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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1979

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Moonraker Trailer (1979)

26 June 1979

During the transportation of a Space Shuttle a Boeing 747 crashes in the Atlantic Ocean yet when they go to look for the destroyed shuttle it is not there.

Rocky II Trailer (1979)

15 June 1979

After Rocky goes the distance with champ Apollo Creed, both try to put the fight behind them and move on.

Escape from Alcatraz Trailer (1979)

22 June 1979

A dramatization of the one possibly successful escape from the notorious prison.

Siberiade Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

The evolution of a nation during six decades of turbulent history is dramatized via two families from opposing classes.

Meatballs Trailer (1979)

28 June 1979

Tripper is the head counselor at a budget summer camp called Camp Northstar. In truth, he's young at heart and only marginally more mature than the campers themselves.

Escape to Athena Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

During the World War II, the prisoners of a German camp in a greek island are trying to escape. They don't want only their freedom, but they also seek for an ineffable treasure hidden in a monastery at the top of the island's mountain.

Wanda Nevada Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

In the American Southwest of the 1950s, middle-aged vagabond Beaudray Demerille survives as a cardsharp who moves from town to town.

The Main Event Trailer (1979)

22 June 1979

Hillary Kramer, successful Perfume magnate awakes one morning to find that her accountant has robbed her blind and left for South America.

Three Men in a Boat Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

Three London gentlemen take vacation rowing down the Thames, encountering various mishaps and misadventures along the way.

From a Night Porter's Point of View Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

At the time of the Polish social regime, a security officer is promoted to work at a prison yard. Introducing concurrently with the narrator; he speaks of himself, his thoughts, his point of view.

A Force of One Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

Karate champion Matt Logan is enlisted by the police to train officers in self-defense after narcotics agents are killed by an assailant using the martial arts.

The Driller Killer Trailer (1979)

15 June 1979

An artist slowly goes insane while struggling to pay his bills, work on his paintings, and care for his two female roommates, which leads him taking to the streets of New York after dark and randomly killing derelicts with a power drill.

Expertos en Pinchazos Trailer (1979)

14 June 1979

Saturday, Sunday and Friday Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

SABATO (first episode): A company receives the visit of a very very important person. This person works for a biggest Japanese society, and this encounter is decisive for the small Italian company.

Autumn Marathon Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

Andrey Pavlovich Buzykin, who makes a living by teaching at an institute and translating English literature, is cheating on his wife.

Butch and Sundance: The Early Days Trailer (1979)

15 June 1979

A "prequel" of sorts to "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," chronicling the two outlaws' lives in the years before the events portrayed in the Newman/Redford movie.

Faratyev's Fantasies Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

Averbakh's adaptation of a play by Alla Sokolova, Faratyev's Fantasies is the story of a man surrounded by four woman, Faratyev, he is madly in love with on, Aleksandra, compassionately take care of another, her aunt, and is indifferent to the other two, Aleksandra's mother, and her sister, Lyuba.

Marriage Tel Aviv Style Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

After Avigdor Pumerantz calls the matchmaker in order to find a new wife his children decide to robe him.

The Garage Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

An automotive highway is scheduled to be built through the territory of a garage cooperative. A special meeting of the cooperative takes place to reduce the number of garages.

Uncommon Women and Others Trailer (1979)

20 June 1979

Women who attended college together reunite for lunch and talk about their current lives and college days.

Dharma Yuddam Trailer (1979)

26 June 1979

Overview Coming Soon...

Fury in the Shaolin Temple Trailer (1979)

11 June 1979

Gordon Liu kicking ass and taking names.

Christiana Trailer (1979)

10 June 1979

The second chapter in the Pilgrim's Progress story. John Bunyan's immortal classic is completed with Christiana, Part 2 of the world-famous book, Pilgrim's Progress.

Aru aibu!! Zubunure Trailer (1979)

12 June 1979

Pinku from 1979.

Rape Shot: Momoe's Lips Trailer (1979)

23 June 1979

Toru, a down and out tabloid reporter is looking for his next “big” story. In order to get paid decent money in the supermarket rag business, you need to find controversy! The elusive “Momoe” is forbidden fruit, so he sets his sights on Miki Yoko, an up and coming young singing sensation.

Seven Women of Different Ages Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

Each day of the week is represented by a ballerina beginning with a young child and ending with an older ballet teacher.

The In-Laws Trailer (1979)

15 June 1979

In preparation for his daughter's wedding, dentist Sheldon Kornpett meets Vince Ricardo, the groom's father.

Gonka s Presledovaniem Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

A life of a driver Stephan Chekmenev turns out to be very lucky: healthy children, loving wife, solid loghouse.

The Kung Fu Instructor Trailer (1979)

16 June 1979

Two rival clans have unsuccessfully tried to hire the master of the good clan to teach his clan. Not willing to take no for an answer, they frame the master for a dirty deed that he didn't commit, which forces him to kill a man in battle.

