Movie Trailers - November 1937

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1937

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Young and Innocent Trailer (1937)

01 November 1937

Derrick De Marney finds himself in a 39 Steps situation when he is wrongly accused of murder. While a fugitive from the law, De Marney is helped by heroine Nova Pilbeam, who three years earlier had played the adolescent kidnap victim in Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much.

The Hurricane Trailer (1937)

05 November 1937

The Hurricane is a 1937 film set in the South Seas, directed by John Ford and produced by Samuel Goldwyn, about a Polynesian who is unjustly imprisoned.

A Damsel in Distress Trailer (1937)

19 November 1937

Lady Alyce Marshmorton must marry soon, and the staff of Tottney Castle have laid bets on who she'll choose, with young Albert wagering on "Mr.

Navy Blue and Gold Trailer (1937)

19 November 1937

A young man joins the navy in order to redeem the family name.

The Old Mill Trailer (1937)

05 November 1937

We see the various birds, mice, and bats that have moved into an old windmill, followed by the frogs, crickets, and fireflies making their music in an adjacent pond.

The Firefly Trailer (1937)

05 November 1937

Nina Maria Azara is the beautiful and alluring singing spy for Spain during the Napoleonic Wars. Her mission is to seduce French Officers, in order for them to reveal Napolean's intentions toward Spain.

It's Love I'm After Trailer (1937)

20 November 1937

An infatuated debutante renews a Shakespearean actor's running feud with his leading lady.

Nothing Sacred Trailer (1937)

25 November 1937

The hotshot newspaper reporter Wallace Cook (Fredric March) tries to get in the good graces of his boss, Oliver Stone (Walter Connolly) by exploiting the "imminent" death of an ailing young woman, Hazel Flagg (Carole Lombard).

The Last Gangster Trailer (1937)

12 November 1937

Edward G. Robinson stars as a crime boss who goes searching for his ex-wife and son after a 10 year prison stint.

The Little Match Girl Trailer (1937)

05 November 1937

A small girl makes her living selling matches on the streets of New York. It's winter, and the hustling crowds at best ignore her, and some are outright rude.

Expensive Husbands Trailer (1937)

27 November 1937

Unable to get work in her home country, Laurine Lynne (Beverly Roberts) travels to Vienna where her press agent, Joe Craig (Allyn Joslyn), convinces her to marry royalty.

The Sitter Downers Trailer (1937)

26 November 1937

The stooges are suitors who go on a sit down strike when their prospective father-in-law refuses to consent the marriages.

I'll Take Romance Trailer (1937)

17 November 1937

Theater manager James Guthrie's (Melvyn Douglas) career depends on famed soprano Elsa Terry (Grace Moore) singing in his Buenos Aires opera house, however, Elsa breaks the contract in favor of a more lucrative deal in Paris.

Egghead Rides Again Trailer (1937)

29 November 1937

City dweller Egghead dreams of being a cowboy, but his bouncing around gets him kicked out of his boarding house.

Danger Patrol Trailer (1937)

18 November 1937

An explosives carrier at an oil field falls in love with a colleague's daughter.

Springtime in the Rockies Trailer (1937)

13 November 1937

Ranch owner Sandra, fresh from animal husbandry school, brings a flock of sheep into cattle country. The local ranchers don't like it, and ranch foreman Gene must deal with it.

Pluto's Quin-puplets Trailer (1937)

26 November 1937

Pluto wants to chase the sausage man, but Fifi convinces him to look after their five rambunctious puppies instead.

High Flyers Trailer (1937)

07 November 1937

Two men running a carnival airplane ride are hired to fly to retrieve what they think are photos for a reporter.

Murder on Diamond Row Trailer (1937)

11 November 1937

London's jewel thieves are under the thumb of a mysterious fence, who ruthlessly exposes any thief who crosses him.

Merry Go Round of 1938 Trailer (1937)

14 November 1937

Two screwy characters travel to Hollywood and cause mischief.

Hold 'Em Navy Trailer (1937)

04 November 1937

Two football players fight over the same girl.

Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves Trailer (1937)

26 November 1937

Popeye the Sailor, accompanied by Olive Oyl and Wimpy, is dispatched to stop the dreaded bandit Abu Hassan and his force of forty thieves.

Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts Trailer (1937)

26 November 1937

Tex is after the gang that robbed a train of a gold shipment. He suspects Dorman is the culprit and is hiding their gold at his mine.

Az én lányom nem olyan Trailer (1937)

14 November 1937

Lenin in October Trailer (1937)

07 November 1937

Commissioned by Josef Stalin to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Soviet Revolution, Lenin in October was the first of Russian director Mikhail Romm's tributes to the Marxist visionary who helped orchestrate the insurrection of October, 1937.

Zorro Rides Again Trailer (1937)

20 November 1937

The California-Yucatan Railroad, being built for the good of Mexico, is under siege by a gang of terrorists hoping to force its sale; no one can prove their connection to profiteer Marsden.

The Man in the Barn Trailer (1937)

20 November 1937

After John Wilks Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln, he escaped to Maryland. According to the history books, he was discovered hiding in a barn; after he refused to surrender, the barn was set afire, and Booth died in the conflagration.

The Adventurous Blonde Trailer (1937)

13 November 1937

The third of nine Torchy Blane movies. Angry that police detective Steve McBride (Barton MacLane) is giving preferential treatment to his fiancée, reporter Torchy Blane (Glenda Farrell), reporters from a rival newspaper plan a fake murder with the idea that Torchy's paper will print the story and look foolish, teaching a lesson to Torchy and McBride.

