Movie Trailers - October 1932

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1932

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The Old Dark House Trailer (1932)

20 October 1932

Seeking shelter from a pounding rainstorm in a remote region of Wales, several travellers are admitted to a gloomy, foreboding mansion belonging to the extremely strange Femm family.

Red Dust Trailer (1932)

22 October 1932

Dennis Carson has lived in Indochina all his life, only leaving his rubber plantation for an occasional fling in Saigon.

Trouble in Paradise Trailer (1932)

21 October 1932

Trouble in Paradise is one of the most important films of Actor, Producer, and Director Ernst Lubitisch, and his personal favorite of all the films he’s made.

Three on a Match Trailer (1932)

29 October 1932

Although Vivian Revere is seemingly the most successful of a trio of reunited schoolmates, she throws it away by descending into a life of debauchery and drugs.

Carnival Capers Trailer (1932)

09 October 1932

A Oswald The Rabbit cartoon....

The Cabin in the Cotton Trailer (1932)

15 October 1932

Sharecropper's son Marvin tries to help his community overcome poverty and ignorance.

The Crash Trailer (1932)

09 October 1932

Rich couple loses their fortune in stock market crash.

The Big Stampede Trailer (1932)

08 October 1932

Deputy Sheriff John Steele recruits bandit Sonora Joe to help him find out who's been bumping off all the local lawmen and rustling the cattle.

The Girl from Calgary Trailer (1932)

23 October 1932

A French-Canadian girl is a champion bronc rider and is also a nightclub singer. An ambitious young man sees her act one night and is struck by her talent, realizing that she is good enough to become a Broadway star.

Her Mad Night Trailer (1932)

12 October 1932

A woman is accused of murdering a man who molested her young daughter.

Red Haired Alibi Trailer (1932)

20 October 1932

A young girl new to the big city gets a job as a man's companion. What she doesn't know is that the man is a notorious gangster.

Kongo Trailer (1932)

01 October 1932

From a wheelchair a handicapped white man rules an area of Africa as a living god. He rules the local natives through superstition and stage magic and he rules the few white people through sadism, keeping them virtual prisoners.

The Golden West Trailer (1932)

29 October 1932

Lovers David Lunch and Betty Summers are caught in the feud between their two families. When David kills the Summers son, he escapes to the West.

Tip Tap Toe Trailer (1932)

21 October 1932

Hal and Mitzi have known each other since they were babies. Tap dancer Hal now works as a window dresser in Blake's Department Store, owned by Mitzi's dad.

The King Murder Trailer (1932)

10 October 1932

A beautiful blonde makes a career out of seducing and then blackmailing wealthy married men. She is found murdered after demanding a $5000 payoff from her latest victim, and the detective investigating the case finds out that she was involved in a lot more than just blackmail.

Texas Buddies Trailer (1932)

18 October 1932

Kincade and Blake cause a mail plane carrying a payroll to make a forced landing in the desert. When they try to get the money, prospectors Ted and Si drive them away.

Rome Express Trailer (1932)

31 October 1932

American film star Asta Marvelle travels in Europe aboard the Rome Express . On the train, she meets her former partner in crime, Tony, and is blackmailed into assisting his new accomplice in an attempted art theft.

Slightly Married Trailer (1932)

15 October 1932

Mary Smith is picked up by the police and is about to be sentenced, in night court, to jail for vagrancy.

The Pie-Covered Wagon Trailer (1932)

30 October 1932

Baby Burlesk on wagon train fight with Indians.

Hi, Gaucho! Trailer (1932)

10 October 1932

The son and daughter of feuding ranchers defy their fathers in the name of love.

Washington Merry-Go-Round Trailer (1932)

15 October 1932

Button Gwinett Brown is a freshman congressman on a mission to rid Washington of corruption. He quickly runs afoul of the powerful Senator Norton.

Night After Night Trailer (1932)

30 October 1932

A former boxer purchases a classy speakeasy and falls in love with a wealthy society girl.

There Goes the Bride Trailer (1932)

25 October 1932

A businessman's daughter runs away from an arranged marriage, only to find herself penniless and suspected of theft after she becomes the victim of a bag thief in the train.

Rain Trailer (1932)

12 October 1932

A missionary tries to reform a streetwalker trapped on a Pacific island.

Faithless Trailer (1932)

15 October 1932

Socialite Carol Morgan romps through the depression and her wealth while breaking up with Bill Wade and getting back together with him.

The Soilers Trailer (1932)

29 October 1932

Zasu and Thelma are working their way through college by selling magazine subscriptions. Finding little success going door-to-door, the pair decide to use their charms to sell to men at their places of work.

The Crusader Trailer (1932)

04 October 1932

Gangsters scheme to get rid of a crusading District Attorney by blackmailing him through his daughter.

Over the Counter Trailer (1932)

15 October 1932

The son of a department store owner replaces the regular sales girls with chorus girls.

Touchdown Mickey Trailer (1932)

14 October 1932

Mickey's Manglers get a couple of last-quarter touchdowns and tie the football game with the Alley Cats, 96 to 96.

