Movie Trailers - October 1936

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1936

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The Charge of the Light Brigade Trailer (1936)

20 October 1936

Major Vickers is an Officer in the 27th Lancers in India in 1856. Whilst the regiment is out on manoeuvres, the barracks are attacked by Surat Khan and his soldiers who massacre British women and children.

Our Relations Trailer (1936)

30 October 1936

Two sailors get caught in a mountain of mix-ups when they meet their long-lost twins. Laurel and Hardy play themselves and their twins.

The Story of a Cheat Trailer (1936)

02 October 1936

Life story of a charming scoundrel, with little dialogue other than the star/director's witty narration.

Sisters of the Gion Trailer (1936)

15 October 1936

Umekichi, a geisha in the Gion district of Kyoto, feels obliged to help her lover Furusawa when he asks to stay with her after becoming bankrupt and leaving his wife.

The Country Cousin Trailer (1936)

31 October 1936

Morty Citymouse invites his cousin Abner Countrymouse for a visit and shows him the ways of the big city, including traps, eating quietly, and busy traffic.

Daniel Boone Trailer (1936)

16 October 1936

In 1775, Daniel Boone settles Kentucky, despite menacing Indians and renegade whites.

Isle of Fury Trailer (1936)

10 October 1936

An island fugitive (Humphrey Bogart) and his bride (Margaret Lindsay) make room for a shipwrecked detective (Donald Woods).

The Garden of Allah Trailer (1936)

14 October 1936

The star-crossed desert romance of a cloistered woman and a renegade monk.

Here Comes Carter Trailer (1936)

24 October 1936

A radio commentator avenges an old wrong by blowing the whistle on Hollywood scandals

Mickey's Elephant Trailer (1936)

10 October 1936

A friend shipped Mickey a baby elephant, Bobo (not, apparently, related to the Warner Bros. Bobo) as a playmate for Pluto.

Dimples Trailer (1936)

08 October 1936

Shirley Temple lives with the pick-pocket grandfather in 19th century New York City. She entertains the crowds while he works his racket.

Mummy's Boys Trailer (1936)

02 October 1936

Wheeler & Woolsey comedy about two moronic ditch diggers, recruited for an archaeology expedition, getting mixed up with jewel thieves and an ancient Egyptian "curse.

Ace Drummond Trailer (1936)

18 October 1936

This 13 chapter serial is based on the comic strip character Ace Drummond created by Eddie Rickenbacker.

Wedding Present Trailer (1936)

09 October 1936

Charlie Mason and Rusty Fleming are star reporters on a Chicago tabloid who are romantically involved as well.

Ghost-Town Gold Trailer (1936)

26 October 1936

The three Mesquiteers try to recover the gold stolen by a gang in its effort to ruin the banker/mayor who ordered them to leave town.

Where the Lark Sings Trailer (1936)

30 October 1936

Country girl Margit sits for the artist Sándor, from Budapest. She is fascinated and charmed by him, and agrees to accompany him to the capital, so he can complete the painting there.

Play Safe Trailer (1936)

15 October 1936

A young boy obsessed with trains sneaks out to play with the real trains that run just a few feet from the fence around his house.

Valiant Is The Word For Carrie Trailer (1936)

06 October 1936

Carrie Snyder (Gladys George) is a prostitute, who is forced out of the fictional southern town of Crebillon, after forming a friendship with a young boy named Paul (Jackie Moran), whose dying mother (Janet Young) is unable to protest against her son visiting such a woman.

I Cover Chinatown Trailer (1936)

01 October 1936

A tour guide in Chinatown and his girlfriend get mixed up with jewel thieves and murder.

Pigskin Parade Trailer (1936)

23 October 1936

Bessie and Winston "Slug" Winters are married coaches whose mission is to whip their college football team into shape.

The Case of the Black Cat Trailer (1936)

31 October 1936

Lawyer Perry Mason is summoned to the Laxter mansion in the dead of night to write granddaughter Wilma out of invalid Peter Laxter's will, to keep her from marrying suspected fortune hunter Doug.

Sweet Dream Trailer (1936)

25 October 1936

Middle-class housewife Ae-soon (Moon Yae-bong) is excessively vain and neglectful of her duties as a homemaker.

Hopalong Cassidy Returns Trailer (1936)

16 October 1936

A crusading newspaper editor recruits his old friend Hoppy to take the job of Marshall in a town rife with vice and murder directed at helpless miners.

Shadow of Chinatown Trailer (1936)

10 October 1936

Feature version of the 1936 serial "Shadow of Chinatown."

All American Chump Trailer (1936)

16 October 1936

A country bumpkin who's a mathematical genius falls into the hands of gangsters.

Without Orders Trailer (1936)

22 October 1936

At Portland, Oregon, playboy pilot Len Kendrick (Vinton Haworth) lands at the end of a cross-country record flight, met by his father J.

Flash Gordon: Space Soldier Trailer (1936)

10 October 1936

Three earthlings visit the planet Mongo to thwart the evil schemes of Emperor Ming the Merciless.

The House of Secrets Trailer (1936)

28 October 1936

Two men stumble into an old mansion, and get involved with a crazed scientist, torture chambers and sinister medical experiments.

Cavalcade of the West Trailer (1936)

01 October 1936

Two brothers are separated when young. One becomes the pony express rider Clint Knox and the other the outlaw Ace Carter.

