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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1976

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The Twelve Tasks of Asterix Trailer (1976)

08 September 1976

Asterix and Obelix depart on an adventure to complete twelve impossible tasks to prove to Caesar that they are as strong as the Gods.

King Kong Trailer (1976)

08 September 1976

In this remake of the 1933 classic about the giant ape, an oil company expedition disturbs the peace of Kong and brings him back to New York to exploit him.

An Elephant Can Be Extremely Deceptive Trailer (1976)

22 September 1976

Etienne falls in love with a sexy woman he meets in his bureau. This woman is then chosen for an advertisement.

1900 Trailer (1976)

03 September 1976

Set in Bertolucci's ancestral region of Emilia, the film chronicles the lives of two men during the political turmoils that took place in Italy in the first half on the 20th century.

The Front Trailer (1976)

17 September 1976

A cashier poses as a writer for blacklisted talents to submit their work through, but the injustice around him pushes him to take a stand.

Ugly, Dirty and Bad Trailer (1976)

23 September 1976

Giacinto lives with his wife, their ten children and various other family members in a shack on the hills of Rome.

Passion Plantation Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

In the pre-civil war American south, Emanuelle, a plantation owner's daughter, while outwardly a dainty southern belle, brutally abuses the slaves in her charge.

Confessions of a Driving Instructor Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

Timothy Lea and his brother-in-law Sidney decide upon opening a driving school as their latest get-rich-quick scheme.

Fakira Trailer (1976)

06 September 1976

Film starring Shashi Kapoor, Shabana Azmi and Asrani

Rogue Male Trailer (1976)

22 September 1976

Early in 1939 Sir Robert Thorndyke takes aim at Adolf Hitler with a high powered rifle, but the shot misses its mark.

Libertad provisional Trailer (1976)

19 September 1976

New Shaolin Boxers Trailer (1976)

03 September 1976

Esteemed martial arts movie master Chang Cheh cemented the stardom of soon-to-be international favorite Alexander Fu Sheng in this film.

Max Havelaar Trailer (1976)

09 September 1976

An idealistic Dutch colonial officer posted to Indonesia in the 19th century is convinced that he can make the kinds of changes that will actually help the local people he is in charge of, but circumstances soon make him realize just how out of touch he really is, and it doesn't take long for things to go from bad to worse.

La poupée sanglante Trailer (1976)

16 September 1976

Death Machines Trailer (1976)

14 September 1976

An evil Oriental Dragon Lady injects three martial arts fighters with a serum that turns them into zombie-like assassins, and she sends them out against her enemies.

Vigilante Force Trailer (1976)

09 September 1976

Vigilante Force is a 1976 American action film concerning a Vietnam War veteran (Kris Kristofferson) and his buddies, who are hired by his brother (Jan-Michael Vincent) and others in a small California town for protection from rowdy oil-field workers.

Jack the Ripper Trailer (1976)

22 September 1976

A serial killer whose mother was a prostitute starts killing streetwalkers as a way of paying back his mother for her abuse.

A Slave of Love Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

Olga Voznesenskaya is a silent screen star whose pictures are so popular that underground revolutionaries risk capture to see them.

Through the Looking Glass Trailer (1976)

22 September 1976

A rich socialite escapes her boring lifestyle when a ghost takes her to a sexual hell where anything goes.

Bruce's Fingers Trailer (1976)

14 September 1976

After malicious gangsters capture Bruce Wong's ex-girlfriend, a young martial artist attempts to rescue her along with the late master's book containing lethal techniques for killing with one's fingers.

Voyage to the Edge of the World Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

On his ship "Calypso," as well as in a submarine, Jacques Cousteau and his crew sail from South America and travel to Antarctica.

Street Killing Trailer (1976)

12 September 1976

In this detective drama, a prosecutor investigates a murder and finds that it is connected to a recent mugging.

Aus nichtigem Anlaß Trailer (1976)

06 September 1976

Nick the Sting Trailer (1976)

14 September 1976

Nick Hezard, a young con man, wants to avenge the death of a friend of his and organizes a swindle trying to cheat Robert Turner, an American businessman he thinks responsible for his friend's death.

El hombre de los hongos Trailer (1976)

02 September 1976

Plantation-owner feels so cavalierly toward his peons that he grants himself the privilege of letting them die to gratify his whims.

Death Weekend Trailer (1976)

17 September 1976

A rich playboy has a large house in the countryside. One weekend he invites a fashion model. On his way to the house, he drives past a gang of crazy young men.

Dracula and Son Trailer (1976)

14 September 1976

With angry villagers driving them away from their castle in Transylvania, Dracula and his son Ferdinand head abroad.

The Margin Trailer (1976)

22 September 1976

A businessman leaves his country home, and wife and young son for a business trip to Paris. While there he develops a sexual and spiritual bond with a call girl.

Rich Man, Poor Man Book II Trailer (1976)

21 September 1976

This is the sequel to the mini-series, RICH MAN, POOR MAN. It begins with Rudy Jordache apprehending the man who killed his brother, Falconetti.