Strange Justice Trailer (1932)

07 October 1932

Socialite banker Henry Judson maintains his extravagant lifestyle by embezzling from his bank, but is caught by sleazy assistant manager Waters and is blackmailed by him into continuing.

Lord Camber's Ladies Trailer (1932)

27 October 1932

In this drama the owner of a flower shop falls in love with one of her patrons. Unfortunately, he is married to a shrewish actress and cannot get out of the marriage.

Hot Saturday Trailer (1932)

28 October 1932

A pretty but virtuous small-town bank clerk is the victim of a vicious rumor from an unsuccessful suitor that she spent the night with a notorious womanizer.

Virtue Trailer (1932)

25 October 1932

A relationship gradually develops between a savvy New York street girl and a good-hearted cab driver--who first meet when she stiffs him for the fare--but other matters keep getting in their way, including financial problems and a murder.

A Cat-Fish Romance Trailer (1932)

06 October 1932

A catfish living in a submarine in a lake, lures a cat to pursue her. Their playful antics are interrupted by an octopus, and a fight ensues.

Gold Trailer (1932)

05 October 1932

A cowboy turned gold miner fights a gang that buys miner's claims and then murders them.

One Way Passage Trailer (1932)

22 October 1932

A terminally ill woman and a debonair murderer facing execution meet and fall in love on a trans-Pacific crossing, each without knowing the other's secret.

The Forty-Niners Trailer (1932)

27 October 1932

O'Hara has been hired to lead a wagon train west. Instead he has led it off the trail to where it can be attacked by his Indian friends.

Romantic Melodies Trailer (1932)

20 October 1932

Bimbo leads an awful German street band to serenade Betty Boop, but she prefers Arthur Tracy, 'Street Singer of the Air,' who in live- action sings several old-fashioned songs with a Bouncing Ball.

Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth Trailer (1932)

13 October 1932

Ozu’s long-term collaborator Kogo Noda scripts a subtle shift from light to dark as Hirano’s carefree college life is marred by tragedy.

Heart Punch Trailer (1932)

17 October 1932

During a boxing match a fighter accidentally kills his opponent in the ring. Afterwards he finds himself falling in love with the dead man's sister.

A Spanish Twist Trailer (1932)

13 October 1932

Tom and Jerry (the human versions, not the cat and mouse) are on a raft in the ocean. After being attacked by an octopus and losing their raft, they wash up on the shores of Spain.

Theodor Körner Trailer (1932)

03 October 1932

Strich durch die Rechnung Trailer (1932)

24 October 1932

Hat Check Girl Trailer (1932)

07 October 1932

Gerry Marsh is a hat-check girl in a nightclub surrounded by bootleggers, blackmailers and others before she falls in love with millionaire playboy Buster Collins.

A Passport to Hell Trailer (1932)

09 October 1932

Just prior to the outbreak of World War I, in the British West African town of Akkra, English woman Myra Carson becomes involved in a scandal and is deported.

Trailing the Killer Trailer (1932)

16 October 1932

While the original title, "Trailing the Killer" isn't a misnomer, it was a bit misleading since the "trailer" is a dog named Caesar Caesar the Dog) and the killer is a mountain lion, aka as a cougar or puma the narrator was quick to point out.

The Phantom of Crestwood Trailer (1932)

14 October 1932

Five men have to prove their innocence when a blackmailer is murdered.

6 Hours to Live Trailer (1932)

15 October 1932

A murder victim is brought back to life by a scientific experiment. However, the effects only last for six hours, and he must find his killer in that time.

Bugs in Love Trailer (1932)

01 October 1932

Insects have made a playground/carnival out of castoffs, featuring "ice skating" on mirrors. Two love bugs head off to a more private area.

Once in a Lifetime Trailer (1932)

02 October 1932

Story of a Hollywood studio during the transition from silents to talkies.

Men, What Rascals! Trailer (1932)

14 October 1932

A Parisian Romance Trailer (1932)

01 October 1932

The Baron is an aging, cynical lady's man. He has a key-chain with about 50 keys to different women' apartments in Paris.

The Goal Rush Trailer (1932)

02 October 1932

Flip the Frog plays college football with wacky results.

Girl Grief Trailer (1932)

08 October 1932

Although terrified of girls, Charley must take a job teaching at a girls school.

Bosko the Drawback Trailer (1932)

22 October 1932

Bosko is the star player in a wacky game of professional football.

Pride of the Legion Trailer (1932)

17 October 1932

After suffering a traumatic injury, a policeman (Victor Jory) resigns from the force and, after he's saved from a suicide attempt, goes to work at a cafe frequented by gangsters.

Between Fighting Men Trailer (1932)

15 October 1932

Ken not only has to fight with his brother Wally over the girls, he has to try and stop the conflict between the cattlemen and the sheepmen.

Vanity Street Trailer (1932)

14 October 1932

A New York policeman helps a hungry and penniless young woman start life anew by arranging to get her a job in "The Follies".

Tangled Destinies Trailer (1932)

17 October 1932

An airliner makes a forced landing at night in the desert. The passengers and crew take refuge in a nearby deserted house.

Zigeuner der Nacht Trailer (1932)

31 October 1932