Movie Trailers - March 1936

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1936

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Little Lord Fauntleroy Trailer (1936)

06 March 1936

An American boy turns out to be the long-lost heir of a British fortune. He is sent to live with the cold and unsentimental lord who oversees the trust.

Elmer Elephant Trailer (1936)

28 March 1936

Little ELMER ELEPHANT has a crush on Tillie Tiger & his affection is reciprocated (don't try to figure it out).

The Walking Dead Trailer (1936)

14 March 1936

A gang of racketeers frames down-on-his-luck John Elman for murder. After he's found guilty, evidence is brought forth proving his innocence.

Mickey's Grand Opera Trailer (1936)

07 March 1936

Mickey is preparing to conduct an opera when he chases Pluto away. Pluto crashes into a magician's props backstage and spars with the hat, its rabbits, and its doves.

The Brave Seven Trailer (1936)

04 March 1936

Six polar explorers arrives to a remote island in Arctic for a year-long scientific expedition. When their ship departs, they unpack only to find a young stowaway, who romanticized Arctic heroes, and tried to join them on multiple occasions finally succeeding.

Charlie Chan at the Circus Trailer (1936)

27 March 1936

While visiting the circus with his family, Charlie is recruited by the big top's co-owner to investigate threatening letters that he's received.

These Three Trailer (1936)

18 March 1936

Karen and Martha, college roommates, graduate and face the future with no place and no money. Karen, however, has inherited a farmhouse from her grandmother, and gets the idea that she and Martha can turn it into a school for girls.

Road Gang Trailer (1936)

28 March 1936

A crusading young reporter planning a series of articles about a corrupt politician is framed for a crime and sentenced to serve five years at a prison farm.

Love Before Breakfast Trailer (1936)

09 March 1936

Preston Foster plays Scott Miller, a successful businessman (so successful that he can buy the oil company of his rival for Lombard’s heart, just so he can send the rival off to Japan), who hangs out with a snooty silly Countess in his spare time, but really has the hots for Kay Colby (Carole Lombard).

Robin Hood of El Dorado Trailer (1936)

17 March 1936

In the 1840's Mexico has ceded California to the United States, making life nearly impossible for the Mexican population due to the influx of land and gold-crazy Americans.

Moonlight Murder Trailer (1936)

27 March 1936

An amateur detective gets a chance to test his sleuthing skills when an opera singer is murdered at the Hollywood Bowl.

Petticoat Fever Trailer (1936)

20 March 1936

Director George Fitzmaurice's 1936 comedy stars Myrna Loy, Robert Montgomery, Reginald Owen and Irving Bacon.

Yellow Dust Trailer (1936)

12 March 1936

After he's accused of a series of stagecoach robberies, an innocent man has to find the real crooks.

Red River Valley Trailer (1936)

02 March 1936

Gene and Frog set out to find out who has been causing the accidents at a dam construction site.

Three Godfathers Trailer (1936)

06 March 1936

Four outlaws come to New Jerusalem, a town full of courteous and religious people, to rob the bank. After shooting the president of the bank, only three make it out of town followed by the posse.

Sant Tukaram Trailer (1936)

04 March 1936

This classic film chronicles the life of Tukaram (17th C.), one of Maharashtra’s most popular saint poets, activating the 20th century resonances of his turning away from courtly Sanskrit towards vernacular rhythms of religious poetry.

Kungen kommer Trailer (1936)

23 March 1936

A travelling theater-company performs Offenbach's "The Beautiful Helene" when an officer in the audience notices the similarity in appearance between the leading actor Leonard Pettersson and the king Charles XV.

Sutter's Gold Trailer (1936)

01 March 1936

Story of the gold strike on an immigrant's property that started the 1849 California Gold Rush.

Fame Trailer (1936)

12 March 1936

Comedy film...

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Trailer (1936)

01 March 1936

It is England in the 1830s. London's dockside is teeming with ships and sailors who have made their fortune in foreign lands.

Samson Trailer (1936)

04 March 1936

Fool Proof Trailer (1936)

07 March 1936

Part of the Crime Does Not Pay series

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Trailer (1936)

13 March 1936

A well-established tale of a long-running feud between two mountain clans. The features of this production were the new three-strip Technicolor process showing the outdoor Californian settings and an energetic young cast.

Hair-Trigger Casey Trailer (1936)

01 March 1936

After having been gone for some time, a cowboy comes home to his ranch to find himself up against a gang involved in smuggling Chinese into the country.

Off to China Trailer (1936)

20 March 1936

Uncle Sam personally sends off a cat pilot for a flight to the Orient, to much crowd acclaim. Along the way he drops a heavy mailbag that nearly sinks Hawaii, and when he arrives in China, he has bags of laundry for them to wash.

Sati Leelavati Trailer (1936)

27 March 1936

The Dancer and the Worker Trailer (1936)

21 March 1936

A young girl of good social position has relations with a boy who just won a contest waltzes. To turn this into a man with a good future, the father of the young girl employed in a factory.

Every Saturday Night Trailer (1936)

12 March 1936

First of the Jones family movies with kids who ignore father and get consolation from mother through a series of family episodes.

Marinella Trailer (1936)

27 March 1936

Tino is a painter and occasionally a singer. When he has an opportunity to replace an absent singer, he becomes a sucess as a masqued singer, "Le chanteur masqué".

Living Dangerously Trailer (1936)

08 March 1936

The dramatic story of a normal, intelligent man of good principles driven to contemplate thoughts of murder.

