Movie Trailers - September 1948

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1948

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Sorry, Wrong Number Trailer (1948)

01 September 1948

Leona Stevenson is confined to bed and uses her telephone to keep in contact with the outside world. One day she overhears a murder plot on the telephone and is desperate to find out who is the intended victim.

Johnny Belinda Trailer (1948)

14 September 1948

A small-town doctor helps a deaf-mute farm girl learn to communicate.

The Fallen Idol Trailer (1948)

30 September 1948

The film is told through the naive eyes of a diplomat's young son, Phillipe, who idolises his best friend, the diplomat's butler Baines.

Apartment for Peggy Trailer (1948)

30 September 1948

Professor Henry Barnes decides he's lived long enough and contemplates suicide. His attitude is changed by Peggy Taylor, a chipper young mother-to-be who charms him into renting out his attic as an apartment for her and her husband Jason, a former GI struggling to finish college.

Larceny Trailer (1948)

03 September 1948

John Payne is the no-good lowdown rat who tries to capitalize on postwar patriotism and grief. He finagles a war widow (Joan Caulfied) into giving up her savings for a nonexistent memorial.

Cry of the City Trailer (1948)

29 September 1948

Petty crook and cop-killer Martin Rome, in bad shape from wounds in the hospital prison ward, still refuses to help slimy lawyer Niles clear his client by confessing to another crime.

The Creeper Trailer (1948)

01 September 1948

Dr. Morgan (Onslow Stevens) and Dr. Cavigny (Ralph Morgan) star as a brace of scientists who return from the West Indies with a potent, phosphorescent serum that allegedly changes human beings into cats.

365 Nights Trailer (1948)

02 September 1948

Japanese drama film.

Rachel and the Stranger Trailer (1948)

20 September 1948

A frontier widower (William Holden) treats his bride (Loretta Young) like a servant, until a passing stranger (Robert Mitchum) pays her attention.

Anni difficili Trailer (1948)

09 September 1948

Aldo Piscitello, a minor government clerk, is forced in 1934 to join the Fascist party. When the war comes, he finds himself able only to talk ineffectually in secret against Mussolini, even as his own son Giovanni is sent into battle.

Les amoureux sont seuls au monde Trailer (1948)

15 September 1948

Good Sam Trailer (1948)

01 September 1948

Sam Clayton has a good heart and likes to help out people in need. In fact, he likes to help them out so much that he often finds himself broke and unable to help his own family buy the things they need--like a house.

Road House Trailer (1948)

22 September 1948

A nightclub owner frames a romantic rival for murder.

The Luck of the Irish Trailer (1948)

15 September 1948

Following American reporter Stephen Fitzgerald from Ireland to New York, a grateful leprechaun acts as the newsman's servant and conscience.

Bodyguard Trailer (1948)

04 September 1948

A cop on suspension is framed for murder when he noses in on a murder investigation.

La Terra Trema Trailer (1948)

02 September 1948

In rural Sicily, the fishermen live at the mercy of the greedy wholesalers. One family risks everything to buy their own boat and operate independently.

Race Street Trailer (1948)

11 September 1948

A night-club owner takes on the crooks who killed his best friend.

Louisiana Story Trailer (1948)

28 September 1948

The idyllic life of a young Cajun boy and his pet raccoon is disrupted when the tranquility of the bayou is broken by an oil well drilling near his home.

A Hen in the Wind Trailer (1948)

17 September 1948

Tokiko is a mother patiently waiting for her husband's return from the war when her 4-year old son becomes ill.

Sunset Carson Rides Again Trailer (1948)

10 September 1948

Sunset Carson is trying to raise money for a new school and his partner Sam Webster is out to stop him.

Hr. Petit Trailer (1948)

20 September 1948

The story about Mr. Petit - a French charming marriage trickster and murderer of women.

For the Love of Mary Trailer (1948)

01 September 1948

Young girl gets a job at the White House as a switchboard operator and gets mixed up in politics.

Woman of Antwerp Trailer (1948)

03 September 1948

Dedee is a prostitute, working in Monsieur Rene's night club on Antwerp's harbour. The porter is Marco, her pimp.

Night Time in Nevada Trailer (1948)

05 September 1948

Twenty years earlier Farrell killed his mining partner Andrews. Now Andrews daughter arrives to get her father's trust fund.

Behind Locked Doors Trailer (1948)

13 September 1948

Behind the locked doors of a mental institution resides crooked politico Judge Drake (Herbert Heyes), free from prosecution so long as he pretends to be crazy.

Walk a Crooked Mile Trailer (1948)

02 September 1948

A security leak is found at a Southern California atomic plant. The authorities stand in fear that the information leaked would go to a hostile nation.

Pluto's Fledgling Trailer (1948)

10 September 1948

A little bird tries to fly too soon and lands in Pluto's water dish. Pluto saves it and returns it to the nest but soon the bird tries again.

The Winslow Boy Trailer (1948)

24 September 1948

In pre-WW1 England, a youngster is expelled from a naval academy over a petty theft, but his parents raise a political furor by demanding a trial.

Robinson i Roslagen Trailer (1948)

25 September 1948

Two Guys from Texas Trailer (1948)

04 September 1948

Two vaudevillians on the run from crooks try to pass themselves off as cowboys.

1-2-3 Corona Trailer (1948)

17 September 1948

In ruined Berlin, several bands of abandoned children roam the streets, engaging in petty crimes. When a circus arrives nearby, the boys are charmed by one Trapeze performer called Corona.

False Paradise Trailer (1948)

10 September 1948

A banker is trying to cheat people out of their silver-rich land. Hoppy learns that the banker is in league with an outlaw gang.

