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The Gendarme of St. Tropez Trailer (1964)

11 November 1964

The ambitious police officer Cruchot (Louis de Funès) is transferred to St. Tropez. He's struggling with crimes such as persistent nude swimming, but even more with his teenage daughter, who's trying to impress her rich friends by telling them her father was a millionaire and owned a yacht in the harbor.

36 Hours Trailer (1964)

26 November 1964

Germans kidnap an American major and try to convince him that World War II is over, so that they can get details about the Allied invasion of Europe out of him.

Fantomas Trailer (1964)

04 November 1964

Fantômas is a man of many disguises. He uses maquillage as a weapon. He can impersonate anyone using an array of masks and can create endless confusion by constantly changing his appearance.

Carry On Cleo Trailer (1964)

08 November 1964

Two Britons are captured and enslaved by invading Romans and taken to Rome. Hengist Pod creates useless inventions, while Horsa is a brave and cunning fighter.

Onibaba Trailer (1964)

21 November 1964

In medieval times, on a remote plain, a widow and her mother-in-law kill wandering samurai, put their bodies in a hole in the ground and sell their armour and valuables, until the daughter-in-law falls in love with one of their intended victims.

The Tomb of Ligeia Trailer (1964)

01 November 1964

Story about a man haunted by the spirit of his dead wife and her effect on his second marriage.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Trailer (1964)

14 November 1964

Martians, upset that their children have become obsessed with TV shows from Earth which extol the virtues of Santa Claus, start an expedition to Earth to kidnap the one and only Santa.

Hamlet at Elsinore Trailer (1964)

15 November 1964

Christopher Plummer is joined by an all-star cast including Michael Caine, Robert Shaw, Roy Kinnear and Donald Sutherland in this historic production of Hamlet filmed on location at Elsinore, Denmark, the actual location where the play is set.

At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul Trailer (1964)

09 November 1964

Coffin Joe terrorizes a small peasant community in his search for the perfect woman to bear him a child.

Fate Is the Hunter Trailer (1964)

08 November 1964

A man refuses to believe that pilot error caused a fatal crash, and persists in looking for another reason.

Roustabout Trailer (1964)

11 November 1964

Elvis plays a bad-boy singer roaming the highways on his Japanese motorcycle; laid up after an accident, he joins a carnival owned by the feisty Barbara Stanwyck.

Tintin and the Blue Oranges Trailer (1964)

11 November 1964

Professor Calculus's (Feliz Fernandez) friend develops a blue-skinned orange that can grow on any kind of land and survive harsh weather (in the manner of Lue Gim Gong) and therefore solve world hunger.

Where Love Has Gone Trailer (1964)

02 November 1964

A divorced couple's teen-age daughter stands trial for stabbing her mother's latest lover.

The Hanged Man Trailer (1964)

18 November 1964

A gunman who believes his friend has been murdered sets out to get the people who killed him and finds himself enmeshed in corrupt labor union politics.

Code Name: Tiger Trailer (1964)

18 November 1964

A Turkish ambassador arrives in Paris to sign an important trade agreement, allowing Turkey to buy a sophisticated new war plane from France.

Lana: Queen of the Amazons Trailer (1964)

10 November 1964

A scientist and his nephew are hosts of Lana, queen of the Amazons, while other crew men try to find and take hold of the legendary Amazons' treasure.

Your Cheatin' Heart Trailer (1964)

04 November 1964

The story of the country and western singer Hank Williams.

Youngblood Hawke Trailer (1964)

04 November 1964

An unknown Kentucky writer (James Franciscus) comes to New York and pursues fame and women (Suzanne Pleshette, Genevieve Page).

5 mand og Rosa Trailer (1964)

13 November 1964

På et sygehus's 5 mandsstue - stue nummer 13 - ligger der 5 meget forskellige mænd, med meget forskellig baggrunde: Byretsdommer Winther, modedesigner Philip André , bankkasserer Madsen, den uforbederlige indbrudstyv Herluf "Smukke Arne" Jensen , og legationssekretær Konrad Konradsen.

Goodbye Charlie Trailer (1964)

18 November 1964

Shot by a jealous husband, Charley falls out a porthole and is lost at sea only to find himself returned as an attractive blond woman.

Minnesota Clay Trailer (1964)

12 November 1964

Wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, Minnesota Clay seeks revenge on the man who withheld evidence at his trial.

Snowbody Loves Me Trailer (1964)

08 November 1964

Waif mouse Jerry, encrusted with snow, peers through a warmly lit window at Tom asleep by the fire in a room full of cheese.

La tumba del pistolero Trailer (1964)

21 November 1964

Tom Bogard travels from Boston to the small western mining town of Carson, where on arrival he mentions he is the brother of Jack Bogard, who was assassinated a few weeks ago, he then is completely shut out.

Pajama Party Trailer (1964)

11 November 1964

A Martian teenager sent to prepare for an invasion falls in love with an Earth girl.

Gunmen Of The Rio Grande Trailer (1964)

19 November 1964

Wyatt Earp comes to a small town, Rio Bravo, to help the woman saloon owner against the town villain and to save a mine owner from robbery.

Ballad in Blue Trailer (1964)

13 November 1964

Ray Charles plays himself in this film where he helps blind boy David (Piers Bishop) in his struggle to regain his sight.

