Movie Trailers - July 1949

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1949

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The Fountainhead Trailer (1949)

02 July 1949

An uncompromising, visionary architect struggles to maintain his integrity and individualism despite personal, professional and economic pressures to conform to popular standards.

Mighty Joe Young Trailer (1949)

27 July 1949

After being taken from his home in Africa, Gorilla "Joe" is an instant hit in a Hollywood nightclub. This fun and wonderfully entertaining slant on "King Kong" is much better than Kong's 1934 sequel, "Son of Kong".

Calamity Jane and Sam Bass Trailer (1949)

04 July 1949

Drifter Sam Bass shows up in Denton, Texas (soon to host a great horse race) looking for work. Before long, he attracts the attention of pretty storekeeper Katherine Egan (the sheriff's sister) and that wild frontiers woman, Calamity Jane.

In the Good Old Summertime Trailer (1949)

29 July 1949

In this musical remake of The Shop Around the Corner, feuding co-workers in a small music shop do not realize they are secret romantic pen pals.

The Big Steal Trailer (1949)

09 July 1949

Army Lieutenant Halliday, accused of stealing the Army payroll, pursues the real thief on a frantic chase through Mexico aided by the thief's ex-girlfriend and is in turned being chased by his accuser, Capt.

House of Strangers Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

Gino Monetti is a ruthless Italian-American banker who engaged in a number of criminal activities. Three of his four grown sons, refuse to help their father stay out of prison after he's arrested for his questionable business practices.

Bad Ol' Putty Tat Trailer (1949)

23 July 1949

Sylvester Cat starts to saw down Tweety Bird's house. Tweety flees into a badminton court, where he becomes the birdie in the game.

Conspirator Trailer (1949)

28 July 1949

A newlywed suspects her husband of being a Communist spy.

Scene of the Crime Trailer (1949)

28 July 1949

A cop investigates the shooting of another policeman... that may have been involved in crooked activities.

Any Number Can Play Trailer (1949)

15 July 1949

Clark Gable stars in this 1949 drama, directed by Mervyn LeRoy, about a casino owner juggling both business and family problems.

Heavenly Puss Trailer (1949)

09 July 1949

During yet another pursuit of Jerry, Tom ends up being killed when an upright piano slides down the stairs and slams into him.

Sorrowful Jones Trailer (1949)

04 July 1949

A young girl is left with the notoriously cheap Sorrowful Jones as a marker for a bet. When her father doesn't return, he learns that taking care of a child interferes with his free-wheeling lifestyle.

Follow Me Quietly Trailer (1949)

07 July 1949

1949 thriller about the hunt for a serial killer known as "the Judge" who kills his victims on rainy nights.

The Great Gatsby Trailer (1949)

13 July 1949

Nick Carraway, a young Midwesterner now living on Long Island, finds himself fascinated by the mysterious past and lavish lifetyle of his landlord, the nouveau riche Jay Gatsby.

Poet's Pub Trailer (1949)

05 July 1949

A loosely structured comedy allowing for a series of vignettes based around an ancient coaching inn. The story was adapted from the 1929 novel by Scottish writer Erik Linklater.

The Wyoming Bandit Trailer (1949)

15 July 1949

Wyoming Dan (Trevor Bardette) returns home after 20 years evading the law for a crime he didn't commit, only to find his son on his deathbed.

The Girl from Jones Beach Trailer (1949)

16 July 1949

Glamour artist Bob Randolph is world famous for his paintings of a stunning beauty dubbed "The Randolph Girl".

Special Agent Trailer (1949)

22 July 1949

A California railroad agent (William Eythe) hunts two brothers for murder and robbing a payroll express.

The Blue Mountains: Part I Trailer (1949)

19 July 1949

Aoi sanmyaku (青い山脈), literally: The Blue Mountains, is a 1949 black-and-white Japanese film directed by Tadashi Imai.

South of Rio Trailer (1949)

29 July 1949

The town of Rio Blanco is the center of a fight over the statehood issue and is a perfect setup for Lon Bryson and Chuck Bowers, who organize a couple of phony protection associations.

The Rainbow Man Trailer (1949)

18 July 1949

Horror film directed by Kiyohiko Ushihara.

The Yotsuda Phantom, Part 1 Trailer (1949)

05 July 1949

Iemon Tamiya is an impoverished masterless samurai who craves a better life, which he cannot have because of his marriage to Oiwa, who is completely devoted to her husband.

The Yotsuda Phantom, Part 2 Trailer (1949)

16 July 1949

Part 2 starts where the first film ended, with Iemon disposing of the bodies of his wife and Kohei, marrying upward, and being blackmailed by the evil Naosuke.

Mágnás Miska Trailer (1949)

09 July 1949

Baracs Pista, engineer at the construction site of a railway line near the Korláthy estate, falls in love with Rolla, a countess disguised as a peasant girl.

Toys Will Be Toys Trailer (1949)

15 July 1949

Toys in a toy store come to life at night, and perform in a toy parade before the Doll Princess, all of which leads to the "Screen Song" sing-a-long, "Oh, You Beautiful Doll".

