Movie Trailers - November 1978

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1978

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School Teacher in the House Trailer (1978)

28 November 1978

Luisa De Dominicus is a Milanese piano teacher who moves to Lucca to be with the man she loves: Ferdinando 'Bonci' Marinotti, a city councilman campaigning for mayor on a platform of moral values.

Invincible Shaolin Trailer (1978)

19 November 1978

Three North Shaolin teachers (Lu Feng, Chang Sheng, and Sun Chien) are called on by the Manchus to teach their soldiers and are urged to challenge the current South Shaolin teachers.

Force 10 from Navarone Trailer (1978)

01 November 1978

Mallory and Miller are back. The survivors of Navarone are sent on a mission along with a unit called Force 10, which is led by Colonel Barnsby.

I Spit on Your Grave Trailer (1978)

03 November 1978

An aspiring writer is repeatedly gang-raped, humiliated, and left for dead by four men whom she systematically hunts down to seek revenge.

The Lord of the Rings Trailer (1978)

15 November 1978

The Fellowship of the Ring embark on a journey to destroy the One Ring and end Sauron's reign over Middle-earth.

Immorality Trailer (1978)

20 November 1978

Federico is a child-killer running from the law. Wounded, he is taken in by a 12 year old girl named Simona.

Spiritual Kung Fu Trailer (1978)

23 November 1978

Jackie Chan plays the part of the class clown in a shaolin temple whose deadliest secret is stolen. All is lost until Jackie's character discovers dancing blue ghosts with bright red hair who haunt the library.

Within the Woods Trailer (1978)

23 November 1978

The low budget film starring the young Bruce Campbell that influenced the Evil Dead films.

Caribbean Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals Trailer (1978)

16 November 1978

A team of geologists attempt to remove a native population from an island to perform atomic research.

Caravans Trailer (1978)

02 November 1978

This epic adventure-drama based on James Michener's best-selling novel concerns a young American embassy official who is sent into the Middle-Eastern desert to find the missing daughter of a US Senator.

French Fried Vacation Trailer (1978)

01 November 1978

Holidaymakers arriving in a Club Med camp on the Ivory Coast are determined to forget their everyday problems and emotional disappointments.

Knife in the Head Trailer (1978)

17 November 1978

One night when seeking his estranged wife, Hoffmann goes to the youth center where she works. The police are there rounding up radicals who frequent the center - Hoffmann runs into the building and ends up being shot in the head.

The Fifth Floor Trailer (1978)

15 November 1978

A young woman collapses on the disco dance floor of what's revealed to be strychnine poisoning. Assuming that this is an attempt at suicide, her boyfriend and doctor have her committed to the Fifth Floor, an asylum with obviously crazy inmates and a predatory orderly.

The Thirty Nine Steps Trailer (1978)

04 November 1978

The year is 1914 and Richard Hannay, Mining Engineer who is visiting Britain for a short time before returning to South Africa, is shocked when one of his neighbours, Colonel Scudder, bursts into his rooms one night and tells him a story that Prussian 'sleeper' agents are planning to pre-start World War I by murdering a visiting foreign minister.

How to Lose a Wife and Find a Lover Trailer (1978)

28 November 1978

Alberto deceived by his wife, goes to some place in the mountains to escape. There he meets a woman who was there for the same reasons that he was.

Lady of the House Trailer (1978)

14 November 1978

A dramatization of the life of Sally Stanford, who operated a bordello in the northern California town of Sausalito, and eventually went on to be elected mayor of the town.

Rainbow Trailer (1978)

06 November 1978

The early life and struggles of Judy Garland (portrayed by Andrea McArdle), and of the film star's trials as a youngster in dealing with the Movie Studio system that held her back while her mother was forever pushing her to excel.

Cuentos inmorales Trailer (1978)

30 November 1978

Four stories taking place in Lima, Peru in the 70s.

Magic Trailer (1978)

08 November 1978

A ventriloquist is at the mercy of his vicious dummy while he tries to renew a romance with his high school sweetheart.

Enter the Game of Death Trailer (1978)

03 November 1978

It's approaching World War 2 and China is expecting an to be invaded by Germany and Japan. Mr Ang is hired by a Chinese group who are after a "secret document.

Someone's Watching Me! Trailer (1978)

27 November 1978

A woman is being watched in her apartment by a stranger, who also calls and torments her. A cat-and-mouse game begins.

Raping! Trailer (1978)

18 November 1978

A woman on her way to Tokyo is repeatedly raped by various men she encounters on the highway.

Ein Hut von ganz spezieller Art Trailer (1978)

10 November 1978

Ratas del asfalto Trailer (1978)

16 November 1978

Spoiled rich boys get into drag-racing and end up in beeg trobbles.

Pretty Peaches Trailer (1978)

23 November 1978

Desiree is Peaches, a daffy carefree female who cheerfully plunges through life without any worries. After attending her father's wedding, she has an accident in her jeep that leaves her unconscious.

A Simple Story Trailer (1978)

22 November 1978

A Simple Story (French: Une histoire simple) is a 1978 French drama film directed by Claude Sautet. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Mountain Pass Trailer (1978)

08 November 1978

Serge (Stevenin) is a dweller in the French provinces who happens upon Georges (Jacques Villeret), a Parisian motorist in distress.

Magnum Begynasium Bruxellense Trailer (1978)

09 November 1978

"’Magnum Begynasium Bruxellense’ is a living chronicle of the inhabitants of the Béguinage area of Brussels, so named because it is located over the site of the old béguinage.

