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The Wild Bunch Trailer (1969)

17 June 1969

Aging outlaw Pike Bishop (William Holden) prepares to retire after one final robbery. Joined by his gang, which includes Dutch Engstrom (Ernest Borgnine) and brothers Lyle (Warren Oates) and Tector Gorch (Ben Johnson), Bishop discovers the heist is a setup orchestrated in part by his old partner, Deke Thornton (Robert Ryan).

The Italian Job Trailer (1969)

02 June 1969

Charlie's got a 'job' to do. Having just left prison he finds one his of friends has attempted a high risk job in Italy, right under the nose of the mafia.

Mississippi Mermaid Trailer (1969)

18 June 1969

Adapted from a story by William Irish, it's a noirish tale of a man who orders a mail-order bride but receives instead a con woman.

True Grit Trailer (1969)

11 June 1969

The murder of her father sends a teenage tomboy, Mattie Ross (Kim Darby), on a mission of "justice", which involves avenging her father's death.

Last Summer Trailer (1969)

10 June 1969

During summer vacation on Fire Island, three young people--a girl and two guys--become so close that they form a sort-of threesome.

White Wolves Trailer (1969)

25 June 1969

Weiße Wölfe is an East German film. It was released in 1969.

The Bridge at Remagen Trailer (1969)

25 June 1969

In March of 1945, as the War in Europe is coming to a close, fighting erupts between German and American troops at the last remaining bridgehead across the Rhine.

Don't Grieve! Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

Benjamin, the local doctor is a soul of a local society, the educated, friendly, democratic person who often treats the poor for free.

One Thousand and One Nights Trailer (1969)

14 June 1969

Beautifully constructed, 1001 Nights stays true to the lush and mysterious backdrop of the well known and age old story.

The Bremen Town Musicians Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

A musical film about the adventures of the wandering musicians from Bremen such as Troubadour, Donkey, Dog, Cat and Rooster.

The Boys of Paul Street Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

In Budapest, two rival gangs of young boys lay claim to a vacant lot. The hostilities escalate yet never quite boil over into actual violence.

Satan's Sadists Trailer (1969)

01 June 1969

The "Satans" are a very cruel biker gang led by Anchor. The gang goes to a diner in the middle of nowhere in the California desert where they begin to terrorize Lew and his patrons and his waitress, Tracy.

The Oblong Box Trailer (1969)

11 June 1969

Aristocrat Julian Markham keeps his disfigured brother, Sir Edward, locked in a tower of his house. Occasionaly Sir Edward escapes and causes havoc around the town.

Submarine X-1 Trailer (1969)

23 June 1969

After losing a submarine and fifty crew in a battle with a German ship during WWII, a Royal Navy officer gets a second chance in a daring raid with midget subs.

King of the Jungle Trailer (1969)

12 June 1969

Tarzan helps the Amazons defeat two gangsters who wished to take over a sacred gold treasure from the women's tribe.

The Flying Dagger Trailer (1969)

18 June 1969

The Yu family earn the ire of the Green Dragon clan when the daughter (Cheng Pei-Pei) kills the clan chief's son (a rapist and murderer).

Los recuerdos del porvenir Trailer (1969)

25 June 1969

Memories of the Future

L'Amour de Femme Trailer (1969)

29 June 1969

Innovative sixties softcore

The Doll of Satan Trailer (1969)

12 June 1969

Elizabeth travels to the family castle to hear her uncle's will. Once there, she encounters a crazy woman in a wheelchair, a murderer and has nightmares about the legendary ghost who is said to be in the castle.

Yakuza's Law: Yakuza Keibatsushi: Rinchi Trailer (1969)

27 June 1969

The film is divided into three parts - the first two taking place in feudal Japan, the last segment being more "modern" and set in the late 1960's.

Che! Trailer (1969)

27 June 1969

Biography of Argentinian revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, who helped Fidel Castro in his struggle against the corrupt Batista regime, eventually resulting in the overthrow of that government and Castro's taking over of Cuba.

Shine, Shine, My Star Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

This late 60s Russian films is set in 1920, just 3 years after the October revolution. Folks had the choice between red and white, revolution and contra revolution.

The Chairman Trailer (1969)

25 June 1969

An American scientist is sent to Red China to steal the formula for a newly developed agricultural enzyme.

Heads or Tails Trailer (1969)

04 June 1969

Shanda is charged with the murder of the banker, Burton and to save her from being lynched, the sheriff sends her off to Phoenix.

Panic Trailer (1969)

12 June 1969

Returning from a business trip to Rhodes, Markos finds out that his sick son has been kidnapped. He agrees to pay the ransom that the kidnappers demand but the police officer Makridis sees that the money used is marked so they can track them down.

Rascal Trailer (1969)

11 June 1969

A comedy filled with tenderness as a baby raccoon snuggles his way into the life of a lonely boy. He becomes the boy's only companion during his father's frequent absences.

More Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

A German student, Stefan, who has finished his studies, then decides to have an adventure. After hitch-hiking to Paris, he commits crimes to get money.

