Movie Trailers - October 1937

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1937

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Stage Door Trailer (1937)

08 October 1937

The ups and downs in the lives and careers of a group of ambitious young actresses and show girls from disparate backgrounds brought together in a theatrical hostel.

The Life of Emile Zola Trailer (1937)

02 October 1937

Bio epic of the famous writer.

Heidi Trailer (1937)

15 October 1937

Heidi is orphaned and her selfish maternal Aunt Dete takes her to the mountains to live with her grumpy old paternal grandfather, Adolph Kramer.

Clock Cleaners Trailer (1937)

15 October 1937

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are cleaning a large clock. Among the complications: Mickey fights a sleeping stork that doesn't want to leave, Donald gets tangled up in the main-spring, and Goofy is inside the bell when the clock strikes four.

The Case of the Stuttering Pig Trailer (1937)

30 October 1937

Porky Pig and his family inherit Uncle Solomon's estate, but if they die, everything goes to the lawyer, who turns himself into a Mr.

Conquest Trailer (1937)

22 October 1937

A polish countess becomes Napoleon Bonaparte's mistress at the urging of Polish leaders, who feel she might influence him to make Poland independent.

Counsel for Crime Trailer (1937)

14 October 1937

Otto Kruger once again plays a dynamic, bombastic attorney in Columbia's Counsel for Crime. Kruger plays William Mellon, a shifty shyster whose underhanded methods loses him the love of his sweetheart Anne (Nana Bryant), who subsequently marries a powerful senator (Thurston Hall).

The Bride Wore Red Trailer (1937)

15 October 1937

A poor singer in a bar masquerades a rich society woman thanks to a rich benefactor.

Lancer Spy Trailer (1937)

08 October 1937

An Englishman impersonates an imprisoned German officer and "returns" to Germany to become a national hero.

Love Is on the Air Trailer (1937)

02 October 1937

A newscaster (Ronald Reagan) gets demoted for exposing the town's criminal activities over the airwaves.

Youth on Parole Trailer (1937)

04 October 1937

Two strangers, a man and a woman, are framed for a jewel robbery and thrown in jail. After they get out, they join forces to track down the real thieves.

There Goes the Groom Trailer (1937)

29 October 1937

Screwball comedy about a wealthy man having second thoughts about his upcoming marriage.

They Won't Forget Trailer (1937)

09 October 1937

A southern town is rocked by scandal when teenager Mary Clay is murdered on Confederate Decoration Day.

Romance of Radium Trailer (1937)

23 October 1937

This Pete Smith Specialty tells the story of the discovery of radium and how it is used in medicine. The difficulty of obtaining the element is also demonstrated.

Drole de Drame Trailer (1937)

20 October 1937

A French farce set in Victorian London where a botanist and his wife get into trouble when they pretend to go missing in order to hide from their sanctimonious cousin - an Anglican bishop who is leading a campaign against such writing.

Live, Love and Learn Trailer (1937)

29 October 1937

Robert Montgomery plays a starving artist who impulsively marries heiress Rosalind Russell. He doesn't care if his art sells, but with her encouragement he becomes quite successful, and the success goes to his head.

The Perfect Specimen Trailer (1937)

23 October 1937

Raised in seclusion to be the epitome of mental, physical and moral perfection, Gerald Beresford Wicks is resigned to following his grandmother's wishes until a chance encounter with Mona Carter leads him into the outside world.

Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel Trailer (1937)

20 October 1937

Sir Percy is forced to return to France one last time, to rescue his wife from the clutches of the sinister Robespierre.

Stand-In Trailer (1937)

29 October 1937

An east coast efficiency expert who stakes his reputation on his ability to turn around a financially troubled Hollywood studio receives some help from a former child star who now works as a stand-in for the studio.

Thunder Trail Trailer (1937)

21 October 1937

A wagon train is robbed by a gang of bandits who kill everyone but a pair of young brothers. Years later, the brothers join force to bring the bandits' leader to justice.

West Of Shanghai Trailer (1937)

30 October 1937

American businessmen and missionaries working in China are captured and held prisoner by a local warlord.

The Lady Fights Back Trailer (1937)

01 October 1937

Engineer Owen Merrill travels to the Pacific Northwest where he plans to build a dam. He stays at the Salmon Club, run by attractive Heather McHale.

Saturday Night Revue Trailer (1937)

01 October 1937

There are two clubs in London called Moons; one in Mayfair and one in Soho. Mary Dorland is singing at the cheap one, but her father, who does not approve of her singing career, believes she is performing at the Society one.

Children of Loneliness Trailer (1937)

31 October 1937

An exploitation film about homosexuality. The film is believed to be lost. Elinor Gordon, who was frightened sexually by a man while an infant, confides in her psychoanalyst that she is contemplating yielding to the advances of her overly attentive and affectionate female roommate, Bobby Allen.

The Dancing Bear Trailer (1937)

14 October 1937

The tale of the always-hungry Dancing Bear. When his master falls asleep, the bear slips his collar and tracks the smell of honey to farmer Alfalfa's place.

The Star Reporter in Hollywood Trailer (1937)

22 October 1937

Watch Ms. Dorothy Lamour launch her career in this rarely-seen short from the early 1930s -- a Bijou cinematic time machine.

Breakfast for Two Trailer (1937)

22 October 1937

After a night on the town, Jonathan Blair (Marshall) wakes to find that Texan Valentine Ransome (Stanwyck) has escorted him home.

Boots and Saddles Trailer (1937)

04 October 1937

Young Englishman inherits ranch which he wants to sell, but Gene's gonna turn him into a real westerner instead.

