Movie Trailers - July 1950

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1950

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Winchester '73 Trailer (1950)

12 July 1950

Lin McAdam rides into town on the trail of Dutch Henry Brown, only to find himself in a shooting competition against him.

Crisis Trailer (1950)

07 July 1950

An American doctor gets caught in the middle of a revolution when he's forced to operate on a South American dictator.

Three Little Words Trailer (1950)

12 July 1950

Song-and-dance man Bert Kalmar can't continue his stage career after an injury for while, so he has to earn his money as a lyricst.

Treasure Island Trailer (1950)

18 July 1950

A classic retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's tale of piracy and swashbuckling adventure. Young Jim Hawkins discovers a map revealing the location of buried treasure, but he is not the only one trying to get his hands on it.

Bright Leaf Trailer (1950)

02 July 1950

Two tobacco growers battle for control of the cigarette market.

The Great Jewel Robber Trailer (1950)

15 July 1950

Director Peter Godfrey's 1950 drama, inspired by true events, dramatizes the crime spree of the notorious jewel thief known as "The Hollywood Raffles", whose famous robbery victims included such real-life celebrities as Joan Crawford, Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith and Dennis Morgan.

The Men Trailer (1950)

20 July 1950

A paraplegic veteran fights his own bitterness to build a new life.

The Second Woman Trailer (1950)

07 July 1950

In flashback from a 'Rebecca'-style beginning: Ellen Foster, visiting her aunt on the California coast, meets neighbor Jeff Cohalan and his ultramodern clifftop house.

The Flame and the Arrow Trailer (1950)

09 July 1950

Dardo, a Robin Hood-like figure, and his loyal followers use a Roman ruin in Medieval Lombardy as their headquarters as they conduct an insurgency against their Hessian conquerors.

Where Danger Lives Trailer (1950)

14 July 1950

A young doctor (Mitchum) falls in love with a disturbed young woman (Domergue) and apparently becomes involved in the death of her husband (Rains).

Colt .45 Trailer (1950)

20 July 1950

Scott plays Steve Farrell, a Colt .45 salesman who has two of the prized guns stolen by Jason Brett (Zachary Scott).

Beaver Valley Trailer (1950)

19 July 1950

Short documentary film directed by James Algar. It was produced by Walt Disney as part of the True-Ls

Fancy Pants Trailer (1950)

19 July 1950

An American actor impersonating an English butler is hired by a nouveau riche woman from New Mexico to refine her husband and headstrong daughter.

Peggy Trailer (1950)

01 July 1950

Professor Brookfield along with daughters Peggy and Susan move to small town Pasadena, California. Their new neighbor Mrs.

Stella Trailer (1950)

20 July 1950

Screwball black comedy about a wacky family that forgets where they've buried a corpse.

Quinto patio Trailer (1950)

14 July 1950

Model son/employee/student is frustrated by poverty and surrenders to the temptations of a criminal lifestyle.

Self Made Maids Trailer (1950)

06 July 1950

The stooges are artists who want to marry their models; "Moella", "Larraine", and "Shempetta". The girls' father doesn't approve, so the stooges tickle him into submission.

Mystery Street Trailer (1950)

28 July 1950

When the skeletal remains of a pregnant prostitute turn up on a Massachusetts beach the Barnstable cop Peter Morales (Montalban) teams up with Boston police and uses forensics with the help of Dr.

The Underworld Story Trailer (1950)

26 July 1950

A blacklisted reporter brings his shady ways to a small-town newspaper after being fired from a big city daily.

711 Ocean Drive Trailer (1950)

01 July 1950

The Horatio Alger parable gets the film noir treatment with the redoubtable Edmund O’Brien as a whip-smart telephone technician who moves up the ladder of a Syndicate gambling empire in Southern California until distracted by an inconveniently married Joanne Dru and his own greed.

My Friend Irma Goes West Trailer (1950)

04 July 1950

Singer Steve, friend Seymour and fiance Jane, along with her dizzy blonde room mate Irma, have a series of misadventures on a California-bound train and end up involved with a gang of murderous gangsters in Las Vegas.

Safety Second Trailer (1950)

01 July 1950

It's Independence Day, and Jerry's little nephew, Nibbles, wants to celebrate with fireworks, while Jerry reminds him to "keep it safe and sane.

Hi-Jacked Trailer (1950)

07 July 1950

A parolee, working for a trucking line, struggles to clear his name after being accused of involvement with hijackers.

Once a Thief Trailer (1950)

07 July 1950

A down-on-her-luck San Francisco woman, turning in desperation to jewel robbery, barely escapes getting nabbed in a heist and moves to Los Angeles where she gets an honest job as a waitress.

8 Ball Bunny Trailer (1950)

08 July 1950

Bugs helps a penguin go home via New Orleans, Martinique, the Panama Canal and finally the South Pole.

The Happy Years Trailer (1950)

07 July 1950

Based on a collection of stories with the focus on young John Humperkink "Dink" Stover, a student at the Lawrenceville Prepatory School, in 1896, whose family, in Eastcester, New York, have just about given up on his education because he is an incorrigible student.

