Movie Trailers - March 1934

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1934

Total trailers found: 88

Death Takes a Holiday Trailer (1934)

30 March 1934

After years of questioning why people fear him, Death (March) takes on human form so he can mingle among the mortals and find an answer.

Once to Every Woman Trailer (1934)

24 March 1934

An able nurse clashes with a new doctor at her hospital.

Spitfire Trailer (1934)

30 March 1934

Mountain girl Trigger Hicks, a fierce loner equally handy with a rock or a prayer, is in danger of having her faith-healing mistaken for witchcraft by the neighbors.

Wonder Bar Trailer (1934)

31 March 1934

Harry and Inez are a dance team at the Wonder Bar. Inez loves Harry, but he is in love with Liane, the wife of a wealthy business man.

Jimmy the Gent Trailer (1934)

17 March 1934

An unpolished racketeer, whose racket is finding heirs for unclaimed fortunes, affects ethics and tea-drinking manners to win back the sweetheart who now works for his seemingly upright competitor.

Gambling Lady Trailer (1934)

31 March 1934

Two gamblers fall in love but one is already married to a possible murderer.

Funny Little Bunnies Trailer (1934)

24 March 1934

We see bunny rabbits preparing for Easter, by making chocolate eggs and rabbits, decorating eggs, and weaving and filling baskets.

Playful Pluto Trailer (1934)

03 March 1934

Mickey's trying to do some yardwork, but Pluto wants to play. They end up indoors; Mickey breaks a screen, spreads flypaper, and they both get stuck.

Love, Life and Laughter Trailer (1934)

01 March 1934

Gracie plays a London publican's daughter named after Nell Gwynn, who much like the original, becomes romantically involved with a King(John Loder).

Midnight Trailer (1934)

17 March 1934

Jury foreman Edward Weldon's questioning leads to the death sentence for Ethel Saxon. His daughter Stella claims to have killed her lover, the gangster Garboni, just as Saxon was to sit in the electric chair.

Thunderstorm Trailer (1934)

25 March 1934

The cinematic adaptation of "The Storm" play by Aleksandr Ostrovsky. In a provincial town on the Volga River, the young and sensitive Katerina marries Tikhon, a violent drunkard, and thus enters the crude milieu of greedy salesmen, the "dark kingdom".

Kings Up Trailer (1934)

12 March 1934

Oswald wants to be a knight. He then seeks the queen to grant him his wish.

Soup and Fish Trailer (1934)

30 March 1934

At a ritzy beauty salon, while a mud pack is on her face, a wealthy socialite invites Thelma and Patsy, two salon attendants, to a party, mistakenly thinking they are social acquaintances whom she wants to entertain a visiting count.

George White's Scandals Trailer (1934)

15 March 1934

Opening with a credit line that reads "Entire production conceived, created and directed by George White," a film evolves where the only plot line is a thin backstage romance between Jimmy Martin and Kitty Donnelly in and around a dozen or more sketches, revues, black-outs and singing and dancing turns.

Woman Unafraid Trailer (1934)

27 March 1934

A dedicated and compassionate policewoman risks her job by offering refuge to a young mother with mob associations.

Tibet, Land of Isolation Trailer (1934)

17 March 1934

James A. FitzPatrick tour of Tibet in the 1930s.

Social Register Trailer (1934)

10 March 1934

Chorus girl Patsy Shaw crashes a high-society party, meets playboy Charlie Breen, they fall in love, and are on their merry way to wedded bliss.

Ida regénye Trailer (1934)

15 March 1934

The Owl and the Pussycat Trailer (1934)

09 March 1934

A Terrytoons cartoon released 9 March 1934.

Die Welt ohne Maske Trailer (1934)

09 March 1934

Harry Piel

Looking for Trouble Trailer (1934)

28 March 1934

Joe and Casey trouble-shoot for the phone company. They try to prove that Joes's girl Ethel's boss Dan is a crook but are trapped by criminals and left in a burning building.

Ever Since Eve Trailer (1934)

25 March 1934

Neil Rogers, a young man who owns a substantial share of a Western gold mine, comes East and falls in love with the rather wild Elizabeth Vandegrift.

The Gold Ghost Trailer (1934)

16 March 1934

Dumped by his girlfriend, Buster drives west and winds up in a ghost town called Vulture City, where he appoints himself sheriff.

Toboggan Trailer (1934)

30 March 1934

Toboggan, the 1934 Henri Decoin French boxing sports romantic love triangle melodrama (about a washed up boxer who makes a comeback for a sexy dancer, but she is two-timing him, and she brings her boyfriend into the arena during the climactic boxing match) starring Georges Carpentier (real life heavyweight boxing champion), Arlette Marchal, Paul Amiot, John Anderson, and Raymond Cordy.

The Crime Doctor Trailer (1934)

14 March 1934

When he finds out that his wife is having an affair, a criminologist commits the perfect murder--and pins the crime on his wife's boyfriend so well that the man is convicted of the murder.

Success At Any Price Trailer (1934)

16 March 1934

A ruthless opportunist climbs his way up the business ladder. Drama.

Mystery Liner Trailer (1934)

15 March 1934

Police try to solve a murder on board an ocean liner.

