Movie Trailers - May 1943

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1943

Total trailers found: 57

Ossessione Trailer (1943)

16 May 1943

Gino, a young and handsome tramp, stops in a small roadside inn run by Giovanna. She is unsatisfied with her older husband Bragana: she only married him for money.

Five Graves to Cairo Trailer (1943)

03 May 1943

The British Army, retreating ahead of victorious Rommel, leaves a lone survivor on the Egyptian border who finds refuge at a remote desert hotel.

This Land Is Mine Trailer (1943)

07 May 1943

A soft-spoken school teacher tries to prove he's not a Nazi collaborator.

Bombardier Trailer (1943)

14 May 1943

A documentary/drama about the training of bombardiers during WWII. Major Chick Davis proves to the U.

Red Hot Riding Hood Trailer (1943)

08 May 1943

Tired of always playing the same roles, Little Red Riding Hood, her grandmother and the Wolf demand a new version of the tale.

Back from the Front Trailer (1943)

28 May 1943

The Stooges join the war effort by enlisting at Merchant Marines. While aboard, they have a brief run-in with (a secret German Nazi officer) Lt.

My Friend Flicka Trailer (1943)

26 May 1943

Ken McLaughlin (Roddy McDowall) is a precocious 10-year-old who lives with his family on a remote Wyoming ranch.

Mr. Lucky Trailer (1943)

28 May 1943

A conman poses as a war relief fundraiser, but when he falls for a charity worker, his conscience begins to trouble him.

Night Plane from Chungking Trailer (1943)

31 May 1943

Without lights and in a driving rain, a bus is lumbering along the muddy Assam Road en route from Chunking to the Indian border.

They Came to Blow Up America Trailer (1943)

07 May 1943

Based on a true incident that occurred in 1942 when nine Nazi saboteurs were put ashore on the coast of Long Island, New York, by submarine, with orders to blow up various defense installations.

Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case Trailer (1943)

08 May 1943

In this 13th entry to the Dr. Kildare series, the medical staff of Blair General hospital are challenged with further dilemmas, not the least of which includes a prison inmate who Dr.

The Leopard Man Trailer (1943)

08 May 1943

When a leopard escapes during a publicity stunt, it triggers a series of murders.

Above Suspicion Trailer (1943)

01 May 1943

Frances and Richard Myles (Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurray) are newlyweds honeymooning in Europe on the eve of World War II.

The Wise Quacking Duck Trailer (1943)

01 May 1943

An exceedingly mild-mannered man is sent out to kill a duck for dinner by his wife. Unfortunately for him, he picks Daffy Duck as his victim.

The Falcon Strikes Back Trailer (1943)

07 May 1943

The Falcon is framed for the murder of a banker and the theft of war bonds. He makes his escape into the mountains where he hides out in a rustic lodge.

Buckskin Frontier Trailer (1943)

14 May 1943

A railroad man and the owner of a freight line battle for control of a crucial mountain pass.

Mission to Moscow Trailer (1943)

22 May 1943

Ambassador Joseph Davies is sent by FDR to Russia to learn about the Soviet system and returns to America as an advocate of Stalinism.

The Desperadoes Trailer (1943)

25 May 1943

Popular mailcoach driver Uncle Willie is in fact in league with the town's crooked banker. They plan to have the bank robbed after emptying it, and when Willie's choice for this doesn't show in time, he gets some local boys to do it.

Le loup des Malveneur Trailer (1943)

12 May 1943

There's a curse on the Malveneur family. There's a black legend which tells that one of their ancestors sold his soul to the devil and he was cursed: man by day, wolf by night.

The Boy from Stalingrad Trailer (1943)

20 May 1943

If J.M. Barrie had had a hand in Tarkovsky's IVAN'S CHILDHOOD, it might like something like this bizarre boys' adventure confection.

The Bells Go Down Trailer (1943)

16 May 1943

Comedian Tommy Trinder plays it straight in this tribute to the wartime AFS (Auxiliary Fire Service).

The Black Raven Trailer (1943)

31 May 1943

A group of strangers are brought together in an old, dark house and must contend with two murders and $50,000 in stolen money.

Show-Business at War Trailer (1943)

21 May 1943

A multi-studio effort to show the newsreel audience the progress of the Hollywood war effort.

Leather Burners Trailer (1943)

28 May 1943

As rustled cattle have mysteriously disappeared, Johnny sends for his friend Hoppy, Hoppy arrives and immediately suspects Dan Slack.

El Jorobado Trailer (1943)

05 May 1943

Historical drama/swashbuckler: Spain during the Inquisition.

Riders of the Rio Grande Trailer (1943)

21 May 1943

A banker struggles to keep his bank solvent and his town from going bankrupt after the bank is robbed and all its money taken.

