Movie Trailers - September 1935

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1935

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Top Hat Trailer (1935)

06 September 1935

Showman Jerry Travers is working for producer Horace Hardwick in London. Jerry demonstrates his new dance steps late one night in Horace's hotel, much to the annoyance of sleeping Dale Tremont below.

She Married Her Boss Trailer (1935)

19 September 1935

A super-efficient secretary at a department store falls for and marries her boss, but finds out that taking care of him at home (and especially his spoiled-brat daughter) is a lot different than taking care of him at work.

Special Agent Trailer (1935)

14 September 1935

Newspaperman Bill Bradford becomes a special agent for the tax service trying to end the career of racketeer Nick Carston.

Little Big Shot Trailer (1935)

07 September 1935

A con man (Robert Armstrong) and his partner inherit a dead gangster's precocious daughter (Sybil Jason).

La Bandera Trailer (1935)

25 September 1935

Pierre Gilieth has committed a murder in Paris. He flees to Barcelona, where he runs out of money. So he joins the Spanish Foreign Legion.

The Crime of Doctor Crespi Trailer (1935)

23 September 1935

A crazed scientist invents a serum that induces a catatonic state in whoever it is injected into. He uses the serum to paralyze his enemies, so that he can bury them alive.

On Ice Trailer (1935)

28 September 1935

Mickey shows off his ice-skating skills to Minnie; Goofy does some unconventional ice fishing; Donald straps skates to Pluto and laughs at his attempts to skate.

Red Salute Trailer (1935)

12 September 1935

The rebellious daughter of an army general gets involved with a Communist agitator, mainly to annoy her father.

Page Miss Glory Trailer (1935)

07 September 1935

A country girl goes to the city and gets a job in a posh hotel, and winds up becoming an instant celebrity thanks to an ambitious photographer.

I Live For Love Trailer (1935)

28 September 1935

A failed actor finds success as a radio singer.

Crime Unlimited Trailer (1935)

01 September 1935

A young police academy recruit tries to break up a gang of thieves.

Diamond Jim Trailer (1935)

01 September 1935

A loose biopic based on the life of Gilded Age tycoon "Diamond" Jim Brady.

Two for Tonight Trailer (1935)

27 September 1935

A songwriter has to come up with a full-length theatrical piece within a few days.

The Dark Angel Trailer (1935)

08 September 1935

Kitty Vane, Alan Trent, and Gerald Shannon have been inseparable friends since childhood. Kitty has always known she would marry one of them, but has waited until the beginning of World War I before finally choosing Alan.

Streamline Express Trailer (1935)

14 September 1935

A disparate group of people meet as passengers on a superspeed train crossing the U.S. Aboard are a seductive blackmailer and the stage director he intends to frame, a woman chasing her husband who is running away with the blackmail victim, and the stage director's feisty leading lady.

The Return Of Peter Grimm Trailer (1935)

13 September 1935

After Peter Grimm (Lionel Barrymore) dies, his spirit returns to help clean up the messy lives of those he left behind.

Condemned to Live Trailer (1935)

15 September 1935

After a series of murders, a man finds out that his mother was bitten by a vampire bat during her pregnancy, and he believes that he may be the vampire committing the murders.

Keystone Hotel Trailer (1935)

21 September 1935

The Keystone Hotel hosts a very prestigeous beauty contest. When the cross-eyed judge presents the first prize to an elderly cleaning woman, angry members of the audience respond by hurling custard pies.

Little Papa Trailer (1935)

21 September 1935

The gang wants Spanky to come out and play football, but he has to make sure his baby sister is asleep first.

Bonne chance Trailer (1935)

20 September 1935

Janitzio Trailer (1935)

27 September 1935

First all Mexican sound film. Story is based on the ancient customs and legends of the fisherfolk as they come into conflict with the exploitation of agents sent by "big business" from the cities.

Navy Wife Trailer (1935)

17 September 1935

A woman marries a navy soldier but has doubts about him.

The Gay Deception Trailer (1935)

13 September 1935

Mirabel wins a $5,000 lottery which will enable her to live like a queen in New York. There she meets Sandro, a bellboy who is really a prince, so she does get to be a queen after all.

The Girl Who Came Back Trailer (1935)

20 September 1935

A counterfeiter gives up her life of crime and goes straight. She gets a job in a bank, but the members of her former gang hear about it and try to blackmail her into helping them rob the bank.

King of the Mardi Gras Trailer (1935)

26 September 1935

A Mardi Gras celebration, looking pretty much like any carnival. Bluto is a strongman, claiming to be King of the Mardi Gras, and drawing a large crowd.

Tumbling Tumbleweeds Trailer (1935)

05 September 1935

Traveling with Doc Parker's medicine show, Gene finds his old friend Harry Brooks wounded and the Sheriff after him for murdering his father.

The Goose and the Gander Trailer (1935)

20 September 1935

When Georgiana Summers learns that the peroxide man-eater who stole her husband is planning a romantic weekend with a new love, she hatches a giddy plot to expose the rendezvous and win back her ex.

A Cartoonist's Nightmare Trailer (1935)

21 September 1935

A cartoonist falls asleep at the drawing board and into the clutches of his own villains, until Beans the Cat comes to the rescue.

Symphony in Black: A Rhapsody of Negro Life Trailer (1935)

12 September 1935

Duke Ellington plays his symphonic jazz piece ('A Rhapsody of Negro Life') with his orchestra against slice-of-life background scenes.

