Movie Trailers - March 1950

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1950

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Cinderella Trailer (1950)

04 March 1950

When Cinderella's cruel stepmother prevents her from attending the Royal Ball, she gets some unexpected help from the lovable mice Gus and Jaq, and from her Fairy Godmother.

Cheaper by the Dozen Trailer (1950)

31 March 1950

"Cheaper by the Dozen", based on the real-life story of the Gilbreth family, follows them from Providence, Rhode Island, to Montclair, New Jersey, and details the amusing anecdotes found in large families.

Les Enfants Terribles Trailer (1950)

29 March 1950

Elisabeth and her brother Paul live isolated from much of the world after Paul is injured in a snowball fight.

The Outriders Trailer (1950)

01 March 1950

Late in the Civil War, three Confederate soldiers escape from a Union prison camp in Missouri. They soon fall into the hands of pro-Confederate raiders, who force them to act as "outriders" (escorts) for a civilian wagon train that will be secretly transporting Union gold from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to St.

House by the River Trailer (1950)

25 March 1950

Louis Hayward stars as a wealthy man who tries to seduce the family maid. She resists, and he kills her.

Borderline Trailer (1950)

01 March 1950

Two undercover agents infiltrate a drug-smuggling ring in Mexico, thee find them selves falling in love with each other.

The Baron of Arizona Trailer (1950)

04 March 1950

The U.S. government recognizes land grants made when the West was under Spanish rule. This inspires James Reavis to forge a chain of historical evidence that makes a foundling girl the Baroness of Arizona.

Quicksand Trailer (1950)

24 March 1950

Young auto mechanic Dan Brady takes $20 from a cash register at work to go on a date with blonde femme fatale Vera Novak.

The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady Trailer (1950)

30 March 1950

An Irish horsecar driver's daughter (June Haver) meets New York showman Tony Pastor (Gordon MacRae) and goes into vaudeville.

The Palomino Trailer (1950)

18 March 1950

A young man helps a pretty girl search for her stolen horse. (A society boy tries to help a beautiful woman save her horse-breeding farm.

The Body Said No! Trailer (1950)

31 March 1950

A cabaret artist sees on her television set after viewing hours, a plot being discussed to murder Michael Rennie.

So Long at the Fair Trailer (1950)

28 March 1950

Vicky Barton and her brother, Johnny, take a trip to the 1896 Paris Exhibition. They both sleep in seperate rooms in a hotel.

Crazy Over Daisy Trailer (1950)

24 March 1950

It's the 1890's, and Donald is riding his penny-farthing bicycle to see Daisy when Chip 'n Dale make fun of him.

Buccaneer's Girl Trailer (1950)

01 March 1950

Buccaneer's Girl is a 1950 American romantic adventure film directed by Frederick De Cordova and starring Yvonne De Carlo, Philip Friend and Robert Douglas.

The golden gloves story Trailer (1950)

22 March 1950

The Kid from Texas Trailer (1950)

01 March 1950

Billy the Kid becomes embroiled in Lincoln County, NM, land wars. When rancher who gave him a break is killed by rival henchman, Billy vows revenge.

Side Street Trailer (1950)

23 March 1950

A struggling young father-to-be gives in to temptation and impulsively steals an envelope of money from the office of a corrupt attorney.

The Angel with the Trumpet Trailer (1950)

19 March 1950

Sad tale of a woman who marries the man her family wishes her to wed, not Wooland, the man she truly loves.

Your Witness Trailer (1950)

06 March 1950

Adam Hayward, a successful New York City defense lawyer, receives a cable that the British war buddy who saved his life at Anzio Beach is now in trouble with the law in England.

Girl with Hyacinths Trailer (1950)

06 March 1950

Dagmar Brink, a young female pianist, commits suicide in her Stockholm apartment. She leaves all her belongings to her next-door neighbours, an author and his wife.

Julius Caesar Trailer (1950)

08 March 1950

Adaptation of the Shakespeare play.

A Man Walks in the City Trailer (1950)

21 March 1950

Le Havre, France, in 1949. In a town that still shows the scars of war, several friends meet up in Albert's café.

Dynamite Pass Trailer (1950)

23 March 1950

Tim Holt stars in this 1950 western, playing a cowhand who becomes involved in a war between a road construction crew and the greedy toll-owner hoping to thwart the new project.

Black Hand Trailer (1950)

12 March 1950

In turn-of-the-century New York, an Italian seeks vengeance on the mobsters who killed his father.

Harbor of Missing Men Trailer (1950)

26 March 1950

A smuggler (Richard Denning) hides from hit men with a Greek fisherman (Steven Geray) and his daughter.

Nancy Goes to Rio Trailer (1950)

10 March 1950

Mother and daughter (Sothern and Powell) compete over same singing role and, unbeknownst to each other, the same man.

Barricade Trailer (1950)

24 March 1950

Western remake of Jack London's The Sea Wolf (and Michael Curtiz's 1941 film adaptation)

Spellbound Hound Trailer (1950)

15 March 1950

Mr. Magoo invites a friend to his lakeside cabin, unaware that a bloodhound has pursued an escaped convict to that isolated location.

Homeless Hare Trailer (1950)

11 March 1950

A construction worker destroys Bugs' home with a steam shovel and refuses to repair the damage.

