Movie Trailers - September 1937

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1937

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Something to Sing About Trailer (1937)

30 September 1937

James Cagney has a rare chance to show his song-and-dance-man roots in this low-budget tale of a New York bandleader struggling with a Hollywood studio boss.

Lost Horizon Trailer (1937)

01 September 1937

British diplomat Robert Conway and a small group of civilians crash land in the Himalayas, and are rescued by the people of the mysterious, Eden-like valley of Shangri-la.

The Prisoner of Zenda Trailer (1937)

03 September 1937

An Englishman on a Ruritarian holiday must impersonate the king when the rightful monarch, a distant cousin, is drugged and kidnapped.

That Certain Woman Trailer (1937)

18 September 1937

A gangster's widow fights for love despite society's disapproval.

Charlie Chan on Broadway Trailer (1937)

22 September 1937

Returning from European exile where she avoided testifying against her criminal associates, a former singer with a tell-all diary is murdered to insure her silence.

I Wanna Be a Sailor Trailer (1937)

25 September 1937

Momma parrot is teaching her young-uns to say "Polly want a cracker" but little Peter doesn't want a cracker, he wants to be a sailor like dad.

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back Trailer (1937)

24 September 1937

Drummond's girlfriend has been kidnapped for revenge.

Lady Killer Trailer (1937)

15 September 1937

Lucien Bourrache, a good looking non-commissioned officer at the Spahis, is used to charm many women.

Wine, Women and Horses Trailer (1937)

11 September 1937

An ex-gambler (Barton MacLane) hooks up with an old flame (Ann Sheridan) after his old habit resurfaces and drives off his wife.

One Hundred Men and a Girl Trailer (1937)

05 September 1937

The daughter of a struggling musician forms a symphony orchestra made up of his unemployed friends and through persistence, charm and a few misunderstandings, is able to get Leopold Stokowski to lead them in a concert that leads to a radio contract.

A Bride for Henry Trailer (1937)

29 September 1937

On the day of her wedding a young woman's fiancé doesn't show up, sleeping off the results of the previous night's wild bachelor party.

Big City Trailer (1937)

03 September 1937

To avoid a taxi war, city officials blame a gang bombing on driver Joe Benton's wife Anna and put her on a ship to deport her.

Thin Ice Trailer (1937)

03 September 1937

Swiss hotel ski instructor (Henie) falls in love with a man (Power) who goes skiing every morning.

Así es mi tierra Trailer (1937)

15 September 1937

Double Or Nothing Trailer (1937)

17 September 1937

In this lively musical, an eccentric philanthropist's will dictates that four people receive $5,000 with the stipulation that the first one who can double the amount-- without dishonesty-- will win a cool million.

Unentschuldigte Stunde Trailer (1937)

24 September 1937

When the schoolgirl Kate defends her friend, she is expelled from school. To conceal the incident from her parents, she positions herself ill.

Souls at Sea Trailer (1937)

03 September 1937

Michael 'Nuggin' Taylor and Powdah save lives during a sea tragedy in this story about the slave trade on the high seas during 1842.

Idol of the Crowds Trailer (1937)

30 September 1937

Retired hockey player Johnny Hansen, in order to make money to enlarge his chicken farm, returns to the game and leads his team into the championship series.

Back in Circulation Trailer (1937)

24 September 1937

Morning Express ace reporter 'Timmy' Blake uses her wiles and charms to get the scoop on rival papers, and keep her editor happy.

Danger - Love at Work Trailer (1937)

30 September 1937

A New York City lawyer finds himself falling in love with the daughter of a screwball South Carolina family.

Woman Against the World Trailer (1937)

01 September 1937

A young woman marries against her father's will, but the happy life she expected turns into a series of tragedies.

Million Dollar Racket Trailer (1937)

30 September 1937

Millionaire Larry Duane (Bruce Bennett billed under his real name of Herman Brix) is posing as his own chauffeur while touring the West and meets Molly Hennessey (Joan Barclay.

Roaring Six Guns Trailer (1937)

01 September 1937

Sinclair has a government lease on range land that is about to expire. George Ringold wants the land and hires Roberts and his men.

Hawaiian Holiday Trailer (1937)

24 September 1937

The gang is on vacation. Goofy has some surfing problems, Donald learns why you don't wear a grass skirt near a fire, Pluto and a starfish have a tiff, followed by an encounter with a hermit crab.

The Hat Trailer (1937)

05 September 1937

Film about a hat which changes its owners, until it ends up in the possession of a beggar who collects charity with it.

Annapolis Salute Trailer (1937)

10 September 1937

Director Christy Cabanne's 1937 film about cadets at Annapolis stars James Ellison, Van Heflin and Arthur Lake.

Ushchelye Alamasov Trailer (1937)

19 September 1937

Монгольская экспедиция, возглавляемая профессором Джамбоном и группа советских исследователей отправляется через пустыню в Аламасские горы, где предположительно находятся большие месторождения нефти.

La madrina del diablo Trailer (1937)

09 September 1937

Set in the 1820s; an unhappy love affair and some family problems drive a young gentleman to banditry.

The Girl Said No Trailer (1937)

18 September 1937

Jimmie Allen, a shady bookie, is in love with Pearl Proctor, a greedy dance hall girl. He schemes to get her back after she rejects him; and along the way, he revives a failing Gilbert and Sullivan troupe.

O Descobrimento do Brasil Trailer (1937)

07 September 1937

The Armada of Pedro Álvares Cabral discovers Brazil.