Shogun's Sadism Trailer (1976)

04 September 1976

Two short stories set in Edo during the Shogun era. 1. During a time when Christians are persecuted vehemently, Iori falls in love with young Christian girl.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown Trailer (1976)

26 September 1976

A Texas Ranger hunts for a hooded serial killer terrorizing the residents of a small town, set in 1946 Arkansas.

The Flying Misfits Trailer (1976)

21 September 1976

The dramatized World War II adventures of US Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington and his Marine Attack Squadron 214, AKA The Black Sheep Squadron.

Secluded, Near Woods Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

The Lavicka's, a Czech family from the city, rents a house in the country with the option to buy. However, old Mr Komarek seems reluctant to sell the house as they agreed.

1976 FIA Formula One World Championship Season Review Trailer (1976)

08 September 1976

Formula One 1976 Review - Hunt for the Title is the DVD review of the 1976 Formula 1 season. This was the year when Britain's James Hunt, in the McLaren, amazingly clinched the Formula One Drivers Championship during the final Grand Prix of the season in Japan.

Tattooed Flower Vase Trailer (1976)

25 September 1976

Naomi Tani is as good as ever but the other two protagonists are equally effective and for once the male lead is not some cringing bastard.

Massacre at Central High Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

Maimed by bullies at a California high school, a new student (Derrel Maury) engineers acts of revenge.

Here and Elsewhere Trailer (1976)

15 September 1976

Godard, Miéville and Gorin (aka the "Dziga Vertov Group") examine the parallel lives of two families - one French, one Palestinian - using an exploratory combination of film and video.

Brotherhood of Death Trailer (1976)

14 September 1976

A group of Black soldiers are home from the war and head to a small Southern town. The town is dominated by a group of Klansmen who keep the Black majority from voting or being treated like human beings.

I, Claudius Trailer (1976)

20 September 1976

Tracing the lives of several Roman emperors, this is an epic of ruthless ambition, shocking debauchery and murderous intrigue set in one of history's most fascinating eras.

Not the First Time Trailer (1976)

09 September 1976

1976 film by Frampton (silent)

Paranóia Trailer (1976)

13 September 1976

Four thieves enter a house and terrorize a family.

Aile Şerefi Trailer (1976)

07 September 1976

Rıza is a father of 5, who has economical problems but happy nevertheless. Everything changes when his younger son gets hit by a car.

Cry for Cindy Trailer (1976)

14 September 1976

A beautiful hairdresser is lured into the world os prostitution, only to meet a tragic end.

Songs for After a War Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

This is a masterpiece of found footage and archival cinema largely ignored. Using vast collections of photographs and family films acquired in the flea markets and to expatriates, combined with images produced by mass media and Franco official regime, this film traces the history of the people of Spain from civil war to the raising mass culture and consumption in the '70s.

Addio Anatolia Trailer (1976)

25 September 1976

Staros Tornes' first non-fiction short combines a beautifully poetic text with a series of tracking shots in the streets of Rome, set to music by Charlotte Van Gelder.

Per amore di Cesarina Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

Wieder in Wittstock Trailer (1976)

16 September 1976

Volker Koepp's second Wittstock film.

72 градуса ниже нуля Trailer (1976)

08 September 1976

Nelken in Aspik Trailer (1976)

24 September 1976

The Last of Mrs. Lincoln Trailer (1976)

16 September 1976

The Last of Mrs. Lincoln depicts the final seventeen years of Mary Todd Lincoln's life, following her husband's assassination.

Sven Klangs kvintett Trailer (1976)

22 September 1976

Sweden 1958. In a small provincial town there is a band who plays dance music twice every week. All decisions are made by Sven Klang, the undisputed leader of the band.

Sammy Somebody Trailer (1976)

03 September 1976

A restaurateur unwisely misappropriates mob money in order to buy a house for his aging father.

Bob Dylan - Hard Rain Trailer (1976)

14 September 1976

Live performace

Mandinga Trailer (1976)

09 September 1976

An Old South plantation owner lusts after his female slaves.

The Oily Maniac Trailer (1976)

18 September 1976

A cripple takes revenge on criminals by using a magic spell that transforms him into an oily monster/superhero.

High Velocity Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

Ben Gazzara and Paul Winfield play Vietnam veterans turned mercenaries who are hired to rescue a kidnapped executive.

Guerreras verdes Trailer (1976)

15 September 1976

Female Chauvinists Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

A photographer sends a female associate undercover to infiltrate a "training" camp run by militant lesbian feminists.

Love Swindler Trailer (1976)

11 September 1976

Vaunted director Li Han-Hsiang reveals the way of the world in this anthology film of four stories that feature far more swindlers and swindling than lovers or love.

The Bodyguard Trailer (1976)

01 September 1976

Karate master and anti-drug vigilante Chiba returns to his home in Japan, where he holds a press conference announcing his intention to wipe out the nation's drug industry.