Movie Trailers - October 1943

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1943

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Lassie Come Home Trailer (1943)

07 October 1943

Hard times came for Carraclough family and they are forced to sell their dog to the rich Duke of Rudling.

Flesh and Fantasy Trailer (1943)

29 October 1943

Director Julien Duvivier's 1943 anthology film tells three tales of the supernatural. The first story is set at the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the second involves a psychic who predicts murder, and the third is about a man who literally meets the girl of his dreams.

Son of Dracula Trailer (1943)

05 October 1943

Carpathian Count Alucard is invited to the U.S. by a young "morbid" heiress. Her boyfriend and local officials are suspicious of the newcomer, who is interested in the "virile" soil of the new world.

I mörkaste Småland Trailer (1943)

25 October 1943

Albert Engström's anecdotes of Småland have been put together to make a comedy film about Johannes and Cornelius, two smallholding farmers and best friends.

Figaro and Cleo Trailer (1943)

15 October 1943

Figaro the cat wants to eat Cleo the goldfish in this Pinocchio short.

Best Foot Forward Trailer (1943)

08 October 1943

Bud Hooper, a cadet at Winsocki Military Academy, sends an invitation to movie star Lucille Ball to come to Winsocki's big dance.

Swing Shift Maisie Trailer (1943)

01 October 1943

Street-smart Maisie from Brooklyn lands a job at an airplane assembly plant during WWII and falls in love with handsome pilot "Breezy" McLaughlin.

Paris After Dark Trailer (1943)

15 October 1943

Andre Marbel is the upper-class doctor who is able to continue his practice above suspicion even though he is a leader in the French Resistance.

The Dark Tower Trailer (1943)

18 October 1943

While working at a circus, a man (Herbert Lom) hypnotizes a trapezist to kill her partner.

Falling Hare Trailer (1943)

30 October 1943

Relaxing with a carrot at an army air field, Bugs is reading "Victory Through Hare Power," and scoffs at the notion of "gremlins," little creatures who wreak havoc on planes with their "dia-bo-lickal sabo-tay-gee.

The Iron Major Trailer (1943)

31 October 1943

Pat O'Brien in the role of William 'Frank' Cavanaugh, a top football coach who gave up his career to enter WWI where he became a hero.

Gildersleeve on Broadway Trailer (1943)

28 October 1943

On a trip to New York, a small-town blowhard gets caught between a wealthy widow and a gold digger.

L'Homme de Londres Trailer (1943)

20 October 1943

Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain Trailer (1943)

10 October 1943

Exciting newsreel footage highlights this award-winning documentary of Britain's gallant stand against the encroaching Nazi horde.

The Chance of a Lifetime Trailer (1943)

26 October 1943

An ex-con helps some fellow ex-cons adjust to life as defense workers, only to become involved with a robbery investigation.

Crazy House Trailer (1943)

08 October 1943

Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson are Broadway stars who return to Universal Studios to make another movie. The mere mention of Olsen and Johnson's names evacuates the studio and terrorizes the management and personnel.

Doughboys in Ireland Trailer (1943)

07 October 1943

According to Doughboys in Ireland, there were those who sang their way through WW2. Radio tenor Kenny Baker plays Manhattan orchestra leading Danny O'Keefe, who is drafted into the army along with a Ritz Brothers-like quartet called The Jesters.

Princess O'Rourke Trailer (1943)

23 October 1943

A down-to-earth pilot (Robert Cummings) charms a European princess (Olivia de Havilland) on vacation in the United States.

Texas Legionnaires Trailer (1943)

30 October 1943

Roy returns home to fine a range feud between the cattlemen and the sheepmen. When his friend is killed he finds the rifle had a defective pin.

Women at War Trailer (1943)

02 October 1943

Three young women arrive at the Women's Army Corps facility in Fort Des Moines for varied reasons and with different goals.

Bar 20 Trailer (1943)

01 October 1943

Stagecoach robbers take the money Hoppy was going to use to buy cattle so Hoppy, California and Lin go after them.

Fighting Tools Trailer (1943)

01 October 1943

Pvt. Snafu suffers the consequences of not keeping his equipment and weapons properly maintained.

The Dummy Talks Trailer (1943)

25 October 1943

A ventriloquist is murdered during a theatre variety performance. A midget goes undercover as the dummy.

The Girl from Monterrey Trailer (1943)

04 October 1943

Mexican club singer Lita Valdez is amazed to find that her younger brother Alberto is a talented boxer and is even more thrilled by his consistent success in the ring.

War Dogs Trailer (1943)

08 October 1943

War Dogs is 1943 World War II cartoon directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

A Scream in the Dark Trailer (1943)

15 October 1943

A detective (Robert Lowery) tries to prove that a woman is killing her spouses with a spiked umbrella.

My Learned Friend Trailer (1943)

25 October 1943

An insane murderer is on the loose, and gunning for the men who put him away. Will Hay is on the list, and co-opts Claude Hulbert to try and stop him from meeting a grisly end.

