Movie Trailers - September 1975

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1975

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Three Days of the Condor Trailer (1975)

24 September 1975

A bookish CIA researcher finds all his co-workers dead, and must outwit those responsible until he figures out who he can really trust.

Picnic at Hanging Rock Trailer (1975)

02 September 1975

On Saint Valentine's Day in 1900, the female students at a private Australian school are given permission by their stern headmistress to travel to an ancient volcanic outcropping for an afternoon picnic.

Black Moon Trailer (1975)

30 September 1975

There is a war in the world between the men and the women. A young girl tries to escape this reality and comes to a hidden place where a strange unicorn lives with a family: Sister, Brother, many children and an old woman that never leaves her bed but stays in contact with the world through her radio.

Hard Times Trailer (1975)

04 September 1975

In the depression, Chaney, a strong silent streetfighter, joins with Speed, a promoter of no-holds-barred street boxing bouts.

One Must Live Dangerously Trailer (1975)

03 September 1975

Richard is a private detective. He makes a good money from marital infidelity: the deceived husband and wife generously paid him for proof of their infidelity "halves".

Grey Gardens Trailer (1975)

27 September 1975

An old mother and her middle-aged daughter, the aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, live their eccentric lives in a filthy, decaying mansion in East Hampton.

White Fang Trailer (1975)

01 September 1975

The wolf dog, White Fang, aids a reporter, a fur trapper, a nun, a young Eskimo boy and his father of ridding a gold mining town of a sleazy crime lord in 1896 Yukon, Canada.

The Olsen Gang on the Track Trailer (1975)

26 September 1975

Egon and his two cronies managed to sneak a fortune with them to Spain. Here they live a life in a whirl of pleasures, but they are not truly happy.

The Image Trailer (1975)

10 September 1975

Jean discovers that Anne cannot get enough of being humiliated by her mistress, Claire. Gentleman that he is, he decides to partake in the activities.

Love Under the Elms Trailer (1975)

08 September 1975

An adolescent boy and girl meet at a rural, turn-of-the-century Austrian resort where they are vacationing with their respective liberal-minded, single parents.

1001 Perversions of Felicia Trailer (1975)

14 September 1975

Paul and Gabrielle, a young married couple, take in their neighbor's teenage daughter, Felicia, for a few weeks in the summer.

Walking Tall Part II Trailer (1975)

28 September 1975

Sheriff Buford Pusser continues his one-man war against moonshiners and a ruthless crime syndicate after the murder of his wife in late 1960's Tennessee.

Bite the Bullet Trailer (1975)

26 September 1975

At the beginning of the 20th century, a newspaper organizes an endurance horse race : 700 miles to run in a few days.

Mitchell Trailer (1975)

10 September 1975

A tough-guy cop (Joe Don Baker) pursues two drug runners (Martin Balsam, John Saxon) across the city to bust a large syndicate.

The Weddings of King Ioan Assen Trailer (1975)

20 September 1975

The film takes us back into the times of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom - 13th century. The Bulgarian Emperor - Tsar Ioan Assen - is trying through several marriages to enlarge the State and to support the peace in it.

Poachers Trailer (1975)

08 September 1975

Furtivos (Poachers) is a 1975 Spanish film directed by José Luis Borau. It stars Lola Gaos, Ovidi Montllor and Alicia Sánchez.

Shame of the Jungle Trailer (1975)

04 September 1975

Shame, the ape man of the jungle, is aghast when his woman, June, is kidnapped by a gang of giant penises.

Los jaguares contra el invasor misterioso Trailer (1975)

04 September 1975

Trio of karate/wrestler superheroes vs. space aliens!

1975 FIA Formula One World Championship Season Review Trailer (1975)

08 September 1975

Formula One 1975 Review - Lauda and Ferrari no. 1 is the DVD review of the 1975 Formula 1 season. This was the year when the prancing horse got its spring back, when Niki Lauda in the new Ferrari 312T won the Formula One Drivers Championship.

Ready, aim, fire! Trailer (1975)

04 September 1975

White King Trailer (1975)

16 September 1975

Les Compagnons d'Eleusis Trailer (1975)

26 September 1975

No overview found.

Cat and Mouse Trailer (1975)

03 September 1975

A jaded and charming police inspector is assigned along with his cheerful partner to a case involving the mysterious death and/or suicide of a wealthy entrepreneur.

Silent Action Trailer (1975)

13 September 1975

A small yet strange series of deaths of people working for the Ministry of Defense and the military hits Italy.

Leonor Trailer (1975)

18 September 1975

Richard is a medieval nobleman. After his first wife dies in an accident and is buried in the family vault, he remarries and has children by his second wife.

The Lie Chair Trailer (1975)

01 September 1975

After their car breaks down on a stormy night, young couple Neil and Carol Croft arrive at the door of elderly Mrs.

Bald Headed Betty Trailer (1975)

18 September 1975

Poor Betty gets drugged and kidnapped at a teen beach party and finds herself in clutches of a sleazy prostitution ring.

Bak Yeşil Yeşil Trailer (1975)

07 September 1975

Story of a singer who is in love..

Nights and Days Trailer (1975)

23 September 1975

Nights and Days is a family saga of Barbara Ostrzenska-Niechcic, (played by Jadwiga Baranska) and Bogumil Niechcic, (played by Jerzy Binczycki) against the backdrop of the January Uprising of 1863 and World War I.

