comes to visit and wreaks havoc in Max Fleischer's studio.

A Dark Lantern Trailer (1920)

16 July 1920

Although loved by a respectable doctor, a society-girl is fascinated by a prince and follows him to Rome.

An Overall Hero Trailer (1920)

25 July 1920

Snooky the Human-Zee helps a family that is being victimized by crooks at a racetrack.

Hegyek alján Trailer (1920)

06 July 1920

Love, rivalry and humiliation in a Hungarian village.

Go and Get It Trailer (1920)

18 July 1920

Wrestling legend Bull Montana plays a murderous gorilla with a human brain transplant who is tracked by a feisty newspaper reporter.

A Fresh Start Trailer (1920)

20 July 1920

Two men are released from prison and while keeping up appearances, they steal everything they can from the guards hugging them farewell.

High and Dizzy Trailer (1920)

11 July 1920

A tipsy doctor encounters his patient sleepwalking on a building ledge, high above the street.

The Slim Princess Trailer (1920)

14 July 1920

Kalora is the "slim princess of Morevana," a land in which fat is prized. This distresses her family, who must marry off Kalora, before her rotund younger sister Papova may wed.

Cupid the Cowpuncher Trailer (1920)

25 July 1920

Alec Lloyd, the foreman of the Sewell ranch, is nicknamed "Cupid" because of his propensity for matchmaking.

When Dr. Quackell Did Hide Trailer (1920)

01 July 1920

A comedic parody of Jekyll and Hyde.

Down the Mississippi Trailer (1920)

24 July 1920

The adventures of an overbearing wife and her hen-pecked husband.

A Bashful Bigamist Trailer (1920)

15 July 1920

A wife plots to keep her husband at home.