Movie Trailers - June 1925

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1925

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The Gold Rush Trailer (1925)

26 June 1925

A lone prospector ventures into Alaska looking for gold. He gets mixed up with some burly characters and falls in love with the beautiful Georgia.

The Lost World Trailer (1925)

22 June 1925

The first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a land where prehistoric creatures still roam.

The Cloudhopper Trailer (1925)

06 June 1925

The plot of this film really isn't that important. Instead, the sight gags and chase scenes are paramount--with some of the most impressive chase footage you'll ever see.

Don Q Son of Zorro Trailer (1925)

15 June 1925

Returning to the legend that inspired his first swashbuckling adventure, Fairbanks appeared in DON Q, SON OF ZORRO.

The Sleuth Trailer (1925)

30 June 1925

American silent comedy film

What Price Goofy? Trailer (1925)

06 June 1925

Jamison has a very jealous wife. Mrs. Jamison has a very gossipy friend. When the friend spots Jamison on the street talking to an attractive young woman, she reports back to Mrs.

The Old Family Toothbrush Trailer (1925)

11 June 1925

1925 animated cartoon in two-color Technicolor. The Old Family Toothbrush features a character named Kid Noah in “A New Redhead Satire” filmed in Naturecolor, using the Wilson Wetherald Process.

The Man in Blue Trailer (1925)

21 June 1925

Tom Conlin, an Irish cop walking a beat in an Italian neighborhood, falls in love with Tita Sartori, the daughter of a florist.

Paths to Paradise Trailer (1925)

28 June 1925

Two thieves discover a professional and personal relationship when individual heist plans are thrown together by circumstance.

Fiddlin' Around Trailer (1925)

14 June 1925

FIDDLIN AROUND' (1925) (Starring Babe Hardy).

Alice Loses Out Trailer (1925)

14 June 1925

A rich garbage magnate (Ima Hogg) is being driven along to a hotel, run by Alice and her cat Julius. The hotel has seen better times, and so the two are thrilled when they see the limousine roll up.

Horace Greeley, Jr. Trailer (1925)

06 June 1925

Horace jumps in a caravan car covered with a large tarp, only to discover that a band of hooded rebels are hidden under the canopy.

Koko Trains 'Em Trailer (1925)

14 June 1925

Max Fleischer and his wife or girlfriend have a cute little dog with them at the studio. Max decides to draw the dog but every time he does, the drawing changes into Koko the Clown.

Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies Trailer (1925)

13 June 1925

An eccentric inventor has thought of a way that automobiles can run on radio waves, without gasoline.

She Trailer (1925)

20 June 1925

Mr. Blackwell discovers a relic that informs him about Blythe (as Ayesha, or "She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed"), who loved his father and others in the ancestral line.

Beggar on Horseback Trailer (1925)

05 June 1925

Neil McRae, an impoverished composer, loves Cynthia Mason, but fearing poverty, proposes to the wealthy Gladys Cady.

Kitaj v ogne (Ruki proch' ot Kitaya!) Trailer (1925)

14 June 1925

Soviet propaganda cartoon about the ongoing revolution in China.

Gus Visser and His Singing Duck Trailer (1925)

30 June 1925

An early sound film featuring Gus Visser and a duck.

In the Grease Trailer (1925)

20 June 1925

"IN THE GREASE" (1925) stars James Finlayson who must raise his kid by himself and also take over the unruly class room at the local schoolhouse.

A Thief in Paradise Trailer (1925)

18 June 1925

Years of failure and bad luck have made Maurice Blake a beachcomber on an island in the Samoas, earning a precarious living by diving for pearls with Philip Jardine, the disinherited son of a San Francisco millionaire.

Fun's Fun Trailer (1925)

06 June 1925

Dog and kid comedy. With Cliff Bowes and Virginia Vance.

The Joke's on You Trailer (1925)

14 June 1925

Billy West comedy produced by Cumberland and distributed by Arrow.

Official Officers Trailer (1925)

29 June 1925

The kids in the tenements have no place to play except in streets where traffic is a hazard. Mickey gets the idea of building barricades to give our gang space to play at an intersection, but a beat cop, the nasty "Hard-Boiled" McManus, puts a quick end to that.

Panorama Van De Koningshaven Trailer (1925)

11 June 1925

Shots of the port of Rotterdam, with images of the busy maritime traffic along the Maas river and the vertical-lift bridge above the Koningshaven, “the modern miracle of technology”.

Felix Gets the Can Trailer (1925)

07 June 1925

Felix the Cat is fishing, but has not caught anything. He goes into a restaurant and tries to steal a fish, but the owner sees him and throws a can at him.

Riders of the Kitchen Range Trailer (1925)

06 June 1925

An odd little one reel comedy starring Earl Mohan and Billy Engle, from the Hal Roach Studio. Directed by Tay Garnett.