Movie Trailers - May 1931

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1931

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M Trailer (1931)

11 May 1931

A psychotic child murderer stalks a city. Despite an exhaustive investigation fueled by public hysteria and outcry, the police have been unable to find him.

Our Wife Trailer (1931)

16 May 1931

Oliver is making plans to marry his sweetheart Dulcy with Stan as his best man, but the plans are thwarted when Dulcy's father sees a picture of Ollie and forbids the marriage.

Limite Trailer (1931)

17 May 1931

A man and two women lost at sea in a rowboat; their pasts are conveyed in flashbacks throughout the film.

Laughing Sinners Trailer (1931)

31 May 1931

After being dumped by her traveling salesman boyfriend, nightclub dancer Joan Crawford falls for a Salvation Army worker.

Trader Horn Trailer (1931)

23 May 1931

While on safari in an unexplored area of Africa, Trader Horn and Peru find missionary Edith Trent killed by natives.

Quick Millions Trailer (1931)

03 May 1931

Truck driver Spencer Tracy claims he's "too lazy to work and too nervous to steal", but he gets mixed up in racketeering all the same.

Windy Riley Goes Hollywood Trailer (1931)

02 May 1931

A driver on a non-stop race from New York to San Francisco gets detoured to Hollywood, where he winds up working as a publicity man for a movie studio and assigned to revive the career of a beautiful but fading star.

Halloween Trailer (1931)

01 May 1931

Toby the Pup organises a Halloween celebration. Some witches and elves join the party.

The African Dodger Trailer (1931)

04 May 1931

A carnival barker convinces a rube to take part in the baseball pitching game.

The Bandmaster Trailer (1931)

17 May 1931

A well composed series of gags run from ones involving simply frame composition all the way out to Keaton-like surrealism in this well-ordered and executed series of gags-on-a-theme Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon from Walter Lantz' cartoon team.

Daybreak Trailer (1931)

02 May 1931

An Austrian soldier must choose between a wealthy fiancee and a new girl who takes his fancy.

Le blanc et le noir Trailer (1931)

15 May 1931

The China Plate Trailer (1931)

22 May 1931

An old plate tells the tale of the Emperor of China, whose palace was disrupted by some children.

The Lady Who Dared Trailer (1931)

29 May 1931

A blackmailer falls in love with his female victim.

The Millionaire Trailer (1931)

01 May 1931

A millionaire automaker retires upon the advice of his doctor, but becomes so bored he buys half interest in a gas station and works it on the sly.

Ladies' Man Trailer (1931)

09 May 1931

A society gigolo goes after a rich mother and her daughter, but tries to find true happiness with his girlfriend, who is neither rich nor in "society.

Indiscreet Trailer (1931)

16 May 1931

A young woman jeopardizes the relationship with the man she loves when a no-account from her past shows up.

Silly Scandals Trailer (1931)

22 May 1931

In a vaudeville act, Betty Boop (with dog's ears) sings "You're Drivin' Me Crazy;" Bimbo sneaks into the show and runs afoul of a stage hypnotist.

Air-Tight Trailer (1931)

08 May 1931

The college aerial club is at the airfield to inaugurate a new glider. Alabam gets a lot of teasing for being a "land lizard," never wanting to fly.

Ruhnu Trailer (1931)

26 May 1931

A documentary short by Theodor Luts.

Der Liebesexpreß Trailer (1931)

04 May 1931

Politiquerías Trailer (1931)

01 May 1931

Ollie is running for mayor and an old flame threatens to blackmail him. Only a Spanish language version was shot simultaneously with the English language version.

The Fly Guy Trailer (1931)

09 May 1931

A Aesop's Fables cartoon about a musical fly.

Up for Murder Trailer (1931)

26 May 1931

Young reporter accidentially kills his newspaper's editor in a fight over the publisher's mistress, who is also the paper's society editor.

Charly Chaplin in Wien Trailer (1931)

26 May 1931

Newsreel footage of Charles Chaplin on his promotional tour of Europe.

Blondes Prefer Bonds Trailer (1931)

14 May 1931

Louise Fazdenda decides to get a make-over to rekindle the romance in her marriage. Somehow the rejuvenation process takes them back to the time of their courtship.

The Two Gun Man Trailer (1931)

15 May 1931

Marshals Blackie and Joe, posing as two-gun men, hire on at Markham's ranch. They are after Tulliver and his gang of rustlers.

Black Coffee Trailer (1931)

01 May 1931

No overview found.

The Vicar of Vejlby Trailer (1931)

07 May 1931

A tale of murder and marriage in 1625 Denmark.

In Old Cheyenne Trailer (1931)

24 May 1931

A remake of 1930's "Phantom of the Desert", in which a crooked foreman and the ranch hands are rustling horses, and laying the blame on a wild stallion that roams the surrounding hills.

Revolte dans la prison Trailer (1931)

14 May 1931

French remake of The Big House (1930).

