Movie Trailers - June 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1930

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Juno and the Paycock Trailer (1930)

27 June 1930

During the Irish revolution, a family earns a big inheritance. They start leading a rich life forgetting what the most important values of are.

Dangerous Nan McGrew Trailer (1930)

21 June 1930

Dangerous Nan McGrew is the sharp-shooting expert of a traveling medicine show that is stranded in the Canadian northwest at the snowbound hunting lodge of wealthy Mrs.

Cheer Up and Smile Trailer (1930)

22 June 1930

When a popular radio singer is knocked unconscious during a robbery, a squeaky-voiced college boy fills in for him.

The Medicine Man Trailer (1930)

14 June 1930

The son and daughter of an abusive shopkeeper turn to a medicine show salesman for help.

Born Reckless Trailer (1930)

06 June 1930

In order to use the publicity to get re-elected, a judge sentences a notorious gangster to fight in the war.

Golden Dawn Trailer (1930)

14 June 1930

Golden Dawn (1930) is a musical operetta released by Warner Brothers, photographed entirely in Technicolor, and starring Walter Woolf King and Noah Beery.

Women Everywhere Trailer (1930)

01 June 1930

Charles Jackson, an American sea-captain and singing soldier-of-fortune, is arrested by the French Foreign Legion for running guns to the rebel forces in Morocco fighting against the rule of the French in north Africa.

The Big House Trailer (1930)

14 June 1930

Convicted of manslaughter for a drunken driving accident, Kent (Robert Montgomery) is sent to prison.

Shadow of the Law Trailer (1930)

06 June 1930

John Nelson, a well-to-do businessman, is escorting a woman he knows as Ethel Barry to the door of her apartment suite when a man steps out of the shadows and angrily demands to know where she has been.

Ladies in Love Trailer (1930)

15 June 1930

A small town Vermont fellow falls in love with a New York City radio singing star, but she is about to be married to the radio station owner.

The Social Lion Trailer (1930)

21 June 1930

Marco Perkins is a garage mechanic and a would-be-prizefighter who gets a place on the ritzy country club's polo team because he is the town's most proficient mallet-wielder, having learned to play polo while serving in the U.

Not So Quiet Trailer (1930)

29 June 1930

Oswald the Rabbit is a WWI private charged with delivering a letter to the western front. (

Scandal about Eva Trailer (1930)

12 June 1930

An engaged woman discovers her fiancé has a four year old son. Pretending to take a cure she travels to the boy's foster-parents to make his acquaintance.

Rough Romance Trailer (1930)

15 June 1930

Love and logging in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon.

A Tough Winter Trailer (1930)

20 June 1930

The gang creates a huge mess after they get into a taffy-pulling contest.

Hells Heels Trailer (1930)

06 June 1930

Three desperadoes come to Heela City to rob a bank. One of them is the tough-acting, but ultimately cowardly, Oswald the Rabbit.

Back Pay Trailer (1930)

01 June 1930

Bored with small town life, a woman leaves for the big city and winds up becoming the mistress of a ruthless businessman.

The Border Legion Trailer (1930)

28 June 1930

Cowhand Jim Cleve is wrongly accused of murder and rescued by Jack Kells, leader of a band of Idaho outlaws known as the Border Legion.

Good Intentions Trailer (1930)

29 June 1930

When love came the way of this gentleman crook he turned to the right---only to be caught in the swirling eddy of his criminal past!

In the Good Old Summertime Trailer (1930)

05 June 1930

In this one, we get simple variations of people heading off to a May Day celebration, carrying a Maypole and a hippopotamus to serve as the Queen of the May.

The Fall Guy Trailer (1930)

15 June 1930

Johnny Quinlan is so desperate for a job that he takes a gig as a "bag man" for the mob. Meanwhile, his beleaguered wife (Mae Clarke) has to deal with her bizarre, unemployed, wise-cracking brother (Ned Sparks) and various neighbors while keeping house in their Brooklyn tenement.

