Movie Trailers - October 1933

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1933

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Footlight Parade Trailer (1933)

21 October 1933

James Cagney stars as a fledgling producer who finds himself at odds with his workers, financiers and his greedy ex-wife when he tries to produce live musicals for movie-going audiences.

Riders of Destiny Trailer (1933)

10 October 1933

John Wayne portrays Singin' Sandy Saunders and has a reputation as the most notorious gunman since Billy the Kid.

The Tunnel Trailer (1933)

26 October 1933

No overview found.

Busy Bodies Trailer (1933)

07 October 1933

The film consists of a series of gags set in a sawmill. Despite there being almost no plot, this is considered to be one of Laurel and Hardy's best sound shorts.

After Tonight Trailer (1933)

26 October 1933

A Russian spy falls for an Austrian captain in this WW1 romance.

I'm No Angel Trailer (1933)

06 October 1933

The bold Tira works as dancing beauty and lion tamer at a fair. Out of an urgent need of money, she agrees to a risky new number: she'll put her head into a lion's muzzle! With this attraction the circus makes it to New York and Tira can persue her dearest occupation: flirting with rich men and accepting expensive presents.

The Kennel Murder Case Trailer (1933)

28 October 1933

Philo Vance, accompanied by his prize-losing Scottish terrier, investigates the locked-room murder of a prominent and much-hated collector whose broken Chinese vase provides an important clue.

Mickey's Tent Show Trailer (1933)

26 October 1933

Mickey and the gang put on their own circus, but Stinky Davis and his pals constantly try to disrupt it.

Ann Vickers Trailer (1933)

05 October 1933

1933 drama with Irene Dunn. After a love affair ending in an abortion, a young prison reformer submerges herself in her work.

Night Flight Trailer (1933)

06 October 1933

A mail company pushes their pilots to fly overnight to increase their delivery speed, but storms threaten.

The Pet Store Trailer (1933)

27 October 1933

Mickey Mouse's new job at Tony's Pet Store is jeopardized when Beppo the Gorilla escapes and kidnaps Minnie.

Secret Sinners Trailer (1933)

19 October 1933

When a wife finds out that her husband has fallen for a chorus girl, she figures that if he can stray so can she, so she starts looking elsewhere.

The Mad Game Trailer (1933)

27 October 1933

Bootlegger Ed Carson is sent to prison. His old gang turns from liquor (now legal) to kidnapping. When they nab the son and daughter-in-law of the judge who sent Carson to prison, he is paroled to help in the capture.

Bombshell Trailer (1933)

13 October 1933

Sexpot film star Lola Burns (Jean Harlow) is at the top of the pile in Hollywood in this pre-code film directed by Victor Fleming But with her father and brother always hanging around for handouts and the studio PR honcho cooking up endless lurid newspaper stories, she decides to get a new image by trying all sorts of schemes which go awry.

Man's Castle Trailer (1933)

27 October 1933

Bill takes Trina into his depression camp cabin. Later, just as he finds showgirl LaRue who will support him, Trina becomes pregnant.

Merrily Yours Trailer (1933)

05 October 1933

Sonny falls for the pretty new girl next door and decides to take her to a part. First, however, he has to get his sister Mary Lou to go to sleep, which is proving to be a harder task than he anticipated.

The River Trailer (1933)

13 October 1933

Original in its sincere, lyrical realism, The River is a naturalistic melodrama otherwise characteristic of the period.

Mickey's Touchdown Trailer (1933)

13 October 1933

Mickey and the gang get ready for a big game of football. But Stinky Davis has a few tricks up his sleeve to stop the gang from winning.

Wild Poses Trailer (1933)

28 October 1933

An Our Gang Comedy. Spanky's parents take their reluctant boy to get his portrait taken by a prissy photographer.

Curtain at Eight Trailer (1933)

01 October 1933

An elderly detective sets out to find who murdered a stage actor.

Meet The Baron Trailer (1933)

20 October 1933

Director Walter Lang's ultra-wacky 1933 comedy, about a charlaton posing as Baron Munchhausen who's invited to be guest speaker at a girls' school, stars Jack Pearl, Jimmy Durante, Ted Healy, The Three Stooges, ZaSu Pitts and Edna May Oliver.

Tillie and Gus Trailer (1933)

13 October 1933

Tillie and Augustus Winterbottom are thought to be missionaries when they arrive to find Phineas Pratt trying cheat the Sheridans out of her father's inheritance, including a ferry franchise and a boat.

Ace of Aces Trailer (1933)

20 October 1933

A sculptor who doesn't want to have any part of World War I is shamed by his girlfriend into joining the army.

Das Tankmädel Trailer (1933)

24 October 1933

The Bowery Trailer (1933)

07 October 1933

"In the Gay Nineties New York had grown up into bustles and balloon Sleeves ... but The Bowery had grown younger, louder and more rowdy until it was known as the 'Livest Mile on the face of the globe' .

Ever in My Heart Trailer (1933)

28 October 1933

World War I brings tribulations to an American woman married to a German.

Cash Trailer (1933)

08 October 1933

A formerly wealthy man and his daughter try to regain wealth by selling a scheme to some investors, when they come upon a huge amount of unclaimed cash that a young electrician has in his tool box.

The Power and the Glory Trailer (1933)

06 October 1933

A man's life is retold just after his funeral. Beginning as a track walker, Tom Garner rose through all sorts of railroad jobs to head the company.

