Movie Trailers - November 1943

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1943

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Sahara Trailer (1943)

11 November 1943

Sergeant Joe Gunn and his tank crew pick up five British soldiers, a Frenchman and a Sudanese man with an Italian prisoner crossing the Libyan Desert to rejoin their command after the fall of Tobruk.

Titanic Trailer (1943)

10 November 1943

This little-known German film retells the true story of the British ocean liner that met a tragic fate.

Northern Pursuit Trailer (1943)

13 November 1943

Canadian Mountie Steve Wagner captures a German Luftwaffe officer on a spy mission, who later escapes from the prison camp.

Home Defense Trailer (1943)

26 November 1943

Donald is manning a listening post and falls asleep; he blows trumpet calls in his sleep and wakes his nephews.

Gangway for Tomorrow Trailer (1943)

03 November 1943

Five defense workers on their way to the munitions factory tell their stories: a refugee from the French Resistance, a frustrated race car driver, a prison warden, a former Miss America, and an intellectual who dropped out of society and saw the country as a bum.

The Dancing Masters Trailer (1943)

19 November 1943

The Dancing Masters is a 1943 Laurel and Hardy feature film. The plot involves the team running a ballet school, and getting involved with an inventor.

Old Acquaintance Trailer (1943)

28 November 1943

Old friends Kit Marlowe and Millie Drake adopt contrasting lifestyles: Kit is a single, critically acclaimed author while married Millie writes popular pulp novels.

Drums of Fu Manchu Trailer (1943)

27 November 1943

In order to gain complete control of the barbaric bond of Asia, the nefarious Fu Manchu (Henry Brandon) must acquire the fabled scepter of Genghis Khan.

What's Buzzin' Buzzard? Trailer (1943)

27 November 1943

Two buzzards suffer from acute food shortage and make up for it by cooking each other, or at least trying to.

No Time For Love Trailer (1943)

10 November 1943

Upper-class female reporter is (despite herself) attracted to hulking laborer digging a tunnel under the Hudson river.

Cry 'Havoc' Trailer (1943)

23 November 1943

The Army nurses on Bataan need help badly, but when it arrives, it sure isn't what they expected. A motley crew, including a Southern belle, a waitress, and a stripper, show up.

Happy Land Trailer (1943)

10 November 1943

An Iowa drugstore owner becomes embittered when his son is killed in World War II. The druggist believes that the boy's life was cut short before he had an opportunity to truly appreciate his existence.

Girl Crazy Trailer (1943)

26 November 1943

Rich kid Danny Churchill has a taste for wine, women and song, but not for higher education. So his father ships him to an all-male college out West where there's not supposed to be a female for miles.

False Colors Trailer (1943)

05 November 1943

Before he was killed by Mark Foster's men, Bud Lawton willed part ownership in his ranch to Hoppy and his two pals.

Minesweeper Trailer (1943)

10 November 1943

A naval officer who had deserted several years earlier is drawn back to the Navy when World War II begins.

The Lamp Still Burns Trailer (1943)

29 November 1943

A tribute to the important work of female nurses during World War II.

The Deerslayer Trailer (1943)

22 November 1943

Deerslayer, a white man who was brought up by the Mohicans, helps his old tribe when the Hurons steal Princess Wah Tah, the betrothed of his friend Jingo-Good.

The Cross of Lorraine Trailer (1943)

12 November 1943

French soldiers (Jean-Pierre Aumont, Gene Kelly) surrender to lying Nazis and are herded into a barbaric prison camp.

The Texas Kid Trailer (1943)

26 November 1943

Marshals Nevada and Sandy are after Scully and his gang who have been robbing stage-coaches. The Texas Kid is part of the gang and Sandy thinks he is bad but Nevada knows him and thinks he may be good.

Un seul amour Trailer (1943)

25 November 1943

Find the Blackmailer Trailer (1943)

06 November 1943

After years of faithful supporting-player service to Warner Bros., Jerome Cowan was rewarded with two starring vehicles, the first of which was Find the Blackmailer.

Government Girl Trailer (1943)

05 November 1943

An aviation engineer and a government secretary are thrown together by the war effort.

Around the World Trailer (1943)

27 November 1943

Bandleader Kay Kyser takes his troupe of nutty musicians, goofball comics and pretty girl singers on a tour around the world to entertain the troops during World War II.

Death Valley Manhunt Trailer (1943)

25 November 1943

Unknown to oil company president Ross, his man Quinn is pulling a swindle on the independent drillers.

Wait for Me Trailer (1943)

01 November 1943

A story of true love set during the WWII.

Inki and the Minah Bird Trailer (1943)

12 November 1943

Once again, the mysterious minah bird hops his syncopated way into Inki's lion-hunting expedition. This time the little black bird has a new reality- defying way to disappear: he hops into a haystack which gradually (and with the same catchy hip-hop) shrinks down to a single straw, which vanishes.

