Movie Trailers - September 1946

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1946

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Cloak and Dagger Trailer (1946)

28 September 1946

In this Fritz Lang's compelling World War II espionage thriller, Gary Cooper stars as Alvah Jasper, a shy and retiring physics professor at a midwestern university.

Humoresque Trailer (1946)

25 September 1946

A classical musician from the slums is sidetracked by his love for a wealthy, neurotic socialite.

Portrait of Maria Trailer (1946)

01 September 1946

A young journalist asks an old artist about the portrait of a naked Indian woman that he has in his study.

Decoy Trailer (1946)

14 September 1946

A fatally shot female gangleader recounts her sordid life of crime to a police officer just before she dies.

The Three Musketeers Trailer (1946)

01 September 1946

Cantinflas and three friends return a stolen necklace to an actress who invites them to be extras at Clasa studios.

Angel on My Shoulder Trailer (1946)

20 September 1946

Gangster E. Kagle is killed by his partner and trusted friend, S. Williams. Kagle ends up in Hell, where "Nick" offers him an opportunity for revenge in exchange for help with a problem.

Three Wise Fools Trailer (1946)

26 September 1946

An orphan girl melts the hearts of three crusty old men.

The Thrill of Brazil Trailer (1946)

06 September 1946

Steve, revue producer in Rio de Janeiro, is still in love with his ex-wife Vicki, his star Linda is in love with Steve and Tito is in love with Linda.

They Were Sisters Trailer (1946)

20 September 1946

Director Arthur Crabtree's 1945 British drama, about three sisters and their very different marriages, stars Phyllis Calvert, Anne Crawford, Dulcie Gray, James Mason, Hugh Sinclair, Peter Murray-Hill and Barry Livesey.

Pastoral Symphony Trailer (1946)

26 September 1946

A minister falls in love with a blind young woman he sheltered, but so does his son.

If I'm Lucky Trailer (1946)

02 September 1946

Out of work swing band maneuvers a gig working for a political campaign, by drawing in and entertaining prospective voters at rallies.

Outlaw of the Plains Trailer (1946)

22 September 1946

A gang of swindlers takes advantage of simple-minded Fuzzy Jones.....

Lighthouse Keeping Trailer (1946)

20 September 1946

Donald is a lighthouse keeper. He shines the light on a sleeping pelican; the angry bird comes into the lighthouse and tries to put out the light.

Pian delle stelle Trailer (1946)

17 September 1946

Italian fugitives from German war camps unite to form "Lupo", a partisan brigade which uses their knowledge of the countryside to wage their own personal war on the Germans.

The Mysterious Mr. Valentine Trailer (1946)

03 September 1946

Janet Spencer (Linda Stirling) is driving down a country road when one of her tires blows out. This seemingly innocuous, everyday occurrence leads Linda into a labyrinth of murder, blackmail and intrigue.

Three Little Girls in Blue Trailer (1946)

03 September 1946

Three sisters go to Atlantic City with hopes of finding rich husbands.

Un americano in vacanza Trailer (1946)

07 September 1946

Racketeer Rabbit Trailer (1946)

14 September 1946

Hugo and Rocky (caricatures of Edward G. Robinson and Peter Lorre) make it home to their hideout only to find Bugs already settled down there for the night.

Her Sister's Secret Trailer (1946)

23 September 1946

A WWII tale of romance that begins during New Orlean's "Mardi Gras" celebration when a soldier and a girl meet and fall in love.

Fair and Worm-er Trailer (1946)

27 September 1946

One long chase: worm chases apple; bird chases worm; cat chases bird; dog chases cat; dogcatcher chases dog; dogcatcher's wife chases dogcatcher; mouse chases dogcatcher's wife.

The Jail Break Trailer (1946)

19 September 1946

In this classic Western cartoon, Bad Bill Bunion's horse helps his master escape from Alcatraz Island Prison.

Singing on the Trail Trailer (1946)

01 September 1946

Eugenia Grandet Trailer (1946)

10 September 1946

Directed by Mario Soldati

Follow That Blonde Trailer (1946)

27 September 1946

Comedic mixups are inevitable when Leon Errol borrows a car.

Society Mugs Trailer (1946)

19 September 1946

Muriel Allen needs an escort to Alice Preston's dinner party, and her maid Petunia mistakenly places a telephone call to Acme Exterminators instead of Acme Escorts.

Monsieur Beaucaire Trailer (1946)

04 September 1946

A bumbling barber in the court of King Louis XV becomes engaged in political intrigue when he masquerades as a dashing nobleman engaged to the princess of Spain.

Crack-Up Trailer (1946)

06 September 1946

Art curator George Steele experiences a train wreck...which never happened. Is he cracking up, or the victim of a plot?

Shadow of a Woman Trailer (1946)

14 September 1946

A woman suspects her husband of plotting to kill his son from a previous marriage.

Campeón Sin Corona Trailer (1946)

05 September 1946

A young ice cream vendor, Roberto Terranova, witnesses a child being beaten and comes to his aid by physically overpowering the aggressor.

