Movie Trailers - May 1951

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1951

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Appointment with Danger Trailer (1951)

09 May 1951

Al Goddard (Alan Ladd), a detective who works for the United States Postal Inspection Service, is assigned to arrest two criminals who've allegedly murdered a U.

The Prowler Trailer (1951)

25 May 1951

After being frightened by a peeping Tom at her mansion in the suburbs, the beautiful Susan Gilvray (Evelyn Keyes) calls the police for help.

The Fat Man Trailer (1951)

19 May 1951

A seemingly innocent dentist is murdered, the only apparent motive to steal a set of dental x-rays. To the police it looks like an accident, but massive private eye Brad Runyan thinks there's more to it.

The Idiot Trailer (1951)

23 May 1951

Kameda, who has been in an asylum on Okinawa, travels to Hokkaido. There he becomes involved with two women, Taeko and Ayako.

Hard, Fast and Beautiful Trailer (1951)

23 May 1951

When most people look at Florence Farley, they see a pretty teenager. But when Milly Farley looks at her daughter she sees something else: a tennis prodigy who could be Milly’s ticket to money and fame.

Rabbit Fire Trailer (1951)

19 May 1951

Daffy Duck and Bugs argue back and forth whether it is duck season or rabbit season. The object of their arguments is hunter Elmer Fudd.

I Was a Communist for the FBI Trailer (1951)

05 May 1951

A fact-based story about a man who posed as an American Communist for years as part of a secret plan to infiltrate their organization.

Half Angel Trailer (1951)

05 May 1951

Director Richard Sale's 1951 comedy about a sleepwalker and her alter ego's romantic problems stars Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, Cecil Kellaway, Jim Backus, Irene Ryan, John Ridgely and Herb Vigran.

One Wild Oat Trailer (1951)

16 May 1951

A barrister (Robertson Hare) attempts to discourage his daughter's infatuation for a philanderer by revealing his past.

Cavalry Scout Trailer (1951)

13 May 1951

Kirby Frye, a former Confederate officer but now a Union Cavalry scout, is sent into Montana territory to locate and retrieve three Gatling Guns stolen from the U.

La corona negra Trailer (1951)

23 May 1951

A woman suffers from amnesia after killing her husband, who was just about to demand a divorce for having found her engaging in an affair with a lover, who is only interested in her to find where some precious jewels are hidden.

Plutopia Trailer (1951)

18 May 1951

Mickey's on vacation at Camp Utopia. At first Pluto thinks it really is utopia: trees everywhere and a cat to chase.

The Painted Hills Trailer (1951)

04 May 1951

After years of prospecting, Jonathan finally strikes gold. He returns to town only to discover that his partner has since died and left Tommy fatherless.

Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison Trailer (1951)

18 May 1951

A warden and his assistant clash over prison reform, triggering a violent riot.

Follow the Sun Trailer (1951)

22 May 1951

In Fort Worth, Texas, Ben Hogan (Glenn Ford) works as a golf caddy to help support his family. He romances and marries Valerie Fox (Anne Baxter), then with her support, decides to become a professional golfer.

Francis Goes to the Races Trailer (1951)

01 May 1951

In this funny sequel to the popular Francis the Talking Mule, the talkative Mule and his pal Peter get a job working on a horse-breeder's ranch.

Sealed Cargo Trailer (1951)

19 May 1951

A Newfoundland fishingboat comes to the aid of a wrecked Danish sailing ship and tows it to a small village, but eventually the captain of the fishingboat realises that it's a U-boat supply ship in disguise, loaded with torpedoes.

Smuggler's Gold Trailer (1951)

05 May 1951

A deep-sea diver becomes romantically involved with the daughter of a gold smuggler.

Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas Trailer (1951)

01 May 1951

At the end of the Civil War, Sam White returns home to his ranch in the Texas ranch -The Panhandle -s

Una Gallega Baila Mambo Trailer (1951)

18 May 1951

Ladylike widow hires a roughneck neighbor to help her marry off her daughter and collect an inheritance by impersonating her husband.

That's My Boy Trailer (1951)

31 May 1951

Jarring Jack Jackson, the greatest football player in Ridgefield College history, is disappointed that his only son Junior is an uncoordinated, allergy-ridden bookworm.

Juliette, or Key of Dreams Trailer (1951)

18 May 1951

Michel has stolen from his employer, Mr Bellanger, for the love of Juliette. He is now in jail. One night, while sleeping in his cell, he wakes up all of a sudden, the gates open and he finds himself in a strange village where all the inhabitants have lost their memory.

According to Mrs. Hoyle Trailer (1951)

20 May 1951

Mrs. Hoyle, a retired school teacher, resides in a hotel bought by Morganti, a gangster, who evicts most of the tenants but allows Mrs.

New Mexico Trailer (1951)

18 May 1951

Captain Hunt of the cavalry is trying to promote good relations with the Indian chief Acoma. But Hunt's superiors in the military insist on pursuing policies that will provoke a conflict, and Chief Acoma is not willing to let himself be insulted.

Scarlet Thread Trailer (1951)

01 May 1951

Tale of Cambridge college exploits of two smash-and-grab thieves on the run.

Go for Broke! Trailer (1951)

04 May 1951

A tribute to the U.S. 442nd Regimental Combat Team, formed in 1943 by Presidential permission with Japanese-American volunteers.

