Movie Trailers - May 1942

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1942

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Tarzan's New York Adventure Trailer (1942)

01 May 1942

Circus owner Buck Rand kidnaps Boy to perform in his show. He forces a pilot to fly him, Boy and his animal trainer out of the jungle.

In This Our Life Trailer (1942)

16 May 1942

A young woman dumps her fiancée and runs off with her sister's husband. They marry, settle in Baltimore, and Stanley ultimately drives Peter to drink and suicide.

This Gun for Hire Trailer (1942)

13 May 1942

Hit man, Raven, is double crossed by nightclub owner Willard Gates who acts as a middleman for a traitorous industrialist, the president of Nitro Chemical, Alvin Brewster.

The Spoilers Trailer (1942)

08 May 1942

When honest ship captain Roy Glennister gets swindled out of his mine claim, he turns to saloon singer Cherry Malotte for assistance in his battle with no-good town kingpin Alexander McNamara.

Moontide Trailer (1942)

29 May 1942

After a drunken night out a longshoreman thinks he may have killed a man.

Tortilla Flat Trailer (1942)

21 May 1942

Two fishermen (Spencer Tracy, John Garfield) living on the coast of California love the same woman (Hedy Lamarr).

Take a Letter, Darling Trailer (1942)

06 May 1942

A struggling painter takes a job as a secretary to a female advertising executive. While working to obtain an account from a tobacco company, they end up falling in love.

In Old California Trailer (1942)

31 May 1942

Boston pharmacist Tom Craig comes to Sacramento, where he runs afoul of local political boss Britt Dawson, who exacts protection payment from the citizenry.

Donald Gets Drafted Trailer (1942)

01 May 1942

Donald Fauntleroy Duck gets his draft notice and goes in, past all the amazingly enticing recruiting posters, to sign up.

The Falcon Takes Over Trailer (1942)

29 May 1942

A society sleuth and a lady reporter try to track down a murderous thug's lost girlfriend.Based on the Raymond Chandler book "Farewell, My Lovely".

The Tuttles of Tahiti Trailer (1942)

01 May 1942

After a long absense from the island, Chester Tuttle returns to Tahiti to find that little has changed.

It Happened in Flatbush Trailer (1942)

28 May 1942

A washed up baseball player returns to Brooklyn to manage his old team but ends up clashing with the beautiful new owner.

This Above All Trailer (1942)

12 May 1942

Although she comes from an aristocratic family, beautiful Prudence Cathaway defies convention by joining the WAAFs and becoming romantically involved with an AWOL soldier.

Grand Central Murder Trailer (1942)

01 May 1942

A detective investigates the murder of an actress in a train car.

The Man Who Wouldn't Die Trailer (1942)

01 May 1942

In the shadows of the night Dudley Wolff, his secretary Alfred Dunning, and his doctor, Haggard, bury a body in the estate cemetery.

Meet the Stewarts Trailer (1942)

21 May 1942

A young newlywed couple learns to make their new marriage work; trying to impress family, stay on budget, and remain as diplomatic towards each other as possible.

A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen Trailer (1942)

07 May 1942

A man is framed for embezzlement and runs off to San Francisco. His wife hires Queen to try and track him down before the police get to him.

The Army Mascot Trailer (1942)

22 May 1942

Pluto longs to be an Army mascot (especially after he sees how well they are fed) so he hatches a plan to take the place of the real mascot.

The Draft Horse Trailer (1942)

09 May 1942

In a burst of patriotism, a farm horse tries to join the army but finds out he's not really soldier material.

The Mad Monster Trailer (1942)

15 May 1942

A reporter's (Johnny Downs) girlfriend's (Anne Nagel) father (George Zucco) injects a farmhand with wolf blood.

The Wacky Wabbit Trailer (1942)

02 May 1942

The Wacky Wabbit is a Warner Bros. cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series. It was released on May 2, 1942.

Puss n' Toots Trailer (1942)

30 May 1942

Tom is playing with Jerry when someone delivers a cute lady cat for Mammy to take care of. Tom is smitten at first sight, and primps a bit.

Winning Your Wings Trailer (1942)

28 May 1942

Lights Fantastic Trailer (1942)

22 May 1942

A tour of the bright lights of New York City, where the various advertising signs come to life.

Le Journal Tombe à Cinq Heures Trailer (1942)

21 May 1942

The everyday life and activity of "La Dernière Heure", a major evening newspaper, seen through the eyes of Hélène Perrin, a cub reporter trained by Pierre Rabaud, a star in his field.

Framing Father Trailer (1942)

15 May 1942

Leon Errol tries to thwart his son's romance.

Let's Get Tough Trailer (1942)

29 May 1942

Rejected by the Army, Marines, and Navy for being too young, the punks help the war effort by throwing fruit at a shop they believe is owned by a Japanese American.

Dr. Broadway Trailer (1942)

09 May 1942

A New York doctor (Macdonald Carey) saves a chorus girl (Jean Phillips) from a window ledge, twice, and rounds up racketeers.

Escape from Hong Kong Trailer (1942)

15 May 1942

Three American vaudeville entertainers become involved with spies in Hong Kong, just before Pearl Harbor.

