Movie Trailers - May 1965

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1965

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A Pistol for Ringo Trailer (1965)

12 May 1965

Giuliano Gemma stars as a cool, cocky mercenary enlisted by a sheriff to infiltrate a ruthless gang of outlaws.

War-Gods of the Deep Trailer (1965)

26 May 1965

The plot concerns the discovery of a lost city beneath the sea off the coast of Cornwall. Price is the captain overseeing a group of sailors who have lived there for more than a century where the peculiar mix of gases has allowed them to extend their lifespan.

Alphaville Trailer (1965)

05 May 1965

An American private-eye, arrives in Alphaville, a futuristic city on another planet which is ruled by an evil scientist named Von Braun, who has outlawed love and self-expression.

It Happened Here Trailer (1965)

17 May 1965

It is the Second World War. The Nazis have invaded Britain. There is a split between the resistance and those who prefer to collaborate with the invaders for a quiet life.

Mudhoney Trailer (1965)

25 May 1965

In this Depression-era tale, Calef is traveling from Michigan to California and stops in Spooner, Missouri, where Lute hires him for odd jobs.

Curse of the Fly Trailer (1965)

01 May 1965

Remember that scientist that was trying to perfect a matter transportation machine but got fused with a fly when one of the little critters got into the transporter with him? Well, this story is about three of his descendents (a son, Henri Delambre, played by Brian Donlevy and two grandsons).

The Burglar Story Trailer (1965)

01 May 1965

Gisuke Hayashida is an illegal dentist during the day and a burglar by night. One night during a burglary he witnesses a train derailment.

Joy in the Morning Trailer (1965)

05 May 1965

Carl Brown and Annie McGairy are in love. Their Irish immigrant parents knew each other in the old country - and Carl's parents want better for their son than Annie, who was raised in the slums.

The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders Trailer (1965)

26 May 1965

A bawdy story of how a poor damsel surrenders her virtue again and again to get to the top of society.

The Knack... and How to Get It Trailer (1965)

01 May 1965

In England, the times are a changing: it's mods and rockers. On the day Nancy gets off the London train, cases in hand, looking for the YWCA, Colin has had enough of missing out on the sexual revolution.

Brainstorm Trailer (1965)

05 May 1965

Brainstorm, released in 1965, is a late film noir whose male protagonist at first prevents the suicide of his employer's wife, falls in love with her, and is later driven to crime and insanity.

The Violin Case Murders Trailer (1965)

05 May 1965

First Movie Adaptation of Jerry Cotton. FBI agents Jerry Cotton and Phil Decker are tracing a group of six murderer.

Pinkfinger Trailer (1965)

13 May 1965

An English voice talks to the Pink Panther, who is reading a book about secret agents, and suggests to the panther that he become an agent.

The Battle Of The Villa Fiorita Trailer (1965)

26 May 1965

Two British children travel to Italy in an attempt to break up their runaway mother's affair with an Italian concert pianist.

Black Spurs Trailer (1965)

28 May 1965

A dissatisfied ranch hand becomes a bounty hunter. He conspires with a crooked town boss to dirty up a neighboring village where a valuable railroad franchise is headed.

The Debussy Film Trailer (1965)

18 May 1965

Ken Russell's bio of French composer Claude Debussy

Flag in the Mist Trailer (1965)

28 May 1965

When her only relative, her elder brother is accused of robbing and murdering an old woman loan-shark, pretty, young Kiriko (Chieko Baisho) travels from her home in Kyushu to Tokyo to get Japan's top lawyer to defend her brother.

Judo Saga Trailer (1965)

28 May 1965

Remake of Kurosawa's films Sanshiro Sugata and Sanshiro Sugata part 2. A young man, Sanshiro Sugata, troubled by personal problems, takes up judo.

Synanon Trailer (1965)

05 May 1965

Director Richard Quine's 1965 drama dramatizes the problems of various patients at a drug rehabilitation home.

The Girls on the Beach Trailer (1965)

12 May 1965

The girls of Alpha Beta need to raise $10,000 in two weeks to save the sorority house. Among their schemes to raise the funds are a beauty contest, a newspaper puzzle, and a baking contest.

Goldstein Trailer (1965)

06 May 1965

GOLDSTEIN, the feature film debut of talented director Philip Kaufman (The Right Stuff, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Quills), is an early example of American independent filmmaking from the early 1960s.

Time Piece Trailer (1965)

07 May 1965

Dislocation in time, time signatures, time as a philosophical concept, and slavery to time are some of the themes touched upon in this nine-minute, experimental film, which was written, directed, and produced by Jim Henson-and starred Jim Henson!

España insólita Trailer (1965)

13 May 1965

"España insólita" is that different, unknown and humble Spain that does not appear on postcards or tourist itineraries.

Forest of the Hanged Trailer (1965)

01 May 1965

At the Romanian front near the Austro-Hungarian border during World War I, a multinational group witnesses a hanging and other military deceptions.

Devils of Darkness Trailer (1965)

01 May 1965

A secret vampire cult, which has its headquarters beneath the town cemetery, searches for victims for its human sacrifice rituals.

La verifica incerta Trailer (1965)

31 May 1965

Well Worn Daffy Trailer (1965)

21 May 1965

Speedy and a couple of his mouse friends are in need of a drink in the hot desert and come accoss a water-filled oasis, which belongs to greedy Daffy Duck.

