Movie Trailers - November 1934

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1934

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The Man Who Knew Too Much Trailer (1934)

30 November 1934

A man and his wife receive a clue to an imminent assassination attempt, only to learn that their daughter has been kidnapped to keep them quiet.

Imitation of Life Trailer (1934)

26 November 1934

A widow and her housekeeper go into business together but almost lose their daughters.

It's a Gift Trailer (1934)

30 November 1934

After he inherits some money, Harold Bissonette ("pronounced bis-on-ay") decides to give up the grocery business, move to California and run an orange grove.

By Your Leave Trailer (1934)

09 November 1934

A bored couple facing middle-age succumbs to wandering eyes.

The Lawless Frontier Trailer (1934)

22 November 1934

Tobin is after the bandit Zanti who killed his parents. He finds him just as Zanti is about to kill Dusty and kidnap Ruby.

The Gem of the Ocean Trailer (1934)

19 November 1934

In this musical short, the leading lady is a French woman who finds mystery and romance on a luxury liner.

Evelyn Prentice Trailer (1934)

09 November 1934

A criminal lawyer's wife faces blackmail when she has an affair.

Chapayev Trailer (1934)

07 November 1934

This film is based on the book about Vasili Ivanovich Chapaev (1887 - 1919) who was in real life the Commander of the 25th Division of the Red Army.

The Painted Veil Trailer (1934)

23 November 1934

The wife of a doctor in China falls in love with a diplomat.

The Firebird Trailer (1934)

03 November 1934

Prohibited from seeing her actor sweetheart Herman Brandt (Ricardo Cortez) by her tyrannical parents, sweet young Vienesse lass Mariette (Anita Louise) defies authority by regularly visiting Brandt's downstairs apartment.

Road House Trailer (1934)

29 November 1934

Road House is a 1934 British comedy crime film directed by Maurice Elvey and starring Violet Loraine, Gordon Harker and Aileen Marson.

The St. Louis Kid Trailer (1934)

10 November 1934

Trucker Eddie Kennedy gets involved with the law when he has an car accident with Ann Reid and knocks the owner of a dairy out.

Kid Millions Trailer (1934)

10 November 1934

A musical comedy about a Brooklyn boy who inherits a fortune from his archaeologist father, but has to go to Egypt to claim it.

The Goddess of Spring Trailer (1934)

03 November 1934

The goddess is greeted by dancing flowers and fairies. The devil comes and takes her away to be his queen.

The White Parade Trailer (1934)

16 November 1934

The title represents the hopeful, ambitious students at a hospital training school and is primarily a story of the stern discipline and laborious physical and mental toil they endure in order to become nurses and join the White Parade.

Big Hearted Herbert Trailer (1934)

13 November 1934

After cantankerous and miserly Herbert Kalness (Guy Kibbee) insults his daughter's fiance and prospective in-laws at a dinner party, Mrs.

Woman in the Dark Trailer (1934)

08 November 1934

Lightweight but entertaining crime/drama about a man (Ralph Bellamy) released from prison and deciding to stay alone in his cabin so that his bad temper won't get him back into prison.

Three Songs About Lenin Trailer (1934)

06 November 1934

This documentary, made up of 3 episodes, is based on three songs sung by anonymous people in Soviet Russia about Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

The Great Defender Trailer (1934)

26 November 1934

Sir Douglas Rolls is a highly respected defence lawyer of many years experience. Now in rapidly failing health, he is advised to retreat from the courtroom and pursue more pleasurable activities.

A Story of Floating Weeds Trailer (1934)

23 November 1934

A kabuki actor's mistress hatches a jealous plot to bring down her lover's son.

The President Vanishes Trailer (1934)

17 November 1934

The President Vanishes, released in the United Kingdom as Strange Conspiracy, is a 1934 American political drama film directed by William A.

The Merry Widow Trailer (1934)

02 November 1934

A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.

The Dognapper Trailer (1934)

17 November 1934

Mickey and an early version of Donald Duck are police officers chasing dognapper Pegleg Pete. Despite their bumbling, they manage to repeatedly get the drop on Pete at his sawmill hideout, though they ultimately make a shambles of the place.

Two Monks Trailer (1934)

27 November 1934

In a Gothic-styled monastery, a monk named Javier sees the face of another monk, Juan, and suddenly attempts to bludgeon him to death with a heavy crucifix.

Ready for Love Trailer (1934)

30 November 1934

In this fluffy romance, a young woman fights against the narrow-minded residents of her small town. The trouble begins when a young woman flees her boarding school to stay with her retired aunt, a former actress, who try as she might, has never been welcomed into the snobbish community in which she resides.

The Captain Hates the Sea Trailer (1934)

02 November 1934

Alcoholic newspaperman Steve Bramley boards the San Capador for a restful cruise, hoping to quit drinking and begin writing a book.

Doctor's Orders Trailer (1934)

01 November 1934

Leslie Fuller stars as a quack whose son qualifies as a doctor in total ignorance of his father's occupation!

Tartarin de Tarascon Trailer (1934)

10 November 1934

Holiday Land Trailer (1934)

09 November 1934

Scrappy does not want to get up and go to school. As the days peel off his calendar, the dates representing holidays come to life.