Knights Must Fall Trailer (1949)

15 July 1949

Bugs must joust with Sir Pantsalot of Drop Seat Manor when he tosses a partially eaten carrot into a suit of armor.

L'escadron Blanc Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

A French squadron of camel drivers pursues a group of looters across the Sahara Desert. After experiencing heat, fever, and peril, the squadron finds the looters, but also lose their captain.

Anna Lucasta Trailer (1949)

11 July 1949

A prostitute is thrown out of her house by her alcoholic father, and her scheming brother-in-law tries to devise a plan to marry her off and make some money in the process.

Look For The Silver Lining Trailer (1949)

30 July 1949

Musical biography of Marilyn Miller, who overcame heartache to become a Broadway star

L'altra Trailer (1949)

06 July 1949

The Stowaways Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

The magpies decide to stow away aboard a luxury flight to Africa, and of course mayhem ensues.

The Great Dan Patch Trailer (1949)

22 July 1949

David Palmer, a young chemist, returns to his father's Indiana farm, to marry a local school teacher, Ruth Treadwell.

The Blue Mountains: Part II Trailer (1949)

26 July 1949

Continuation of The Blue Mountains: Part I. Released a week later.

The Sickle or the Cross Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

Reverend John Burnside, American missionary in the Far East, prepares to return home after twenty years to take up the fight against Communism.

Sky Liner Trailer (1949)

28 July 1949

Travellers board a flight, unaware that other passengers might be spies and counterspies, complete with secret documents, poison and elaborate plans to engage in international espionage!

Pueblerina Trailer (1949)

06 July 1949

Aurelio Rodríguez is released from jail, and tries to start a new life marrying Paloma and working his land.

Doggone Tired Trailer (1949)

30 July 1949

A rabbit tries all he can to keep a hunting dog awake before tomorrow's big hunt.

Lost Boundaries Trailer (1949)

02 July 1949

A doctor (Mel Ferrer), his wife (Beatrice Pearson) and their children pass as white in a New England town.

Trail of the Yukon Trailer (1949)

31 July 1949

When the local Banker jumps the Blaine's claim, they have men rob the bank to retrieve their money. When the men try to double-cross the Blains, a gunfight erupts and Jim Blaine gets away with the money.

Dos almas en el mundo Trailer (1949)

13 July 1949

A young couple meet in the reformatory and try to make a life together after they're released.

Coqueta Trailer (1949)

22 July 1949

Blind nightclub pianist takes in a young singer/entertainer when she hits bottom... but once she gets stable and starts thinking about maybe a boyfriend, his unspoken intentions start to surface.

Martina Trailer (1949)

08 July 1949

Las Fiestas de Santiago Apóstol en Loíza Aldea Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

This anthropological documentary examines the Festival of St. James and its roots in the town of Loíza, Puerto Rico.

Campus Capers Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

Herman gets back at Knucklehead from cat college Quinston for crashing the Harbard (the mice's college) Alumni Dinner.

La Mujer Que Yo Perdí Trailer (1949)

12 July 1949

A political revolutionary fights against injustice, his adoring wife by his side. But only in her death does he realize the depth of her love for him and their country.

Boy and the Eagle Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

A crippled boy discovers a wounded bald eagle, nurses it back to health, tames and teaches it to fly.

Roller Derby Girl Trailer (1949)

10 July 1949

Oscar nominated short film from 1949

Gobs of Fun Trailer (1949)

27 July 1949

The captain of a ship's crew, a mouse, goes to the bar to pick up his men. After forcing the initially reluctant sailors onboard, they set sail and hit the (literal) high seas.

A Balmy Swami Trailer (1949)

21 July 1949

Popeye and Olive are taking in a variety show. Popeye enjoys the juggling seal very much, but he's followed by magician/hypnotist Bluto.

Kazan Trailer (1949)

13 July 1949

Based on the novel by James Oliver Curwood about Kazan, the wolfdog.

Nichts als Zufälle Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

Mighty Manhattan, New York's Wonder City Trailer (1949)

30 July 1949

The film visits many of the neighborhoods and landmarks on Manhattan Island and occasionally includes a history lesson.

No me quieras tanto Trailer (1949)

15 July 1949

Feud between two rival gangsters over drug-sales turf.

Henhouse Henery Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

Little Henery the Chicken Hawk goes hunting chickens with a hammer and clunks Foghorn Leghorn on the noggin.

Tromba Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

The Earth and its Peoples: Eskimo Hunters (Northwestern Alaska) Trailer (1949)

14 July 1949

Black and White | 16 mm | ca. 21 min. | Production:Louis De Rochemont | Published by United World Films Inc.

Into the Straight Trailer (1949)

15 July 1949

A romance set in the world of the sport of kings. The Curzons are a racehorse breeding family, who need to strengthen their blood stock to re-establish a fading reputation.

Krach im Hinterhaus Trailer (1949)

04 July 1949

Melody Club Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

Customers at the Melody Club are burgled while attending the the club. A detective investigates.

Old Mother Riley's New Venture Trailer (1949)

01 July 1949

Old Mother Riley becomes manager of a hotel - stolen diamonds, murder and pie fights follow.