Private Collections Trailer (1979)

27 June 1979

Three stories. A solitary sailor falls from his boat and washes ashore on a tropical island. While seeking rescue, he's found by a nearly naked woman who is playful and compliant.

The Sadist of Notre Dame Trailer (1979)

15 June 1979

Jesus Franco directs and stars in this cut-copy-and-paste-version of one of his own movies. Here, he plays a mad priest going around killing sinful people in the name of God, all while trying to get a book published.

Spare Parts Trailer (1979)

15 June 1979

A honeymooning couple stay at a hotel in New Mexico. It all seems normal until an ambulance pulls up and takes the husband away.

Memoirs of a French Whore Trailer (1979)

05 June 1979

A girl, Marie is led into prostitution by her pimp boyfriend, Gerard. She must not only give money to him but to the gangsters that explore him as well.

The Double McGuffin Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

Some school kids stumble across a briefcase full of money, when they go back for it, they find a body instead.

A Time to Mend Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

A man violates his village's law by seducing and abandoning his childhood sweetheart. Exiled to Jakarta, he learns to love and respect those in the red light district, causing him to return home in an effort to make amends.

Atom Spies Trailer (1979)

09 June 1979

British take on the Igor Gouzenko story

Photos scandale Trailer (1979)

19 June 1979

1970s French erotica starring Brigitte Lahaie as Juliette, an ex-prostitute who plots with her lover to blackmail young heiresses by photographing them in compromising situations.

Imeretian Sketches Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

Life in a small community. A grand mother and passing of time. Small facts, games of nephews, memories of a young girl and the silence of a world behind fears or great expectations.

The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again Trailer (1979)

27 June 1979

Amos and Theodore, the two bumbling outlaw wannabes from The Apple Dumpling Gang, are back and trying to make it on their own.

The Wooden Gun Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

The Wooden Gun takes place in Tel Aviv in the early 1950s and details the conflict between native-born Israelis and the newly arrived European refugees.

La pistolera Trailer (1979)

05 June 1979

Woman goes vigilante to avenge her son's murder, infiltrates smuggling ring.

Kung Fu vs Yoga Trailer (1979)

21 June 1979

Two mischievous kung fu students enter a kung fu tournament not realizing how much trouble winning the competition will bring them.

Summer Camp Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

The director of a failing summer camp decides to invite campers from ten years ago for a free weekend event, hoping that he can trick them into fixing up the place and also get their families to provide them some financial support.

Yes: Live In Philadelphia 1979 Trailer (1979)

21 June 1979

Yes: Live In Philadelphia 1979

The Plumber Trailer (1979)

08 June 1979

At first simply grating, the presence of a hard-edged, macho plumber who damages more than he repairs and returns day after day soon turns menacing for the intellectual wife of a distracted doctor.

Solovey Trailer (1979)

04 June 1979

No overview found.

Mondo Nude Trailer (1979)

08 June 1979

A documentary on the 1978 Miss Nude World pageant.

Walk Proud Trailer (1979)

15 June 1979

A young Chicano gang member in Los Angeles comes to realize that the gang life is not what he really wants but doesn't know how to get out.

The Kids Are Alright Trailer (1979)

24 June 1979

Through concert performances and interviews, this film offers us an "inside look" at this famous rock group, "The Who".

Teen Lust Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

Kirsten Baker and Leslie Cedarquist are the Girls Next Door in this buoyant sexploitationer. The ladies move in bag and baggage into a sleepy suburban community.

Tiergarten Trailer (1979)

15 June 1979

Prostitutes, drunks, gays, senior citizens, and children, pass through one of the world's most famous parks.

Strategia per una missione di morte Trailer (1979)

26 June 1979

Action movie by Luigi Batzella.

Bitter Morsel Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

This somber drama follows the troubles of a rural family who moves to the big city to have a better life.

Middle Age Spread Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

Colin is the deputy principal of a city high school (Avondale College, Auckland) who reluctantly applies for the principal's job on the latter's retirement.

Idikatha Kaadu Trailer (1979)

29 June 1979

The heroine separates from her husband and lives as a single working mother. Enter into the life of the heroine two men who want to marry her.

Players Trailer (1979)

08 June 1979

A young tennis player gets romantically involved with the older mistress of a tycoon and finds that foreplay can be good for forehand.

Babylon Pink Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

Freudian repressions fill the fantasies of a sexually bored housewife, a seemingly emasculating businesswoman employer, a shy dinner attendee, an older woman, a lonely roommate and a sexually curious teenage niece.

The Hit Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

Dr. Shuki Chaftziva is a ballroom dancing instructor who tries his hand at match-making. He follows the obituaries and takes his client, Zigi Fuchsman, an auto mechanic and childhood friend, to comfort the mourners and check out the widow and her property.

Breakfast on the Grass Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

A funny musical comedy about an adventures of children and adults in a summer camp.

Crystal Fist Trailer (1979)

09 June 1979

A young man vows revenge against the killers of his father. To do this, he must train with his father's teacher who teaches him the "Shadow Claw", a deadly combination of the eagle claw and shadow fist.