Movie Trailers - May 1940

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1940

Total trailers found: 82

My Favorite Wife Trailer (1940)

17 May 1940

Ellen Arden arrives 7 years after being given up for dead in a shipwreck, to find her husband Nick just remarried to Bianca.

Waterloo Bridge Trailer (1940)

17 May 1940

On the eve of World War II, a British officer revisits Waterloo Bridge and recalls the young man he was at the beginning of World War I and the young ballerina he met just before he left for the front.

Buck Benny Rides Again Trailer (1940)

31 May 1940

Radio star Jack Benny, intending to stay in New York for the summer, is forced by the needling of rival Fred Allen to prove his boasts about roughing it on his (fictitious) Nevada ranch.

Our Town Trailer (1940)

24 May 1940

It is the story of the peaceful life in a town in the early 20th century. The message of the film is the preciousness of time in people's short lives.

Saps at Sea Trailer (1940)

03 May 1940

Stan and Ollie work in a horn factory. Ollie starts having violent fits every time he hears a horn. His doctor prescribes a restful sea voyage.

Mi madrecita Trailer (1940)

09 May 1940

Woman faces the vicissitudes of life with her three adult children well in the background. But when the chips are down.

Billposters Trailer (1940)

17 May 1940

Donald and Goofy are putting up advertising posters in a farm. Goofy prepares to post on a windmill, but his tools keep disappearing and reappearing on the windmill blades.

Vassilisa the Beautiful Trailer (1940)

13 May 1940

Based on a Russian folk tale, Vasilisa Prekrasnaya (Vasilisa the Beautiful) is about a father whose three sons go out to finds themselves brides.

Contraband Trailer (1940)

11 May 1940

When a neutral Danish merchant ship is forced to put into port after trying to evade British wartime contraband control, its captain becomes involved in a beautiful British Naval Intelligent agent's efforts to capture a group of German spies operating from a London cinema.

You Ought to Be in Pictures Trailer (1940)

18 May 1940

Daffy Duck convinces Porky Pig to quit the cartoon biz and try his luck in the features. Porky's adventures begin when he tries to enter the studio.

Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise Trailer (1940)

02 May 1940

On a cruise ship from Honolulu to San Francisco, the famous Chinese detective encounters four more murders while trying to figure out the murder of a Scotland Yard friend.

Irene Trailer (1940)

03 May 1940

Upholsterer's assistant Irene O'Dare meets wealthy Don Marshall while she is measuring chairs for Mrs.

Miente y serás feliz Trailer (1940)

30 May 1940

A Spanish, Juan, is obsessed with telling the truth always. As a result he is consistently in the middle of troubles.

Flight Angels Trailer (1940)

18 May 1940

Federal Airlines ace pilot Chick Faber is grounded by Flight Superintendent Bill Graves when a doctor says his eyesight is failing.

I Take This Oath Trailer (1940)

20 May 1940

The trials and tribulations of a group of newly sworn-in police officers.

Alias the Deacon Trailer (1940)

13 May 1940

A hillbilly deacon, who is actually a cardsharp in disguise, becomes involved in a small-town fight game.

Turnabout Trailer (1940)

17 May 1940

Bickering husband and wife Tim and Sally Willows mutter a few angry words to a statue of Buddha and wind up living each other's life.

Blyge Anton Trailer (1940)

06 May 1940

Anton, a very shy bookkeeper, must show his mettle when him and his colleagues at work ask for a raise but instead are laid off.

Torrid Zone Trailer (1940)

25 May 1940

A Central American plantation manager and his boss battle over a traveling showgirl.

Lillian Russell Trailer (1940)

24 May 1940

Alice Faye plays the title role in this 1940 film biography of the early-20th-century stage star.

20 Mule Team Trailer (1940)

03 May 1940

As indicated by the title, 20 Mule Team is all about pioneering borax miners in territorial Arizona. Wallace Beery goes through his usual paces as Skinner Bill Bragg, a fugitive from justice who forms an uneasy alliance with slick outlaw Stag Roper (Douglas Fowley).

If I Had My Way Trailer (1940)

05 May 1940

In this musical drama, a construction worker becomes the guardian of a 12-year old girl after one of his buddies is killed.

Men with Steel Faces Trailer (1940)

02 May 1940

Re-edited feature version of serial The Phantom Empire (1935). Singer Gene Autry discovers a race of advanced humans living beneath the earth.

You Can't Fool Your Wife Trailer (1940)

21 May 1940

Longtime school sweethearts discover married life, thanks to a disagreeable mother-in-law and pressing business obligations, is more rocky than idyllic.

Adventures of Tom Thumb Jr. Trailer (1940)

09 May 1940

Tom Thumb Jr. and his friend are cast ashore on an island where they are found by a lady who thinks Tom is a baby and puts him to sleep in a sewing basket.

Girl in 313 Trailer (1940)

30 May 1940

A priceless necklace goes missing at a plush party. Police close in on the jewel thieves but is one cop getting too close to one of the crooks?

Edison, the Man Trailer (1940)

10 May 1940

In flashback, fifty years after inventing the light bulb, an 82-year-old Edison tells his story starting at age twenty-two with his arrival in New York.

Ski Patrol Trailer (1940)

09 May 1940

In 1939, a group of Finnish soldiers defend the border from Russian invaders.

The Fowl Ball Player Trailer (1940)

23 May 1940

A comic look at prehistoric life. Inept Stone Age characters play baseball.

A Bill of Divorcement Trailer (1940)

31 May 1940

Father's return from the insane asylum spells calamity for the Fairfield family.