Littoria Trailer (1933)

21 October 1933

A documentary on agriculture by Raffaello Matarazzo.

The White Rose Trailer (1933)

08 October 1933

Topping the list of 100 Best Egyptian Films, this classic musical melodrama launched the film career of one of Egypt’s greatest singers and composers, Mohamed Abdel Wahhab.

Kid 'in' Africa Trailer (1933)

05 October 1933

Madame Cradlebait, Converter of Cannibals, arrives in the jungle in time to be captured by savages and popped into a big black cooking pot.

The Land Sings Trailer (1933)

27 October 1933

A documentary of peasant life in an isolated village in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia, starting in early spring and ending after the harvest.

Broken Dreams Trailer (1933)

19 October 1933

Medical intern Robert Morley is distraught after his wife dies in childbirth. He's resentful of his new son and wants nothing to do with him.

A Gypsy Fiddler Trailer (1933)

06 October 1933

A rather wild tale of gypsy-loves-princess. Features the first use of the song "Gypsy Life", heard later in the Mighty Mouse cartoon.

Beanstalk Jack Trailer (1933)

20 October 1933

Fairy Tale rehash in which Jack encounters a gang of pseudo-jazz skeletons (animated by Eddie Donnelly).

Her Splendid Folly Trailer (1933)

07 October 1933

Solomon Ginsberg is the President of International Pictures Corporation and hires Joan McAllister, an unemployed stenographer, to double for his star, Laura Girard.

The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Trailer (1933)

25 October 1933

A campus flirt who has been "pinned" by most of the boys of Sigma Chi fraternity falls for a no-nonsense athlete who doesn't have time for such diversions as women.

Strawberry Roan Trailer (1933)

26 October 1933

Ken Maynard stars as a roving cowboy who tells the tale of taming the stallion that inspired the titular poem.

Cubby's Picnic Trailer (1933)

05 October 1933

Cubby The Bear takes his girlfriend to the park where a band plays and they go fishing.

The Boss's Son at College Trailer (1933)

31 October 1933

The story deals with Fuji, nicknamed Waka-danna (Young Master), the star athlete on his university's rugby team.

Day of Reckoning Trailer (1933)

26 October 1933

In this brutal prison drama a hen-pecked husband is sentenced to prison after getting caught with his hand in the company till.

Kleines Mädel, großes Glück Trailer (1933)

23 October 1933

Radio Parade Trailer (1933)

01 October 1933

Radio Parade (1933) is a variety film featuring such stars of the time as Clapham and Dwyer, Gert and Daisy, Reginald Gardiner, Florence Desmond, and Roy Fox.

Before Morning Trailer (1933)

18 October 1933

A night of love, intrigue, death and blackmail leaves stage-star Elise Manning's fate at stake in a conflict with the unscrupulous Doctor Gruell.

Drei blaue Jungs, ein blondes Mädel Trailer (1933)

01 October 1933

Walzerkrieg Trailer (1933)

03 October 1933

Muß man sich gleich scheiden lassen Trailer (1933)

09 October 1933

Gigolettes of Paris Trailer (1933)

05 October 1933

Silent screen favorite Madge Bellamy starred in this low-budget melodrama written and directed by character actor Alphonse Martell.

Der Zarewitsch Trailer (1933)

05 October 1933

Plane Nuts Trailer (1933)

13 October 1933

Ted Healy and His Stooges alternate mildly risque vaudeville routines with semi-elaborate Berkeleyesque musical numbers with beautiful chorines.

Blow Me Down! Trailer (1933)

26 October 1933

Popeye sails into Mexico, where Olive is a dancer and Bluto is a bandit.

Chance At Heaven Trailer (1933)

27 October 1933

A young bride thinks she's landed the perfect husband until he falls for a spoiled-rotten socialite. Director William Seiter's 1934 troubled-marriage drama stars Ginger Rogers, Joel McCrea, Marian Nixon, Andy Devine, Ann Shoemaker, Betty Furness, Virginia Hammond and Lucien Littlefield.

Morning, Noon and Night Trailer (1933)

05 October 1933

To the tune of Rubinoff and his orchestra, Betty Boop and feathered friends try to save a baby bird from the booze-swilling Tom Kats Club.

She Done Him Right Trailer (1933)

09 October 1933

Pooch the Pup is putting up billposters in preparation of the appearance of "Poodles"

Gobs of Fun Trailer (1933)

20 October 1933

Two sailors have shore leave. They both plan on spending it with the same girl, Lulu. Lulu is the kind of girl who has a boyfriend on every ship and a husband on the side.

Channel Crossing Trailer (1933)

14 October 1933

Money isn't everything. Tycoon races against time to cross the English Channel in order to save a business deal, but along the way his whole value system is thrown into turmoil.

Abenteuer am Lido Trailer (1933)

26 October 1933

A Preferred List Trailer (1933)

06 October 1933

Leigh Jason directed short film that was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Comedy.

Spite Flight Trailer (1933)

13 October 1933

Willie Whooper finds his girl Mary weeping because her mother is being hounded by the evil landlord who holds the mortgage on their house.

Koliivshchina Trailer (1933)

21 October 1933

The film attempts to display an episode of the liberation movement in Ukraine - the uprising of Kolievs (serfs, artisans and fishermen) against the tyranny of the feudal lords and the Polish nobility, which ended with a brutal massacre performed by a Russian punitive expedition in 1768.