Oranje Hein Trailer (1936)

26 October 1936

There is trouble brewing in the Jordaan when Ant wants to divorce Thijs and their daughter Mientje is dating a posh boy called Herman.

If We All Were Angels Trailer (1936)

08 October 1936

Camp Meetin' Trailer (1936)

08 October 1936

Members of the Hall Johnson Choir play members of a church congregation in the deep South in 1936. THey hold an open-air tent-and-camp meeting in order to raise the funds needed to send the church pastor, played by Clinton Rosemond, to a church conference in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Man in the Mirror Trailer (1936)

15 October 1936

A mild-mannered, somewhat mousy man is astounded when his reflection in a mirror comes to life and begins to do all the wild and crazy things that he always wanted to but never could.

Un de la légion Trailer (1936)

02 October 1936

Life on the Hortobagy Trailer (1936)

04 October 1936

Filmed in the Hortobágy region of the Great Hungarian Plain, Hoellering presents three generations of herdsmen and an arresting depiction of societal progress.

Cavalry Trailer (1936)

04 October 1936

Just after the Civil War, Captain Thorn is sent west to help protect the new telegraph line that is under construction.

Beach Combers Trailer (1936)

04 October 1936

The short opens with a group of ducks-Papa, Mama and five baby ducks-four white and one black-strolling onto the beach.

The Fugitive Sheriff Trailer (1936)

19 October 1936

Hoping to rid a small western community of its corrupt political machine, Ken Marshall (Ken Maynard) runs for sheriff against the bad guys' candidate and wins the election.

Mister Cinderella Trailer (1936)

22 October 1936

Boston blueblood Aloysius Merriweather loves to play jokes on people and he's come up with a joy-buzzer of a doozy.

The Big Broadcast of 1937 Trailer (1936)

05 October 1936

A cream-of-the-crop gathering of 1930's radio stars, who lend themselves to a storyline about a failing radio station which needs to put on a huge ratings winner to have any chance of continued operation.

Sheik to Sheik Trailer (1936)

10 October 1936

A radio salesman gets knocked out by a golf ball and dreams he's in the desert where he sells radios to sheiks.

Land Without Music Trailer (1936)

07 October 1936

Believing real life is an operetta, the citizens of the European country Lucco break into song at every blink of an eye.

Pay As You Exit Trailer (1936)

23 October 1936

The Our Gang put on their own production of "Romeo and Juliet", with some lines from "Hamlet" and a strong man act thrown in for good measure.

15 Maiden Lane Trailer (1936)

30 October 1936

Insurance investigator Trevor pretends to be a thief to enter a gang of jewel thieves.

Adventure In Manhattan Trailer (1936)

08 October 1936

Fun little film about a egotistical crime writer who gets involved with with the case of a notorious art thief (who is believed to be dead) while at the same time romancing a lovely young actress who's in a play that also happens to be the cover for massive jewel job.

How to Be a Detective Trailer (1936)

16 October 1936

One of the comedians 'How To' comedies, this one attempts to teach us how to profile criminals by physical characteristics.

Cavalleria Trailer (1936)

23 October 1936

Umberto Solaro loses the love of his life Speranza, a noble but poor girl who has been forced to marry a rich Austrian army officer.

Ambush Valley Trailer (1936)

24 October 1936

Clay Morgan kills Joel Potter and Marshal Manning has to arrest the brother of the girl he plans to marry.

Rebellion Trailer (1936)

27 October 1936

In this drama, a Mexican woman attempts to live a peaceful life in California. Unfortunately, land-grabbers kill her father and begin harassing her.

Rip Roarin' Buckaroo Trailer (1936)

14 October 1936

Fighter "Scotty" McQuade, contender for the light-heavyweight championship of the Pacific Coast,after being duped by his manager Ted Todd and fight-promoter Lew Slater, is disgusted with the fight game and decides to go back to punching cattle.

Boulevardier from the Bronx Trailer (1936)

10 October 1936

A baseball team full of anthropomorphic animals play on.

Queen of Hearts Trailer (1936)

04 October 1936

A woman prevents a popular stage performer getting arrested for drunk driving, though has to pretendm

The Longest Night Trailer (1936)

02 October 1936

Love with a clerk (Florence Rice) and a robbery by gangsters preoccupy a department store's new owner (Robert Young).

The Chemist Trailer (1936)

09 October 1936

Buster plays Elmer "Happy" Triple, a scientist who is expected to develop the next big thing. That big thing ends up to be a powder when combined with water, produces major blasts that make no sound, which catches the eyes of three robbers who want Elmer's secret powder.

Frontier Justice Trailer (1936)

01 October 1936

The New Road Trailer (1936)

30 October 1936

The eldest daughter of a noble family is in love with an aviator while being courted by a fellow aristocrat she thinks is a dullard.

A Tenderfoot Goes West Trailer (1936)

15 October 1936

Wellington Pike, author of 'Wild and Bloody Tales of the West', has never been away from the sedate and civilized East, so he takes a vacation to see the land he knows nothing about.

The Public Pays Trailer (1936)

10 October 1936

A protection racket preying on milk distribution is broken through the persistence of law enforcement and the courage of a local businessman.

Two in a Crowd Trailer (1936)

03 October 1936

When two halves of a thousand-dollar bill are discovered in the snow, the penniless pair that individually grabs each half must come to terms.

Grampy's Indoor Outing Trailer (1936)

15 October 1936

Betty Boop and Little Jimmy are prevented by a thunderstorm from going to the carnival; the inventive Grampy devises a substitute.