Movie Trailers - September 1923

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1923

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Three Ages Trailer (1923)

24 September 1923

"The Three Ages," Buster Keaton's first feature-length film after a number of comedy shorts, is his parody of Griffith's "Intolerance.

Why Worry? Trailer (1923)

09 September 1923

Harold Van Pelham (Lloyd) is a hypochondriac, rich businessman who sails to the tropics for his 'health.

The Eternal Three Trailer (1923)

22 September 1923

A doctor's adopted son turns out to be an ungrateful whelp. He beds the doctor's maid, then his secretary, and finally targets the doctor's wife, his own stepmother as his next conquest.

The Red Inn Trailer (1923)

27 September 1923

Based on the story by Honoré de Balzac. Caught in a storm, two young doctors book into an inn for the night and find themselves sharing a room with a Dutch diamond merchant.

Roughest Africa Trailer (1923)

29 September 1923

Two bungling adventures go on a big game hunt in Africa.

Scaramouche Trailer (1923)

15 September 1923

A law student becomes an outlaw French revolutionary when he decides to avenge the unjust killing of his friend.

Rosita Trailer (1923)

02 September 1923

The King tosses Rosita in jail and when Don Diego, who Rosita loves, tries to defend her, he too is thrown in jail.

Potash and Perlmutter Trailer (1923)

10 September 1923

The film is based on an ethnic Jewish comedy with characters created by Montague Glass and Charles Klein.

Short Orders Trailer (1923)

01 September 1923

Stan plays a waiter at a crappy restaurant and frankly such fare was better done by Chaplin and others.

Adam's Rib Trailer (1923)

24 September 1923

Michael Ramsay only has time for gathering his fortune in wheat. His wife seeks comfort elsewhere and, to avoid a scandal, her daughter Matilda assumes her mother's guilt.

Return to Reason Trailer (1923)

06 September 1923

Experimental film, white specks and shapes gyrating over a black background, a light-striped torso, a gyrating eggcrate.

The Gunfighter Trailer (1923)

02 September 1923

Billy Buell (William Farnum), a stranger involving himself with a long-standing mountain feud. The Benchleys and the Camps have been feuding ever since Lew Camp (J.

The White Sister Trailer (1923)

05 September 1923

Lillian Gish is the daughter of a rich Italian count who is killed in a fall from his horse. Though Lillian stands to inherit a large estate, her older half-sister burns the will and thus inherits the property herself, throwing Lillian into poverty.

A Man About Town Trailer (1923)

15 September 1923

A feckless young man who wishes to switch from one streetcar to another is told to follow a pretty young lady-- so he follows her all over town.

Haldane of the Secret Service Trailer (1923)

29 September 1923

Heath Haldane (Houdini) tracks down a vicious gang of counterfeiters, narrowly missing death several times.

Skylarking Trailer (1923)

08 September 1923

The story is about a crackpot inventor who manages to get himself in a heap of trouble. Though no fault of his own, it appears that he's run off with the wife of a cop and both the policeman and the inventor's wife are in hot pursuit.

No Noise Trailer (1923)

22 September 1923

Entertaining Our Gang comedy has poor Mickey in the hospital being fed Castor Oil when his friends stop by the pay him a visit.

The Call of the Wild Trailer (1923)

22 September 1923

A dog is stolen from his home in England and shipped to Canada to become a sled dog. Based on the novel by Jack London.

Covered Schooner Trailer (1923)

29 September 1923

Monty Banks becomes a sailor in the hunt for his girl.

Unreal News Reel Trailer (1923)

23 September 1923

A compilation of archive footage from previously filmed Fox comedies.

Defying Destiny Trailer (1923)

29 September 1923

Set in the small town of Riverdale, Defying Destiny opens with Jack Fenton (Monte Blue) being scarred while saving the life of his sweetheart Beth Alden (Irene Rich), whose grateful father (James Gordon), president of the local bank, offers him a job.