Movie Trailers - July 1933

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1933

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Old King Cole Trailer (1933)

29 July 1933

Old King Cole throws party and invites all of the Mother Goose characters. He warns them that they must leave at midnight.

Secret of the Blue Room Trailer (1933)

20 July 1933

According to legend, the mansion's "blue room" is cursed--everyone who has ever spent the night in that room has met with an untimely end.

Baby Face Trailer (1933)

12 July 1933

A young woman uses her body and her sexuality to help her climb the social ladder, but soon begins to wonder if her new status will ever bring her happiness.

The Stranger's Return Trailer (1933)

28 July 1933

"Miriam Hopkins plays Louise Starr, who gets divorced from her husband and returns to the home she left on a farm where she reunites with her grandfather.

Hold Your Man Trailer (1933)

07 July 1933

Ruby falls in love with small-time con man Eddie. During a botched blackmail scheme, Eddie accidentally kills the man they were setting up.

The Narrow Corner Trailer (1933)

07 July 1933

An Englishman sought for murder escapes to South Seas island.

Popeye the Sailor Trailer (1933)

14 July 1933

Popeye and Bluto fight for the love of Olive Oyl in their debut short, featuring Betty Boop.

Mary Stevens M.D. Trailer (1933)

22 July 1933

A woman doctor decides to have a baby without benefit of marriage.

Pilgrimage Trailer (1933)

12 July 1933

The story of an Arkansas farm woman and her son. When the son expresses his desire to marry a girl who comes from a family that the mother thinks is trash, she enrolls him in the army.

College Humor Trailer (1933)

05 July 1933

A college professor and the school's star football player are both rivals for the same beautiful coed.

Another Language Trailer (1933)

28 July 1933

A newlywed discovers that she and her husband's snobby family speak different languages.

Disgraced! Trailer (1933)

07 July 1933

A lovely fashion model's dreams of marital bliss are shattered when her fiance jilts her. To make matters worse, her father kills the cad and she gets accused of the crime.

The Man from Monterey Trailer (1933)

15 July 1933

A cavalry officer helps save a family's ranch from land grabbers

Midnight Club Trailer (1933)

28 July 1933

With a sparkling script by Leslie Charteris, creator of "The Saint" - the latest crime wave has Scotland Yard baffled.

She Had to Say Yes Trailer (1933)

15 July 1933

Stenographers at a department store office are recruited to be "customer girls" who entertain out-of-town buyers.

The Song of Songs Trailer (1933)

19 July 1933

After her father dies, Lily moves to the city to live with her strict aunt. During the day Lily works in her aunt's bookstore, and at night she sneaks across the street to model for Richard, a sculptor with whom she falls in love.

Mama Loves Papa Trailer (1933)

14 July 1933

A woman's ceaseless badgering sends her husband on a drinking bender. Along the way, he makes a new female acquaintance.

The Fiddlin' Buckaroo Trailer (1933)

20 July 1933

Government man Fiddlin' has joined Wolf's gang and Banty has become his friend. When Fiddlin' objects to Wolf's kidnapping of Ann, he is left in a burning building.

Fighting With Kit Carson Trailer (1933)

01 July 1933

In this Western, comprised of 12 chapters from a serial, Kit leads a group carrying a large gold shipment across the wild West.

Pin Feathers Trailer (1933)

02 July 1933

A Walter Lantz Pooch the Pup cartoon released July 3, 1933.

Double Harness Trailer (1933)

21 July 1933

After tricking him into marriage, a woman (Ann Harding) tries to win the love of her philandering husband (William Powell).

Yo perdí mi corazón en Lima Trailer (1933)

28 July 1933

Young Carmen arrives in Lima, dreaming of falling in love and finding happiness. She goes to live with her cousins and aunt, in the elegant Miraflores district.

Laughing at Life Trailer (1933)

12 July 1933

Easter, a soldier of fortune and gunrunner, leaves his family behind escaping from the authorities and an American detective named Mason.

The Important Witness Trailer (1933)

15 July 1933

A freelance stenographer is hired for a job, but when she arrives at the address she was given, she finds that a murder has taken place there--and she is arrested for it.

Arizona to Broadway Trailer (1933)

22 July 1933

In the small town of Larrup, Arizona, Smiley, a con-artist traveling with cohorts Kingfish, Morris and Ambrose, persuades Lynn Martin, a traveling demonstrator of pancake making, to accompany him to a carnival, where Kingfish sells a large number of bottles of Bambo, an elixir.

Mickey's Gala Premier Trailer (1933)

01 July 1933

Mickey's film is having a premiere, and all the stars turn out at the Chinese Theatre. Among those shown: Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers, Jimmy Durante, Clark Gable, Sid Grauman, Mae West.

The Devil's in Love Trailer (1933)

21 July 1933

The French Foreign Legion is the setting for this episodic adventure yarn. Victor Jory plays a Legion doctor falsely accused of murdering his commander over the love of Loretta Young.

I Love That Man Trailer (1933)

07 July 1933

Innocent Nancy Carroll falls in love with con man Edmund Lowe and the pair swindle their way across the country until they decide to settle down in a small town and give up their life of crime.

