Movie Trailers - July 1968

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1968

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Hang 'em High Trailer (1968)

31 July 1968

Marshall Jed Cooper survives a hanging, vowing revenge on the lynch mob that left him dangling. To carry out his oath for vengeance, he returns to his former job as a lawman.

Inspector Clouseau Trailer (1968)

19 July 1968

Detective Inspector is borrowed from the Surete on special assignment for Scotland Yard in hopes that a fresh outlook will help the government recover the loot from the Great Train Robbery, which is being used to underwrite a new crime wave.

The Little Norse Prince Trailer (1968)

24 July 1968

Horus, a kid living in a unnamed Scandinavian/Eastern Europe culture of the Iron Age, recovers the Sword of the Sun from the rock giant Moog and learns from his dying father that he must returns to his ancestral territory.

Anzio Trailer (1968)

24 July 1968

Allied forces land at Anzio unopposed but instead of moving straight inland their commanding officer decides to dig in.

Yellow Submarine Trailer (1968)

17 July 1968

The Blue Meanies take over Pepperland, draining it of all its color and music, firing anti-music missiles, bonking people with green apples, and turning the inhabitants to stone by way of the pointed finger of a giant white glove.

The Devil Rides Out Trailer (1968)

20 July 1968

The powers of good are pitted against the forces of evil as the Duc de Richelieu wrestles with the charming but deadly Satanist, Mocata, for the soul of his friend.

5 Card Stud Trailer (1968)

28 July 1968

The players in an ongoing poker game are being mysteriously killed off, one by one.

The Green Berets Trailer (1968)

04 July 1968

Col. Mike Kirby picks two teams of crack Green Berets for a mission in South Vietnam. First off is tl

Pretty Poison Trailer (1968)

18 July 1968

A young man gets in over his head when he convinces a small-town girl he's a secret agent.

Django, Prepare a Coffin Trailer (1968)

05 July 1968

A mysterious gunfighter named Django is employed by a local crooked political boss as a hangman to execute innocent locals framed by the boss, who wants their land.

The Shakiest Gun in the West Trailer (1968)

10 July 1968

Jesse W. Haywood (Don Knotts) graduates from dental school in Philadelphia in 1870 and goes west to become a frontier dentist.

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter Trailer (1968)

31 July 1968

Singer is a deaf-mute whose small world brings him in contact with a young girl, Mick, who cherishes a seemingly hopeless dream of becoming a concert pianist.

Spooky Kitaro Trailer (1968)

20 July 1968

Kitarou, a ghost, spends his afterlife helping humans in need of his skills. He thwarts the plans of evil spirits who live to torment humanity.

We'll Live Till Monday Trailer (1968)

02 July 1968

Ilya Semenovich Melnikov is a history teacher in an ordinary Soviet high school. He is a very good teacher and his students and colleagues treat him with a great deal of respect.

No Roses for OSS 117 Trailer (1968)

27 July 1968

A secret agent is sent to the Middle East to destroy a gang of assassins.

For Love of Ivy Trailer (1968)

17 July 1968

When it was released in 1968, For Love of Ivy was the first mainstream Hollywood film to depict a mature romantic relationship between a black man and woman.

Hate Thy Neighbor Trailer (1968)

26 July 1968

Ken Dakota's search for the murderer of his brother, killed by bandit Gary Stevens, at the behest of land owner Chris Malone.

Die Nichten der Frau Oberst Trailer (1968)

18 July 1968

Bavarian sex comedy from Germany

Man Who Cried for Revenge Trailer (1968)

28 July 1968

Davy Flannigan (Steffen) lost all his memory of what happened during the war because he was double crossed and shot in the head.

The Shadow of the Bat Trailer (1968)

26 July 1968

No information available

Star! Trailer (1968)

18 July 1968

Gertrude Lawrence rises to stage stardom at the cost of happiness.

Frankenstein's Bloody Terror Trailer (1968)

29 July 1968

A man suffers from the curse of lycanthrope and seeks help from doctor and wife team. They both turn out to be vampires and end up dueling it out with the werewolf star.

Signs of Life Trailer (1968)

05 July 1968

During World War II, three German soldiers are withdrawn from combat when one of them, Stroszek, is wounded.

Like It Is Trailer (1968)

20 July 1968

This documentary on the "youth movement" of the late 1960s focuses on the hippie pot smoking/free love culture in the San Francisco Bay area.

Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River Trailer (1968)

12 July 1968

George Lester is a man who is chasing rainbows, looking for the pot of gold at the end. When his wife, Pamela grows tired of being dragged all over the world, she leaves him.

Mission Mars Trailer (1968)

26 July 1968

Three American astronauts who land on Mars discover the body of a frozen Russian cosmonaut and a mysterious talking orb.

Salt and Pepper Trailer (1968)

03 July 1968

London nightclub owners (Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford) play spy and foil a military madman out to overthrow the government.

What a Pity About Daddy Trailer (1968)

19 July 1968

About the young Aarhus businessman Jacob Hansen who is going to a congress in Copenhagen. His competitor in the firm sends his secretary over to spy and bring Jacob into disrepute.

A Lovely Way To Die Trailer (1968)

12 July 1968

A cop quits the force after too much disappointment in the system. He becomes a bodyguard of a rich recent widow.

The Burning Trailer (1968)

01 July 1968

The Burning is Stephen Frears’ first film, a chilling exploration of racial tensions in Apartheid-era South Africa.

A Boring Afternoon Trailer (1968)

03 July 1968

Several parties—a prostitute, aging football players, working girls, two men playing pool, and a hedonistic young man—each coalesce in a tavern.