There's Always Tomorrow Trailer (1934)

01 November 1934

Ignored by his ever-busy wife and children, a middle-aged businessman finds companionship with a former female employee.

Broadway Bill Trailer (1934)

30 November 1934

Tycoon J.L. Higgins controls his whole family, but one of his sons- in-law, Dan Brooks and his daughter Alice are fed up with that.

I Am A Thief Trailer (1934)

24 November 1934

A man dodges jewel thieves while carrying a fortune in diamonds on the Orient Express.

L'Hôtel du libre échange Trailer (1934)

10 November 1934

House of Danger Trailer (1934)

10 November 1934

To protect a young woman's life, a man pretends to be her injured friend so he can investigate a murder and capture the killers.

Fate's Fathead Trailer (1934)

17 November 1934

Accidental meetings and misconceptions lead a blissfully happy couple to fight and squabble.

Anne of Green Gables Trailer (1934)

23 November 1934

Anne Shirley, an orphan, is adopted by farmer Matthew Cuthbert and his sister Marilla, who were expecting a boy to help with their farm work.

Death At Broadcasting House Trailer (1934)

01 November 1934

An actor is murdered live on air whilst a play is being broadcast. Everyone in the play and broadcasting house fall under suspicion.

Lady in Danger Trailer (1934)

27 November 1934

Walls plays an Englishman who's assigned the task of transporting a Queen(Yvonne Arnaud) of a revolution-torn country to England incognito.

Little Friend Trailer (1934)

18 November 1934

A girl becomes an unwilling witness in her parents' scandalous divorce case.

Menace Trailer (1934)

22 November 1934

A psychotic man stalks three innocent people whom he believes are responsible for his brother's death.

Terror of the Plains Trailer (1934)

22 November 1934

A ranch hand sets out to prove his father is innocent of murder in this B-movie Western starring cowboy hero Tom Tyler.

Eva går ombord Trailer (1934)

02 November 1934

Eva is an employee in a fashion store. One day she finds cruise tickets in the name of Bo Stensjö and boards the ship pretending to be his wife.

Bosko's Parlor Pranks Trailer (1934)

24 November 1934

Bosko keeps Wilbur occupied with tales of his past exploits while Honey steps out on an errand.

Tom, Tom the Piper's Son Trailer (1934)

16 November 1934

A Terrytoons cartoon released 16 November 1934.

The Mystery of the Moonlight Sonata Trailer (1934)

06 November 1934

Gentlemen Are Born Trailer (1934)

17 November 1934

A well-cloistered and protected-against-reality group of college students get their diplomas in the heart of the Great Depression, and quickly learn that the piece of paper the diploma is written on is worth about eighteen-dollars-a-week in the job-market.

The World Accuses Trailer (1934)

11 November 1934

When a middle aged woman accepts a job at a day care center she comes across the child she gave up early in life.

The Marines Are Coming Trailer (1934)

19 November 1934

Expelled from his lieutenancy in the Marine Corps, Bill Traylor reenlists as a private. His unit is sent to a Latin American country where a rebel leader called The Torch promotes insurrection.

We Live Again Trailer (1934)

01 November 1934

Nekhludoff, a Russian nobleman serving on a jury, discovers that the young girl on trial, Katusha, is someone he once seduced and abandoned and that he himself bears responsibility for reducing her to crime.

In Old Santa Fe Trailer (1934)

15 November 1934

Gangster Chandler and his accomplice Tracy arrive at a dude ranch. Cowboy Kentucky arrives at the same time.

Flirtation Trailer (1934)

09 November 1934

A naive farmer encounters a beautiful burlesque dancer on the streets of New York and agrees to pose as her husband during her mother's visit.

Keep in Style Trailer (1934)

15 November 1934

Betty Boop puts on a musical show of new inventions and styles; her creation of "ankle skirts" sweeps the nation.

The Oil Raider Trailer (1934)

01 November 1934

"Wildcatter" Dave Warren and his crew are trying to bring in a new oil well. Dave gives troublemaker Simmons a good thrashing and orders him off the site.

The Third Clue Trailer (1934)

20 November 1934

Set in an Old Dark House, a man is murdered in his study. With his dying breath, he tells his brother of two clues to finding hidden Eastern Indian jewels that were part of a precious idol.

Don Quixote Trailer (1934)

15 November 1934

A comically ridiculously altered version of the classic tale, in which Don Quixote is victorious over his imaginary enemies and emits Tarzan-like yells of triumph.

Az új rokon Trailer (1934)

06 November 1934

The Song of Ceylon Trailer (1934)

30 November 1934

Made by the GPO Film Unit and sponsored by both the Empire Tea Marketing Board and the Ceylon Tea Board, Song of Ceylon is one of the most critically acclaimed products of the documentary film movement.

Kentucky Kernels Trailer (1934)

02 November 1934

The Great Elmer and Company, two out-of-work magicians, help lovelorn Jerry Bronson adopt Spanky Milford, to distract him.

Lost in the Stratosphere Trailer (1934)

14 November 1934

Two military pilots are close friends, and share in a lot of hazardous missions while engaging in a series of good-natured romantic rivalries.

Frontier Days Trailer (1934)

14 November 1934

Henry Jethrow is after the Wilson ranch. He has George Wilson unknowningly sign a note for the ranch, has him killed, and then presents the note.