Movie Trailers - July 1927

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1927

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Topsy and Eva Trailer (1927)

26 July 1927

Topsy is the main character in this movie. When the black girl who "jes' growed" is auctioned as a slave but nobody will bid on her, Little Eva purchases Topsy for a nickel.

Twelve Miles Out Trailer (1927)

08 July 1927

Jerry always wins in his rivalry with Red over women, gunrunning, and diamond smuggling. While running booze into the U.

Why Girls Love Sailors Trailer (1927)

17 July 1927

Stan is a sailor whose girl gets kidnapped by a rough sea captain. Stan dresses in drag and seduces the captain but the captain's wife catches him.

Home at Last! Trailer (1927)

20 July 1927

Colour footage of London.

Giovanni Martinelli, Tenor, Assisted by Louis D'Angelo, Bass, of the Metropolitan Opera Company, in a Duet from Act IV of the Opera 'La juive' Trailer (1927)

15 July 1927

Giovanni Martinelli & Louis D'Angelo in a Duet from Act IV of the Opera 'La juive'.

For the Love of Mike Trailer (1927)

31 July 1927

Three men join forces to raise an adopted son.

Alice's Medicine Show Trailer (1927)

10 July 1927

Alice and Julius are in a traveling medicine show, and part of their job is to sell patent medicine to audiences.

Don't Tell Everything Trailer (1927)

02 July 1927

Max and his son Asher are invited to a party, where Max meets a rich widow, but Asher keeps annoying all of the guests, so Max refuses to speak to him.

Prelude Trailer (1927)

01 July 1927

A man listening to Rachmoninoff's 'Prelude' dreams he is the victim of premature burial.

Paid to Love Trailer (1927)

23 July 1927

An American banker goes to a small Balkan country looking to invest his bank's money and shore up the country's weak economy in order to maximize the return on their investment.

Meet the Folks Trailer (1927)

09 July 1927

Jimmie Adams, a comedian who bears a strong resemblance to comedian Charley Chase, stars as a man going to the hills of Tennessee to visit his kin.

Nothing Doing Trailer (1927)

11 July 1927

No Overview

Rita Ou Rito Trailer (1927)

17 July 1927

Cave of the Spider Women Trailer (1927)

01 July 1927

Cave of the Spider Women is a rare example of the magic-spirit film, a popular genre in ’20s Shanghai, and its story comes from a classic masterpiece of Chinese literature involving a pilgrim monk and the search for Buddhist texts.

Campus Romeos Trailer (1927)

28 July 1927

A Ton of Fun slapstick comedy short directed by Gilbert Pratt.

The Devil's Saddle Trailer (1927)

10 July 1927

Hero is center of plot by a gang of lawless whites to convince Indians he killed one of their number, but finally clears himself.

John Charles Thomas Trailer (1927)

15 July 1927

John Charles Thomas (1891-1960) was a celebrated American baritone. Here is an early 1927 Vitaphone film of him singing two songs.

Married Alive Trailer (1927)

17 July 1927

James Duxbury (Lou Tellegen) is an exponent of polygamy, which may not be legal but certainly provides him with several evenings of entertainment.

Selection from Act IV of 'Il Trovatore' Trailer (1927)

15 July 1927

Rosa Raisa & Giacomo Rimini perform songs of 'Il Trovatore'.

Va prononcer la mort Trailer (1927)

15 July 1927

Giovanni Martinelli singing 'Va prononcer la mort' from Act IV of the Opera 'La juive'.

Mme. Ernestine Schumann-Heink Trailer (1927)

17 July 1927

Mme. Ernestine Schumann-Heink sing "Der Erlkönig", "Trees" and "Pirate Dreams".

Gus Arnheim and His Ambassador Hotel Orchestra Trailer (1927)

15 July 1927

Sitting at the piano, Gus Arnheim leads his Ambassador Hotel Orchestra - totaling twelve band members - in two musical numbers.

Kid Tricks Trailer (1927)

07 July 1927

Big Boy, the charming little scoundrel wearing adult rags and boots was already performed by child actor Malcolm Sebastian at the age of two.