Shooting Straight Trailer (1930)

20 June 1930

City gambler Larry Sheldon, upon hearing that a pal has been taken for a ride, goes to the hideout of Spot Willis and, to all appearances, wreaks revenge.

With Byrd at the South Pole Trailer (1930)

28 June 1930

With Byrd at the South Pole (1930) is a documentary film about Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd and his 1st quest to the South Pole beginning at the Little America-Exploration Base.

Hot Curves Trailer (1930)

14 June 1930

The star pitcher on the Pittsburgh ball team gets into trouble with a gold-digging groupie and his catcher helps him get back into the game.

A Romeo Robin Trailer (1930)

21 June 1930

A happy-go-lucky musical where various characters, mostly birds I guess (tough to tell with all dressed up in hats and clothes), play instruments, sing or dance.

Arctic Antics Trailer (1930)

05 June 1930

A collection of arctic animals (seals, walruses, polar bears, penguins) float by on ice floes and on shore, performing various musical numbers.

23 -- Skidoo Trailer (1930)

09 June 1930

Otto Ott owns and operates a summer garden, which is successful if only because they serve the largest beers in town for only 5¢ apiece.

The Sins of the Children Trailer (1930)

27 June 1930

A German immigrant to a small American town is a widower with four children and a barber. He has saved enough money to invest in a partnership in a savings-and-loan company with a friend.

The King Trailer (1930)

14 June 1930

The king is a juvenile dolt who tries the patience of the shrewish queen. While she's in the throne room awaiting him, he's outside playing with guns, drilling his soldiers, and dallying with the wife of a new minister.

The Beauties Trailer (1930)

28 June 1930

Musical comedy about three zany characters who plot to steal a painting.

Codfish Balls Trailer (1930)

14 June 1930

A Terrytoons cartoon released 15 June 1930.

Down with Husbands Trailer (1930)

07 June 1930

A Al Christie comedy short featuring Johnny Arthur, Bert Roach & Frances Lee.

Wild Men of the Kalahari Trailer (1930)

18 June 1930

An introduction regarding the history of man in Africa precedes the beginning of Dr. Cadle's Denver African Expedition at Cape Town, South Africa.

Tramping Tramps Trailer (1930)

05 June 1930

In this cartoon, Oswald and Pete are two hobos traveling across the country during the Depression.

Jazz Rhythm Trailer (1930)

18 June 1930

Columbia Krazy Kat cartoon released June 19, 1930.

Midnight Mystery Trailer (1930)

01 June 1930

A fog-shrouded house provides the setting for this early talkies thriller.

Song of the Caballero Trailer (1930)

29 June 1930

After El Lobo robs Don Jose he gives one of the stolen items to Conchita. Later when he saves Anita in a runaway coach, Don Pedro invites him to the wedding of Anita and his son Don Jose.

My Pal Paul Trailer (1930)

15 June 1930

Oswald the Rabbit puts on a concert for a group of barn animals - but when they discover that he's miming to a record of his idol.

Rough Waters Trailer (1930)

06 June 1930

A police dog helps to track down two payroll robbers.

Kathleen Mavourneen Trailer (1930)

19 June 1930

Kathleen O'Connor, fresh off the boat from Ireland, must decide between the two men who love her - a poor plumber and a wealthy politician.

The Music Racket Trailer (1930)

22 June 1930

"Lee Morse in the Music Racket" is a 10 minute soundie released June 1930. The clip features Leo Donnelly as the promoter with an appearance by June Clayworth.

Hungarian Goulash Trailer (1930)

28 June 1930

The first year of Terrytoons were cartoons all based around food titles – Swiss Cheese taking place in Switzerland, Hawaiian Pineapple is set in Hawaii – Hungarian Goulash combines the Hungarian Rhapsody with gypsy antics.

The Cheaters Trailer (1930)

01 June 1930

An embezzler, Bill Marsh, swears vengeance on a businessman, John Travers, who has turned him in to the police.