Blue Christmas Trailer (1978)

23 November 1978

UFOs appear on Earth, and people who actually see them suddenly find that their blood has turned blue.

Nighthawks Trailer (1978)

01 November 1978

A homosexual man is forced to hide his sexuality by day while living his secret life by night.

Movie Movie Trailer (1978)

01 November 1978

Three movie genres of the 1930s, boxing films, WWI aviation dramas, and backstage Broadway musicals, are satirized using the same cast.

Prescription in Blue Trailer (1978)

01 November 1978

Kuchar short.

The Crimson Night of the Hawk Trailer (1978)

29 November 1978

A murder mystery set in the old west.

Without Anesthesia Trailer (1978)

27 November 1978

A famous Polish journalist presents a problem for the powers-that-be when he displays his full political skill and knowledge on a television show featuring questions and answers on a world conference by a panel of journalists.

Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Trailer (1978)

12 November 1978

1978 movie starring Morgan Freeman. This movie is the shortened version that was released from the original 3 part mini series back in 1978.

Rock Goes To Collage: AC/DC Trailer (1978)

10 November 1978

Rock Goes To College (RGTC) was a BBC series that ran between 1978 and 1981 on British television. A variety of up-coming rock oriented bands were showcased live from small venues and broadcast simultaneously on television and radio during.

The Time Machine Trailer (1978)

05 November 1978

A scientist builds a machine that will enable him to travel back and forth in time, but when he puts it in motion, he gets more than he bargained for.

Killer of Sheep Trailer (1978)

14 November 1978

Stan works in drudgery at a slaughterhouse. His personal life is drab. Dissatisfaction and ennui keep him unresponsive to the needs of his adoring wife, and he must struggle against influences which would dishonor and endanger him and his family.

And I Alone Survived Trailer (1978)

27 November 1978

Based on a true story, this tells the story of a young woman who is the only survivor of a plane crash in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and her struggle to get to safety despite her injuries, below-freezing temperatures and rough, and at times impassable, terrain.

Edward & Mrs. Simpson Trailer (1978)

06 November 1978

While still the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VIII meets the married American socialite, Wallis Simpson.

Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision Trailer (1978)

02 November 1978

Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hollywood, also known as Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision, is a documentary film produced by BBC in 1978 on the subject of Hunter S.

Power Play Trailer (1978)

01 November 1978

A thriller, released 1st November 1978, based on the non-fiction book Coup d'État: A Practical Handbook by Edward N.

Libra Trailer (1978)

01 November 1978

The year is 2003, and space colony Libra's development of solar power could solve an acute, worldwide energy crisis.

Aval Appadithan Trailer (1978)

15 November 1978

Aval Appadithan (English: "That's How She Is") is a Tamil film is directed by C. Rudhraiya. It starred Sripriya, Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth, with Ilayaraja as music director.

The Perfect Crime Trailer (1978)

24 November 1978

The death of a multinational company’s chairman induces the three candidates for the chairmanship to plot against one another for control of the business.

Raggedy Ann & Andy: The Great Santa Claus Caper Trailer (1978)

30 November 1978

When inventor/efficiency expert Alexander Graham Wolf plots to take over Santa's workshop, Comet asks for help from Raggedy Ann, Andy and their dog, Raggedy Arthur.

Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family Trailer (1978)

15 November 1978

The true story of a modern pioneer family who turned their backs on civilization...never to return.

The Evolution of Snuff Trailer (1978)

30 November 1978

Mockumentary about a pornographic film starlet who commits suicide during the filming of a documentary about the adult film business, leading to the discovery of a snuff film.

In a Year with 13 Moons Trailer (1978)

17 November 1978

This drama follows the last few days in the life of Elvira (formerly Erwin) Weisshaupt. Years before, Erwin told a co-worker, Anton, that he loved him.

Revenge Trailer (1978)

12 November 1978

"Revansa" (Revenge) appeared not so long after the preview movie of the series, "Un comisar acuza" (The Police Inspector Calls).

Pretty Peaches Trailer (1978)

23 November 1978

Peaches is a daffy carefree female who cheerfully plunges through life without any worries. She has a car accident after attending the wedding of her father and is rendered unconscious.

Alien Zone Trailer (1978)

22 November 1978

A man who is having an affair with a married woman is dropped off on the wrong street when going back to his hotel.

Zur Sache Vötzchen Trailer (1978)

11 November 1978

The Iron Gate Trailer (1978)

15 November 1978

In a poor neighborhood of Athens, Andreas and Eftyhis are struggling to eke out a living. Making the most of the adventurism inspired in them by the post-war era and trying to make a life for themselves against the backdrop of the post-dictatorship conservative regime, the two heroes gradually lose their political conciousness and social identity and are led to ruin.

The Bees Trailer (1978)

01 November 1978

Corporate smuggling of South American killer bees into the United States results in huge swarms terrorizing the northern hemisphere.

Sabine Wulff Trailer (1978)

10 November 1978

Slow Dancing In The Big City Trailer (1978)

08 November 1978

An aging out of shape reporter falls for a pretty but seriously ill ballerina.

Between Two Wars Trailer (1978)

05 November 1978

SA film about the time of the blast furnances - 1917 - 1933 - about the development of an industry, about a perfect machinery which had to run itself to the point of its own destruction.

The Pirate Trailer (1978)

21 November 1978

An Israeli man, raised by a wealthy and powerful Arab, is put in charge of his country's vast oil fortunes.

El hombre que supo amar Trailer (1978)

15 November 1978