Varsity Show Trailer (1937)

04 September 1937

Winfield College students who are trying to put together the annual varsity show come into conflict with their faculty adviser, a stodgy old professor whose ideas are hopelessly out of date, and who won't even let the new "swing" music be played in the show.

Książątko Trailer (1937)

03 September 1937

Les Rois du sport Trailer (1937)

17 September 1937

It Happened in Hollywood Trailer (1937)

07 September 1937

Western film star Tim Bart meets a young boy named Billy while making a personal appearance at a hospital for disabled children, and promises to invite him to his Hollywood ranch and introduce him to other celebrities after he gets well.

Le messager Trailer (1937)

02 September 1937

The Life of the Party Trailer (1937)

03 September 1937

A singer finds another heir (Gene Raymond) to marry, to avoid the one (Joe Penner) her mother found.

Renfrew of the Royal Mounted Trailer (1937)

29 September 1937

Counterfeit bills are being printed in Canada and shipped across the border hidden in blocks of ice. When the counterfeiters force engraver Bronson to make a new plate, he inscribes a tiny help message on it.

Postal Union Trailer (1937)

11 September 1937

A telegraph postal union worker has no luck when asks a pretty co-worker to marry him. She says he'd have to be a magician to get her to say yes.

Victoria the Great Trailer (1937)

01 September 1937

The film biography of Queen Victoria focussing initially on the early years of her reign with her marriage to Prince Albert and her subsequent rule after Albert's death in 1861.

Small Town Boy Trailer (1937)

24 September 1937

Henry Armstrong was past being a spring chicken, still believes in Santa Claus and the maxim that "honesty is the best policy", but lack of money keeps him from marrying Molly and buying a little home, and his is threatened with the loss of the petty job he has had for four years with old Curtis French, Molly's uncle, because he can not sell enough insurance policies.

The Game That Kills Trailer (1937)

21 September 1937

Charles Quigley stars as Ferguson, a rough-and-tumble hockey player who discovers that his chosen profession is nothing more than a racket, a plaything for game-fixing racketeers.

Framing Youth Trailer (1937)

10 September 1937

Crooner Alfalfa, enters an amateur contest at a local radio station. Butch tries to intimidate Spanky into withdrawing Alfalfa from the competition.

Porky's Garden Trailer (1937)

11 September 1937

Porky decides to start a garden. Mayhem ensues.

Cash and Carry Trailer (1937)

03 September 1937

The Stooges find a crippled boy and his sister living in their dumpyard shack. To raise money to pay for the little boys operation they buy a phony treasure map from a con man.

To levende og en død Trailer (1937)

06 September 1937

Based on the 1931 novel To levende og en død by Sigurd Christiansen. A post office worker is left wrestling with his conscience following a robbery at his workplace.

Give Till It Hurts Trailer (1937)

18 September 1937

This entry in the Crime Does Not Pay series focuses on charity fraud. Two scam artists set themselves up as 'philanthropists' to help raise money for a local clinic, but the funds they raise never get to help the people who need it.

A Neckin' Party Trailer (1937)

04 September 1937

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy travel to Mexico and enrage a jealous boyfriend.

What Ho, She Bumps Trailer (1937)

05 September 1937

The H.M.S. Hopeless engages in a pirate ship battle and becomes the H.M.S. Hopeful.

Dance Program Trailer (1937)

09 September 1937

After the death of her husband, Christine realizes she has possibly wasted her life by marrying him instead of the man towards whom, in her youth, she had a stronger inclination.

Forty Naughty Girls Trailer (1937)

24 September 1937

Hildegarde Withers (ZaSu Pitts) and Inspector Piper (James Gleason) try to solve a murder while attending the opening-night performance of a Broadway show.

Jungle Menace Trailer (1937)

01 September 1937

Mystery and adventure, surrounding a stolen rubber harvest.

Fit for a King Trailer (1937)

01 September 1937

Newspaper reporter "Scoops" (Brown) is sent out on assignment, to investigate the failed assassination attempts on Archduke Julio (Harry Davenport).

Wife, Doctor and Nurse Trailer (1937)

17 September 1937

Social butterfly marries Park Avenue doctor and learns that his nurse is in love with him.

The Edge of the World Trailer (1937)

10 September 1937

A way of life is dying on a Shetland island fishing port, but some of the inhabitants resist evacuating to the mainland.

Trapped by G-Men Trailer (1937)

09 September 1937

Granite-jawed Jack Holt performs a dual role in Columbia's Trapped by G-Men.

Speaking of the Weather Trailer (1937)

04 September 1937

It's midnight at the bookstore and all the book and magazine characters are coming to life. When a bulldog from an adventure book uses a Boswell Sisters-like performance by girls in a travel magazine as a distraction to rob a bank, he is chased, caught, and sentenced to, of course "Life" (the magazine).

Make a Wish Trailer (1937)

01 September 1937

Canary-voiced boy wonder Bobby Breen once more croons his way into our hearts in Make a Wish. While vacationing at a boys' camp, the rambunctious Breen befriends famed composer Basil Rathbone.

A Test for Love Trailer (1937)

05 September 1937

Dramatised documentary on venereal disease.

Whispers in the Dark Trailer (1937)

23 September 1937

Gus Arnheim and his band play the title song, sung by June Robbins (with Bouncing Ball). Animated sequence:.

Gribouille Trailer (1937)

10 September 1937