Movie Trailers - June 1935

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1935

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The 39 Steps Trailer (1935)

01 June 1935

Richard Hannay is a Canadian visitor to London. At the end of "Mr Memory's" show in a music hall, he meets Annabella Smith who is running away from secret agents.

Calm Yourself Trailer (1935)

28 June 1935

A recently-fired advertising executive starts his own company, Confidential Services, to help clients solve their unusual and problematic situations.

Who Killed Cock Robin? Trailer (1935)

28 June 1935

A robin is shot so the woodland community holds a trial to investigate in this Silly Symphony.

The Dawn Rider Trailer (1935)

20 June 1935

When John Mason's father is killed, John is wounded. Attracted to his nurse Alice, a conflict arises between him and his friend Ben who plans to marry Alice.

She Trailer (1935)

12 June 1935

Leo Vincey, told by his dying uncle of a lost land visited 500 years ago by his ancestor, heads out with family friend Horace Holly to try to discover the land and its secret of immortality, said to be contained within a mystic fire.

No More Ladies Trailer (1935)

14 June 1935

A society girl tries to reform her playboy husband by making him jealous.

Charlie Chan in Egypt Trailer (1935)

04 June 1935

While investigating the theft of antiquities from an ancient tomb excavation , Charlie discovers that the body of the expedition's leader concealed inside the mummy's wrappings.

College Scandal Trailer (1935)

21 June 1935

Julie Fresnel is a co-ed at Redgate University and her father, Dr. Henri Fresnel, is the new French professor.

Village Tale Trailer (1935)

15 June 1935

Sazen Tange and the Pot Worth a Million Ryo Trailer (1935)

15 June 1935

Tange Sazen is the prototype mould of the embittered ronin, at least in film; from the outside gruff and alienated, often physically disfigured in some way implying wounds inside, however a soul scarred but gentle, operating the sword with a mindful emptiness that cut through all sorts of social hypocrisy.

Gentlemen's Agreement Trailer (1935)

24 June 1935

A young doctor realises that his father is a quack and changes places with a down-and-out.

The Glass Key Trailer (1935)

15 June 1935

Adapted from one of Dashiell Hammett's best novels, The Glass Key is a lively and straightforward melodrama of political corruption and urban intrigue.

Love Me Forever Trailer (1935)

28 June 1935

A man who loves an aspiring opera singer is prepared to sacrifice everything to help her with her career, even though he knows she doesn't love him.

The Girl from 10th Avenue Trailer (1935)

01 June 1935

When his fiancée Valentine dumps him, prominent lawyer Geoffrey Sherwood goes on a bender and winds up married to a stranger, Miriam Brady.

Men Without Names Trailer (1935)

29 June 1935

A G-man woos a newswoman and corners bank robbers with a hostage in a factory.

The Outlaw Deputy Trailer (1935)

20 June 1935

While searching for his friend's killer, a former outlaw (Tim McCoy) thwarts a robbery and becomes a lawman.

Sprucin' Up Trailer (1935)

01 June 1935

An officer moves into the neighborhood, and everybody wants to get friendly with his daughter.

Three Lazy Mice Trailer (1935)

27 June 1935

Three little mice don't want to work, so they go to the mouse king and pretend that they're three blind mice.

Five Men in a Circus Trailer (1935)

03 June 1935

The main focus is on the 5 member band of a small circus as it runs into problems while touring rural Japan.

Alibi Bye Bye Trailer (1935)

14 June 1935

The story, if you want to call it that is about a husband who tells his wife he's going hunting but actually sneaks off to fool around in Atlantic City.

The Red Blood of Courage Trailer (1935)

01 June 1935

A man posing as Mark Henry is after Henry's oil land but Henry's niece is part owner and he needs to marry her off to his henchman Slager.

Hooray for Love Trailer (1935)

14 June 1935

A wealthy young man falls hard for a beautiful showgirl, and her wily father quickly realizes the naïve boy would make the perfect investor for his daughter's new show.

Drake of England Trailer (1935)

10 June 1935

Imposing Canadian-born stage actor and playwright Matherson Lang was one of the twentieth century's great Shakespearean players, and became Britain's foremost screen actor during the 1920s; in Drake of England, one of his final films, he takes the title role in Arthur Woods' portrayal of the life and times of the flamboyant piratical adventurer who founded Britain's sea fortunes.

The Love Test Trailer (1935)

30 June 1935

Romance set in a chemical factory.

Stranded Trailer (1935)

29 June 1935

A 1935 melodrama, set in San Francisco, starring Kay Francis as a travelers' aid worker who becomes involved with her clients' personal lives.

Put Korablya Trailer (1935)

06 June 1935

Советский теплоход «Албанов», столкнувшись с подводной скалой, терпит аварию в Северном море.

Under the Pampas Moon Trailer (1935)

01 June 1935

Cesare Campo is a hard-riding and hard-loving Argentine gaucho. Yvonne LaMarr is a famous Parisian singer on her way to play an engagement in a Buenos Aires cabaret.

Code of the Mounted Trailer (1935)

07 June 1935

A thug robs and kills a fur trapper. He is caught and locked up by the Mounties, but is soon broken out by his partner.

Coal Face Trailer (1935)

03 June 1935

1935 documentary about the hard working life of Welsh coal miners.