The Great Garrick Trailer (1937)

30 October 1937

A British actor insults a French acting group only to fall victim to a prank that might destroy his career.

Angel Trailer (1937)

29 October 1937

Woman and her husband take separate vacations, and she falls in love with another man.

This Way Please Trailer (1937)

15 October 1937

No Overview

The Air Hostess Trailer (1937)

21 October 1937

A little boy (as pilot/crew/mechanic) and a little girl (the title air hostess) do their best to get a delapitated airplane airborne and take their full load of adult passengers to their destination.

Radio Patrol Trailer (1937)

03 October 1937

A young radio cop and a beautiful girl try to stop an international criminal gang from getting their hands on the formula for a new bulletproof steel.

The Broken Jug Trailer (1937)

18 October 1937

The man who broke the jug, the judge, is trying a case who determine who broke the jug. Long before the evidence becomes conclusive against the suspects, it becomes apparent that the blustering and bullying - and naive - village judge is the guilty one.

A kölcsönkért kastély Trailer (1937)

26 October 1937

Sunday Night at the Trocadero Trailer (1937)

02 October 1937

Several acts perform at the Trocadero

The Rainbow Pass Trailer (1937)

09 October 1937

In Chinese culture, live theater performances are attended by all classes of society. This short shows a performance of "The Rainbow Pass," a tale of a wife who challenges her husband's murderer to combat.

The Trigger Trio Trailer (1937)

18 October 1937

In this western, the Three Mesquiteers must find a killer and his band after they murder an official from the State Agricultural Service who had come to investigate an outbreak of hoof and mouth disease.

Der Mustergatte Trailer (1937)

12 October 1937

Heinz Rühmann plays the "model husband" who, when his bored wife threatens to leave him, embarks on an adventurous night.

Ali Baba Goes To Town Trailer (1937)

29 October 1937

While visiting Hollywood a starstruck movie fan (Eddie Cantor) fantasizes about himself cast in an Arabian adventure.

Roll Along, Cowboy Trailer (1937)

18 October 1937

Singing cowboy Randy shows up at Mrs. Blake's ranch. She is beset by bad guys, and Randy loves her daughter Janet.

Madame X Trailer (1937)

01 October 1937

A young lawyer (John Beal) defends an alcoholic woman (Gladys George) for murder, unaware she is his mother.

The Shadow Strikes Trailer (1937)

29 October 1937

Lamont Cranston assumes his secret identity as "The Shadow", to break up an attempted robbery at an attorney's office.

Double Wedding Trailer (1937)

15 October 1937

A bohemian free spirit (William Powell) helps meek Waldo (John Beal) win back his fiancée (Florence Rice) and falls in love with her over-controlling sister (Myrna Loy) in the process.

Life Begins in College Trailer (1937)

01 October 1937

When a wealthy Indian student endows the college so they can keep the football coach rumor has it the Indian has played professionally and can't be on the team.

Playing The Ponies Trailer (1937)

15 October 1937

The stooges are gypped into trading their restaurant for "Thunderbolt", a washed up race horse. When Curly feeds Thunderbolt some chili pepperinos, he runs like crazy towards the nearest water.

Oh, Mr. Porter! Trailer (1937)

05 October 1937

Comedy in which a bungling railway worker is given the job of stationmaster at a rundown station in rural Ireland, where his sidekicks are a toothless old gaffer and a portly young loudmouth.

The King Without a Crown Trailer (1937)

09 October 1937

Explores the possibility that Louis XVII, son of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, escaped death during the French Revolution and were raised by Indians in America.

The Pigskin Palooka Trailer (1937)

28 October 1937

While Alfalfa was away at military school, his letters to his friends back home bragged about how he was a star football player.

Sky Racket Trailer (1937)

01 October 1937

A government agent sets out to capture a gang of airmail bandits who use a death ray to blow planes out of the sky.

The Smart Way Trailer (1937)

15 October 1937

Professor Pierre Ginsberg is having wife trouble and, on the advice of his lawyer, sets out to wear her down with kindness; she wants constant entertainment his lawyer promises him that a month of dancing and entertainment will eventually kill her or, at least, calm her down some.

Nation Aflame Trailer (1937)

15 October 1937

Believing they can make a ton of money, a gang of opportunists uses the country's racial and ethnic tensions to start a Ku Klux Klan-type organization.

Rover's Rival Trailer (1937)

08 October 1937

Porky reads a book of new dog tricks; unfortunately, his dog, Rover, is old. A puppy comes by and taunts him.

The Saw Mill Mystery Trailer (1937)

28 October 1937

Terrytoon featuring the original version of Oil Can Harry, later becoming a feline version in the Mighty Mouse cartoons.

Where Trails Divide Trailer (1937)

13 October 1937

Tom Allen comes to Rawhide to open a law office. But he becomes the Sheriff instead and goes after Wilson and his outlaw gang hoping his brother Billy is not one of them.

The Westland Case Trailer (1937)

30 October 1937

A detective must solve a case where a girl was murdered in a room--and all the doors and windows were locked from the inside.

Lullaby Trailer (1937)

01 October 1937

A 1937 Soviet documentary film directed by Dziga Vertov. The film was shot to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution.

Harvest Trailer (1937)

28 October 1937

In the 30s, a small village in the Provence is losing its inhabitants because young people prefer to go to the city to find easy jobs and escape from being farmers living in relative poverty.

Behind the Criminal Trailer (1937)

30 October 1937

Episode 13 of the Crime Does Not Play series from MGM.

Music for Madame Trailer (1937)

08 October 1937

The plot revolves around Nino, who is traveling to Hollywood in search of fame. He falls in with a gang of crooks who use his talent to distract everyone at a party while they steal the jewels.