Movie Trailers - October 1980

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1980

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The Elephant Man Trailer (1980)

03 October 1980

A Victorian surgeon rescues a heavily disfigured man being mistreated by his "owner" as a side-show freak.

Private Benjamin Trailer (1980)

06 October 1980

A sheltered young high society woman joins the army on a whim and finds herself in a more difficult situation than she ever expected.

Umbrella Coup Trailer (1980)

08 October 1980

Grégoire Lecomte, the unlucky actor anxious to find a "real job", goes to take a screen test for a role of a killer, but gets to mafiosi by mistake.

Three Men to Destroy Trailer (1980)

31 October 1980

A man helps the victim of an auto accident, not realizing that the man has actually been shot. The men who shot him are now after the man who helped him, in order to eliminate him as a potential witness.

Scruffy Trailer (1980)

04 October 1980

Scruffy is a puppy you'll definitely fall in love with. In the tradition of Bambi, Scruffy is an orphan, alone and frightened.

Terror Train Trailer (1980)

03 October 1980

A masked killer targets six college kids responsible for a prank gone wrong three years earlier and who are currently throwing a large New Year's Eve costume party aboard a moving train.

Nightmares Trailer (1980)

30 October 1980

A little girl named Cathy tries to keep her mother from making out with a man while driving one day, and she inadvertently causes her mother's death in the car crash.

The Little Schoolgirls Trailer (1980)

28 October 1980

Brigitte Lahaie plays the Madame of a brothel who is busted by a sincere cop. He makes some sly remark about getting out of the brothel business and setting up a school, so guess what?

Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom Trailer (1980)

27 October 1980

Almodovar's first film of life in Madrid during the punk era and not one for the squeamish. He covers everything from drugs and sexual violence, to female masochism.

Gloria Trailer (1980)

01 October 1980

A former gun-moll becomes the reluctant protector of a child her mobster cronies are trying to kill.

Oh, God! Book II Trailer (1980)

03 October 1980

Second 'Oh God' movie has God appearing before 11-year-old Tracy Richards to ask for her help to spread his word and influence over the world which she suggests the slogan 'Think God.

Making 'The Shining' Trailer (1980)

04 October 1980

A look behind the scenes during the making of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

Times Square Trailer (1980)

17 October 1980

Two ill-matched teenage girls form a punk band and soon have New York by its ears.

Somewhere in Time Trailer (1980)

02 October 1980

Young writer Richard Collier is met on the opening night of his first play by an old lady who begs him to "Come back to me".

Hotel Paradise Trailer (1980)

25 October 1980

At a female prison located deep within the deadly South American jungles, a group of woman are forced to mine for valuable emeralds for the local corrupt government.

Borderline Trailer (1980)

31 October 1980

Jeb Maynard is a patrolman guarding the U.S.-Mexican border, whose partner and buddy Scooter has just been murdered.

Sugar, Honey and Pepper Trailer (1980)

03 October 1980

Three episodes. First Valerio is mistaken for a notorious criminal. Very beautiful journalists succeed to bring him to her house for an exclusive interview.

Blade on the Feather Trailer (1980)

19 October 1980

A reclusive, elderly author is visited by a young admirer...but both men are more than they claim to be.

Non ti conosco più amore Trailer (1980)

02 October 1980

italian comedy

The Moth Trailer (1980)

10 October 1980

This is psychological drama by Tomasz Zygadlo begins as a straightforward story. Jan (Roman Wilhelmi) is the host of a nightly talk show in which he counsels people who call in with their problems.

The Jayne Mansfield Story Trailer (1980)

29 October 1980

The gaudy rise and dizzy fall of the last great Hollywood blonde bombshell: Jayne Mansfield.

Bare Behind Bars Trailer (1980)

10 October 1980

In a women's prison in Brazil, the inmates are young and beautiful, the warden is a sadist, all but one of the guards are cruel, and the nurse is an incompetent cuckoo.

Beulah Land Trailer (1980)

07 October 1980

This sweeping epic dramatized the lives of two Georgia families during the early-to-mid 1800s: the Kendricks, who resided on the Beulah Land plantation, and the Davises, who owned the Oaks plantation.

Love for Sale Trailer (1980)

24 October 1980

A liaison between an older woman and her young lover is under threat when a woman of his age enters into the picture.

Dimas de Leon Trailer (1980)

23 October 1980

Nightclub owner wants to sell his business and move his family back to farm country, but criminal interests at the periphery of his circle create obstacles.

Prestami tua moglie Trailer (1980)

03 October 1980

Sex Hunter Trailer (1980)

22 October 1980

A beautiful young ballet dancer is accepted into a prestigious and exclusive dance academy. Overjoyed at the opportunity to further her career and repair her relationship with her boyfriend, she soon discovers that the academy has a much, much darker side to it--and she may not be able to escape it.

Burlesque Trailer (1980)

16 October 1980

Recreation of a nightclub's burlesque show, alternating between dance numbers and bits of narrative involving performers backstage or audience members.

It's My Turn Trailer (1980)

24 October 1980

A successful but stressed mathematics professor (Clayburgh) goes to her father's wedding and falls in love with her father's bride's son (Douglas), a prematurely retired pro baseball player.

