Movie Trailers - November 1960

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1960

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The Naked Island Trailer (1960)

23 November 1960

Deals with the intolerably hard life of a family of four, the only inhabitants of a very small Japanese island in the Setonaikai archipelago.

Butterfield 8 Trailer (1960)

04 November 1960

The story about Gloria Wandrous, a promiscuous fashion model, who falls in love with Weston Liggett, the hard drinking son of a working class family who has married into money.

G.I. Blues Trailer (1960)

23 November 1960

In Frankfurt, the G.I. Tulsa McLean (Elvis Presley) bets all the money his friends Cookie (Robert Ivers) and Rick (James Douglas) and he are saving to buy a night-club of their own in USA that his mate Dynamite will seduce and spend a night with the untouchable cabaret dancer Lili (Juliet Prowse).

The World of Suzie Wong Trailer (1960)

10 November 1960

Story of the love between a struggling American artist and a beautiful Chinese prostitute in Hong Kong.

North to Alaska Trailer (1960)

07 November 1960

Sam and George strike gold in Alaska. George sends Sam to Seattle to bring George's fiancé back to Alaska.

The Truth Trailer (1960)

02 November 1960

Dominique Marceau is on trial for the murder of Gilbert Tellier. The counsels duel relentlessly, elaborating explanations for why the pretty, idle and fickle girl killed the talented and ambitious conductor freshly graduated from the conservatory.

The Facts of Life Trailer (1960)

14 November 1960

Two romantic couples are each married to different people! They really DO love each other. At the beginning Kitty thinks Larry is un-funny.

The 3 Worlds of Gulliver Trailer (1960)

30 November 1960

Doctor Gulliver is poor, so nothing - not even his charming fiancée Elisabeth - keeps him in the town he lives.

The Housemaid Trailer (1960)

03 November 1960

A piano composer's family moves into a new house; when his pregnant wife collapses from working to support the family, he hires a housemaid to help with housework.

Morgan, the Pirate Trailer (1960)

17 November 1960

A Welsh pirate raids up and down the Caribbean, battling the Spanish, the English and other pirates.

Let No Man Write My Epitaph Trailer (1960)

10 November 1960

In this sequel to "Knock On Any Door", the residents of a Chicago tenement building band together to insure that the son of Nick Romano does not follow in his father's footsteps.

Late Autumn Trailer (1960)

13 November 1960

The great actress and Ozu regular Setsuko Hara plays a mother gently trying to persuade her daughter to marry in this glowing portrait of family love and conflict—a reworking of Ozu’s 1949 masterpiece Late Spring.

The Plunderers Trailer (1960)

05 November 1960

Four young toughs have ridden into Trail City and claimed it as easy pickings for their bullying and gunplay.

Moochie of Pop Warner Football Trailer (1960)

27 November 1960

In the first episode of Walt Disney's two-part miniseries Moochie of Pop Warner Football, diminutive Moochie Morgan (Kevin Corcoran) has put baseball aside to concentrate on the gridiron.

Minotaur, the Wild Beast of Crete Trailer (1960)

25 November 1960

Younger Brother Trailer (1960)

01 November 1960

Set in 1926 when Japanese tradition was much stronger, this standard drama looks at the inner workings of a small family, especially the relationship between a sister and brother.

No Kidding Trailer (1960)

01 November 1960

The premise involves a young couple, David and Catherine Robinson (Leslie Phillips and a young Geraldine McEwan), who have to turn their large country house into a money-making proposition.

The Wheelchair Trailer (1960)

03 November 1960

El Cochecito is a 1960 Spanish black comedy film directed by Marco Ferreri. The film is based on Rafael Azcona's novel who co-wrote the script with Ferreri.

Five Cartridges Trailer (1960)

03 November 1960

Signal Over the City Trailer (1960)

23 November 1960

The movie is based on true events that occured in Croatian city of Karlovac in 1941. In order to save the imprisoned high ranking member of the resistance movement, the group of Partizans are conducting daring raid in the very center of the enemy stronghold.

Esther and the King Trailer (1960)

18 November 1960

Recently widowed Persian King Ahasuerus wants to marry the beautiful Esther. But Esther is a Jewess, and Haman, the king's evil minister, is spreading hatred against the Jews.

Ten Who Dared Trailer (1960)

01 November 1960

The John Wesley Powell expedition of 1869 explores the dangerous Colorado River, withstands internal dissension, and finally discovers the Grand Canyon.

Girl of the Night Trailer (1960)

11 November 1960

Girl of the Night is about Bobbie (Anne Francis), a sensitive, lonely call girl who is manipulated and ultimately used by her madame, played by Kay Medford.

The White Dove Trailer (1960)

04 November 1960

A boy accidentally kills a carrier pigeon in this story told through symbolism and imagery.

Forelsket i København Trailer (1960)

04 November 1960

Forelsket i København is a 1960 Danish romance film directed by Finn Henriksen and starring Siw Malmkvist.

Female Slave Ship Trailer (1960)

05 November 1960

The year is 1945, months prior to Japan's ultimate defeat in WW2, and military lieutenant Sugawa is sent on a critical mission to deliver micro-fiche war plans to Tokyo from his base in Malaysia.

Smyk Trailer (1960)

22 November 1960

Spy film about a man with a face lift who gets recruited by western organisations.