By Appointment Only Trailer (1933)

06 July 1933

When a mother dies of heart failure in a doctor's office, the physician--feeling somewhat guilty because he couldn't save her--takes an interest in the woman's young daughter, and makes her his ward, but his fiancé doesn't particularly like it.

Headline Shooter Trailer (1933)

28 July 1933

A newsreel photographer neglects his love life to get the perfect shot.

Nertsery Rhymes Trailer (1933)

05 July 1933

In this early Three Stooges short (in color), the boys play the children of Ted Healy and Bonnie Bonell, who hear some "bedtime stories" from their parents.

Riot Squad Trailer (1933)

25 July 1933

The constant battling over the same woman gets two detectives demoted to what's considered the toughest job in the Police Department--the Riot Squad.

The Wrecker Trailer (1933)

10 July 1933

The Wrecker is a flinty-eyed demolition engineer named Regan (Jack Holt). While he's off on another assignment, Regan's wife Mary (Genevieve Tobin) and supposed best friend Cummings (Sidney Blackmer) engage in some heavy petting.

Song of the Streets Trailer (1933)

26 July 1933

A gang of poverty-ridden juvenile delinquents progress from petty theft to hard crime, but a kindly judge manages to set most of them on the right path after they are finally apprehended.

Life in the Raw Trailer (1933)

07 July 1933

Adventure ensues as Judy Halloway arrives in Arizona to visit her brother, Tom.

Rough on Rats Trailer (1933)

13 July 1933

An animated short, part of Van Beuren's Aesop Fables collection.

Rainbow Ranch Trailer (1933)

24 July 1933

An emergency at his Aunt's ranch gets Ed Randall leave from the Navy. He returns to find the water cut off and her note due the next day.

AM to PM Trailer (1933)

27 July 1933

Early cartoon from the Aesop's Fables series featuring Sentinel Louie, the "topper" to Otto Soglow's Little King comic strip.

The Flaming Signal Trailer (1933)

24 July 1933

A pilot and his dog crash-land on an island run by a psycho who owns a motel--and most of the locals.

A Shriek in the Night Trailer (1933)

22 July 1933

Rival newspaper reporters Pat Morgan (Rogers) and Ted Kord (Talbot) find themselves unravelling the mystery behind the death of a millionaire philanthropist who fell from his penthouse balcony.

Stolen by Gypsies or Beer and Bicycles Trailer (1933)

13 July 1933

A spoof on gypsy life.....

The Old Can Mystery Trailer (1933)

08 July 1933

A Terrytoons cartoon released 9 July 1933.

Tied for Life Trailer (1933)

01 July 1933

We first meet Harry on the morning of his wedding day. He looks like he's been partying, but we know he's a sweet guy because he sleeps with a photo of his bride.

Loyalties Trailer (1933)

02 July 1933

While a houseguest at an upper-class gathering, wealthy Jew Ferdinand de Levis is robbed of £1,000 with evidence pointing towards the guilt of another guest, Captain Dancy.

Kleiner Mann – was nun? Trailer (1933)

06 July 1933

The Barber Shop Trailer (1933)

28 July 1933

An inept barber maintains his good-humored optimism in his small town shop despite having a hen-pecking harridan for a wife and a total lack of sartorial skill.

Shuffle Off to Buffalo Trailer (1933)

07 July 1933

A singing and dancing revue of babies (representing a variety of stereotypes and celebrity look-alikes) who are being prepared for delivery by stork.

Flying Devils Trailer (1933)

14 July 1933

A trio of veteran pilots joins an aerial circus.

The Audition Trailer (1933)

08 July 1933

90° South Trailer (1933)

01 July 1933

A record of Captain Scott's 1911 South Pole expedition.

Prince of Arcadia Trailer (1933)

01 July 1933

A Ruritanian Prince is due to marry a princess with acting ambitions, but he has fallen in love with another woman.

Beau Bosko Trailer (1933)

01 July 1933

Bosko is a soldier in the Foreign Legion out to capture the desert scourge, Ali Oop.

Die Nacht der großen Liebe Trailer (1933)

27 July 1933

Saison in Kairo Trailer (1933)

19 July 1933

Comedy with an Egyptian backdrop: Businessman Tobby and the Countess Stafanie wish to take all the fun away from their single parents and make them marry each other.

Indian Whoopee Trailer (1933)

06 July 1933

Cubby Bear imagines himself living during the the time of the pilgrims.

Fanny in the Lion's Den Trailer (1933)

22 July 1933

A Terrytoons cartoon released 23 July 1933.

Hypnotic Eyes Trailer (1933)

31 July 1933

A Terrytoons cartoon released 1 August 1933.

Doughnuts Trailer (1933)

09 July 1933

A cartoon featuring Van Beuren's Tom & Jerry where they enter a baking contest with their doughnuts.

The Phantom Rocket Trailer (1933)

30 July 1933

A large crowd gathers to see the launch of a rocket piloted by Tom and Jerry. As an effeminate announcer tells the public what's going on, the rocket-building crew announce their individual jobs in sing-song fashion.

Der Stern von Valencia Trailer (1933)

04 July 1933