Ces messieurs de la santé Trailer (1934)

23 March 1934

Mein Herz ruft nach Dir Trailer (1934)

23 March 1934

Stolen Sweets Trailer (1934)

15 March 1934

Wealthy but unhappy Patricia Belmont meets fun-loving insurance salesman Bill Smith (and his fun-loving friends Sam Ragland and Betty Harkness)on a ship cruise and falls in love, much to the annoyance of her high-society, fortune-hunting fiance Barrington Thorne.

Wheels of Destiny Trailer (1934)

01 March 1934

Bill, who is about to lead a wagon train to California, has a map to a valuable gold field and Rocky is after the map.

House of Mystery Trailer (1934)

30 March 1934

Out of the Mystic Temples of Old India crept this terrible Monster ... to wreak vengeance of the Hindu Gods .

Goofy Movies Number Three Trailer (1934)

24 March 1934

This "complete show on one reel" starts with Super-Stupid Picture's "The Heel of a Nation", in which the narrator tells a humorous story while the audience sees scenes from a totally unrelated, unidentified silent movie.

Keep 'Em Rolling Trailer (1934)

02 March 1934

World War I drama about a soldier and the wild horse he befriends.

Good Dame Trailer (1934)

16 March 1934

A chorus girl gets stranded in a small midwestern town. Against her better judgement, she hooks up with a smooth-talking con artist who says he can help her get out of town.

Heat Lightning Trailer (1934)

03 March 1934

A lady gas station attendant gets mixed up with escaped murderers.

Hollywood Newsreel Trailer (1934)

24 March 1934

A potpourri of features involving Hollywood celebrities. The Columbia University football team, winner of the 1934 Rose Bowl game, visits the Warner Bros.

Journal of a Crime Trailer (1934)

10 March 1934

A woman murders her husband's mistress and someone else gets accused of the crime.

Going Spanish Trailer (1934)

01 March 1934

A South American festival brings slapstick love trouble to Bob Hope.

Hands Trailer (1934)

05 March 1934

A commercial for the Works Progress Administration. We see hands close up: working, playing, praying, whittling, and strumming.

The News Parade of 1934! Trailer (1934)

05 March 1934

Significant events from 1934, in the United States and abroad, are covered in newsreel format.

Cruising in the South Seas Trailer (1934)

17 March 1934

James A. FitzPatrick tour through the South Sea islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, Rarotonga, and Sydney, Australia.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Trailer (1934)

01 March 1934

After drawing Betty Boop, Max Fleischer (live-action) leaves the studio; Betty and Koko try amateur dentistry, releasing enough laughing gas to convulse the 'real world.

The Joy of Life Trailer (1934)

05 March 1934

A blond and a raven-haired beauty move with verve and style through a changing landscape. The fabric of their dresses flows and floats, adding to their allure.

David Harum Trailer (1934)

02 March 1934

Rogers plays a small town banker in the 1890s whose chief rival is the deacon (Middleton) with whom he has traded horse flesh.

Lazy River Trailer (1934)

16 March 1934

Ex-convicts try to stop a Chinese smuggling ring.

Riptide Trailer (1934)

29 March 1934

A chorus girl weds a British lord then falls for an old flame.

Wharf Angel Trailer (1934)

15 March 1934

On the wharfs of San Francisco, saloon girl Toy, also known as Mary, lives over Mother Bright's bar. When Como Murphy, a fugitive from the law, hides in her room, she falls in love with him.

Hi'-Neighbor! Trailer (1934)

02 March 1934

The gang decides to build their own fire engine.

Rolling in Money Trailer (1934)

01 March 1934

An impoverished duchess arranges a marriage for her daughter to a wealthy working-class London barber.

The Battle Trailer (1934)

31 March 1934

Tune Up and Sing Trailer (1934)

09 March 1934

A girl and a tree both play the violin.

The Wedding of Palo Trailer (1934)

05 March 1934

The movie tells of the contest between two rivals for the love of an Inuit woman. The forces of nature will decide the winner.

The Rawhide Terror Trailer (1934)

19 March 1934

Twelve renegades dressed as Indians kill the parents of two brothers. The brothers who have similar birth marks then separate.

The Show-Off Trailer (1934)

09 March 1934

Aubrey cons Amy into thinking he's a railroad bigwig. When he loses his job he takes one wearing a sandwich board.

No Greater Glory Trailer (1934)

14 March 1934

Adapted from The Paul Street Boys, an autobiographical novel by Ferenc Molnar, GLORY is an unusually sensitive evocation of the pain of youth and the senselessness of war.

You're Telling Me! Trailer (1934)

18 March 1934

Sam Bisbee is an inventor whose works (e.g., a keyhole finder for drunks) have brought him only poverty.

The Man on the Flying Trapeze Trailer (1934)

15 March 1934

Popeye comes to ask Olive out, but finds she's gone off with the title character. Popeye goes to the circus (ringmaster Wimpy) looking for her, to find she's part of the act; an aerial battle ensues.

The Fighting Ranger Trailer (1934)

17 March 1934

Buddy's Pony Express Trailer (1934)

08 March 1934

This is another cartoon from Warner Bros. that stars forgotten character Buddy with his girlfriend Cookie.