Cutie on Duty Trailer (1943)

29 October 1943

Leon Errol buys his wife a gift.

Silenzio, si gira! Trailer (1943)

02 October 1943

Dagli Appennini alle Ande Trailer (1943)

23 October 1943

Down with Cats Trailer (1943)

06 October 1943

This early Mighty Mouse cartoon -- actually, he was still called 'Super Mouse' at this point -- is one of the better ones, due to the large number of good comedy gags inserted -- cats hiding behind skinny trees, mice running down cats' gullets and into their tails, and so forth.

Lamentation Trailer (1943)

11 October 1943

A silent color film of Martha Graham dancing extracts of "Lamentation".

The Stork's Holiday Trailer (1943)

22 October 1943

The stork tells about a harrowing encounter with a gun emplacement. As a result, he declares himself "closed for the duration.

The Adventures of Tartu Trailer (1943)

01 October 1943

British Captain Terence Stevenson (Robert Donat) accepts an assignment even more dangerous than his everyday job of defusing unexploded bombs.

Blazing Guns Trailer (1943)

08 October 1943

The Governor sends Ken and Hoot to clean up the town of Willow Springs.

The Unknown Guest Trailer (1943)

22 October 1943

Residents get suspicious when a shady character takes over the local hunting lodge right after the two old-timers who own it disappear.

The Underdog Trailer (1943)

17 October 1943

During WWII, a strong-willed 12-year-old boy tries to steer his vocationally and maritally confused father straight, at the same time striving to keep his honor while the gang in his new neighborhood bully him.

Fin'n Catty Trailer (1943)

22 October 1943

"As everyone knows," the narrator begins, "goldfish must have water... and cats hate water." And so it goes.

The Rocky Road to Ruin Trailer (1943)

21 October 1943

The hero, Handsome Harry, is poor, honest, hard-working and pure as the driven snow. The villain, first cousin to Sniveley Whiplash, is deceitful, mean, contrary, selfish and a down-right ornery cuss who would steal and hock his mother's false teeth.

Møllen Trailer (1943)

15 October 1943

Storm Trailer (1943)

22 October 1943

A look at how the weather bureau tries to warn farmers and businessmen about approaching large storms.

Outlaws of Stampede Pass Trailer (1943)

15 October 1943

Tom Evans (Jon Dawson), nephew of U.S. Marshal Sandy Hopkins (Raymond Hatton), has just trailed his cattle to Yucca City, where he intends to sell to Ben Crowley (Harry Woods), owner of practically everything in town.

Melody of a Great City Trailer (1943)

04 October 1943

I Slew Trailer (1943)

26 October 1943

Hospital drama of a doctor who thinks that he killed a patient on the operating table.

Der weiße Traum Trailer (1943)

04 October 1943

Sweet Rosie O'Grady Trailer (1943)

01 October 1943

An American singer becomes engaged to an English duke, but is continuously pestered over her past as a burlesque dancer by a reporter from her hometown.

Schwarz auf weiß Trailer (1943)

28 October 1943

Vienna, around 1900. The master baker Streussler’s most ardent wish is to see his daughter Nelly as a student at the university.

What a beautiful place is Michoacan! Trailer (1943)

10 October 1943

Musical romance set on a hacienda.

Konga Roja Trailer (1943)

01 October 1943

Heroic adventures in the banana industry.

Aladdin's Lamp Trailer (1943)

21 October 1943

Gandy Goose takes on the classic story.

Wilder Urlaub Trailer (1943)

02 October 1943

Mardi Gras Trailer (1943)

01 October 1943

The first of a series of six two-reel "Musical Parade" shorts produced in Technicolor for the Paramount 1943-44 production season.

The Man from the Rio Grande Trailer (1943)

18 October 1943

The suspicious death of Henry King during a hunting trip with his brother John leaves the inheritance of the rich Santa Rita Ranch to be shared with John, Henry's daughter Doris and a young girl from New York, Twinkle Watts.

My Kingdom For A Cook Trailer (1943)

27 October 1943

While visiting Massachusetts, a famous English author (Charles Coburn) faces the wrath of a socialite (Isobel Elsom) after stealing her chef.

Cuando Habla El Corazon Trailer (1943)

21 October 1943

Historical drama about the period just before the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.

Hi'ya, Sailor Trailer (1943)

08 October 1943

Bob Jackson and his three Merchant Marine shipmates have each invested $50 in a song Bob has written and which he thinks will be published for a fee of $200.

Cavalcade of Dance Trailer (1943)

03 October 1943

Ballroom dancers Veloz and Yolanda perform the various dance fads of the first half of the twentieth century.

Ich werde dich auf Händen tragen Trailer (1943)

18 October 1943

Forja de almas Trailer (1943)

31 October 1943

Ein glücklicher Mensch Trailer (1943)

14 October 1943