Movie Trailers - November 1939

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1939

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Gulliver's Travels Trailer (1939)

10 November 1939

Gulliver washes ashore on Lilliput and attempts to prevent war between that tiny kingdom and its equally-miniscule rival, Blefiscu, as well as smooth the way for the romance between the Princess and Prince of the opposing lands.

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex Trailer (1939)

11 November 1939

This period drama frames the tumultuous affair between Queen Elizabeth I and the man who would be King of England.

Drums Along the Mohawk Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

Set in America's Colonial period, John Ford's adventure tale follows Gilbert (Henry Fonda) and Lana Martin (Claudette Colbert) as they try to survive the rugged frontier.

Destry Rides Again Trailer (1939)

30 November 1939

Kent, the unscrupulous boss of Bottleneck has Sheriff Keogh killed when he asks one too many questions about a rigged poker game that gives Kent a stranglehold over the local cattle rangers.

Allegheny Uprising Trailer (1939)

10 November 1939

Allegheny Uprising is a 1939 film produced by RKO Pictures, starring Claire Trevor and John Wayne as pioneers of early American expansion in south central Pennsylvania.

Tower of London Trailer (1939)

17 November 1939

In the 15th century Richard Duke of Gloucester, aided by his club-footed executioner Mord, eliminates those ahead of him in succession to the throne, then occupied by his brother King Edward IV of England.

The Cat and the Canary Trailer (1939)

10 November 1939

Ten years have passed since the death of millionaire, Cyrus Norman. Cosby, Cyrus' attorney, has gathered Cyrus' 6 remaining relatives to his New Orleans' mansion for Cyrus' "reading of the will".

Blondie Brings Up Baby Trailer (1939)

08 November 1939

Columbia's Blondie series continued its winning streak with its fourth entry, Blondie Brings Up Baby.

That's Right - You're Wrong Trailer (1939)

24 November 1939

J. D. Forbes, head of the almost-bankrupt Four Star Studios in Hollywood contacts band leader Kay Kyser, who puts on a radio and-live theatre program called "The Kollege of Musical Knowledge," to appear in films.

First Love Trailer (1939)

10 November 1939

In this reworking of Cinderella, orphaned Connie Harding is sent to live with her rich aunt and uncle after graduating from boarding school.

Geronimo Trailer (1939)

26 November 1939

The army's effort to capture Apache chief Geronimo, who is leading a band of warriors on a rampage of raiding and murder, is hampered by a feud between two officers--who are father and son.

The Amazing Mr. Williams Trailer (1939)

22 November 1939

Kenny Williams, a lieutenant on the homicide squad, is engaged to Maxine Carroll, the Mayor's secretary.

En un burro tres baturros Trailer (1939)

11 November 1939

Three Spaniards emigrate to Mexico and become prosperous landowners.

The Dark Eyes of London Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

Insurance agent-physician collects on policies of men murdered by a disfigured resident of the home for the blind where he acts as doctor-on-call.

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery Trailer (1939)

01 November 1939

During a charity soccer match between Arsenal and touring amateur side Trojans, the Trojan's new star player collapses and dies.

Shors Trailer (1939)

20 November 1939

The year is 1919. German troops retreat from Ukraine. The Directory, the Ukrainian national government lead by Symon Petliura, takes control of Kyiv.

The Secret of Dr. Kildare Trailer (1939)

24 November 1939

Intern Kildare (Lew Ayres) heals a millionaire's daughter and tricks Dr. Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) into taking a vacation.

Anthony the Last Trailer (1939)

30 November 1939

Comedy with Hans Moser as grumpy valet who takes corrective action with mumbling peevishness in the fortunes of his family household count.

Day-time Wife Trailer (1939)

24 November 1939

When a young wife discovers her husband of two years is involved with his beautiful secretary, she applies for a job as secretary to a business rival.

Dead End Kids On Dress Parade Trailer (1939)

18 November 1939

The final feature in the "Dead End Kids" film series finds a youth trying to adjust to life at a military school.

Saga of Death Valley Trailer (1939)

17 November 1939

When Tasker kills Roy Rogers he takes one of his young sons. Fifteen years later the other son Roy arrives buying a ranch in the valley where Tasker now controls the water supply.

Heroes in Blue Trailer (1939)

07 November 1939

Family heartbreak: A dedicated New York City policeman raises two sons, one following in his dad's footsteps as a cop while the other turns to crime and is arrested for murder.

Trigger Fingers Trailer (1939)

01 November 1939

Marshal and his men disguise themselves as gypsies to catch a gang of cattle thieves.

City in Darkness Trailer (1939)

15 November 1939

Chan goes to Paris for a reunion with friends from World War I. There he investigates the murder of a munitions manufacturer who was supplying arms to the enemy.

Legion of Lost Flyers Trailer (1939)

02 November 1939

A group of pilots, because of unsavory or unearned reputations, establish an outpost squadron of their own, led by "Loop" Gillian, running charter-flights and hauling supplies in the frozen wastelands of Alaska.

Sacred Woods Trailer (1939)

26 November 1939

Despite her success, writer Francine Margerie is let down to see that she is not nominated for the Legion of Honor award.

Kalle på Spången Trailer (1939)

04 November 1939

Kalle Jeppson is the joyful owner of a rural inn, "Spången" (The Footbridge). His only problems are all the bylaws that makes it difficult to have a quiet drink and the shrew of his wife who is always nagging on him.

