Movie Trailers - May 1921

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1921

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The Goat Trailer (1921)

14 May 1921

A series of adventures begins when Buster is mistaken for Dead Shot Dan, the evil bad guy.

Danton Trailer (1921)

03 May 1921

No overview found.

Among Those Present Trailer (1921)

29 May 1921

An ambitious coat-room checker impersonates an English nobleman.

Queen of Atlantis Trailer (1921)

28 May 1921

Two men, lost in the desert, meet Queen Antinea, ruler of Atlantis.

Shattered Trailer (1921)

27 May 1921

Scherben is about the everyday lives of a railway trackman, his wife and daughter in a remote, isolated house in a winter landscape, Mayer and Pick introduce increasingly stronger disturbances into their daily routines.

Annabelle Lee Trailer (1921)

20 May 1921

This drama was based on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

Boys Will Be Boys Trailer (1921)

05 May 1921

Peep O'Day, an orphan in a small Kentucky town, falls heir to a small fortune and begins to make up for all the lost pleasure of childhood, but Sublette, a crooked attorney, arranges for an eastern belle to show up as Peep's "niece" to steal his fortune.

The Far North Trailer (1921)

06 May 1921

A short comic cartoon in which Mutt and Jeff arrive at the North Pole via balloon.

Lyman H. Howe's Famous Ride on a Runaway Train Trailer (1921)

29 May 1921

Long believed lost, a copy of the film was discovered in 2010 in a cache at the New Zealand Film Archive; the sound discs survive at the US Library of Congress.

Andy's Dog Day Trailer (1921)

13 May 1921

An animated film with balloon texts, featuring the cartoon character Andy Gump. Andy is plagued by dogs everywhere: in the tram, on the street, and even at home.

Too Wise Wives Trailer (1921)

21 May 1921

An insecure wife fears her husband may be straying back to an old flame.

The First Circus Trailer (1921)

08 May 1921

This early animated short depicts a Stone Age-era circus.

Big Game Trailer (1921)

22 May 1921

While attempting to hunt a formidable Peruvian Duck, Snub Pollard and Ernest Morrison inadvertently come to the aid of a kidnapped tourist.

The Blazing Trail Trailer (1921)

01 May 1921

Young doctor Bradley Yates has been trying to come up with a serum to counteract blood poisoning, with no results.

Prometheus... banker Trailer (1921)

11 May 1921

A vamp seduces a banker and breaks with him when she's obtained all that she wanted.

If Women Only Knew Trailer (1921)

24 May 1921

Remotely derived from Balzac, the plot centers on Maurice Travers, who, through the self-sacrificing efforts of his mother, is able to attend college, though his love for sports and consequent neglect of his studies prevent his graduation.

La maison du Fantoche Trailer (1921)

06 May 1921

Cohl finished his prolific filmmaking career with a last adventure of his favorite persona: LA MAISON DU FANTOCHE.

The Rent Collector Trailer (1921)

22 May 1921

The Rent Collector is a 1921 American silent comedy film featuring Larry Semon & Oliver Hardy.

Through The Back Door Trailer (1921)

05 May 1921

A young Belgian girl (Mary Pickford), raised by her longtime nanny, flees Europe at the advent of World War I and travels to America to find her real mother.

Big Town Ideas Trailer (1921)

20 May 1921

A woman and her dog defend an innocent man.

The Lost Romance Trailer (1921)

08 May 1921

Dr. Allen Erskine's maiden aunt Elizabeth attempts to save her nephew's floundering marriage by staging the kidnaping of her nephew's son, in the hope that the married couple will be drawn closer together by the experience.

Walter Finds a Father Trailer (1921)

02 May 1921

A wealthy bloater magnate looks for his lost son. His daughter sees a ragged man (Walter) at a construction site with the family birthmark and brings him home.

Elsie and the Brown Bunny Trailer (1921)

22 May 1921

A Cadbury's chocolate advertisement based on Alice in Wonderland.

Auf dem Oktoberfest Trailer (1921)

21 May 1921

Karl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt at the Oktoberfest.

Revue des troupes par S.M. le roi Albert Trailer (1921)

21 May 1921

News item showing the alertness of the Belgian army, just before the outbreak of the war and on the occasion of the visit of King Christian X from Denmark to Belgium.

Ostende, reine des plages Trailer (1921)

21 May 1921

Images of Ostend.