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The Great Race Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

Professional daredevil and white-suited hero, The Great Leslie, convinces turn-of-the-century auto makers that a race from New York to Paris (westward across America, the Bering Straight and Russia) will help to promote automobile sales.

Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures Trailer (1965)

23 July 1965

The film consists of three independent parts: "Workmate", "Déjà vu" and "Operation Y". The plot follows the adventures of Shurik (alternative spelling — Shourick), the naive and nerdy Soviet student who often gets into ludicrous situations but always finds a way out very neatly.

Help! Trailer (1965)

29 July 1965

This Beatles film has an obscure Asian cult, that believes in human sacrifice, chasing Ringo after he accidentally put on the their victim's ceremonial ring.

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini Trailer (1965)

14 July 1965

When he's stationed in Tahiti, a sailor hires a witch doctor to keep an eye on his girlfriend.

McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

The crew of PT-73 are in trouble again when Ensign Parker is mistaken for a pilot and gets shanghied into the Air Force.

Passer passer piger Trailer (1965)

23 July 1965

Caretaker Alf Thomsens (Dirch Passer) very effective "alarm clock" comes once again in operation, and has again succeeded in getting him up to speed, despite their incessant discussions back and forth.

Une fille et des fusils Trailer (1965)

20 July 1965

Four young people, tired of working life, decide that they can earn money from crime than they can from work.

Ship of Fools Trailer (1965)

29 July 1965

Passengers on a ship traveling from Mexico to Europe in the 1930s represent society at large in that era.

The Glory Guys Trailer (1965)

07 July 1965

Though a fictionalized Western based on George Armstrong Custer's 7th Cavalry Regiment at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, the film is almost a generic war story covering the enlistment, training, and operational deployment of a group of recruits that could take place in any time period.

Crime on a Summer Morning Trailer (1965)

07 July 1965

Crime thriller based on a novel by James Hadley Chase.

War and Peace: Part I - Andrei Bolkonsky Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

The Family Jewels Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

A young heiress must choose between six uncles, one of which is up to no good and out to harm the girl's beloved bodyguard who practically raised her.

Location Hunting in Palestine Trailer (1965)

10 July 1965

While scouting locations for his classic "The Gospel According to St. Matthew", director Pier Paolo Pasolini noticed that filming in the actual site of the story, in Palestine, wouldn't be much of a great choice due to the modern invasion which completely altered the biblical settings.

Corn on the Cop Trailer (1965)

23 July 1965

It's Halloween, and an elderly lady, Granny, is leaving a grocery store with her treats for the children.

San Ferry Ann Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

A motley crew of British characters ride The San Ferry Ann to the shores of France where they embark on a weekend of calamity.

Furia à Bahia pour OSS 117 Trailer (1965)

02 July 1965

I Saw What You Did Trailer (1965)

21 July 1965

When two teenagers make prank phone calls to strangers, they become the target for terror when they whisper "I Saw What You Did, And I Know Who You Are!" to psychopath Steve Marek who has just murdered his wife.

Monster a-Go Go Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

The plot concerns an American astronaut, Frank Douglas, who mysteriously disappears from his spacecraft as it parachutes to Earth.

The Possessed Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

When a visitor arrives in a small Italian village, he discovers that the residents are acting like soul-less zombies--and he begins to suspect that they may be under the influence of a mysterious local woman.

Der Reserveheld Trailer (1965)

30 July 1965

Red Dragon Trailer (1965)

16 July 1965

An FBI agent (Stewart Granger) goes to Hong Kong to short-circuit a smuggler of electrical parts to the communists.

Rotten to the Core Trailer (1965)

14 July 1965

Rogues Jelly Knight, Scapa Flood, and Lennie the Dip leave prison expecting boss The Duke to have their stash ready to share out.

Mme. Olga's Massage Parlor Trailer (1965)

08 July 1965

The film is considered lost.

The Lark Trailer (1965)

28 July 1965

A musical staring Carrie Ku Mei as a singer named Xiaoyun Shi, who comes to Hong Kong after a tour of other Asian countries, hoping to develop her career.

El Charro de las Calaveras Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

Episodic film in which a masked hero combats a trio of classic monsters.

Currito de la Cruz Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

The rivalry between the old bullfighter Manolo Carmona and young Romerita it takes to seduce Rocio, the Carmona's daughter, and elope with her.

Dark Intruder Trailer (1965)

25 July 1965

Police call in occult expert to help solve series of murders.

Cup Fever Trailer (1965)

21 July 1965

The children of Barton United are trying to win the cup in their local football (soccer) league. Nasty councillor Mr Bates doesn't like them and wants the team his son plays for to win instead so he makes life as difficult as he can for them.

Town Tamer Trailer (1965)

07 July 1965

A gunfighter is hired to clean up a wild frontier town, but there are forces afoot who want to keep the town as wide-open as it is.

