Movie Trailers - October 1938

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1938

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The Mad Miss Manton Trailer (1938)

21 October 1938

When the murdered body discovered by beautiful, vivacious socialite Melsa Manton disappears, police and press label her a prankster until she proves them wrong.

Pygmalion Trailer (1938)

06 October 1938

Henry Higgins is an upper class phonetics professor who encounters low-class guttersnipe Eliza Doolittle and bets his friend Colonel Pickering that he can pass her off as a duchess within three months.

The Citadel Trailer (1938)

29 October 1938

Andrew Manson, a young, enthusiastic doctor takes his first job in a Welsh mining town, and begins to wonder at the persistent cough many of the miners have.

Suez Trailer (1938)

28 October 1938

Ferdinand de Lesseps, disappointed in love, is sent as a junior diplomat to the Isthmus of Suez, and realizes it's just the place for a canal.

The Sisters Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

Three daughters of a small down pharmacist undergo trials and tribulations in their problematic marriages between 1904 and 1908.

St. Martin's Lane Trailer (1938)

18 October 1938

On the sidewalks of the London theater district the buskers (street performers) earn enough coins for a cheap room.

Young Dr. Kildare Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

An intern (Lew Ayres) handles emergencies and wins an older doctor's (Lionel Barrymore) approval at a New York hospital.

There Goes My Heart Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

An heiress takes a job as a department store clerk.

Brother Rat Trailer (1938)

29 October 1938

Story of three buddies at the Virginia Military Institute. Cadet Bing Edwards is secretly married and soon to be a father.

Garden of the Moon Trailer (1938)

01 October 1938

A nightclub owner and a bandleader compete for the lead singer's heart.

13 Stühle Trailer (1938)

18 October 1938

A classical art junk dealer and an almost bankrupt hairdresser who unexpectedly makes an inheritance go hunting behind thirteen chairs from which of a 100,000 DM contains which the rich aunt has hidden there.

Secrets of an Actress Trailer (1938)

07 October 1938

A romantic drama film about a love triangle between a stage actress, her financial backer, and his friend.

Little Pancho Vanilla Trailer (1938)

07 October 1938

Little Pancho Vanilla dreams of becoming a bullfighter, but his mother tells him that's impossible. The greatest bullfighter in Mexico, Don Jose, is coming to town; Pancho tells the local women he's better, so he goes to the amateur tryout, but he gets thrown out because he's so small.

Farmyard Symphony Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

The farm comes to life, to various classical tunes. The high point is a rooster serenading a chicken, with all the animals joining in.

Slander House Trailer (1938)

04 October 1938

Owner of salon catering to fat society dames must deal with a dull fiance, a romantic stranger, the jealous blond who loves him, and the lecherous husband of a client.

I Met My Love Again Trailer (1938)

01 October 1938

College sweethearts part ways when the girl falls for a bohemian writer.

Zapomniana Melodia Trailer (1938)

24 October 1938

Toyland Casino Trailer (1938)

08 October 1938

A score of amateur children sing and dance in costume in a multi-act musical revue.

Service de Luxe Trailer (1938)

12 October 1938

Glamorous and efficient Helen Murphy runs a service that will provide any type of assistance to wealthy customers, but what she's really looking for is a man who can take care of himself.

A Woman's Face Trailer (1938)

31 October 1938

A woman with a disfigured face, which is reflected in her life view: she is bitter and mean-spirited, is given the chance to lead a new life thanks to plastic surgery.

Mysterious Mr. Moto Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

The Japanese detective (Peter Lorre) rounds up a league of assassins for Scotland Yard.

Mr. Wong, Detective Trailer (1938)

05 October 1938

A chemical manufacturer is killed just after asking detective James Wong to help him. So Detective Wong decides to investigate this as well as two subsequent murders.

The Nightshirt Bandit Trailer (1938)

27 October 1938

A Charley Chase short, produced at Columbia.

Listen Darling Trailer (1938)

21 October 1938

To stop Pinkie's mother Dottie from marrying a man they know she does not love, Pinkie and her friend Buzz kidnap her in the family trailer to live a life on the open road without worries about how to make ends meet.

Ungen Trailer (1938)

06 October 1938

The classic movie from 1938 is an adaptation of Oscar Braatens play. Eva Sletto plays the young factory worker Milja, and Harald Heide Steen as her unfaithful boyfriend Julius.

Girls on Probation Trailer (1938)

22 October 1938

A dizzy young girl falls into crime but wins her lawyer's heart.

Tarnished Angel Trailer (1938)

28 October 1938

A showgirl with a dubious reputation flees the cops and transforms herself into a phony evangelist offering "cures" to the sick and disabled.

Entrée des artistes Trailer (1938)

10 October 1938

The Spider's Web Trailer (1938)

21 October 1938

Pulp hero "The Spider" seeks to destroy all criminals. In this serialized adventure, he battles The Octopus, who intends to replace the government of the United States.