Forfaiture Trailer (1937)

24 November 1937

Den kloge mand Trailer (1937)

01 November 1937

A film about a doctor in a small idyllic town. He's an honest man who wants his patients best, but fewer and fewer visitors comes to his practice and that frustrates the doctor.

Submarine D-1 Trailer (1937)

27 November 1937

Butch Rogers and Sock McGillis are old submarine hands stationed in Panama. On land, Butch and Sock battle over pretty Ann Sawyer.

Fanny Elssler Trailer (1937)

04 November 1937

Prince Klemens von Metternich orders Friedrich Gentz, one of his aides, to keep the Duke of Reichstadt---Napoleon Francois Joseph Charles---son of Napoleon and heir to the French throne, from thinking about French politics.

The Foxy Hunter Trailer (1937)

25 November 1937

Junior and Pudgy slip away from Betty Boop's care to go hunting with a pop-gun.

Morality Above All Else Trailer (1937)

25 November 1937

Professor Karas is widely known as enthusiastic propagator of the motto "Morality Above All Else". He guides his students as well as his own family to live a morally decent life.

Living on Love Trailer (1937)

12 November 1937

A man and woman, who've never met, are forced by circumstances to share the same apartment. A remake of the 1933 film "Rafter Romance".

Playboy Number One Trailer (1937)

26 November 1937

Professor Pierre Ginsberg, extraordinary French instructor, is sailing with a wealthy couple as their instructor and guide in France.

She Married an Artist Trailer (1937)

27 November 1937

Because Thornwood's portraits of comely model Sally Dennis are in such great demand, he is obliged to spend virtually all his time with Sally, which prompts Toni to seek retribution in divorce court.

The Luck of Roaring Camp Trailer (1937)

17 November 1937

When the miners of Roaring Camp become Godfathers to a motherless baby, they name the boy Luck and promise to set aside money for him from their diggings.

The Lonely White Sail Trailer (1937)

25 November 1937

Two young boys strive to save the life of an officer trapped by the White Russians. Their efforts arc

Night Club Scandal Trailer (1937)

11 November 1937

When Dr. Ernest Tindal's wife is murdered, evidence mounts to convict her lover, Frank Marian. But Frank knows he didn't do it.

The Duke Comes Back Trailer (1937)

29 November 1937

After winning the heavyweight championship, boxer Duke Foster (Allan Lane) quits the ring to marry socialite Susan Corbin (Heather Angel).

Ebb Tide Trailer (1937)

17 November 1937

In 1890, two British expatriates, Robert Herrick and Huish, and German Captain Jakob Thorbecke, are commissioned to sail a Yankee schooner called The Golden State , whose captain and crew have died of smallpox.

Love Takes Flight Trailer (1937)

05 November 1937

A commercial pilot romances both a Hollywood actress and a female aviator. 1937.

The Silver Trail Trailer (1937)

09 November 1937

Western, featuring Rin Tin Tin Jr., about a man trying to find an old friend in a town that is trying to deceive him.

Hollywood Round-Up Trailer (1937)

06 November 1937

While filming a western on location, the stand-in/stunt double for an egotistical cowboy movie star proves his heroics when a "fake" bank robbery turns out to be the real thing.

Danger Valley Trailer (1937)

03 November 1937

When Temple's miners strike gold they send Jake to file the claim. Dana is in the Recorder's office and overhears.

Second Honeymoon Trailer (1937)

13 November 1937

Raoul McLish stops over in Miami Beach where he runs into his ex-wife, Vicky Benton, and her new husband Bob, a belt manufacturer.

County Fair Trailer (1937)

24 November 1937

Racetrack drama about a young jockey accused of drugging his horse.

A Night at the Movies Trailer (1937)

05 November 1937

A man and his wife have a less-than-enjoyable time at the movies.

The Rat Trailer (1937)

11 November 1937

Jean Boucheron the cat burglar is the darling of the Montmartre whores--and catches the eye of slumming socialite Zelia de Chaumont, who decides to "reform" him.

Röntgenstrahlen Trailer (1937)

04 November 1937

Porky's Double Trouble Trailer (1937)

12 November 1937

Porky Pig has some problems when his mobster lookalike decides to frame him for a bank job.

Blossoms On Broadway Trailer (1937)

19 November 1937

A young singer hopes to become a success on Broadway. Musical.

The Laugh Doctor Trailer (1937)

10 November 1937

A comedy directed by Fred Sauer.

Fight for Your Lady Trailer (1937)

05 November 1937

Wrestling trainer puts himself in charge of a singer's love life when the singer is jilted by a rich girl.

Portia on Trial Trailer (1937)

08 November 1937

Lady lawyer Portia Merryman (Frieda Inescourt) defends woebegone Elizabeth Manners (Heather Angel), who is on trial for shooting her lover Earle Condon (Neil Hamilton).

What Do You Think? Trailer (1937)

25 November 1937

An off-screen narrator relates a story told at a home in the Hollywood Hills during a storm. A screenwriter named Basil tells of a Hollywood screenwriter named John Dough, who wakes up after a late-night party and rushes off to the studio.

Toofani Tarzan Trailer (1937)

02 November 1937

Scientist Ramu and his wife Uma (Nazira) live with their four-year-old son Leher in the jungle where he carries out experiments.

The Man Without a Country Trailer (1937)

27 November 1937

In this classic story, US Army Lt. Philip Nolan is upset with his assignment to a remote outpost with no possibility for promotion.

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round Trailer (1937)

26 November 1937

In this musical comedy, a crooked record producer uses his mob connections to force performers to do their stuff.