Buddy's Bug Hunt Trailer (1935)

21 June 1935

An early reference to an 'Acme' product occurs here as in the dream sequence is printed on 'Acme Fly Paper'.

Border Vengeance Trailer (1935)

04 June 1935

A rancher is murdered after discovering that 40 head of his cattle have been rustled. A neighboring family is accused of the crime and flees across the border, then tries to find the real killers to clear their name.

The Arizonian Trailer (1935)

27 June 1935

Clay Tallant comes to Silver City, Arizona in the 1880s and encounters wide-spread lawlessness and disorder, unscrupulous politicians, outlaws galore and brow-beaten citizens.

After the Dance Trailer (1935)

25 June 1935

Though he was protecting her when he accidentally killed a man, Mabel Kane (Thelma Todd) refuses to testify on behalf of her dance partner Jerry Davis (George Murphy), and he's sent to jail.

It Happened in Paris Trailer (1935)

30 June 1935

A British millionaire's son travels to France to study art, and falls in love in Paris

Oh, Daddy! Trailer (1935)

02 June 1935

Member of a village Purity League branch find things much livelier on a trip to London.

Alibi Ike Trailer (1935)

15 June 1935

Idiosyncratic new recruit Francis "Ike" Farrell tries to help the Cubs to the pennant with his pitching and hitting.

A Fire Has Been Arranged Trailer (1935)

01 June 1935

A pair of friends robs from a jewelry shop, and buries their loot in a field out in the country before they get caught.

The Actress and the Poet Trailer (1935)

03 June 1935

Ryuji Nagami's script mandates a fairly straightforward comedy of nonconformism and antisocial behavior, and also tends to lean too hard on its comic contrivances.

The Silent Passenger Trailer (1935)

01 June 1935

A really well made British murder mystery from British Gaumont studios. Story opens with a dead body found in a trunk.

Spring Tonic Trailer (1935)

27 June 1935

Claire Trevor walks out on her fiance Lew Ayres in search of adventure. She gets more than she bargained for when she stumbles upon a gang of bootleggers.

Sanders of the River Trailer (1935)

26 June 1935

British District Officer in Nigeria in the 1930's rules his area strictly but justly, and struggles with gun-runners and slavers with the aid of a loyal native chief.

Off the Dole Trailer (1935)

01 June 1935

Without a job, a young man is given the opportunity run his ill uncle's private-detective agency. He finds himself mixed up with everything from an unfaithful husband who is a secret nudist to a schoolteacher who believes his pupil's father is beating him.

Summertime Trailer (1935)

14 June 1935

Spring is coming, but Old Man Winter isn't ready to retire for the year.

Oil For The Lamps Of China Trailer (1935)

08 June 1935

An American oil company representative almost sacrifices his marriage for his career.

The Nitwits Trailer (1935)

07 June 1935

A would-be songwriter and a would-be inventor run a cigar stand and get mixed up in the murder of a song publisher.

Becky Sharp Trailer (1935)

28 June 1935

The first feature length film to use three-strip Technicolor film. Adapted from a play that was adapted from William Makepeace Thackeray's book "Vanity Fair", the film looks at the English class system during the Napoleonic Wars era.

The Laramie Kid Trailer (1935)

01 June 1935

When Morley has his own bank robbed, Tom tries to break it up. Mistaken for one of the gang, he is caught and sentenced to a chain gang.

Ladies Crave Excitement Trailer (1935)

21 June 1935

Bored rich girl hooks up with news photographer, gets caught up in his adventures.

Turn of the Tide Trailer (1935)

08 June 1935

Turn of the Tide is a 1935 British film directed by Norman Walker. It was the first feature film made by J.

Vintage Wine Trailer (1935)

19 June 1935

The members of the Popinot family of French champagne tycoons suspect that the widowed head of the family Charles Popinot is keeping a mistress in Rome and generally living a wild life.

Things Are Looking Up Trailer (1935)

09 June 1935

Scatterbrain circus lady has to cover for her sour schoolmistress sister.

Splendor Trailer (1935)

01 June 1935

When Brighton Lorrimore returns home with his new bride, Phyllis, his family make their disappointment in his choice obvious.

Lazybones Trailer (1935)

23 June 1935

A quota quickie from Michael Powell.

Squibs Trailer (1935)

11 June 1935

Squibs, a cockney flowerseller with a father overwhelmed by gambling debts wins through with the help of assorted friends and a romantically inclined policeman.

The Healer Trailer (1935)

14 June 1935

A young doctor running a health farm for polio victims is dazzled by a pretty and wealthy society girl, to the detriment of his patients and the woman who really loves him.

The Wishing Stone Trailer (1935)

08 June 1935

A commercial passenger jet has gone missing on its flight from Mexico to New York. In reality, the plane did crash, but everyone aboard is physically unhurt.

Dzhulbars Trailer (1935)

04 June 1935

The film tells the story of opposing guards and courageous shepherd Djulbars gang, headed by former baem.

The King's Stamp Trailer (1935)

28 June 1935

The production of King George V's Silver Jubilee (1910-1935) special postage stamp, and a brief dramatised history of the development of the penny post.

Moans and Groans Trailer (1935)

27 June 1935

A Terrytoons cartoon released 28 June 1935.

Parrotville Post Office Trailer (1935)

27 June 1935

A mother and her two rowdy children come into the Parrotville Post Office. The postmaster is annoyed by the children at first.