Duchess Of Idaho Trailer (1950)

14 July 1950

Ellen Hallit is in love with her playboy boss, Douglas Morrison, but is too timid to do anything about it.

I Shot Billy the Kid Trailer (1950)

27 July 1950

Although the Lincoln County War has come to a conclusion, Billy the Kid turns his back on a gubernatorial pardon and continues his lawless career.

Once a Sinner Trailer (1950)

01 July 1950

Impoverished British bank clerk John Ross is hopelessly in love with drop-dead gorgeous Irene James. Ross will do anything to win Irene's affections - including embezzlement.

Atom Man vs Superman Trailer (1950)

20 July 1950

Serial - sequel to Superman (1948); Superman faces off against Lex Luthor.

Wedding Ring Trailer (1950)

01 July 1950

A jewelry store president begins to fall for the doctor treating her husband's illness.

Padeniye Berlina. Part 2 Trailer (1950)

07 July 1950

Surrounded by a few party officials, Alexei Ivanov, a stakhanovist smelter, is decorated by Stalin. The "Little Father of the Peoples" takes this opportunity to invoke threats of war.

Azahares para tu boda Trailer (1950)

19 July 1950

Sara Garcia plays the mother of a Mexican family from the early twentieth century, devoted and submissive.

Our Very Own Trailer (1950)

27 July 1950

A high-school senior (Ann Blyth) learns she has foster parents (Jane Wyatt, Donald Cook) and sets out to find her natural mother.

Vagabunda Trailer (1950)

12 July 1950

Trial Without Jury Trailer (1950)

08 July 1950

A homicide detective (Robert Rockwell) suspects a playwright who bases his play on a murder.

Frökens första barn Trailer (1950)

26 July 1950

Sonja Broberg needs to make extra money so she offers to help the author Johannes Porshammar with his latest novel about single mothers, a subject he knows very little of.

The Red-Headed Monkey Trailer (1950)

06 July 1950

A Terrytoons cartoon released July 1950. Directed by Mannie Davis.

David Harding, Counterspy Trailer (1950)

13 July 1950

Based on the popular radio series David Harding, Counterspy. Howard St. John plays Harding, with actor/director Fred Sears co-starring as Harding's assistant Peters.

Bitter Springs Trailer (1950)

05 July 1950

A family buy land set around a water hole in a remote location, that is occupied by native Australians.

Beyond the Purple Hills Trailer (1950)

25 July 1950

In a typical western (movie) town (possibly described as 'hick' by someone who possibly hasn't seen the film) Gene Autry and his friend Jack Beaumont are present when the bank is robbed and Sheriff Whiteside is killed.

Dirty Minded Wife 25 Trailer (1950)

12 July 1950

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Giddyap Trailer (1950)

27 July 1950

A family's horse-drawn ice delivery business is threatened by a more modern automobile-using company.

It's Hummer Time Trailer (1950)

21 July 1950

A cat chases a hummingbird and repeatedly stumbles onto the property of a sleepy bulldog, who punishes the cat for each interruption of his slumber.

Waterfront Trailer (1950)

26 July 1950

When ship's fireman Peter McCabe walks out on his long-suffering wife, he leaves her impoverished, with two young daughters and a boy born soon after his departure.

The Dancing Years Trailer (1950)

19 July 1950

The episodic story of a composer of operettas, Rudi Kleiber, in in old Viennese days, and the two wos

Beauty on the Beach Trailer (1950)

20 July 1950

Mighty Mouse, the mightiest mouse of them all, swoops down from the skies to rescue Pearl Pureheart from death on the roller-coaster rails at the amusement park.

The Man Without A Face Trailer (1950)

29 July 1950

A faceless killer who hunts women can only be stopped by a detective with a disturbing past.

Captive Girl Trailer (1950)

01 July 1950

Jungle Jim is out to save Joan from an evil witch doctor whilst simultaneously fighting evil treasure hunter Barton.

Tom and Jerry Classic Collection Volume 4 Trailer (1950)

01 July 1950

Tom and Jerry Classic Collection Volume 4

Esposa último modelo Trailer (1950)

27 July 1950

Housewives Orgy Trailer (1950)

12 July 1950

Housewives Orgy Housewives Orgy

The Costume Designer Trailer (1950)

13 July 1950

This short focuses on the job of the costume designer in the production of motion pictures. The costume designer must design clothing that is correct for the film historically and geographically, and must be appropriate for the mood of the individual scene.

Pleased to Eat You Trailer (1950)

20 July 1950

A hungry lion is captured, shortly after being tricked by a hunter. He escapes his cage and robs a hot dog stand.

Ulli und Marei Trailer (1950)

06 July 1950

Pests of the West Trailer (1950)

21 July 1950

The same father-son coyotes seen in Camp Dog (1950) sneak into the hen-house that Pluto is guarding. A chicken yawns, putting junior to sleep, so dad comes in.

Hafenmelodie Trailer (1950)

20 July 1950

Verlobte Leute Trailer (1950)

27 July 1950

Zone Frontière Trailer (1950)

05 July 1950

At the Belgian border, a group of young people engaged in various contraband traffic bother the customs officers.

Duell mit dem Tod Trailer (1950)

27 July 1950