The Blind Goddess Trailer (1948)

14 September 1948

Justice, the poets have it, is a blind goddess. Eric Portman stars as the lawyer defending a lord, Hugh Williams, accused by his secretary Michael Dennison of having diverted public funds for his own use.

The Babe Ruth Story Trailer (1948)

16 September 1948

The baseball player (William Bendix) goes from wayward youth to Boston Red Sox pitcher to New York Yankees home-run hero.

Noose Trailer (1948)

28 September 1948

Set in post Second World War Britain, Noose is the story of black market racketeers who face attempts to bring them to justice by an American fashion journalist, her ex-army fiancée and a gang of honest toughs from a local gym.

Proibito Rubare Trailer (1948)

10 September 1948

On his way to Africa, Don Pietro, a young missionary priest has his suitcase stolen in the station of Naples.

The Eagle Has Two Heads Trailer (1948)

21 September 1948

Political intrigue and psychological drama run parallel. The queen is in seclusion, veiling her face for the ten years since her husband's assassination, longing to join him in death.

To the Public Danger Trailer (1948)

01 September 1948

Four people with very different backgrounds meet by chance at an English pub and gradually become carried away in a bout of thrill-seeking.

Maclovia Trailer (1948)

30 September 1948

On a small Mexican island dwells a group of Indians who live in the traditional manner and who disdain outsiders.

Always Another Dawn Trailer (1948)

24 September 1948

Featuring Charles 'Bud' Tingwell in only his second film and first lead role, which helped prepare him for his part in the 1953 World War Two Hollywood action drama, 'The Desert Rats'.

The Witch's Cat Trailer (1948)

15 September 1948

A witch and her really-stupid cat try to disrupt a Hallowe'en celebration by the mice. They swoop down on the mice as they are parading around a bonfire.

Strange Victory Trailer (1948)

25 September 1948

Strange Victory" is about racial bias in post World War II America. Folowing "Native Land" in Leo Hurwitz' filmography, it uses some of the same techniques: dramatized scenes interspersed with scenes of compilation news reel footage, and scenes of evocative imagery.

Pixie Picnic Trailer (1948)

22 September 1948

An orchestra of gnomes (some of whom look like they might know Snow White). As they are playing flowers and other organic instruments in the forest, there are various mishaps, all timed to music.

Emigrantes Trailer (1948)

28 September 1948

Morituri Trailer (1948)

24 September 1948

Heavenly Daze Trailer (1948)

02 September 1948

Shemp dies but cannot get into heaven until he reforms Moe and Larry. He returns to earth as an invisible spirit and sets out to prevent the other two stooges from selling a phony invention (a fountain pen that writes under whip cream) to a rich couple.

Movies Are Adventure Trailer (1948)

08 September 1948

Produced in association with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as part of a twelve part series called The Industry Film Project, meant to inform the public about specific facets of production and industry life.

El Supersabio Trailer (1948)

04 September 1948

Cantinflas is the apprentice of a renowned scientist, Prof. Arquimides Monteagudo (Carlos Martinez Baena).

Desperadoes of Dodge City Trailer (1948)

15 September 1948

Rocky and the Land agent riders need to get an important message to the Army post. The message is stolen but Rocky knows one of the four men on the stagecoach has it.

Out of the Storm Trailer (1948)

11 September 1948

Former "Henry Aldrich" James Lydon acquits himself nicely in a serious role in Republic's Out of the Storm.

The Saxon Charm Trailer (1948)

28 September 1948

Director Claude Binyon's 1948 drama about an egotistical Broadway producer and the various theatrical people in his orbit stars Robert Montgomery, Susan Hayward, John Payne, Audrey Totter, Cara Williams, Harry Von Zell, Harry Morgan and Heather Angel.

The Denver Kid Trailer (1948)

30 September 1948

When Border Patrol Lieut. Roberts is killed, it appears that his brother Tim was the killer. To clear the Robert's name for his boss, Lieut.

Old Rockin' Chair Tom Trailer (1948)

18 September 1948

Mammy Two-Shoes replaces Tom with a younger cat who is a lightning-quick mouser. Tom and Jerry form an alliance in order to get rid of this dangerous newcomer.

Van Gogh Trailer (1948)

01 September 1948

The biography of Dutch artist Van Gogh, illustrated only with images of his paintings and drawings, or details of those, and according dramatic musical score.

Sofia Trailer (1948)

03 September 1948

A former OSS agent is assigned to rescue two atomic scientists from the dastardly Russians and spirit them away from behind the Iron Curtain.

The Time of Your Life Trailer (1948)

03 September 1948

Joe spends a lot of his time at Nick's Pacific Street Saloon. Tom, who credits Joe with once saving his life, stops by regularly to run errands for Joe.

Triple Trouble Trailer (1948)

29 September 1948

Oil Can Harry captures Mighty Mouse and traps him in the Mohave desert about to be eaten by vultures. Harry kidnaps Pearl Pureheart's father, the Colonel, ties him with a boulder and drops him off the Brooklyn Bridge and into the East river teeming with hungry crocodiles, then he goes after Pearl. The cops were too late to stop him as Harry absconds with Pearl. Meanwhile, Mighty Mouse breaks free and clobbers the vultures, rescues the colonel and his daughter and defeats Harry once again. Lots of singing in this operetta!

Esther Waters Trailer (1948)

28 September 1948

Esther goes into service in Victorian England, only to be seduced by the sweet talking groom William, who then takes off with his employer's daughter.

El Huesped De Las Tinieblas Trailer (1948)

20 September 1948

Son of God’s Country Trailer (1948)

15 September 1948

Son of God's Country stars singing cowboy Monte Hale in his traditional screen role of do-gooder and last-minute problem-solver.