The Little Stranger Trailer (1936)

12 March 1936

A stranger deposits an egg in a duck's nest; it hatches as a baby chicken. It doesn't fit in well with its three duckling nestmates, particularly when it comes to swimming.

Barnyard Amateurs Trailer (1936)

06 March 1936

A Terrytoons cartoon released 6 March 1936.

Anne-Marie Trailer (1936)

06 March 1936

Raymond Bernard’s film of a script by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (The Little Prince) about a young woman who aspires to become a pilot.

Woman Trap Trailer (1936)

06 March 1936

A gangland murder is the motivating factor of this fast-moving crime drama. George Murphy stars as reporter Kent Shevlin, whose investigation of the murder leads to a tenure as a temporary FBI agent.

Call of the Prairie Trailer (1936)

06 March 1936

Hoppy returns to find Johnny in trouble. Buck Peters has been shot by Porter who made it look like Johnny did it.

Boulder Dam Trailer (1936)

07 March 1936

Fate brings a job at Boulder Dam and romance with a saloon singer into the life of a young man on the run.

Checkmate Trailer (1936)

09 March 1936

A fence for a gang of jewel thieves comes under suspicion from the police.

Little Jack Little & Orchestra Trailer (1936)

25 March 1936

Little Jack Little and members of his orchestra are sailors on board the USS Atlantic. They go ashore to a night club and perform popular songs of the day.

Give Us This Night Trailer (1936)

06 March 1936

After being introduced to the world of opera, a fisherman (Jan Kiepura) falls for a woman (Swarthout) whose guardian is a noted composer (Philip Merivale).

Under Western Eyes Trailer (1936)

20 March 1936

King of the Pecos Trailer (1936)

09 March 1936

Profiteer Alexander Stiles lays claim to a million acres of range in the Pecos River country, but a rancher named Claybor stands in his way as he has already claimed the water-rich location of Sweetwater as his own.

Blind Man's Bluff Trailer (1936)

01 March 1936

A formerly blind scientist continues to feign his condition in order to thwart his philandering wife's romantic plans.

Desert Gold Trailer (1936)

26 March 1936

Chet Kasedon is after the Indians hidden gold mine but Chief Moya will not reveal it's location. He has also hired mining engineers Gale and Mortimer to locate the mine.

Love on a Bet Trailer (1936)

06 March 1936

In order to raise money to produce a play (as well as prove that the plot isn't ridiculous), Michael McCreigh makes a bet with his Uncle Carlton that he can begin in Central Park in his underwear and, without paying or borrowing for transportation, get to California in 10 days with a decent suit, $100.

Raub der Sabinerinnen Trailer (1936)

01 March 1936

Neptune Nonsense Trailer (1936)

20 March 1936

Felix is feeding his various pets: a bird, two dogs, and a goldfish. But Annabelle the goldfish is unhappy; she's lonely.

Alpine Antics Trailer (1936)

08 March 1936

Prologue: various animals enjoy winter sports. Beans sees a notice of a ski race, and decides to enter.

The Story of the Jonker Diamond Trailer (1936)

27 March 1936

Re-enactment of how the 726-carat Jonker diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1905 by the family of Jacobus Jonker; how it was sold to Harry Winston; and how it was cut by Lazarre Kaplan.

Bonequinha de Seda Trailer (1936)

05 March 1936

A poor woman passes herself as singer that just arrives from Frances and becames a sensation on Rio de Janeiro's high society.

Too Many Parents Trailer (1936)

19 March 1936

A story of the boys who are sent to military school in order to get them out of the way of their too-busy-to-bother parents or guardians.

Will Power Trailer (1936)

05 March 1936

Edgar thinks he finally has a plan that will force his lazy, mooching brother-in-law to get a job. First, Edgar has some friends help him to stage a fake heart attack.

Brilliant Marriage Trailer (1936)

25 March 1936

When a wealthy heiress discovers the terrible family secret that has been hidden from her since birth, her world is turned upside down.

Colleen Trailer (1936)

21 March 1936

Director Alfred E. Green's 1936 musical, about a dingaling millionaire businessman and his various employees, stars Ruby Keeler, Joan Blondell, Dick Powell, Jack Oakie, Hugh Herbert, Louise Fazenda, Marie Wilson, Mary Treen and Berton Churchill.

I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze Trailer (1936)

26 March 1936

The title song is sung with the Bouncing Ball, plus animated sequence.

Dunaparti randevú Trailer (1936)

28 March 1936

Border Caballero Trailer (1936)

01 March 1936

Tex Weaver is working under cover to bring in a gang of bank robbers. When he is killed, Tim Ross, a marksman with Doc Shaw's traveling show, takes over.

Doughnuts and Society Trailer (1936)

27 March 1936

Kate Flannagan (Louise Fazenda) and Belle Dugan (Maude Eburne)operate a downtown coffee shop and, while dispensing their locally-famous doughnuts, engage in their favorite pastime, friendly quarreling between themselves.

Brotherly Love Trailer (1936)

05 March 1936

Olive preaches the need for brotherly love on the radio. Popeye, hearing this, does a number of good deeds: helping two workmen raise a safe, straightening a wrecked car, and helping two boys sneak into a baseball game.

Der müde Theodor Trailer (1936)

16 March 1936

A fast-paced comedy revolving around secrets and mix-ups. Theodor is a husband who helps his expulsed niece with her careers as a singer.

The Little Red Schoolhouse Trailer (1936)

02 March 1936

Upset by discipline at school, a 17-year-old runs away to New York City and learns there are worse problems than going to his little red school house.