Girls in Chains Trailer (1943)

17 May 1943

A fired teacher (Arline Judge) finds work at a girls reform school and helps a detective (Roger Clark) on a case.

Gildersleeve's Bad Day Trailer (1943)

10 May 1943

Gildersleeve has jury duty.

The Gentle Sex Trailer (1943)

23 May 1943

During the War seven women from very different backgrounds find themselves together in the Auxiliary Territorial Services.

Three Hearts For Julia Trailer (1943)

21 May 1943

When his wife threatens him with divorce, a reporter courts her again.

Daredevils of the West Trailer (1943)

01 May 1943

Daredevils of the West is a lightning-fast-paced Western cliffhanger serial released by Republic Pictures in 1943 starring Allan Lane and Kay Aldridge.

The Dizzy Acrobat Trailer (1943)

20 May 1943

Woody Woodpecker visits the circus. Singing "I Went to the Animal Fair," he strolls through a tiger's cage.

Due cuori fra le belve Trailer (1943)

23 May 1943

Good Morning, Judge Trailer (1943)

07 May 1943

A songwriter is sued for libel, and when he gets to court he discovers that his girlfriend is the plaintiff's attorney.

I Escaped from the Gestapo Trailer (1943)

14 May 1943

A forger is forced to work for a Nazi spy ring. His conscience gets the better of him, though, and he secretly conspires with the FBI to turn over the gang.

My Dear Wives Trailer (1943)

24 May 1943

The celebrated actor George Bergmann has four divorces behind him. When his four former wives get the impression that he is cozying up to a very young actress, they feel that they must take action.

Greetings Bait Trailer (1943)

14 May 1943

A worm reminiscent of Jerry Colonna is lowered into the water and uses various guises to lure fish. He also tangles with a crab.

El fanfarrón: ¡Aquí llegó el valentón! Trailer (1943)

13 May 1943

Ranchera melodrama. Filmed in 1938, not released until 1943.

Prairie Chickens Trailer (1943)

21 May 1943

Two unemployed cowhands help a pill-popping rancher find the nasty varmint who's been rustling cattle.

Get Cracking Trailer (1943)

17 May 1943

Get Cracking is a 1943 British comedy war film, directed by Marcel Varnel and starring Dinah Sheridan, Ronald Shiner and George Formby.

Lache Bajazzo Trailer (1943)

28 May 1943

Un enredo de familia Trailer (1943)

03 May 1943

Two families that hate each other coudn't hinder the marriage of their firstborns. From this relationship born two pair of twins.

Tierra De Pasiones Trailer (1943)

20 May 1943

Romantic melodrama; hero and rich landowner are both after the same woman.

Heavenly Music Trailer (1943)

01 May 1943

Bandleader/singer/songwriter Ted Barry arrives in heaven. The receptionist tells him that before he can take his place in the Hall of Music, a committee must review his work and decide whether he is worthy of admittance.

Law of the Northwest Trailer (1943)

26 May 1943

Keep 'Em Growing Trailer (1943)

28 May 1943

A Terrytoons cartoon released 28 May 1943.

Marie-Martine Trailer (1943)

11 May 1943

Three Cities Trailer (1943)

29 May 1943

How America mobilizes.

La vita è bella Trailer (1943)

26 May 1943

It's a Great Life Trailer (1943)

27 May 1943

#13 in the Blondie series. When the profits of their various film series began slumping in the mid-1940s, Columbia Pictures tried to broaden the appeal of these films by disguing the fact that they were indeed series entries.

Desire Trailer (1943)

05 May 1943

Paola, a Milan call girl, returns home to her village in the Abruzzi mountains in an attempt to go straight.

Ration Fer the Duration Trailer (1943)

27 May 1943

Popeye's planting a victory garden while his nephews are collecting worms for fishing. He berates them for wasting time, and tells them the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, which inspires them to plant beans.

Motoring in Mexico Trailer (1943)

23 May 1943

This Traveltalk entry takes viewers along the Pacific International Highway, which starts in Mexico City (not seen) and proceeds west to Acapulco.

Death Rides the Plains Trailer (1943)

06 May 1943

South West Pacific Trailer (1943)

12 May 1943

South West Pacific is a 1943 propaganda short Australian film directed by Ken G. Hall which focuses on Australia as the main Allied base in the South West Pacific area.

Toward the Decisive Battle in the Sky Trailer (1943)

01 May 1943

Toward the Decisive Battle in the Sky describes the challenging training of young boys in the Yokaren, a program feeding new pilots into the Army and Navy.

Mister Big Trailer (1943)

28 May 1943

Students at the Davis School of the Theatre are assigned "Antigone" as their class play, but they conspire to do a swing musical instead.