Movie Trailers - October 1928

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1928

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Early to Bed Trailer (1928)

06 October 1928

Oliver inherits a fortune and hires Stan as his butler and proceeds to torment him. Stan finally rebels and goes on a rampage, destroying Oliver's fancy furnishings.

The Fall of the House of Usher Trailer (1928)

05 October 1928

Adapted from Edgar Allan Poe's Fall of the House of Usher, director Jean Epstein studiously avoids cheap shocks in this tale of hereditary madness, choosing instead a tightly controlled, spookily subtle technique.

Lilac Time Trailer (1928)

18 October 1928

All of those handsome young men in their flying machines are billeted in a field next to the Widow Berthelot's farmhouse in France.

The Wedding March Trailer (1928)

06 October 1928

Prince Nikki, Lieutenant of the Guard in pre WWI Vienna, is flat broke, but the only advice he gets from his parents is either to shoot himself or to marry money.

Docks of Hamburg Trailer (1928)

10 October 1928

Show Folks Trailer (1928)

20 October 1928

Eddie Kehoe is a young vaudeville hoofer who thinks his inability to hit the big time is the fault of stage managers, agents, musicians.

Sex in Chains Trailer (1928)

24 October 1928

A young man is convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a term in prison. There he forms a close relationship with his cellmate and upon his release his wife is concerned as to how prison has changed the man she married.

4 Devils Trailer (1928)

03 October 1928

Film historian and collector William K. Everson stated that the only surviving print was lost by actress Mary Duncan who had borrowed it from Fox Studios.

The Captain's Daughter Trailer (1928)

08 October 1928

An adaptation of Pushkin's historical novel about the Pugachev's Rebellion in 1773–1774.

The White Eagle Trailer (1928)

08 October 1928

The film is based on The Governor, a play by Leonid Andreyev. V.I. Kachalov plays the governor of a small Russian province who tries to treat the people under his authority with kindness and equanimity.

The First Born Trailer (1928)

01 October 1928

Would-be politician Sir Hugo Boycott and his wife Madeleine have an unhappy marriage. Madeleine is aware that Hugo is a serial philanderer, and their problems are exacerbated when she fails to produce the heir he wants.

L'Eau du Nil Trailer (1928)

18 October 1928

Wirsoq, who belongs to the type of cosmopolitan financier, gets into his power a young French aristocrat, Arthur de Sorgepois, and insists that the boy's sister should marry him.

Dinner Time Trailer (1928)

13 October 1928

Dinner Time is noted as the first sound cartoon short made after Warner Bros.' success with The Jazz Singer and produced even before Walt Disney's first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie (though released after).

The Ol' Gray Hoss Trailer (1928)

19 October 1928

This story revolves around an old man who feels alone in the world aside from the gang who keeps him company and his old horse.

Mickey the Detective Trailer (1928)

27 October 1928

Mickey and the gang play detective. Later, the dog gets stuck with a professor's time bomb.

The Last Night Trailer (1928)

11 October 1928

A film by A. W. Sandberg.

Brasa Dormida Trailer (1928)

23 October 1928

A young man from Rio who, down on his luck in the capital, takes a job as manager of a sugar mill in the country, where he finds love with the mill owner’s daughter.

Land of the Silver Fox Trailer (1928)

17 October 1928

Rin-Tin-Tin's first sound feature, in which he plays an abused dog recused by a young girl in the far north.

The Power of the Press Trailer (1928)

30 October 1928

An aspiring newspaper reporter investigates as a young woman suspected of murder.

The Battle of the Sexes Trailer (1928)

12 October 1928

Gum-chewing frizzy-haired golddigger Marie Skinner cooks up a scheme with her lover Babe Winsor, a jazz hound, to fleece a portly middle-aged real estate tycoon, William Judson.

The Glorious Trail Trailer (1928)

27 October 1928

After a work crew stringing telegraph wires across the Great Plains is slaughtered by Indians, Pat O'Leary, the company superintendent, must take out another supply train to make the dangerous trip across open country.

Bergenstoget plyndret i natt Trailer (1928)

07 October 1928

The film tells the story of an ambitious young man, Tom, who loves Grete, daughter of the manager of the national railroads; but Grete's father prefers Lund, an upright and uptight army officer.

The Dancing Town Trailer (1928)

26 October 1928

Young kids face off in a dance competition.

The Circus Kid Trailer (1928)

07 October 1928

In 'The Circus Kid', Darro gives an excellent performance as Buddy, an orphan who runs away from a a harsh orphanage to join Cadwallader's Circus.

Caucasian Love Trailer (1928)

22 October 1928

Georgia, 1864. The Tsarist regime is using Cossacks to forcibly resettle Muslim Georgians to Turkey in order to steal their land.

Loose Change Trailer (1928)

06 October 1928

LOOSE CHANGE - starring Jack Duffy and Neal Burns, with Lorriane Eddy, Winnie Law, and Glen Cavender.

The Michigan Kid Trailer (1928)

20 October 1928

The Michigan Kid is a gambler in the backwoods of Alaska trying to make enough money to go back to his hometown and impress the girl he loves.

Tajemnica starego rodu Trailer (1928)

18 October 1928

A Polish drama from Zbigniew Gniazdowski about love and secret documents.

The Band Beautiful Trailer (1928)

01 October 1928

The Ingenues perform "Tiger Rag," "Changes," "Mighty Lak' a Rose," "Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs Off the Moon," and "Shaking the Blues Away.

Fiery Fireman Trailer (1928)

15 October 1928

Oswald and his faithful horse rush to a blazing apartment area to rescue troubled residents.

Liebe im Kuhstall Trailer (1928)

19 October 1928

Rennsymphonie Trailer (1928)

18 October 1928

'Race Symphony (1928)' belongs to a different style of film-making, most popular popular in the 1920s, known loosely as "City Symphonies.