Movie Trailers - May 1948

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1948

Total trailers found: 60

Tarzan and the Mermaids Trailer (1948)

15 May 1948

Tarzan and Jane try to keep a woman from being forced to marry a con artist.

Melody Time Trailer (1948)

27 May 1948

Melody Time is an animated feature produced by Walt Disney and released to theatres by RKO Radio Pictures.

Raw Deal Trailer (1948)

26 May 1948

In this film noir classic, a revenge-seeking gangster (Dennis O'Keefe) is sent to prison after being framed for a crime he didn't commit.

Buccaneer Bunny Trailer (1948)

08 May 1948

Yosemite Sam as a pirate makes the mistake of trying to bury his treasure chest in Bugs' hole, and pays with the loss of his ship.

The Woman in White Trailer (1948)

15 May 1948

A young painter stumbles upon an assortment of odd characters at an English estate where he has been hired to give art lessons to beautiful Laura Fairlie.

Another Part of the Forest Trailer (1948)

18 May 1948

This 'prequel' to The Little Foxes tells how the ruthless members of the old-South Hubbard family got that way.

Trapped by Boston Blackie Trailer (1948)

13 May 1948

Blackie is the natural suspect when an expensive pearl necklace is stolen while he is supposed to be guarding it.

All My Sons Trailer (1948)

01 May 1948

All My Sons tells the story of Joe Keller, a successful, middle-aged, self-made man who has done a terrible and tragic thing: during World War II, rushing to meet an order from the Army, he knowingly sold them defective airplane parts which later caused the planes to crash and killed 21 men.

Silver River Trailer (1948)

29 May 1948

Unjustly booted out of the cavalry, Mike McComb strikes out for Nevada, and deciding never to be used again, ruthlessly works his way up to becoming one of the most powerful silver magnates in the west.

Berlin Express Trailer (1948)

01 May 1948

Robert Ryan leads a group of Allied agents fighting an underground Nazi group in post-war Europe.

Fighting Father Dunne Trailer (1948)

12 May 1948

A dedicated priest tries to reform a group of homeless boys in turn-of-the-century St. Louis.

The Charterhouse of Parma Trailer (1948)

21 May 1948

Dutch in Seven Lessons Trailer (1948)

07 May 1948

A film-within-the-film scenario involving a cameraman who's given a week to photograph the aerial highlights of Holland for a travelogue.

Pecos Bill Trailer (1948)

27 May 1948

The life of the legendary Texas cowboy with his horse, Widowmaker, and how his romance with Slue Foot Sue disrupted it.

Dear Murderer Trailer (1948)

07 May 1948

When a man discovers his wife is having an affair, he commits the perfect crime.

Hazard Trailer (1948)

28 May 1948

As part of a bet, a compulsive gambler agrees to marry the winner, a professional gambler. Before he can "collect," she skips town.

On an Island with You Trailer (1948)

03 May 1948

A young navy lieutenant is brought in as techninical adviser on a song-dance-and-swim film being made by screen star Rosalind Reynolds.

Pedestrian Crossing Trailer (1948)

13 May 1948

Richard Massingham gives a comic demonstration of how to cross the road.

Assigned to Danger Trailer (1948)

19 May 1948

A gang of bank robbers is pursued by an insurance investigator.

The Counterfeiters Trailer (1948)

28 May 1948

Scotland Yard cop goes undercover to nab counterfeiter and his gang.

Fiddlers Three Trailer (1948)

06 May 1948

The stooges are musicians at the court of King Cole. When they ask the king's permission to marry their sweethearts, the King agrees, but only after Princess Alicia has married Prince Valiant.

Donald's Dream Voice Trailer (1948)

21 May 1948

Donald is trying to sell brushes door-to-door, but since nobody can understand him, nobody will buy anything.

Secret Service Investigator Trailer (1948)

31 May 1948

Lloyd Bridges plays a flying ace war hero who gets sucked into a counterfeiting scheme by opposing gangs of crooks.

You Were Meant for Me Trailer (1948)

09 May 1948

A bandleader falls in love and marries a small town girl.

The Arizona Ranger Trailer (1948)

14 May 1948

A disgraced veteran wanders the West alone until he decides to help a battered woman.

Trees Trailer (1948)

27 May 1948

A Walt Disney short film.

The Argyle Secrets Trailer (1948)

07 May 1948

A framed reporter (William Gargan) and the crooks on his trail scramble to locate a book containing the names of war profiteers and traitors.

Will it Happen Again? Trailer (1948)

15 May 1948

Post-war documentary (compiled from other sources) about Hitler's rise and fall, with a particular focus on his relationship with Eva Braun and his days of leisure at the Berghof.

Daybreak Trailer (1948)

18 May 1948

A mysterious barber hides a secret identity that eventually leads to tragedy.

I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes Trailer (1948)

23 May 1948

Around Christmas time, A woman tries to prove the innocence of her dancer husband jailed for a crime she just knows he didn't commit.

Partners of the Sunset Trailer (1948)

05 May 1948

I, Jane Doe Trailer (1948)

25 May 1948

In this courtroom drama, a French girl stands trial for murder. Flashbacks tell the grim story of how, during the Great War she got involved with a wealthy soldier and married him.