Accomplice Trailer (1946)

29 September 1946

A private detective and his assistant are hired to find a missing husband. The seemingly easy case is complicated by a dead body.

Rotterdam aan den Slag Trailer (1946)

28 September 1946

The ruined harbor of Rotterdam obstructs the recovery of The Netherlands after the war. Rapidly and with borrowed strength the harbor takes its rightful place in the city of Rotterdam.

Herwonnen Vaart Trailer (1946)

28 September 1946

An impression of the repairs of the sluice of Ijmuiden after the damage taken during the war.

Op med lille Martha Trailer (1946)

19 September 1946

Dunia Trailer (1946)

01 September 1946

Shown in Cannes 1946.

Jasper's Derby Trailer (1946)

20 September 1946

Jasper is attending the Kentucky Derby and befriends an old racehorse. During the race, Jasper plays a violin solo that inspires the horse to win the race.

Kristin kommenderar Trailer (1946)

02 September 1946

Marianne and Harald are busy with their jobs and three children. They are lucky to find a mysterious house maid to employ who have her own reasons for helping them.

Easy Does It Trailer (1946)

07 September 1946

The cartoon is believed to be a propaganda film by Stokely Van Camp beans against Heinz. There is a strong reference to Heinz in the beginning of the film as, "that British [UK] brand.

Shadowed Trailer (1946)

26 September 1946

Fred J. Johnson (Lloyd Corrigan) scores a hole-in-one but his next drive, using the lucky, initialed golf ball, soars out of bounds and lands near a spot where some counterfeiters are burying a murder victim.

Roll on Texas Moon Trailer (1946)

12 September 1946

To get the Delaney ranch Cole's henchman Anders has started a phony range war between the cattlemen and sheepmen.

London Town Trailer (1946)

30 September 1946

Veteran music-hall entertainer Jerry Stanford a washed-up comedian hopes to stage a comeback in a glittering new revue.

Rio Grande Raiders Trailer (1946)

09 September 1946

Sunset Carson, ace driver for the Harding Stagecoach Line, persuades his boss Frank Harding (Edmund Cobb) to hire his brother, Jeff (Bob Steele), recently released from the penitentiary.

Men of Two Worlds Trailer (1946)

19 September 1946

An African music student returns home and has to defeat the witch doctor who dominates his tribe and take them to healthier land.

Pancho se žení Trailer (1946)

27 September 1946

Gallant Journey Trailer (1946)

24 September 1946

Director William A. Wellman adds another to his long line of salutes-to-aviation films in this bio of an aviation pioneer, John Montgomery (Glenn Ford.

The Goal Rush Trailer (1946)

26 September 1946

The story of dogs and cats playing each other at football. Includes sing-a-longs of various college fight songs.

Peter Voss, der Millionendieb Trailer (1946)

27 September 1946

Adaptation of Seeliger's novel, starting production in 1943, finished by DEFA studios after the war.

Trigger Fingers Trailer (1946)

20 September 1946

G.I. Wanna Go Home Trailer (1946)

05 September 1946

The stooges are discharged from the army and go to see their fiancée, but find they have been dispossessed and the wedding is off until they find a home.

Farrebique ou Les quatre saisons Trailer (1946)

01 September 1946

Farrebique, the first feature-length effort of French documentary filmmaker Georges Rouqier, is widely regarded as his finest film.

El barchante Neguib Trailer (1946)

13 September 1946

Small-town Arabic family moves to Mexico City to live with the oldest son who made his career there. Follow-up (not a direct sequel) to El baisano Jalil (1942).

Möte i natten Trailer (1946)

30 September 1946

A journalist is writing a critical article about the prison service in Sweden. The magazine's editor in chief does not agree with him and removes the article.

The Queen's Flower Trailer (1946)

01 September 1946

Shown in Cannes 1946.

John Henry and the Inky-Poo Trailer (1946)

05 September 1946

In this George Pal Puppetoon (production number U5-6), John Henry (voice of Rex Ingram), legendary figure of American folklore, goes to work for the C.

Rötägg Trailer (1946)

30 September 1946

Olga Sundblom has alone after the divorce the custody of the son Krister. He has trouble of controlling himself.

Private Number 91-Karlsson Trailer (1946)

02 September 1946

A Son is Born Trailer (1946)

20 September 1946

This family melodrama, a tale of desertion, vengeful seduction, coincidental meeting and catharsis, spans more than two decades from 1920 to World War II.

The Electronic Mouse Trap Trailer (1946)

06 September 1946

A perverted and merciless Cat-professor takes scientific progress to his own selfish ends by perfecting an electronically-operated mouse trap.

Hay muertos que no hacen ruido Trailer (1946)

19 September 1946

Tin-tan gets involved in what seem to be a murder at the local house of wax.

The Overlanders Trailer (1946)

27 September 1946

It's the start of WWII in Northern Australia. The Japanese are getting close. People are evacuating and burning everything in a "scorched earth" policy.

Camões Trailer (1946)

19 September 1946