Seed Trailer (1931)

14 May 1931

Bart is a clerk for a publishing company; he has written a novel. His wife Peggy and he have five children.

Tarnished Lady Trailer (1931)

01 May 1931

Nancy Courtney, a once wealthy socialite, has had to struggle to maintain a facade of prosperity ever since her father's death.

How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones, No. 3: 'The Niblick' Trailer (1931)

15 May 1931

Bobby Jones shows Huntley Gordon and Vivian Oakland some tips on the use of the niblick (9 iron)

Dumb Patrol Trailer (1931)

01 May 1931

During the Great War, Bosko and a fearsome beast are in a dogfight. Bosko loses, but that's only the first battle.

Northwoods Trailer (1931)

31 May 1931

A Walter Lantz/Bill Nolan Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon released June 1, 1931.

Svengali Trailer (1931)

22 May 1931

Through hypnotism and telepathic mind control, a sinister music maestro controls the singing voice, but not the heart, of the woman he loves.

Never the Twain Shall Meet Trailer (1931)

16 May 1931

Dan works for Pritchard and Pritchard out of San Francisco and is in love with Maisie, referred to as "the icebox" by his news reporter friend.

Always Goodbye Trailer (1931)

31 May 1931

Stranded and broke after her erstwhile boyfriend leaves her, A onetime London heiress joins a con man to bilk a millionaire at his Italian villa.

Fly My Kite Trailer (1931)

29 May 1931

A greedy man tries to get rid of his mother by putting her in an old folks home until he discovers she has a fortune in stock certificates.

Mahatma Gandhi Talks Trailer (1931)

15 May 1931

Fox Movietone newsreel featuring the first ever sound film footage of 'Mahatma Gandhi' ever recorded.

Soda Poppa Trailer (1931)

28 May 1931

Columbia Krazy Kat cartoon released May 29, 1931.

The Good Bad Girl Trailer (1931)

20 May 1931

A woman's former association with a gangster threatens to destroy her marriage to an upstanding young man.

Defenders of the Law Trailer (1931)

23 May 1931

A gang of racketeers, with the aid of a high-ranking city official has control of a big-city, and the police plant an undercover cop to gather evidence against the hoodlums - except the police keep telling the wrong person what they are up to.

Once Over, Light Trailer (1931)

22 May 1931

In the barbershop, a costumer contends with a barber hard-selling hair tonic, an obnoxious customer with a theory about World War I, and a dizzy manicurist (Grace) who engages him in typically crazy conversation.

Six Cylinder Love Trailer (1931)

10 May 1931

Troubles begin for the Sterlings when they buy an expensive car and friends start pressing them for rides.

The Exile Trailer (1931)

15 May 1931

Murder, suicide, estranged lovers, and "interracial mixing" are all interwoven into Oscar Micheaux's plot for The Exile 1931.

Women of All Nations Trailer (1931)

31 May 1931

Marines Flagg and Quirt fought together in WWI and Panama. After some time in New York they go to Sweden and compete for the love of Else.

Ragtime Romeo Trailer (1931)

01 May 1931

Flip the Frog serenades his feline sweetheart to the delight of everyone in her building - everyone, that is, except a homely cow, who is trying to get some sleep.

My Past Trailer (1931)

03 May 1931

A stage star finds herself torn between a wealthy older man and a handsome younger one.

My Wife's Gone to the Country Trailer (1931)

30 May 1931

A Fleischer Studios Screen Song with the Famous Bouncing Ball.

The Moose Hunt Trailer (1931)

02 May 1931

Mickey's hunting, along with a characteristically playful and distracted (and uncharacteristically talkative) Pluto.

The Grand Dame Trailer (1931)

05 May 1931

Peggy is a gangster's moll from New Jersey, living a pampered life in Manhattan with three French maids.

Kihnu Trailer (1931)

26 May 1931

A documentary short from Theodor Luts.

The Mighty Conqueror Trailer (1931)

26 May 1931

The Mighty Conqueror. This ten-minute film was produced by Neville Macken with some involvement from pioneer female filmmaker Paulette McDonagh completed in 1931.

Country School Trailer (1931)

04 May 1931

A Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon from Walter Lantz.

Viaggio delle LL. AA. RR. i Principi di Piemonte in Tripolitania Trailer (1931)

26 May 1931

A Italian newsreel short.

Pasifik 231 Trailer (1931)

26 May 1931

Film is a visual accompaniment to Honegger's music representing the progress of a transcontinental locomotive.

Chameko no ichinichi Trailer (1931)

26 May 1931

Based on a hit song by child star Hideko Hirai from 1929, this gem -- a real historical curiosity -- provides glimpses of 1930s popular culture through introducing the typical life of a bright, energetic young girl.

Sud dolzhen prodolzhatsya Trailer (1931)

27 May 1931

Soviet courtroom drama directed by Efim Dzigan.