Bumble Boogie Trailer (1948)

27 May 1948

A bumblebee (to a boogie-woogie version of Flight of the Bumblebee) is being attacked by flowers made of piano keys, flowers made of trumpets, snakes made of piano keys, the piano hammers hitting the "strings" of the sheet music, and so forth.

Immortal Youth Trailer (1948)

17 May 1948

A group of young illegals collect weapons in order to help partisans to liberate the occupied city of Belgrade.

Women of the Night Trailer (1948)

26 May 1948

Fusako, a drug dealer's young mistress in postwar Japan, loses her tenuous grasp on life upon learning about her lover's affair.

Calgary Stampede Trailer (1948)

29 May 1948

The pageantry of Calgary's colorful celebration of its past, culminating with its world famous rodeo, is chronicled.

The Dude Goes West Trailer (1948)

30 May 1948

Daniel Bone is aiming for success. A Brooklyn gunsmith by trade, he figures the place to be is where the guns are.

Bond Street Trailer (1948)

12 May 1948

Charts the events occurring during a typical 24-hour period on London’s thoroughfare Bond Street. Linking the four stories together is the impending wedding of society girl Hazel Court and Robert Flemyng.

Carson City Raiders Trailer (1948)

13 May 1948

Carson City Raiders is a western film directed by Yakima Canutt in 1948. Rocky Lane (Allan Lane) wants to help Nugget Clark (Eddy Waller) save his freight line.

Best Man Wins Trailer (1948)

06 May 1948

Based on The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras, by Mark Twain.

Johnny Appleseed Trailer (1948)

27 May 1948

Dennis Day tells the story of Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman), narrated by The Old Settler. He's an apple farmer who sees people going west and thinks he can't join them, until an angel appears to him and sings the virtues of apples, convincing Johnny he has a mission.

Big Town Scandal Trailer (1948)

27 May 1948

A crusading editor and his star reporter aid underprivileged youths and crack down on racketeers out to fix basketball.

A Divided World Trailer (1948)

01 May 1948

A ten-minute study of wild animal life in a Swedish forest; stoat, fox, hare, and owl, who stalk and savage one another, are photographed with extraordinary vividness and intimacy.

Little 'Tinker Trailer (1948)

15 May 1948

The lovesick B.O. Skunk is having no luck finding a mate, when Cupid gives him a book called "Advice for the Love-Worn" to help him out.

Homecoming Trailer (1948)

01 May 1948

Self-absorbed Dr. Lee Johnson enlists with the Army medical corps during World War II, more out of a feeling that it's "the thing to do" rather than deep-seated patriotism.

So You Want to Build a House Trailer (1948)

15 May 1948

Joe McDoakes decides to build his own home. As the project progresses, he sees his dream house turn into a nightmare.

The Bee-Deviled Bruin Trailer (1948)

13 May 1948

It's breakfast time, and Pa finds the honeypot empty. Literally risking life and limb, he has Junyer help him raid a nearby beehive.

Bob and Sally Trailer (1948)

24 May 1948

1948 hygiene/pregnancy roadshow exploiter.

The Gallant Legion Trailer (1948)

24 May 1948

When power-hungry Faulkner and Leroux want to divide Texas into smaller sections, instead of allowing it to enter the Union as a single state, Gary Conway and the Texas Rangers must step in to thwart their chicanery.

Speed to Spare Trailer (1948)

14 May 1948

Stunt driver Cliff Jordan takes a job with his old pal Jerry McGee, branch manager of an express trucking firm.

Espuelas de oro Trailer (1948)

15 May 1948

Adventures on horseback. Plus romances.

You Can't Win Trailer (1948)

29 May 1948

A series of mishaps happening to a homeowner, while he take a relaxing day off from the office. The trouble is about to begin when he starts to rest at home.

Cortesana Trailer (1948)

12 May 1948

Young woman breaks up with her fiance to shack up with her sister's husband.

Little Gray Neck (duplicate created in error) Trailer (1948)

19 May 1948

An injured duckling attempts to survive the cold winter.

Cape Breton Island Trailer (1948)

08 May 1948

This Traveltalks entry visits the easternmost area of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. We learn that although the island was originally settled by the French, most of the islands inhabitants are of Scottish descent.

Van een Eiland en Schapen Trailer (1948)

12 May 1948

Short film on the bearers of the golden fleece, sheep, and the economic importance of sheep breeding for the island Texel.

Bone Sweet Bone Trailer (1948)

21 May 1948

An archaeologist at a museum scolds his small, silent dog, Shep, for supposedly removing a bone belonging to a dinosaur skeleton and orders Shep to bring the bone back, but Shep finds that the place where he buried his most recent bone has been dug up and a bulldog is walking away with the bone in his mouth.

Nothing But the Tooth Trailer (1948)

01 May 1948

Porky Pig travels by horse-pulled, covered wagon to California to join in the 1848 Gold Rush and is ambushed by a diminutive, large-nosed, nasal-voiced, ever-so-polite Mohican with glasses, who wants to scalp the west-bound pig.

Blame It on the Samba Trailer (1948)

27 May 1948

Donald Duck and Jose Carioca, both literally blue, stumble across the Cafe do Samba, whose proprietor is determined to cheer them up with samba music.

Whirlwind Raiders Trailer (1948)

12 May 1948