Flying with Music Trailer (1942)

22 May 1942

The "Flyer" in question is William Marshall, a young man falsely accused of a crime. Escaping the clutches of the law, he becomes involved with several pretty young ladies.

Stardust on the Sage Trailer (1942)

25 May 1942

A singing cowboy (Gene Autry) and his partner (Bill Henry) thwart a foreman who wants their mine.

Whispering Ghosts Trailer (1942)

17 May 1942

A detective (Milton Berle) who solves cases on the radio investigates the decade-old murder of a sea captain.

Private Buckaroo Trailer (1942)

28 May 1942

The film tells the story of army recruits following basic training, with the Andrew Sisters attending USO dances.

Romance on the Range Trailer (1942)

18 May 1942

Romance on the Range is a 1942 American film. Fur theives are looting the traps on the ranch where Roy is foreman and they have murdered one of Roy's friends.

Rojo y Negro Trailer (1942)

25 May 1942

Rojo y Negro are the colors (black and red) of the Falange's flag (Fascist Spanish Party). This movie was considered lost for a long time and a copy was discovered a few years ago.

Billy The Kid's Smoking Guns Trailer (1942)

01 May 1942

Knowing the Army is arriving to establish a post. Doc Hagan and his gang and the crooked Sheriff are trying to drive the ranchers off the land.

L'amant de Bornéo Trailer (1942)

28 May 1942

Nutty News Trailer (1942)

22 May 1942

Elmer Fudd narrates a newsreel (but is never seen on screen). A hunter uses a moose call; the moose answers back using a hunter call.

Electric Earthquake Trailer (1942)

15 May 1942

A scientist uses an earthquake machine to threaten the city, and only Superman can stop his extortion plan!

Juke Girl Trailer (1942)

30 May 1942

A hitchhiker (Ronald Reagan) and a jukebox-joint hostess (Ann Sheridan) are framed for murder in Florida tomato country.

She's in the Army Trailer (1942)

15 May 1942

A socialite joins the Womens Ambulance Corps as both a publicity stunt and to win a bet with a newspaper columnist, who wagered $5000 that she couldn't last six weeks.

Inside the Law Trailer (1942)

08 May 1942

A gang of crooks wrestles with the temptation to rob the bank that they now manage.

Broadway Trailer (1942)

08 May 1942

Gangsters, nightclubs and the Roaring '20s.

Men of San Quentin Trailer (1942)

15 May 1942

A corrupt official at San Quentin tries to frame an innocent guard for several murders within the prison.

Sunday Punch Trailer (1942)

08 May 1942

Ma Galestrum (Connie Gilchrist) is a boardinghouse owner whose tenants are a group of aspiring boxers.

Sweetheart of the Fleet Trailer (1942)

21 May 1942

No Overview

Why We Fight: Prelude to War Trailer (1942)

27 May 1942

Prelude to War was the first film of Frank Capra's Why We Fight propaganda film series, commissioned by the Pentagon and George C.

Pacific Rendezvous Trailer (1942)

21 May 1942

A code expert working for Naval Intelligence is assigned to decode enemy messages despite his desire for active duty.

The Corpse Vanishes Trailer (1942)

08 May 1942

A scientist keeps his wife young by killing, stealing, and taking the gland fluid from virgin brides.

Tricky Business Trailer (1942)

01 May 1942

A Terrytoons cartoon released 1 May 1942.

Down Texas Way Trailer (1942)

22 May 1942

"The Rough Riders", has U. S. Marshals Buck Roberts (Buck Jones) and Tim McCall (Tim McCoy) coming to a Texas town to visit their friend, U.

Perils of the Royal Mounted Trailer (1942)

29 May 1942

Sergeant MacLane of the Mounties investigates the disruptive activities of a bunch of troublemakers.

Many Tanks Trailer (1942)

14 May 1942

Bluto's in the Army; he tries to sneak off base, but can't. Popeye passes by, on the way to a date with Olive; Bluto invites him in, then swaps uniforms (yes, they fit very badly).

Hard Steel Trailer (1942)

18 May 1942

A steelworker rises through the ranks to become manager of three steel mills, but ruthless ambition overwhelms him.

Mr. Strauss Takes a Walk Trailer (1942)

07 May 1942

Mr. Strauss, with the help of the forest animals, composes his greatest waltz.

Violanta Trailer (1942)

08 May 1942

Violanta lives with her parents in a poor cottage in the mountains in Austria. Her family is frowned upon by the local population since her father is a drunk and suspected by the villagers to have caused the death of one of the farmers.

The Magic Alphabet Trailer (1942)

11 May 1942

This short dramatizes how the work of Dutch physician Christiaan Eijkman, who searched for a cure for beri-beri on the island of Java in the 1890's, and led to the discovery of vitamins.

The Incredible Stranger Trailer (1942)

11 May 1942

In 1893, an odd stranger arrives in a small town and keeps a promise he made to his wife.

The Stork's Mistake Trailer (1942)

29 May 1942

A Terrytoons cartoon released 29 May 1942.

Del rancho a la capital Trailer (1942)

29 May 1942

Rich city family is close to bankruptcy; rich country cousins come to visit.