Playgirl Killer Trailer (1968)

26 July 1968

A rich, lonely woman hires a drifter as a live-in handyman. The drifter turns out to be a psycho arte

When the Pigeons Start Flying Trailer (1968)

16 July 1968

A group of children build a loft in an abandoned yard, but instead of pigeons, a man and his two sons move into it.

Killer Without a Face Trailer (1968)

20 July 1968

A series of murders happen in an old Italian castle.The unknown killer dispatches his victims by shooting them to death with a pistol.

That Fiery Girl Trailer (1968)

17 July 1968

The bandits of Hulu Valley murder the chief of Mei Clan while searching for a treasure map. In retaliation, the clan’s leading swordsman Feng-chun (Chan Leung) infiltrates the bandit’s fortress hideout in anticipation of a surprise attack by a larger force and unexpectedly finds himself romantically involved with the bandit leader’s feisty daughter (Cheng Pei-Pei).

Coplan Saves His Skin Trailer (1968)

13 July 1968

Free-lance undercover agent Coplan receives a phone call from an old girlfriend in Turkey. The panic-stricken woman gives sketchy details of a plot that threatens world security.

La Feet's Defeat Trailer (1968)

24 July 1968

The Surete Commissioner assigns Inspector Clouseau and Sergeant Deux-Deux to the hazardous task of pursuing a criminal named Muddy La Feet, who leaves behind a trail of muddy footprints that lead Clouseau and Deux-Deux through a mine field and to a castle surrounded by an alligator-filled moat and sealed by an electrified door.

The Story of a Three-Day Pass Trailer (1968)

08 July 1968

A black American soldier is demoted for fraternizing with a white girl in France.

Zieh dich aus, Puppe Trailer (1968)

19 July 1968

Tragedies and romances in the nightclub "Moulin Rouge".

Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady? Trailer (1968)

14 July 1968

Agatha Knabenshu arrives in a small town in Missouri to sell player pianos to the locals. She's fired after her disastrous sales attempts nearly destroy the town.

I Have Two Mothers and Two Fathers Trailer (1968)

18 July 1968

The parents of a two boys remarried after divorce. The older one stayed with his father and his attractive young wife, while the younger one stayed with the mother and her new husband.

Teen Bahuraniyan Trailer (1968)

19 July 1968

Teen Bahuraniyan (English: Three Daughters-In-Law) is a 1968 family comedy movie. The film is a remake of 1967 Tamil movie Bama Vijayam (Bama's Visit).

Inimesed sõdurisinelis Trailer (1968)

15 July 1968

The story of the war film is about paths of the Estonian Shooting Corps (formed by the Red Army) during the WW-2 and how the fight forms an usual man to a loyal soldier.

Patrulla de valientes Trailer (1968)

18 July 1968

Young men in the forestry service bust up an illegal logging cartel being run out of City Hall while pairing off with young ladies of the town.

Las pecadoras Trailer (1968)

25 July 1968

Jewel-thief and his girlfriend try to go straight.

Bury Them Deep Trailer (1968)

18 July 1968

Clive Norton is a young captain ordered by his superior to recover two shipments of stolen army payroll gold.

Der Sommer der 17. Puppe Trailer (1968)

02 July 1968

The Naked Man Trailer (1968)

18 July 1968

The story is set in a small Dalmatian town. Soon after the death of a local nobleman, a girl who worked as a servant in his house, gets pregnant.

The Last Chance Trailer (1968)

09 July 1968

Giuseppe Rosati's first production as director and only espionage film Scacco internazionale aka The Last Chance concerns an international crime syndicate threatened by certain information given to American journalist Patrick Harris (Tab Hunter) and it sets out to kill him.

Gravitation Trailer (1968)

14 July 1968

After completing his military service, Boris Horvat finds himself at the crossroads. He thinks about enrolling at the faculty, but the job of a clerk at a bank where his father worked is already waiting for him.

A Hyena in the Bank Vault Trailer (1968)

26 July 1968

Four notorious bank robbers - Klaus from Germany, Albert from France, Juan from Spain and Carina from Tangiers meet up in an isolated Castle to divide a large number of diamonds hidden there by their former, deceased boss Boris whose Italian wife Anna is hosting the party.

Le Ball and Chain Gang Trailer (1968)

24 July 1968

A bickering married couple continue their verbal sparring as they repeatedly repel Inspector Clouseau's attempts to enter their house to give them a ticket.

Donne... botte e bersaglieri Trailer (1968)

27 July 1968

The Girl in the Park Trailer (1968)

17 July 1968

The story of the birth of a love between two young people, about its duration, with all the difficulties and beauty that it brings, the closing of that love because of conflicts with exaggerated dynamics and false values of contemporary life.

«24-25» не возвращается Trailer (1968)

13 July 1968

Baldwin's Nigger Trailer (1968)

12 July 1968

Documentary featuring James Baldwin and Dick Gregory, discussing the Civil Rights Movement in 1960s Great Britain.

Martín Fierro Trailer (1968)

04 July 1968

First film of epic triptych complete "The Saint of the Sword" and "Guemes land in arms." Adaptation of the poem on the gaucho Martin Fierro Argentine writer José Hernández.

Revolution Trailer (1968)

01 July 1968

Documentary about hippies shot during the height of the movement.

Ama lur Trailer (1968)

10 July 1968

Ama Lur is a documentary, directed by Néstor Basterretxea and Fernando Larruquert, that premiered in San Sebastián in 1968, and is considered the foundation of Basque cinema.

The Girl Grabbers Trailer (1968)

10 July 1968

Two hooligans run amok.