Mister Moses Trailer (1965)

12 May 1965

A con man on the run in Africa aids a minister's daughter by helping lead a local tribe to their new homeland.

Three Yakuza Trailer (1965)

22 May 1965

Toei Films presents a film like no other. This is the tale of three Yakuza gamblers who traveled Japan during the samurai era living by their wits and sword skills.

The Coward Trailer (1965)

07 May 1965

Amitabha Roy (Soumitra Chatterjee) is a Calcutta based scriptwriter who is driving around in the country to collect material for a film.

La figlia del capitano Trailer (1965)

12 May 1965

Italian mini series based upon a novel by Alexander Pushkin.

Los cuatreros Trailer (1965)

24 May 1965

A band of fierce rustlers is ravaging the region of Las Cruces. Appears an outsider who saves the ranch owner "The Spur" of being kidnapped by members of the band.

O Puritano da Rua Augusta Trailer (1965)

07 May 1965

Harlow Trailer (1965)

14 May 1965

Hollywood drama loosely based on the life of film actress Jean Harlow, with Carol Lynley in the title role.

Three Trailer (1965)

12 May 1965

In this episodic WW II drama, a Yugoslavian youth attempts to escape from German soldiers. In the first scene, he stands amongst a group of refugees waiting for a train.

Fort Courageous Trailer (1965)

01 May 1965

In this western, a cavalry sergeant is wrongly court-martialed. To reclaim his good name, he takes over a patrol that just lost its leader in an Indian attack.

Six in Paris Trailer (1965)

19 May 1965

Six vignettes set in different sections of Paris, by six directors. St. Germain des Pres (Douchet), Gare du Nord (Rouch), Rue St.

Four in the Morning Trailer (1965)

01 May 1965

Mid sixties British 'slice of life' with Judi Dench

Shocking Pink Trailer (1965)

13 May 1965

The Pink Panther tries laying in the hammock; it throws him out every time. He does some work around the house.

Gonks Go Beat Trailer (1965)

24 May 1965

A swiftly assembled musical fantasy movie made to capitalise on the mid-Sixties, British craze for gonks (a sort of soft, furry toy).

Censored Trailer (1965)

28 May 1965

A collection of clips that had reputedly been scissored from various films on account of their content being too racy.

100 Cries of Terror Trailer (1965)

14 May 1965

A husband and his lover hatch a plan to murder his wife, and a woman is buried alive in a mausoleum.

Blood of Revenge Trailer (1965)

05 May 1965

Osaka, 1907: Asajiro lives between a rock and a hard place: he has to keep his business clean and running, tame his late oyabun’s hot-blooded son and suffer the throes of his impossible love for beautiful geisha Hatsue.

Song of Orchid Island Trailer (1965)

05 May 1965

Dr. Ho decides to move to a backward island off the coast of Taiwan to look for his missing father. He meets nurse Ya Lan (Cheng Pei-Pei) who falls in love with him.

Torment of the Flesh Trailer (1965)

27 May 1965

Those who think that in the 60's Austrian cinema only produced cheap comedies and Heimatfilms, better watch this film: an outrageous, wonderfully politically incorrect, exploitive and bizarre shocker, a real curiosity made by triviality director Eddy Saller (his first).

Doomed Fort Trailer (1965)

31 May 1965

Story of a group of settlers and how they had to take refuge in a fort when they were attacked by Inr

Historias de la televisión Trailer (1965)

03 May 1965

Film divided into two stories: 1. Cuando los gorilas hablan por teléfono 2. Una chica de fortuna

Nude calde e pure Trailer (1965)

26 May 1965

Wolken am Himmel Trailer (1965)

01 May 1965

Don't Spill the Beans Trailer (1965)

24 May 1965

A combination of the stories of "Cinderella" with "Jack and the Beanstalk," in which Sad Cat beats his two "dear, mean brothers" up the giant beanstalk.

The Obsessed of Catale Trailer (1965)

21 May 1965

Joaquim (Raul Cortez) becomes crazy and convinces himself that he is the messiah incarnated. With the desperate support of his miserable village, he will start a holy terror movement.

Nacidos para cantar Trailer (1965)

05 May 1965

The famous artist finds his identical twin in a tour of Argentina with many situations of entanglement, but in the end overcome the twin love.

Een zondag op het eiland van de Grande Jatte Trailer (1965)

31 May 1965

Seven authors observe people in a park. A sudden rain shower forces the people into a castle, where they ravage the present books.

Beautiful Duckling Trailer (1965)

19 May 1965

Have no other info than it was part of Golden Horse's 100 Greatest Chinese-Language Films.

Constant, an Artist of Our Time Trailer (1965)

11 May 1965

Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys (21 July 1920 – 1 August 2005) was a Dutch painter, and one of the foremost innovators of Unitary Urbanism.

Pickled Pink Trailer (1965)

12 May 1965

An alcoholic is returning home from a night of partying and encounters the homeless Pink Panther in a park.

Feu a Volante Trailer (1965)

21 May 1965

A famous American secret service agent tries to rescue a German 17 year old prodigy scientist who has been captured by the Russians.

Sioux Me Trailer (1965)

01 May 1965

An Indian tribe is in need of rain and believe they can get it by sacrificing a woodpecker. Along comes Woody.

Donald's Fire Survival Plan Trailer (1965)

08 May 1965

Donald Duck shows how to prevent fire in the home by using a bit of forethought and prevention.

Derby Trailer (1965)

24 May 1965

The sights and sounds of the big game between Maribor and Olimpija.