Deaf Sam Yong Trailer (1964)

13 November 1964

Deaf Sam-yong is a 1964 South Korean film directed and produced by Shin Sang-ok. It is based on the 1925 short story of the same title by Na Do-hyang and revolves around the story of a deaf farm hand who is in love with a landlord's daughter-in-law.

Apache Rifles Trailer (1964)

26 November 1964

A young cavalry officer is assigned the job of bringing in a band of Apaches who have been terrorizing the countryside.

The Importance of Being Earnest Trailer (1964)

15 November 1964

TV adaptation of the Oscar Wilde play. Jack pretends to be his foolish younger brother, Ernest in order to be a model of moral rectitude to his young ward, Cecily.

Beyond the Great Wall Trailer (1964)

21 November 1964

Beyond the Great Wall is a true story based on how Wang Chao-chun sacrificed her love and life for the good of the Chinese people during war time fears between China and the Huns.

Learning to Live Trailer (1964)

08 November 1964

A basic sex education film designed for young engaged couples.

The Tenderfoot Trailer (1964)

08 November 1964

Based on author James H. Tevis' Arizona in the 50s, The Tenderfoot stars Brandon De Wilde as young Tevis.

The Racetrack Murders Trailer (1964)

07 November 1964

A well-known thoroughbred is slain by a rival horse owner. Soon jockeys are being murdered by a mysterious killer.

Revenge Trailer (1964)

01 November 1964

This tragic drama shows a young man fettered by Bushido, the way of the Samurai, who tried to escape the chains of his position, but was being forced to die.

The High Bright Sun Trailer (1964)

01 November 1964

This story of love and espionage focuses on political turmoil as a small nation struggles to free itself from colonial rule, and one man tries to serve both justice and his own heart.

Kashmir Ki Kali Trailer (1964)

20 November 1964

A rich young man woos proud girl against her father's wishes.

Agnieszka 46 Trailer (1964)

24 November 1964

Triumph of the Ten Gladiators Trailer (1964)

26 November 1964

The ten gladiators are hired to travel to Arbela, a small country on the outskirts of the Roman Empire to learn if Parthia is planning to war with Rome.

Un par de sinvergüenzas Trailer (1964)

05 November 1964

Itinerant cowboy learns that his horse can talk. Horse ends up giving him singing-lessons... and...

Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? Trailer (1964)

08 November 1964

Jerry mixes and drinks a high-acceleration potion which renders him so fast that he eats all of Tom's food before the bewildered cat can even see him.

Santa Claus and His Helpers Trailer (1964)

01 November 1964

Santa Clause and His Helpers

Sechs Stunden Angst Trailer (1964)

25 November 1964

Heiss weht der Wind Trailer (1964)

26 November 1964

After his parents are killed in a stagecoach holdup, a young man learns to be an expert gunman and with his dog Shorty, sets out to avenge their deaths.

Die Physiker Trailer (1964)

05 November 1964

Augsburger Puppenkiste - Kater Mikesch Trailer (1964)

22 November 1964

No overview found.

Kitten with a Whip Trailer (1964)

04 November 1964

Jody, a juvenile delinquent, escapes from reform school by stabbing a matron and attempting to burn down the building and then takes refuge in a house owned by an ambitious politician David Patton.

The Bait Trailer (1964)

02 November 1964

Α rook turns a cabaret girl into a fine lady to use her as bait for his victims.

Moro Witch Doctor Trailer (1964)

01 November 1964

Action drama set in the Philippines, released in 1964, and directed by Eddie Romero.

Die Goldsucher von Arkansas Trailer (1964)

19 November 1964

3 Avengers Trailer (1964)

26 November 1964

(1964) Alan Steel, Lisa Gastoni, Mimmo Palmara, Rosalba Neri. Steel and his sword-wielding pals run head-on into the forces of a cruel tyrant.

La juventud se impone Trailer (1964)

05 November 1964

La costanza della ragione Trailer (1964)

27 November 1964

Lucky Jo Trailer (1964)

12 November 1964

Lucky Jo and his three friends are little criminals, who try to live from small burglaries. But they never have luck - ever so often something inpredictable happens to Jo and gets one of them arrested.

Happy End am Wörthersee Trailer (1964)

20 November 1964

Dear John Trailer (1964)

23 November 1964

Divorced skipper John meets Anita, a single mother, at a port and spends the weekend with her.

The House of Bhargavi Trailer (1964)

22 November 1964

Bhargavi Nilayam is the first ghost movie of Malayalam cinema. The film was a depiction of Vaikom Mohammed Basheer’s story ‘Neelavelicham’.

The Young Lovers Trailer (1964)

12 November 1964

A carefree college student has to face up to responsibility when his girlfriend announces she's pregnant.

Hour of Death Trailer (1964)

06 November 1964

When Bob Carey is released from prison after a long sentence for murder, begins the search for Mary, his former girlfriend.

Padagotti Trailer (1964)

02 November 1964

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Navarathiri Trailer (1964)

02 November 1964

Navaratri combined the story telling skills of filmmaker A. P. Nagarajan and the performances of all-time greats Sivaji Ganesan and Savithri.