Aayirathil Oruvan Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

Enslaved convicts for treason plan escape but get caught by pirates and work for them before gaining their support and fighting back their country's authoritarian rule.

La nuit la plus longue Trailer (1965)

28 July 1965

A beautiful heiress is kidnapped and held hostage until her wealthy father comes up with a ransom. The heiress develops an attraction to one of her kidnappers, but another member of the gang tries to rape her, leading to a deadly triangle.

The Sex Perils of Paulette Trailer (1965)

21 July 1965

A young girl arrives in New York City from Ohio determined to make it in the big city, but circumstances result in her becoming a waitress, then a prostitute.

The Sexperts: Touched by Temptation Trailer (1965)

27 July 1965

A writer, a producer, and a director are having a meeting to discuss and plan scenes for their current film project: The story of Liz Adams, who has come to New York to seek fame and fortune through the theatre.

We Were Eighteen Trailer (1965)

19 July 1965

It's 1940 - the first summer of the Soviet occupation on the Estonian island Saaremaa. Teenagers stepping in their lives have important decisions to make.

To Come and Stay Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

Three villagers try their luck in the big city.

A Place Called Glory Trailer (1965)

27 July 1965

Former rancher Clint Brenner and the younger Reese, his equal in skill at gun-fighting, are independently recruited to help farmer Seth Grande free the locals of Manitoba town Glory City from vast ranch owner Jack Villaine's rule of terror.

Not Reconciled Trailer (1965)

04 July 1965

Not Reconciled, the title of the Straubs’ first feature-length film, is engraved on their work like an inscription.

The Bounty Killer Trailer (1965)

30 July 1965

Willie Duggans, a tenderfoot from the east, arrives in the wild west and soon experiences its violence.

Change Partners Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

An adulterous couple turn to murder, only to discover that a petty crook and blackmailer has already had his eye upon them.

The Key Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

Segment "Duga ulica": A young man named Boris and a girl, Vera, live in the same neighborhood. They meet one night when she loses her key.

Thiruvilayadal Trailer (1965)

31 July 1965

Thiruvilayadal (The Divine Game) is a 1965 Indian Tamil mythological film directed by A.P. Nagarajan.

Atsui yoru Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

Pinku from 1965.

Harvey Middleman, Fireman Trailer (1965)

12 July 1965

Harvey Middleman (Eugene Troobnick), a New York fireman, lives a very ordinary life with his wife (Arlene Golonka) and children.

Illusion of Blood Trailer (1965)

25 July 1965

The ghost of a samurai's wife takes revenge on her husband.

What's Peckin' Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

Woody is causing too much damage. So much so that top scientists are called in to figure out a solution.

Hootenanny a Go-Go Trailer (1965)

08 July 1965

A square rich boy wants to make it with a pretty folk singer, so he buys the coffee house where she and a bunch of other beatniks perform.

Pop Gear Trailer (1965)

15 July 1965

A compilation of proto-music videos featuring leading British rock bands of the 60s, including The Animals, The Spencer Davis Group, and Herman's Hermits.

Demonio azul Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

Wrestler vs mad-scientist with werewolf serum.

Der wahre Jakob Trailer (1965)

30 July 1965

One Shocking Moment Trailer (1965)

22 July 1965

Hunky businessman Cliff and his sweet wife Mindy move from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Los Angeles, California.

The Big Swag Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

Louis Bourdin est employé à la RATP le jour, romancier la nuit, avec une forte prédilection pour le genre policier.

The Dare Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

Passively facing the repression imposed by military dictatorship in Brazil in the 60s, a journalist n

Dress Reversal Trailer (1965)

08 July 1965

This series followed the exploits of Sad Cat, a scraggly looking cat, and his friends.

To Barbara Rubin With Love Trailer (1965)

03 July 1965

This is a mini-portrait of one of the legendary figures of the 60s who should be credited for the discovery of the Velvet Underground, for saving Bob Dylan's mind after the motorcycle crash, for her pioneering sound/image installations, for keeping the New York Sixties' art community together, for one of the key works of erotic cinema Christmas on Earth, and etc.

The Bitter Part of River Trailer (1965)

15 July 1965

While trying to push away a little boy who keeps coming near his cottage at the river, a whimsical mayor meets boy's mother.

Aquella Rosita Alvírez Trailer (1965)

29 July 1965

Traveling cowboy gets involved in political issues in a town he passes through. Also a romance.

Iro jigoku Trailer (1965)

01 July 1965

Pinku from 1965.

Waqt Trailer (1965)

28 July 1965

Members of a family are separated in a natural disaster. Several years down the line, they aren't united but their lives are strangely interconnected.

Der müde Theodor Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

El mundo sigue Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

"El Mundo sigue" is a drama that reflects the poverty and misery in which they lived the Spanish in the late 50s and early 60s.