Private Affairs Trailer (1975)

20 September 1975

Tamaki is reunited with her wayward brother Yoichi when he rescues her from a gang-bang by three hoodlums.

A Non-Dairy Creamer Trailer (1975)

04 September 1975

Viola describes A Non-Dairy Creamer as "the eradication of the individual by self-consumption." The artist's face, visible only as a reflected image on the surface of a cup of black coffee, slowly disappears as he consumes the coffee.

Flirt von gestern Trailer (1975)

11 September 1975

Days of Hope Trailer (1975)

11 September 1975

Four feature-length period dramas follow three young members of a Yorkshire farming family from the First World War to the General Strike of 1926: Ben, who volunteers for the army; his sister, Sarah and her husband, Phillip, a Christian Socialist and conscientious objector.

The Trap Trailer (1975)

15 September 1975

Set in the underground living quarters of a scientist working at an international nuclear waste station near the west coast of Sweden.

Fearful Interlude Trailer (1975)

13 September 1975

Accompanied by his old manservant, scholar Sung Li Ho (Hong Hoi) is on his way to the capital for the imperial exam.

Pick-up Trailer (1975)

01 September 1975

Sexy hippie chicks Carol and Maureen get more than they bargained for when they hitch a ride with groovy hippie dude Chuck in his nifty mobile bus home.

Kung Fu Gold Trailer (1975)

01 September 1975

A massive gold forture is hidden somewhere in the hills surrounding Hong Kong, and 12 kung fu masters are in pursuit of the loot.

Kinkanshoku Trailer (1975)

06 September 1975

When bribe money from a rigged election funnels into a dam construction project, collusion, lust, greed and even murder are on the ballot.

Lies My Father Told Me Trailer (1975)

26 September 1975

A Jewish boy grows up in 1920s Montreal with a grandfather who tells stories and a father who won't work.

Abigail Leslie Is Back In Town Trailer (1975)

01 September 1975

Abigail Leslie has been away for years but has now returned to the small town of Baypoint, where her sexual appetite made her infamous.

Sex Document: Serial Rapists Trailer (1975)

01 September 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Lifespan Trailer (1975)

05 September 1975

Cult icon Klaus Kinski features in this dark and intriguing existential thriller. He plays the mysterious "Swiss Man" - ruthless industrialist Nicolas Ulrich - who is obsessed with a search for the elixir of life.

O Sósia da Morte Trailer (1975)

07 September 1975

A professor faces a double of himself and hires a detective to find out who that is and what are his real intentions.

Los pecados de una chica casi decente Trailer (1975)

01 September 1975

Mädchen in Wittstock Trailer (1975)

19 September 1975

Wittstock an der Dosse is located in the German state Mark Brandenburg, apx. 90 kilometers from Berlin.

Super Spook Trailer (1975)

13 September 1975

'If Shaft Cant' Do It And The Hammer Won't, Then Super Spook Will!' - so says the tagline of the first ever blaxploitation parody made in 1972, long before Black Dynamite or I'm Gonna Get You Sucka were even gleams in their respective creators minds.

Flossie Trailer (1975)

27 September 1975

The young girl Flossie comes straight from a Swiss boarding school to Stockholm where she meets a young embassy clerk, Jack Archer.

Cancer Rising Trailer (1975)

18 September 1975

Well to do business man Pierre falls for the unpredictable and free spirited Toni. The begin a relationship, despite the fact that she's living with another man who is the father of her child.

Semi-dokyumento: Zoku seifuku baishun Trailer (1975)

06 September 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Gemini Affair Trailer (1975)

01 September 1975

A hopeful young actress is lured to Hollywood by the seduction of fame and fortune. A friend she lives with while in Hollywood becomes her lover, and they both soon come to realize that the seedy Hollywood lifestyle is not for them.

La presidenta municipal Trailer (1975)

11 September 1975

La India Maria becomes the municipal president due to a ballot typo.

The Daughter of the Railroad Crossing Guard Trailer (1975)

03 September 1975

Based on the idea by Roland Topor (screenwriter of Roman Polanski's The Tenant), this very curious completely silent melodrama tells the story of Mona, who has left her father, the railway gatekeeper, after being raped on the train track.

Trembling Trailer (1975)

09 September 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Madama Butterfly Trailer (1975)

14 September 1975

Mirella Freni, Placido Domingo, Christa Ludwig, and Robert Kerns star in this Jean-Pierre Ponnelle-directed version of the Puccini opera, with Herbert Von Karajan conducting the Vienna Philharmonic.

Wives Trailer (1975)

03 September 1975

The first of Anja Breiens Wives trilogy.

Dokyumento: Chikan apaato Trailer (1975)

01 September 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Sweet Aunts Trailer (1975)

11 September 1975

An anarchist grandfather has custody of his nephew Free, but three aunts, two of which still handsome, they get the help of a priest and the police.

Vergine, e di nome Maria Trailer (1975)

11 September 1975

The Defiance of Good Trailer (1975)

12 September 1975

Under the influence of her "bad" friend, Cathy is caught experimenting with drugs by her religious mother.

Enigma para Demônios Trailer (1975)

07 September 1975

After the death of her father in Argentina, Elza returns to Brazil to see her remaining family. When visiting her mother's grave, she steals a flower off an unknown grave and put it in her mother's.