Perfect Strangers Trailer (1950)

11 March 1950

A divorcee finds love with a married man while they both sit on a jury

Killer Shark Trailer (1950)

19 March 1950

A college student takes a break and goes out to sea with his father, the captain of a shark-hunting boat.

A Woman of Distinction Trailer (1950)

16 March 1950

Ice-cold college dean Susan Middlecott feels there's no room in her life for romance. Enter Prof. Alec Stevenson, British lecturer on astronomy, touring North America and in possession of a keepsake of Susan's he wants to return.

Under My Skin Trailer (1950)

17 March 1950

Set in Paris, Under My Skin stars John Garfield as a washed-up jockey who has stolen money from a crooked gambler (Luther Adler).

El señor Esteve Trailer (1950)

13 March 1950

Mr. Esteve, owner of a haberdashery and proud of his son Ramon goes to the christening of his grandson.

Texas Tom Trailer (1950)

11 March 1950

Tom is a cowboy boot-wearing cat at a Texas dude ranch. When a beautiful female cat comes for a visit, Tom takes time from his regular torturing of Jerry to use the mouse as a way to impress the dame.

Quack-a-Doodle Do Trailer (1950)

03 March 1950

His Mama is the only one who love Baby Huey, an overgrown clumsy ugly duckling. The other Mamas and their broods shun him like the plague and make his little life miserable.

Blondie's Hero Trailer (1950)

09 March 1950

The 27th and second last Blondie movie, "Blondie's Hero", finds Dagwood entering the Army Reserve. Blondie visits, only to discover that he has caused all sorts of problems which lead to numerous conflicts.

Hostile Country Trailer (1950)

23 March 1950

In this remake of No Man's Range (1935), Shamrock travels to the ranch of his stepfather who he has never met and finds himself caught in the middle of a range war.

Twilight in the Sierras Trailer (1950)

02 March 1950

Roy is a United States Marshal tracking down a counterfeiting ring and hunting down a mountain lion. Songs: "It's One Wonderful Day," "Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy," "Pancho's Rancho" and the title song.

Wabash Avenue Trailer (1950)

31 March 1950

Andy Clark discovers he was cheated out of a half interest in partner Mike's business, now a thriving dance hall in 1892 Chicago.

Code of the Silver Sage Trailer (1950)

25 March 1950

Arizona Territory is in the grip of outlaw terror and killer outlaws, secretly organized by Hulon Champion, who covers his power ambitions with the guise of a respectable firearms merchant.

Till We Meet Again Trailer (1950)

21 March 1950

Saburo and Keiko fall in love with each other but the tide of the war separates them.

Guilt is My Shadow Trailer (1950)

22 March 1950

A woman is haunted by her conscience after she murders a man and then hides the body. Based on the novel 'You're Best Alone' by Norah Lofts.

Federal Agent At Large Trailer (1950)

12 March 1950

A crime ring is smuggling gold from Mexico across the border in the US. The Customs Service sends an agent to Mexico to try to infiltrate the ring and stop the smuggling.

Better Late Than Never Trailer (1950)

17 March 1950

A Terrytoons cartoon released March 1950. With Victor the Volunteer.

Cuando el alba llegue Trailer (1950)

24 March 1950

Bad guy who runs a ritzy nightclub is trying to keep his younger brother out of the gutter and get him into a professional career.

Mother Didn't Tell Me Trailer (1950)

03 March 1950

Jane Morgan (Dorothy McGuire) marries handsome doctor William Wright (William Lundigan), despite warnings from a host of other doctor's wives that she will be neglected and lonely, thanks to his career.

Square Dance Katy Trailer (1950)

24 March 1950

In this musical, an ambitious young singer and her band leave their small hometown to head for the Big Apple in hopes of finding fame and fortune.

The Astonished Heart Trailer (1950)

17 March 1950

Several years after graduation, best friends Barbara (Celia Johnson) and Leonora (Margaret Leighton) reconnect as if not a day has gone by.

Der Dorfmonarch Trailer (1950)

30 March 1950

The Vicious Years Trailer (1950)

10 March 1950

Mario, an Italian war orphan, sees Luca Rossi commit a murder. Eager for a home and family life, Mario promises not to tell the police if Luca takes him into his household and family.

Din fortid er glemt Trailer (1950)

22 March 1950

Dopey Dicks Trailer (1950)

02 March 1950

The stooges become detectives and go to the aid of girl in the clutches of a mad scientist. The boys arrive at a spooky mansion where the madman is building a mechanical man that needs a human head.

Teacher's Pest Trailer (1950)

13 March 1950

This Noveltoon (Paramount production number P9-5) finds young-and-little Junior Owl on his way to school, and trying hard to live up to the reputation of his elders for being wise.

Yo quiero ser hombre Trailer (1950)

14 March 1950

Le roi pandore Trailer (1950)

31 March 1950

Dizzy Yardbird Trailer (1950)

09 March 1950

Joe is in the army, and his sergeant is determined to make a soldier out of Joe if he has to kill him to do it.

La soif des hommes Trailer (1950)

31 March 1950

Aesop's Fable: Foiling the Fox Trailer (1950)

11 March 1950

The Dingbat, guarding the sheep flock, has to resort to many daffy antics and tricks in order to keep Wily Fox from adding a little lamb to his dinner menu.

0 Uhr 15, Zimmer 9 Trailer (1950)

23 March 1950