Ring of Bright Water Trailer (1969)

18 June 1969

Whoever said dog is man's best friend never met Mij! Mij is a cute, cuddly pet shop otter who captures the heart of Graham Merill (Bill Travers).

Blue Movie Trailer (1969)

14 June 1969

Viva (playing herself) and Louis Waldon (playing himself) spend an idyllic afternoon together in an apartment in New York City.

The First Time Trailer (1969)

11 June 1969

With the coming of summer, three high school buddies--Kenny Leeds, Mike Decker, and Tommy Kingsley--anticipate their initiation into the pleasures of manhood.

Hook, Line And Sinker Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

Told he is terminally ill, an insurance executive (Jerry Lewis) goes on a credit-card spending spree--and then learns his medical diagnosis was a mistake.

By the Lake Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

Love story starts between engineer and scientist's daughter while both of them are working in a big project built near Baikal lake.

Strange People Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

A comedy based on three short novels by Vasiliy Shukshin.

In a Country of Undone Homework Trailer (1969)

04 June 1969

A schoolboy meets all the undone by him homework's heroes in their country.

L'urlo dei giganti Trailer (1969)

26 June 1969

During World War II, a tough officer organizes a commando raid into Germany.

The Avenger, Zorro Trailer (1969)

23 June 1969

The young Flem Mascaslim it be a hindrance to Bill Warner and, like his father did, try to get rid of it to take over his ranch.

Les étrangers Trailer (1969)

11 June 1969

The Bed-Sitting Room Trailer (1969)

01 June 1969

In the hazy aftermath of World War III, the fallout from a 'nuclear misunderstanding' (which lasted two minutes and twenty eight seconds, including the signing of the peace treaty) is producing strange mutations amongst the survivors, and the noble Lord Fortnum finds himself transforming into a bed sitting room.

Trilogy Trailer (1969)

08 June 1969

Trilogy is an anthology film of three adaptations of Truman Capote short stories: Miriam, Among the Paths to Eden and A Christmas Memory.

Led Zeppelin - Tous en Scene Trailer (1969)

19 June 1969

Atlantic's Bernard de Bosson and International Promotion Manager Philippe Rault organized a promotional visit for the band, with a performance on Tous En Scene TV Show in Paris.

Hiden: Haragei 18-ban Trailer (1969)

01 June 1969

Pinku from 1969.

Valparaiso My Love Trailer (1969)

20 June 1969

The Tree Trailer (1969)

09 June 1969

A directionless and emotionally scarred young man kidnaps his niece, the daughter of his sister with whom he has a difficult past.

The Heir Trailer (1969)

05 June 1969

Drapp Tamás, metro-driver inherits an American salami-factory worth a hundred thousand dollars from an unknown relative abroad.

The Invincible Fist Trailer (1969)

30 June 1969

this is one of the few films where godfather of kung fu film; chang cheh headlined lo lieh as the leading hero.

Pepe, der Paukerschreck Trailer (1969)

26 June 1969

No overview found.

We Are All Demons Trailer (1969)

27 June 1969

A veteran sea captain abducts his niece for what he believes is his last chance at love. As the sad demon of the ocean Klabautermanden watches the passing of doomed ships, the niece awakens in her uncle's cabin.

Milmascaras Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

Wrestling superhero Mil Máscaras battles bad guys.

Quintana: Dead or Alive Trailer (1969)

13 June 1969

Don Juan, the governor of a Mexican province, arrests Manuel, the fiancé of the beautiful heiress, Virginia.

Popelka Trailer (1969)

11 June 1969

Lesbo Trailer (1969)

20 June 1969

Erotic comedy

Gurudhatchanai Trailer (1969)

14 June 1969

Man on Horseback Trailer (1969)

07 June 1969

It's medieval times. Kohlhaas merchants with horses. When going to the local fair to sell his horses, is forced by a noble to leave him part of the merchandise as payment for traveling through his land, promising to give it back when the fair is over.

The Vampires Trailer (1969)

13 June 1969

A wrestler tries to break up a covey of vampires, led by the King of Vampires.

Arthur Rubinstein - The Love of Life Trailer (1969)

17 June 1969

Documentary about Polish-American pianist, Arthur Rubinstein.

All About Women Trailer (1969)

03 June 1969

Pascal and Martine are married, have children, but are getting bored with each other. Pascal is tempted by a beautiful salesgirl with whom he finally has a date.

The Eyes Trailer (1969)

28 June 1969

A teenage girl begins a career as a prostitute.

Adventure with a Song Trailer (1969)

27 June 1969

Przygoda z piosenką (Pol. Adventure with song) is a Polish film musical comedy from 1969 directed by Stanisław Bareja.

A Day in the Death of Donny B Trailer (1969)

10 June 1969

A portrait of a strung-out heroin addict scrambling through New York City trying to score cash for hx

The Gladiators Trailer (1969)

25 June 1969

Some time in the future, East and West have stopped maintaining standing armies and nuclear weapons. Instead, to settle their differences they pit different teams of crack combat specialists against each other.