Movie Trailers - October 1922

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1922

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The Electric House Trailer (1922)

01 October 1922

Botany major Buster mistakenly graduates in electrical engineering and is hired to wire a new home.

Once Upon a Time Trailer (1922)

02 October 1922

Based on the play by Holger Drachmann.

Sodom and Gomorrah Trailer (1922)

13 October 1922

Mary loves the artist Harry but becomes engaged with Jackson Harber which drives Harry near suicide. In a parallell story in ancient Syria the queen orders the execution of a young gold smith.

Seeing Stars Trailer (1922)

29 October 1922

First National gala celebrity banquet with stars.

Oliver Twist Trailer (1922)

30 October 1922

Oliver's mother, a penniless outcast, died giving birth to him. As a young boy Oliver is brought up in a workhouse, later apprenticed to an uncaring undertaker, and eventually is taken in by a gang of thieves who befriend him for their own purposes.

Felix Turns the Tide Trailer (1922)

14 October 1922

Felix the Cat becomes a soldier when the rats declare war on the cats.

Le fils du flibustier Trailer (1922)

13 October 1922

A melodrama.

Fire Fighters Trailer (1922)

08 October 1922

The gang forms a fire department; they end up thwarting a bootlegger, but not before their pet animals get drunk on his moonshine.

The Suram Fortress Trailer (1922)

09 October 1922

The legend of the Suram Fortress.

Remembrance Trailer (1922)

01 October 1922

Although he graduated from that time-worn university, the college of hard knocks, the tireless efforts of John P.

Finlandia Trailer (1922)

21 October 1922

A documentary from Erkki Karu, one of the earliest pioneers of Finnish cinema.

The Old Sea Dog Trailer (1922)

14 October 1922

Snub Pollard comedy directed by Charley Chase and produced by Hal Roach.

The Weak-End Party Trailer (1922)

01 October 1922

A riotous comedy of social errors, as absurd as a butler's whiskers.

Vanina Trailer (1922)

05 October 1922

Vanina loves rebel leader Octavio, who gets caught. He gets a pardon and marries Vanina. When he is captured again, Vanina helps him to escape prison.

The Golf Bug Trailer (1922)

30 October 1922

The Golf Bug,1922, directed by James D. Davis, starring James "Paul" Parrott and Jobyna Ralston, is a short silent comedy film.

Shiver and Shake Trailer (1922)

22 October 1922

A landlord is attending his new tenants' rollicking and well-attended housewarming party. As midnight arrives, a ghostly apparition appears outside the window--and our frightened hero immediately breaks out the shotgun to fend off the phantom menace.

One Exciting Night Trailer (1922)

02 October 1922

The plot revolves around the murder of a bootlegger and the attempts to uncover the true murderer.

Mixed Faces Trailer (1922)

21 October 1922

The Ropin' Fool Trailer (1922)

29 October 1922

Felix Minds the Kid Trailer (1922)

01 October 1922

After unsuccessfully trying to steal food from a fish market, Felix is promised by a man that if he watches the man's child, he will be fed a great meal.

Chemistry Lesson Trailer (1922)

14 October 1922

Farmer Al Falfa gives his moonshine to a rabbit and a rooster before drinking the powerful stuff himself and hurtling into space.

Don Juan et Faust Trailer (1922)

07 October 1922

Crazy scientist Faust tries to take Don Juan's lover away.

Blaze Away Trailer (1922)

01 October 1922

Silent Western...

Polikushka Trailer (1922)

30 October 1922

"Polikushka" was the only film directed by Aleksandr Sanin, one of Moscow Art Academic Theatre's founders, and is based on Lev Tolstoy's homonym short story.

Lorna Doone Trailer (1922)

01 October 1922

In 17th-century England, an outlaw clan kidnaps a young girl, who grows up among them. The farm boy who met her just before the kidnapping eventually rescues her, and they fall in love.

L'Arlésienne Trailer (1922)

03 October 1922

The final film of André Antoine.Based on the play by Alphonse Daudet. In the nineteenth century, in Camargue, the charming Frédéri, young son of wealthy farmers, is madly in love with a beautiful Arlesienne and wants only to marry her.

Lucrezia Borgia Trailer (1922)

20 October 1922

Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI, has three adult children: Juan, who is virtuous and has a sweetheart who is a woman of the people, Lucrezia, who is virtuous and wants to marry Alfonso, and Cesare, who is wicked and lusts after Lucrezia, Juan's girlfriend, and probably others.