Cowboys from Texas Trailer (1939)

29 November 1939

Cowboys from Texas is a 1939 American Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movie directed by George Sherman.

Fighting Mad Trailer (1939)

05 November 1939

Ann Fenwick is a witness to a bank robbery in the U.S. and the bandits, led by Trigger (Warner Richmond) and Leon (Ted Adams) capture her and when she disappears, a warrant is issued for her arrest as a material witness.

Meet Dr. Christian Trailer (1939)

17 November 1939

The first of six films in the "Dr. Christian" series, starring Jean Hersholt as a small town doctor trying to convince local officials to approve funds for a new hospital.

Main Street Lawyer Trailer (1939)

02 November 1939

Story of a lawyer, gangster and a floozy.

Rymättylän talvikalastus Trailer (1939)

13 November 1939

A short Finish documentary about winter fishing in Rymättylä.

Law of the Pampas Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

Hoppy and Lucky are headed to South America to deliver a heard of cattle. Bay guy Ralph Merritt gets in their way.

Scrambled Eggs Trailer (1939)

09 November 1939

Peterkin, a mischievous elf with mixed body parts, decides to see what would happen if he switched the eggs in the tree-maternity nests.

Alarm auf Station III Trailer (1939)

10 November 1939

The Marshal Of Mesa City Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

A retired lawman gets back into action to fight political corruption.

Danger Flight Trailer (1939)

01 November 1939

Crooks plot to steal a payroll being shipped by air.

Too Busy to Work Trailer (1939)

17 November 1939

The Jones family females decide to teach Father a lesson. He's neglecting the family business to run for mayor, so they decide to neglect their household chores.

Teacher's Pest Trailer (1939)

02 November 1939

A Charley Chase short, produced at Columbia.

Whalers Trailer (1939)

09 November 1939

The Whalers (original title: Valfangare) is a filmed record of the final whaling expedition in the Arctic before the outbreak of WW2.

We Are Not Alone Trailer (1939)

25 November 1939

A British doctor (Paul Muni) and his son's Austrian governess (Jane Bryan) have an affair and are accused of killing his wife (Flora Robson).

Overland Mail Trailer (1939)

16 November 1939

Overland mail riders Jack Mason and his pal, Porchy, learn that an Indian uprising is imminent because one of the tribe has been murdered by a gang of outlaws.

Mot nya tider Trailer (1939)

06 November 1939

A Swedish drama from 1939 about the social and political developments in Sweden from 1885 until the dissolution of the union in 1905.

The Sleeping Princess Trailer (1939)

08 November 1939

A Princess is born in the castle, but through an accident the Destiny fairy fails to get an her invitation and is furious.

Glove Slingers Trailer (1939)

24 November 1939

A fighter trains for the big bout, and discovers that his opponent is his girlfriend's brother.

Buried Alive Trailer (1939)

06 November 1939

A prison trustee rescues a despondent executioner from a bar-room brawl, and is blamed for the fight by a tabloid reporter who actually started it, and loses parole, becomes embittered, and gets blamed for murder of guard.

A Day at the Zoo Trailer (1939)

01 November 1939

A tour of the zoo, in typical Tex Avery style: a series of one-liners and sight gags, punctuated by Egghead teasing a lion at intervals, despite the admonishments of the narrator.

Minin and Pozharsky Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

New York store clerk joins a hobo and an illegal immigrant heading for his newly bought land in Arizona.

Rulers of the Sea Trailer (1939)

08 November 1939

A mate (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) on a windjammer joins a Scottish inventor's (Will Fyffe) attempt to cross the Atlantic by steam.

Come Up Smiling Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

Barney O'Hara (Will Mahoney) and his young daughter Pat (Jean Hatton) tour the carnival circuit with a side show act, but when Pat is asked to sing at a party being given by a wealthy land-owner, her voice fails.

The Invisible Killer Trailer (1939)

14 November 1939

Reporter Sue Walker has too much inside information on the local gambling rackets to suit her sweetheart, Detective Lieutenant Jerry Brown, chief of the police Homicide Squad.

Das Recht auf Liebe Trailer (1939)

24 November 1939

The Pal from Texas Trailer (1939)

01 November 1939

The Frozen Limits Trailer (1939)

01 November 1939

The Crazy Gang join the 1898 gold rush. Unfortunately it's now 1939 and they're a bit late.

Call a Messenger Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

A tough street kid attempts to rob a post office and is caught. In order to avoid reform school, he takes a job as a messenger with the post office.

Song of the White Orchid Trailer (1939)

30 November 1939

Song of the White Orchid was a co-production of Toho and Mantetsu, the railway that served the colonial region of Manchuria, and the first film in the Kazuo Hasegawa/Shirley Yamaguchi (Ri Koran) “Continental Trilogy.

Fresh Fish Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

A tour of the waters near a South Sea island, introducing us to the various kinds of marine life, including the pickled herring, the hermit crab, the starfish, a seahorse race, and many other puns.

Melodin från Gamla Stan Trailer (1939)

13 November 1939

Swedish movie from 1939. In summer Stockholm live the unemployed musician Nisse trying to sell the songs to music publishers.

Kid Nightingale Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

A waiter becomes a singing prizefighter.