The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue Trailer (1980)

17 October 1980

The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue is set in a futuristic society which adores its sexual Satisfiers more than anything else.

Wife's Sexual Fantasy Before Husband's Eyes Trailer (1980)

22 October 1980

A noble businessman who has a sexual affair with a prostitute. Some thugs are trying to blackmail him and making him agree to pay a large sum of money.

Board and Care Trailer (1980)

01 October 1980

Oscar Winning short film from 1980

Handymen, Handymen Trailer (1980)

27 October 1980

The staff of elementary school prepare the retirement party for their cleaning woman. The complicated relations within the school will emerge to the surface on the same night.

The Star Inspector Trailer (1980)

01 October 1980

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Trailer (1980)

31 October 1980

A TV adaptation of Washington Irving's classic ghost story. Humor is the drawing card in this version, with Jeff Goldblum a nerdish Ichabod Crane, Dick Butkus an appropriately nasty Brom Bones, and Meg Foster as spirited Katrina van Tassel.

Married for the First Time Trailer (1980)

20 October 1980

The First Deadly Sin Trailer (1980)

03 October 1980

A serial killer is stalking New York. Inspector Edward X. Delaney is an NYPD detective, nearing retirement, who is trying to put together the pieces of the case.

Endstation Freiheit Trailer (1980)

30 October 1980

La locandiera Trailer (1980)

02 October 1980

At the Beginning of Glorious Days Trailer (1980)

29 October 1980

Late 17th century. With no access to the sea, Russia suffers great losses in foreign trade. Peter tries to capture the Turkish fortress of Azov, but with no success: he can win only if he has a fleet.

The Taming of the Shrew Trailer (1980)

23 October 1980

Baptista has two daughters: Kate and Bianca. Everyone wants to wed the fair Bianca, but nobody's much interested in problem child, Kate.

Two Wondrous Tigers Trailer (1980)

16 October 1980

Robert Ko (Kao Fei) returns home from America and meets Tiger (John Chang), a vagrant. The two become friends and Tiger becomes involved with a girl (Yang Pan Pan) from a family of fighters.

Ellam Un Kairasi Trailer (1980)

09 October 1980

Overview Coming Soon...

Candy Razors Trailer (1980)

06 October 1980

Jose Manuel Gomez Perales, "El Jaro", lives alone in Madrid, with no other company than his band and his "girlfriends.

The Beast to Die Trailer (1980)

04 October 1980

A policeman is murdered and his gun, stolen, used to commit the next crime. Detective Kashiwagi, who is leading the investigation, learns that the author of the killings “walks like a dead man”.

Baby Comes Home Trailer (1980)

16 October 1980

A family drama directed by Waris Hussein.

Foolin' Around Trailer (1980)

17 October 1980

A working-class boy falls for a girl from a wealthy family, and must compete for her with a rich boy who also wants her.

The Solar Film Trailer (1980)

14 October 1980

Educational film about solar energy, told with striking imagery and animation.

Muchas gracias de nada Trailer (1980)

24 October 1980

Argentinean musical-comedy troupe Les Luthiers perform before a live audience in this special, recorded for television during shows in 1979 and '80.

Csontvary Trailer (1980)

02 October 1980

Csontvary Kostka Tivadar was a Hungarian painter, and the actor Latinovitsj Zoltan, who was originally slated to play him in the film, committed suicide during the preliminary planning.

Mieux vaut être riche et bien portant que fauché et mal foutu Trailer (1980)

28 October 1980

The House That Bled to Death Trailer (1980)

11 October 1980

William and Emma Peters buy a run-down old house, in which a brutal murder occurred years before, with the intention of restoring it.

Asphaltnacht Trailer (1980)

15 October 1980

This low-budget drama details the unlikely friendship between a smart-aleck seventeen-year-old punk and a thirty-year-old rock 'n roll musician in search of songwriting inspiration.

Flamingo Park Trailer (1980)

15 October 1980

The documentary looks at the work of fashion designer Jenny Kee who is shown at work at her retail outlet Flamingo Park (established with fellow designer Linda Jackson) and at home in the Blue Mountains, intercut with a fashion show.

To Serve Them All My Days Trailer (1980)

17 October 1980

David Powlett-Jones has just returned to England from the trenches of WWI. He was injured and shell-shocked and, after a spell in hospital he gets a job teaching in a boys boarding school in S.

The Heroes Trailer (1980)

23 October 1980

THE HEROES offers an intriguing variation on the Shaolin theme, starting with the familiar account of the burning of Shaolin Temple and the repression of Shaolin kung fu by the Manchurian-backed Qing rulers.


15 October 1980

The sublime Brigitte Lahaie - unusually dark for this film - is the ideal interpreter of this lewd climbing a couple decided to spice up her sex life by extreme games increasingly perverse .

George & Mildred Trailer (1980)

10 October 1980

Big screen spin-off of the Seventies sitcom. Mildred Roper (Yootha Joyce, who died shortly after filming was completed) is determined to make husband George (Brian Roper) celebrate their wedding anniversary in style, at a posh hotel in London.

Manhã Submersa Trailer (1980)

17 October 1980

Sunday Lovers Trailer (1980)

31 October 1980

A sex comedy anthology containing four stories, each from a different country (England, France, USA and Italy).