The Falcon and the Co-Eds Trailer (1943)

10 November 1943

The Falcon is called to a young woman's school to investigate a murder. When he arrives, another victim is discovered.

The Masked Marvel Trailer (1943)

06 November 1943

A team of two-fisted insurance investigators (one of whom disguises himself as The Masked Marvel) endeavor to discover and thwart the loathsome saboteur Sakima.

Swing Fever Trailer (1943)

01 November 1943

Comedy about a bandleader with hypnotic powers.

The Old Army Game Trailer (1943)

05 November 1943

The old shell game gets a new face as Donald stays off-base past "Taps" and has to try to sneak back in with out alerting Pete.

Mystery Broadcast Trailer (1943)

23 November 1943

A radio-show mystery writer (Ruth Terry) and her rival (Frank Albertson) solve real murders.

The Mystery of the 13th Guest Trailer (1943)

05 November 1943

Murders result from an uncle's wish to eliminate beneficiaries to a will.

The Mad Ghoul Trailer (1943)

12 November 1943

A university chemistry professor experiments with an ancient Mayan gas on a medical student, turning the would-be surgeon him into a murdering ghoul.

La cavalcade des heures Trailer (1943)

10 November 1943

Jeannou Trailer (1943)

10 November 1943

Jeannou lives in a castle in Périgord with his father, the last man of aristocratic lineage landowners, very attached to traditions.

Besatzung Dora Trailer (1943)

01 November 1943

Riding High Trailer (1943)

11 November 1943

No relation to the 1950 Frank Capra film of the same name, the 1943 Technicolor musical Riding High is a by-the-numbers vehicle for Dorothy Lamour and Dick Powell.

His Butler's Sister Trailer (1943)

26 November 1943

Aspiring singer Ann Carter (Deanna Durbin) visits her stepbrother (Pat O'Brien) in New York, hoping to make it on Broadway.

The Winged Scourge Trailer (1943)

04 November 1943

The Seven Dwarfs fight malaria.

Internado Para Señoritas Trailer (1943)

11 November 1943

1940s-style teen comedy set in a private school for girls.

There's Something About a Soldier Trailer (1943)

30 November 1943

Five officer candidates fight to prove their mettle during training.

Devil Riders Trailer (1943)

05 November 1943

A crooked lawyer and his gang are trying to steal some government land meant for a stagecoach company.

The Home Front Trailer (1943)

01 November 1943

A homesick Pvt. Snafu learns that his family are almost as commited to the war efforts as himself.

Henry Aldrich Haunts a House Trailer (1943)

10 November 1943

Henry Aldrich (Jimmy Lydon) and his high-school pals investigate a local haunted house.

Nearly Eighteen Trailer (1943)

12 November 1943

A singer pretends to be younger so she can enter a music school.

Kollege kommt gleich Trailer (1943)

02 November 1943

Ein Mann mit Grundsätzen? Trailer (1943)

11 November 1943

Campus Rhythm Trailer (1943)

19 November 1943

Radio singer Joan Abbott, known as the "Crunchy-Wunchy Thrush", does not want to renew her contract with the cereal sponsor, as she wants to go to college.

Distinto Amanecer Trailer (1943)

18 November 1943

This Mexican crime melodrama was released in English-speaking communities as Another Dawn. Latin film favorite Pedro Armendariz stars as smooth-talking Octavio, chief henchman to a slain labor leader.

Phony Express Trailer (1943)

18 November 1943

Set in the old west, the stooges are three tramps wanted for vagrancy. After ruining a medicine peddlers show, they arrive in Peaceful Gulch where a picture has been printed declaring them to be three famous lawmen coming to clean up the town.

Overland Mail Robbery Trailer (1943)

20 November 1943

Western film directed by John English in 1948. The Patterson's are after the Hartley's share of the stage line.

Adios Juventud Trailer (1943)

01 November 1943

Nostalgic comedy about medical students circa 1905.

Yokel Ducks Makes Good Trailer (1943)

26 November 1943

A Terrytoons cartoon released 26 November 1943.

Imagination Trailer (1943)

18 November 1943

In this tale, told as a musical story, a little girl imagines that her two dolls come to life and go through a adventure involving a villain.

Ein Mann für meine Frau Trailer (1943)

26 November 1943

Tutta la vita in ventiquattr'ore Trailer (1943)

27 November 1943

Die schwache Stunde Trailer (1943)

16 November 1943

A Letter of Love Trailer (1943)

20 November 1943

Moments before he will be executed by the French Intervention Army, the liberal leader reads a love letter by his girlfriend.

Up with the Lark Trailer (1943)

23 November 1943

Land girls unmask black marketeers.

Livet på landet Trailer (1943)

29 November 1943