Typhoon Trailer (1940)

16 May 1940

Two men searching for black pearls are marooned on an island when their crew mutinies. There they run into a beautiful girl who had been washed up on the island in her childhood.

Men Without Souls Trailer (1940)

20 May 1940

A prison chaplain (John Litel) rescues a young convict (Glenn Ford) on a misguided mission of revenge.

I Was an Adventuress Trailer (1940)

10 May 1940

Posing as the fabulously glamorous Countess Tanya Vronsky, a poor young ballet dancer (Vera Zorina) and her two accomplices (Peter Lorre, Erich von Stroheim) are really a team of skilled con artists! They mingle with Europe's high society, always looking for the next wealthy victim to fleece with their fake jewellery scam.

You're Next! Trailer (1940)

03 May 1940

Two goofball private detectives are hired to find a millionaire who has been kidnapped by a mad scientist.

The Biscuit Eater Trailer (1940)

24 May 1940

Two little boys have faith in a dog they name Promise, so much faith that they enter him in the championship trials for bird dogs.

Pastor Hall Trailer (1940)

28 May 1940

This film is based on the true story of Pastor Martin Neimuller, who was sent to Dachau concentration camp for criticising the Nazi party.

A Gander at Mother Goose Trailer (1940)

25 May 1940

A series of gags based on Mother Goose stories.

The Man from Tumbleweeds Trailer (1940)

02 May 1940

Bill Saunders recruits a team of paroled convicts to subdue a lawless gang.

Wots All th' Shootin' fer Trailer (1940)

03 May 1940

The cats of two feuding hillbilly families make for a Romeo and Julliet love affair. the gun play mounts in fury until they realize the two have kittens, and quarrel ends.

Rocky Mountain Rangers Trailer (1940)

24 May 1940

Frustrated by their inability to take action against a murderous gang who killed a young boy, Texas Rangers Stony Brooke (Robert Livingston), Rusty Joslin (Raymond Hatton) and Rico Rinaldo (Duncan Renaldo) hatch a plan: Stony poses as an outlaw dubbed The Laredo Kid to lure the bad guys into Texas.

Westward Ho! Trailer (1940)

05 May 1940

Wartime short promoting the evacuation if urban children to rural areas.

Swiss Ski Yodelers Trailer (1940)

17 May 1940

A cartoon that illustrates the old adage that you can take a pig to Switzerland, lead him to the snow, but you can't teach him to ski.

Island of Doomed Men Trailer (1940)

20 May 1940

Undercover agent Mark Sheldon gets paroled to a remote tropical island with a diamond mine manned by slave labor run by sadistic Stephen Danel.

Mad Youth Trailer (1940)

05 May 1940

A rich society mother hires a male escort, but he falls for her daughter instead. The mother-daughter conflict forces the daughter to run off to stay with a friend who is enslaved by a prostitution ring.

Texas Stagecoach Trailer (1940)

23 May 1940

The Kinkaids and the Harpers both run stage lines and are friendly competitors. Appleby is after the stage line and convinces the two owners to build a spur line to the same town.

Saturday's Children Trailer (1940)

11 May 1940

An inventor (John Garfield) and his bride (Anne Shirley) get testy in the city as they try to make ends meet.

Prófugos Trailer (1940)

03 May 1940

Aviatrix disappears when her plane crashes onto a remote island inhabited by fugitives from the law.

Tear Gas Squad Trailer (1940)

04 May 1940

A brave young policeman single-handedly takes on a vicious criminal gang.

A Kick in Time Trailer (1940)

17 May 1940

Spunky is kidnapped and sold at an auction to a cruel Italian peddler. It's up to Hunky to save him.

South of the Boudior Trailer (1940)

17 May 1940

Charley Chase invites his boss home for dinner; hilarious complications ensue.

Sandy Is a Lady Trailer (1940)

21 May 1940

Mary and Joe Phillips' (Nan Grey and Tom Brown) attempts to improve their financial status are alternately aided and endangered by the antics of their two-year-old, Sandy.

Hollywood: Style Center of the World Trailer (1940)

29 May 1940

This short promotes the premise that movies often create a demand for the fashions seen in them. It starts with a vignette in rural America.

L'Héritier Des Mondésir Trailer (1940)

07 May 1940

The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady Trailer (1940)

30 May 1940

A hardworking secretary for a rich woman finds herself engaged to the woman's son and accused of a murder she didn't commit.

Gangs of Chicago Trailer (1940)

18 May 1940

A criminal uses his knowledge of the law for his not-very-legal purposes, betraying friends along the way.

The Crooked Road Trailer (1940)

10 May 1940

A blackmail threat from an old prison buddy compels a man who has gone straight to consider yet another crime.

Gaucho Serenade Trailer (1940)

09 May 1940

Gene Autry and sidekick Frog Millhouse depart Madison Square Garden and NYC heading west for home in their car and a horse trailer carrying Gene's horse, Champion.

I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby Trailer (1940)

01 May 1940

In I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby, Broderick Crawford plays a sentimental gangster who abducts songwriter Johnny Downs and forces him to write a love ballad.

The Middle Watch Trailer (1940)

11 May 1940

Through a series of unforeseen events, two glamorous young ladies find that they are obliged to spend the night on board the battleship HMS Falcon, where they have been attending a 'bon voyage' reception.

Escape to Glory Trailer (1940)

20 May 1940

The Grand Hotel formula that was so overworked in the 1930s made an encore appearance in 1940's Escape to Glory.