Second Bureau Trailer (1935)

19 September 1935

Captain Benoît manages to take possession of the plans of a new German airplane. The German counter-espionage assigns one of their agents, beautiful Erna Fiedler, to seduce Benoît and to eliminate him.

Eriskay: A Poem of Remote Lives Trailer (1935)

29 September 1935

An evocative account, inspired by Robert Flaherty's Man of Aran (1934), of the lives of the Gaelic speaking inhabitants of Eriskay, a remote island in the Scottish Hebridean archipelago, made by German aristocrat Werner Kissling during a three months sojourn on the island to collect the traditional songs and photograph the local 'blackhouse'.

Song of China Trailer (1935)

06 September 1935

A businessman moves his family from the city to the countryside to open a school.

Fox and the Rabbit Trailer (1935)

22 September 1935

A child rabbit is sent to school by his mother. On the way, he passes a carrot patch, which is actually a trap set by a hungry wolf.

The Affair of Susan Trailer (1935)

01 September 1935

Two people go to Coney Island to find romance and wind up in jail.

The Bishop Misbehaves Trailer (1935)

13 September 1935

On a walking tour of English cathedrals, Donald Meadows meets Hester Granthem in church. Hearing he is from that hot-bed of crime, Chicago, Hester asks Donald to help her in a robbery she has planned.

Man of the Moment Trailer (1935)

01 September 1935

Love blossoms after a young man rescues a pretty girl who attempted to drown herself.

Bulldog Jack Trailer (1935)

01 September 1935

While filling in for injured supersleuth Bulldog Drummond (Atholl Fleming), world-class cricket player Jack Pennington (Jack Hulbert) attempts to foil a criminal mastermind's (Ralph Richardson) impending heist that's targeting a valuable jewel necklace held within the British Museum.

Thunder in the Night Trailer (1935)

20 September 1935

A whodunit set in Budapest, starring Edmund Lowe as a detective investigating the murder of an unemployed vaudeville actor.

The Passing of the Third Floor Back Trailer (1935)

01 September 1935

The tenants of a London boarding house spend their time in petty bickering and sniping until a mysterious stranger arrives at their door.

Wanderer of the Wasteland Trailer (1935)

09 September 1935

Adam Larey becomes a fugitive from justice when he escapes after being blamed for a crime he did not commit.

Balloon Land Trailer (1935)

30 September 1935

The inhabitants, including the trees and rocks, of Balloon Land are made entirely of balloons. They come under attack from the evil Pincushion Man.

The Big Broadcast of 1936 Trailer (1935)

20 September 1935

The wisp of a storyline involves two-bit radio station owner Spud Miller, who doubles as the station's sole announcer while his comic partner Smiley serves as the house crooner.

L'école des cocottes Trailer (1935)

27 September 1935

The Girl Friend Trailer (1935)

27 September 1935

An actor and two songwriters become rural con men.

The Girl from the Marsh Croft Trailer (1935)

10 September 1935

In this Swedish romance, a strapping farm boy is betrothed to a pretty socialite. Unfortunately, he really loves a simple girl from the marsh.

His Family Tree Trailer (1935)

29 September 1935

A father leaves his native Ireland and travels to America to visit the son he hasn't heard from in many years.

Der mutige Seefahrer Trailer (1935)

26 September 1935

Powdersmoke Range Trailer (1935)

27 September 1935

Three cowboys buy a ranch but have to fight off gunmen to keep it.

The Lady in Red Trailer (1935)

06 September 1935

At a Spanish restaurant, the owner is at the bullfights and the restaurant is closed. The roaches come out to eat, drink and be merry.

O'Shaughnessy's Boy Trailer (1935)

27 September 1935

A circus wild animal trainer searches for the son who was taken away from him by a meddling relative years earlier.

Cappy Ricks Returns Trailer (1935)

25 September 1935

"Cappy" Ricks comes out of retirement to fight against a bill, sponsored by his old political rivals, that, if passed, would forbid the selling of wooden shingles for house-roofs.

Ein idealer Gatte Trailer (1935)

05 September 1935

R.A.F. Trailer (1935)

06 September 1935

Here from 1935 is Gaumont British's documentary about the Royal Air Force, simply titled "RAF", and directed by John Betts.

Steamboat Round the Bend Trailer (1935)

06 September 1935

When riverboat captain Doctor John Pearly (Rogers) learns that his nephew Duke has killed a man in self-defense, he urges Duke to turn himself in.

Broadway Melody of 1936 Trailer (1935)

20 September 1935

Lovely, gifted Irene Foster hopes that her childhood sweetheart-turned Broadway producer Robert Gordon will recognize her--and her talent.

Judge for a Day Trailer (1935)

19 September 1935

Betty Boop, annoyed by 'public pests' like backslappers, gum parkers, and mud splashers, imagines what she'd do to them if she were a judge.

Alibi Racket Trailer (1935)

14 September 1935

How police interrogation cracks the "airtight" alibi of a criminal.

Only a Comedian Trailer (1935)

02 September 1935

A moving actor at the rococo era shows the power-hungry-crude minister of a small state prince in the barriers, while he makes use of his resemblance to the sovereign and slips in his role.

Du har lovet mig en kone! Trailer (1935)

29 September 1935

Du har lovet mig en kone! (English: You have promised me a wife!) is a 1935 Norwegian comedy film written by Tancred Ibsen, and co-directed by Ibsen and Einar Sissener, starring Sissener, Randi Brænne and Kirsten Heiberg.

The Public Menace Trailer (1935)

30 September 1935

1935 comedy in which an immigrant (Jean Arthur), a reporter (George Murphy) and a gangster (Douglass Dumbrille) cross paths.