A Man to Remember Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

On the day of his funeral, a dedicated smalltown doctor is remembered by his neighbors and patients.

Five of a Kind Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

Rival reporters compete to sign the "Wyatt Quintuplets" to be guests on their radio shows.

The Stream Trailer (1938)

29 October 1938

Crackerjack Trailer (1938)

01 October 1938

London has become enthralled by the antics of the contemporary Robin Hood, but when a band of bad guys start framing him for their misdeeds, the hero has to catch the criminals and clear his name.

Mr. Doodle Kicks Off Trailer (1938)

07 October 1938

A wealthy businessman promises to donate a huge endowment to his college alma mater, but there's one condition -- his loser of a son, a student at the school, must become a football hero.

Prison Train Trailer (1938)

17 October 1938

Gangsters plan an assassination of a rival while he rides the train carrying him to prison.

Stablemates Trailer (1938)

07 October 1938

A boozy former veterinarian and a teenage orphan team together with dreams of entering a broken-down horse in the big race.

Lightning Carson Rides Again Trailer (1938)

09 October 1938

Lightning Carson's nephew has been falsely accused of murder. To get in with the gang, Lightning poses as a Mexican.

Znachor - Profesor Wilczur Trailer (1938)

17 October 1938

Profesor Wilczur is a 1938 Polish romantic drama film directed by Michał Waszyński. It is based on the novel by Tadeusz Dolega-Mostowicz.

A hölgy egy kissé bogaras Trailer (1938)

11 October 1938

The Arkansas Traveler Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

The Arkansas Traveler, an itinerant printer, returns to a small town to help save The Daily Record, a newspaper started by Mr.

La Goualeuse Trailer (1938)

28 October 1938

French stage favorite Lya Gauty made her screen debut in 1938's La Goualeuse (The Street Singer). The story concerns a poverty-stricken vagabond (Jean Martinelli) who supports himself by singing for pennies in a rough section of town.

Hey! Hey! USA Trailer (1938)

01 October 1938

While working as a porter Benjamin Twists mistakenly ends up on a cruise ship heading for the USA. Upon landing on the American coast Twist takes up work as a professor.

The Lady Objects Trailer (1938)

12 October 1938

A former college football hero and his college sweetheart get married. Marital turmoil ensues as her criminal law practice soars while he cannot get his career as an architect off the ground.

Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas Trailer (1938)

21 October 1938

Johnny Smith enters an America where the Indians behave like 1930s average Americans. When he is arrested, the girl Poker Huntas rescues and elopes with him.

Prisons de femmes Trailer (1938)

12 October 1938

Meet the Girls Trailer (1938)

06 October 1938

Entertainers (Lang and Bari) lose their jobs and their fares from Honolulu back to San Francisco so they must become stowaways.

Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra Trailer (1938)

22 October 1938

In a nightclub setting, Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra, with two of his vocalists, perform four of the group's best known songs.

Shadows Over Shanghai Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

A pilot carrying a valuable amulet is shot down over China by a ruthless Russian agent, who also wants the amulet.

Where the Buffalo Roam Trailer (1938)

12 October 1938

Tex returns to Santa Fe to find his Mother murdered. Foster runs the town and all crimes committed by his gang are blamed on Rogel and his men.

Porky's Naughty Nephew Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

Porky and Pinky go to the beach. As Porky tries to nap, Pinky keeps whacking him with his little shovel.

The Playful Polar Bears Trailer (1938)

27 October 1938

Hunters visit the home of a polar bear community, causing a bear parent to have to rescue its cub.

The Winning Ticket Trailer (1938)

01 October 1938

John Silver's ship has been repossessed; the Captain and the Kids have won $100,000 in a lottery. Silver dresses as an old lady and pretends to faint on the Captain's porch.

Weddings Are Wonderful Trailer (1938)

04 October 1938

Romantic comedy of misunderstandings.

Always in Trouble Trailer (1938)

28 October 1938

Jane's dad (Tombes) is an oil field worker who comes into a fortune and is then pushed into society by his wife.

Down in 'Arkansaw' Trailer (1938)

07 October 1938

A government representative travels to the backwoods of Arkansas to convince the people there of the benefits to them of a proposed dam on their river.

Red Barry Trailer (1938)

18 October 1938

A police detective is caught up in a plot to steal two million dollars in bonds.

Mutts To You Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

The stooges, professional dog washers, find a baby on a doorstep and, thinking it to be abandoned, take it home.

Life on the Hegn Farm Trailer (1938)

03 October 1938

Also known as Life on the Hegn Farm, this domestic drama is based on a popular novel by Jeppe Aakjear.

Climbing High Trailer (1938)

31 October 1938

Wealthy Nicky finds himself engaged to gold-digger Lady Constance, but he really loves scatty model Diana.

Cipher Bureau Trailer (1938)

25 October 1938

The younger brother of an officer in a secret government code-breaking unit gets involved with a gang of spies and a beautiful double agent.