Sleepy-Time Tom Trailer (1951)

26 May 1951

Tom has been out late carousing with his chums. When he gets home, a slimmed-down Mammy won't take any excuses, and insists he stay awake; Jerry, overhearing, thus tries a number of schemes to get Tom to sleep.

Kentucky Jubilee Trailer (1951)

18 May 1951

A movie director travels to Kentucky to seek out local talent for a hillbilly musical film. Comedy.

Fighting Coast Guard Trailer (1951)

31 May 1951

Story of how the Coast Guard trained to help win World War II.

The Axe of Wandsbek Trailer (1951)

11 May 1951

Hamburg, Germany 1934: An executioner is needed. Teetjen (Erwin Geschonneck) makes the biggest mistake of his life.

Dear Brat Trailer (1951)

30 May 1951

Dear Brat is a 1951 film directed by William A. Seiter. A woman gets involved with a crook trying to reform.

Goodbye, My Fancy Trailer (1951)

19 May 1951

A headstrong Congresswoman (Joan Crawford) rekindles old romantic flames when she returns to the college she once attended--and was expelled from--to receive an honorary degree.

Injun Trouble Trailer (1951)

22 May 1951

A Terrytoons cartoon released 23 May 1951.

The New China Trailer (1951)

01 May 1951

The New China (Russian: Освобождённый Китай, Osvobozhdyonnyy Kitay) is a 1950 Soviet documentary film directed by Sergei Gerasimov.

Lorna Doone Trailer (1951)

31 May 1951

An English farmer leads a village uprising against their corrupt landlords.

Roaring City Trailer (1951)

04 May 1951

A San Francisco private eye finds himself under suspicion while investigating a prizefighter's murder.

Fierecilla Trailer (1951)

03 May 1951

After discovering his wife in flagrante with another man, a gold prospector kills them both, then takes his daughter to live in the countryside, removed from corrupting influences.

Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm Trailer (1951)

10 May 1951

The Kettles leave their ultra-modern home and return to the country looking for uranium. Ma and Tom's mother-in-law, Mrs.

Wells Fargo Gunmaster Trailer (1951)

15 May 1951

Rocky Lane, Special Investigator for Wells Fargo, shows up just in time to save the stage from being robbed.

Baseball Players Trailer (1951)

29 May 1951

A group of kids in a poverty-stricken Puerto Rican rural town need money to purchase baseball uniforms for little league, but their parents are unable to help them, so they learn about collaborative work and initiative.

Don't Throw That Knife Trailer (1951)

03 May 1951

The stooges become census takers and wind up in the apartment of a lady whose husband is both jealous and a knife thrower.

Her First Romance Trailer (1951)

04 May 1951

A teenager experiences her first crush while attending a summer camp. Director Seymour Friedman's 1951 film stars Margaret O'Brien, Allen Martin Jr.

Million Dollar Pursuit Trailer (1951)

30 May 1951

A petty thief schemes a big score when he plans an armored car robbery.

El señor gobernador Trailer (1951)

18 May 1951

Newly-elected state governor is challenged by his responsibilities.

Boyhood Trailer (1951)

12 May 1951

When a family has to relocate due to the war, they are ostracized by their new community.

Early to Bet Trailer (1951)

12 May 1951

The Gambling Bug causes gambling fever in anyone he bites. He bites a cat, who becomes eager to play gin-rummy with a bulldog for penalties.

The First Legion Trailer (1951)

04 May 1951

A Catholic priest fights against his colleagues' immediate acceptance of an ambiguous “miracle”.

Let's Go Crazy Trailer (1951)

01 May 1951

Let's Go Crazy is a 1951 comedy film marking an early appearance of Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers playing multiple roles.

Cabellera blanca Trailer (1951)

27 May 1951

Singer's-rise-to-stardom plot combined with long-lost-son plot.

Schatten über Neapel Trailer (1951)

10 May 1951

María Montecristo Trailer (1951)

16 May 1951

Rich woman manouevres in secret to restore her dead father's good reputation.

In Old Amarillo Trailer (1951)

15 May 1951

A drought is about to end the cattle business. The owner of a canning factory wants to buy all the remaining cattle cheap.

Droopy's Good Deed Trailer (1951)

05 May 1951

Hobo Spike pretends to be a boy to compete with Scout Droopy for the title of Best Scout and a trip to meet the President.

The Galloping Major Trailer (1951)

07 May 1951

A syndicate is set up by a racehorse, but they end up buying the wrong one by mistake. Unfortunately the horse is useless on the flat, so they try to enter him as a jumper.

Amor perdido Trailer (1951)

24 May 1951

Songwriter + nice girl vs. mobsterdudes at the cabaret.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" Christmas with Mamie Kelly Trailer (1951)

08 May 1951

Mamie is back with the girls to visit for the holidays.

Wicket Wacky Trailer (1951)

27 May 1951

Despite a 'No Trespassing' sign, an irritable gopher, and an obvious lack of skill, Woody is determined to play some croquet.

Les miracles n'ont lieu qu'une fois Trailer (1951)

20 May 1951

1939 : what a beautiful year for Claudia and Jerôme. No sooner do they meet that they are under each other's spell.

Smuggler's Island Trailer (1951)

18 May 1951

An adventurer about to lose his sloop and diving equipment agrees to dive for illegal gold.

Snake River Desperadoes Trailer (1951)

30 May 1951

Starrett tries to prevent a range war between settlers and the Native Americans. Blue and his fellow scoundrels think they can profit from the bloodshed,but the Durango Kid along with a couple of precocious youngsters put an end to Blue's terrorism.