The Devil To Pay Trailer (1960)

09 November 1960

A short silent (with narration), parodying science fiction films. The USA misfires a rocket which crash lands on Tartarus (or Hades), where Buster Keaton, as Diabolus, is enraged and seeks revenge.

Boulevard Trailer (1960)

30 November 1960

A Circle of Deception Trailer (1960)

01 November 1960

Unbeknownst to him, a soldier is sent on a doomed mission because of the high likelihood of him divulging secrets if captured and tortured.

Edward R. Murrow - Harvest of Shame Trailer (1960)

25 November 1960

In this CBS News production broadcast on Thanksgiving 1960, Edward R. Murrow points out the plight of migrant farm workers in America.

The Iceman Cometh Trailer (1960)

14 November 1960

The chilling tale of a high-rolling gambler who changes his ways and is determind to help the drifters, alcoholics and prostitutes who have come to depend on his "generosity".

The House In Marsh Road Trailer (1960)

01 November 1960

When a woman inherits a valuable house, her nasty husband and his mistress plot murder. But the house has a protective poltergeist who thwarts the wicked pair.

Les Distractions Trailer (1960)

04 November 1960

The Night We Got the Bird Trailer (1960)

03 November 1960

Good natured comic caper charting the misadventures of a hapless bunch of Brighton based petty crooks dogged with disaster at every turn.

A Subject of Scandal and Concern Trailer (1960)

06 November 1960

A dramatized account of a Victorian cause célèbre, written by John Osborne and concerning the true story of the last person in England to be tried for blasphemy.

Fighting Delinquents Trailer (1960)

23 November 1960

This rarely seen gem from master Suzuki casts teenage heartthrob Koji Wada as a young misfit who suddenly finds himself the unwitting pawn in an escalating family feud that ultimately leads to tragedy.

Insight: Anthony Asquith Trailer (1960)

09 November 1960

A documentary about noted British director Anthony Asquith, including clips from his films and interviews with his colleagues and contemporaries.

Love and Fashion Trailer (1960)

22 November 1960

In order to make money for the aerial review, a group of students organize the fashion program for the "Yugochic" company, doing some small frauds as well.

Love in Rome Trailer (1960)

24 November 1960

I pirati della costa Trailer (1960)

30 November 1960

Faces in the Dark Trailer (1960)

22 November 1960

A businessman (John Gregson) loses his sight in an explosion on the day his wife (Mai Zetterling) planned to leave him for another man (Michael Denison).

Wasteland Trailer (1960)

09 November 1960

Director Marcel Carné's 1960 look at juvenile delinquency, a pressing social issue in France at that time.

Fortunate Trailer (1960)

16 November 1960

During WW2, a posh bourgeois woman (Morgan)is compelled to live under the same room as a crude simple-minded yet big-hearted man.

Macbeth Trailer (1960)

20 November 1960

Hallmark Hall of Fame's second version of Shakespeare's classic play, with the same two stars and the same director as its first version, but a different supporting cast.

Feet of Clay Trailer (1960)

18 November 1960

Newly graduated defense attorney David Kyle (Vincent Ball) is stymied by his first case: to represent youthful criminal Jimmy Fuller (Brian Smith), who refuses to explain his involvement in the murder of the revered Diana White (Angela Douglas), a probation officer seemingly devoted to her work.

Pudhiya Pathai Trailer (1960)

16 November 1960

Wegen Verführung Minderjähriger Trailer (1960)

11 November 1960

At the age of 17 Inge falls in love with her teacher.

The Hunchback Trailer (1960)

30 November 1960

091 Policía al habla Trailer (1960)

09 November 1960

A police inspector makes his service in a patrol car attenging emergency calls. A memory hauns him, the death of her daughter, who was killed hit by a car that fled.

Mi calle Trailer (1960)

21 November 1960

The Spider's Web Trailer (1960)

01 November 1960

Mystery film based on an Agatha Christie story.

High School Caesar Trailer (1960)

01 November 1960

Matt Stevens is the big man at high school. He sweats the students for protection money, acquires copies of tests for a fee, and has rigged the votes so he can beat Kelly in the election for student president.

Dog Gone People Trailer (1960)

11 November 1960

Elmer Fudd agrees to take care of his boss' dog in return for a promotion and finds he must treat the pooch as a human being.

La llorona Trailer (1960)

16 November 1960

A woman takes revenge in the family of her lover.

Southern Fried Hospitality Trailer (1960)

28 November 1960

Gabby Gator, voiced in Kentucky Colonel mode by Daws Butler, is starving. He comes upon a recipe for southern-fried woodpecker and writes Woody a fan letter.

The War Without Weapons Trailer (1960)

08 November 1960

It's a story of the life of a man who advocated the necessity of sex education to children, which was unusual at the time, solely opposed to the amendment of the Peace Preservation Law, and was assassinated by a rightist prior to his opposition speech.

El correo del norte Trailer (1960)

02 November 1960

Bandits rob mail from stagecoach. First in series of two.

Amor en la sombra Trailer (1960)

24 November 1960

Wife dies and hubby's free to marry his mistress of thirty years. Blending the families doesn't go too smoothly.

Bouncing Benny Trailer (1960)

09 November 1960

A boy with a springlike spine bounces his way through childhood.